The Lady's Command (2020)

The Lady s Command The instant Captain Declan Frobisher laid eyes on Lady Edwina Delbraith he knew she was the lady he wanted as his wife The scion of a seafaring dynasty accustomed to success he discovered that wooin
  • Title: The Lady's Command
  • Author: Stephanie Laurens
  • ISBN: 9780778318613
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Lady's Command
    The instant Captain Declan Frobisher laid eyes on Lady Edwina Delbraith, he knew she was the lady he wanted as his wife The scion of a seafaring dynasty accustomed to success, he discovered that wooing Edwina was surprisingly straightforward not least because she made it plain that she wanted him as much as he wanted her.Declan s vision of marriage was of a gently rearedThe instant Captain Declan Frobisher laid eyes on Lady Edwina Delbraith, he knew she was the lady he wanted as his wife The scion of a seafaring dynasty accustomed to success, he discovered that wooing Edwina was surprisingly straightforward not least because she made it plain that she wanted him as much as he wanted her.Declan s vision of marriage was of a gently reared wife to grace his arm, to manage his household, and to bear his children He assumed that household, children, and wife would remain safely in England while he continued his life as an explorer sailing the high seas.Declan got his wish up to a point He and Edwina were wed As for the rest his vision of marriage Aunt of the young Duke of Ridgware and sister of the mysterious man known as Neville Roscoe, London s gambling king, even before the knot was tied Edwina shattered the illusion that her character is as delicate, ethereal, and fragile as her appearance suggests Far from adhering to orthodox s, she and her ducal family are even unconventional than the Frobishers.Beneath her fairy princess exterior, Edwina possesses a spine of steel one that might bend, but will never break Born to the purple born to rule she s determined to rule her life With Declan s ring on her finger, that means forging a marriage that meets her needs as well as his.But bare weeks into their honeymoon, Declan is required to sail to West Africa Edwina decides she must accompany him.A secret mission with unknown villains flings unexpected dangers into their path as Declan and Edwina discover that meeting the challenge of making an unconventional marriage work requires something they both possess bold and adventurous hearts.
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    1. Declan and Edwina Frobisher are newlyweds and their planned honeymoon gets interrupted when Declan has to travel to Africa and the town Freetown where four men have disappeared His mission is to discreetly find out what has happened to the men Edwina, on the other hand, wants to travel with him to Freetown, but Declan thinks that that is not a good idea Instead, he promises her to take her to Amsterdam or something safer But Edwina has decided that she will know about what Declan does now that [...]

    2. I m sure many people will enjoy this book, but it didn t connect with me There was no actual romance, just two people who had courted and fallen for each other before the book ever started and had no fights whatsoever They just talked and slept together Which would be fine except I bought this book as a romance with mystery tossed in The mystery itself wasn t remotely engaging until about 75% of the way through, and I had to force myself to finish.However, I suppose it s relatively well written [...]

    3. I hate to not like a book I ve been anxiously awaiting SL is a fabulous writer and I ve truly loved most of her books I mean Devil Cynster How awesome is he but, I m sorry, this was just boring It never caught my full attention at all Very possibly it was because of the narrator It always bothers me when there s a bad narrator he or she can ruin the author s work This is the case here to some extent Also, the ending was horrible Yes, I can appreciate that this is the first book in a series and I [...]

    4. Originally published at Reading RealityThis is a fascinating Regency romance, because it breaks all the conventions Most romances, historical and otherwise, are all about the chase The couple meet in the beginning, work their way through one or roadblocks to their relationship, and the story ends with the clinch or even better, the wedding And then they live happily ever after.The Lady s Command turns that convention on its head by starting with the wedding At the wedding between Declan Frobish [...]

    5. Oh dear where to start I m afraid that Stephanie Lauren s has lost the plot This is a terrible book, it is not even worth the effort to read, let alone buy it There are no characters with any substance except for the brief appearance of beloved characters from previous books, the plot line is minimal, like an out line than a finished product, and yes I understand that there will be an underlying plot through the next 3 or 4 books, but surely the main characters need some substance, need some st [...]

    6. Mystery and Adventure to Begin a New Series Marrying the lady of his dreams had proved suprisingly easy Forging the marriage of his dreams That, apparently was an entirely different challenge FINAL DECISION Focused on developing a mystery that will play out between four separate novels, this book features a newly married couple working to develop a marriage that satisfies both of them Deftly focusing on the mystery allows for harmony between the couple than might be expected, but this allows th [...]

    7. I loved the idea of this book Most of the romance we read starts at the point of the hero and heroine s or hero and hero or heroine and heroine and all combinations between first meeting In this, we are beyond the excitement of the first glance, the first touch and in the case of historical romance the first waltz and we start when the couple are married This book focuses on how two strong minded people can build a marriage together so it works for both of them, all with an added dash of danger [...]

    8. Good book, though rather different than the majority of Stephanie Laurens s books As the book opens, Declan and Edwina are already married and quite happy with their marriage, though it is apparent that there is some difference of opinion of what makes a strong marriage Declan looks at marriage in the traditional sense, with Edwina remaining at home when he has to go to sea Edwina has grown up in a family where the women are fully integrated partners in their marriages and is determined to have [...]

    9. I am torn between 3 or 4 stars I landed upon 3.5 rounded down.Here is what I like 1 The marriage relationship as described in the book2 The mystery unlike many adult murder mysteries that have left me bored, this reminded me of a YA mystery and was intriguing3 The heroine had a lot of spunkHere is what I did not 1 Portions were slow2 They never tell each other, I love you 3 The book ends unfinished I have a feeling I will have to read all four books to get the answer to the mystery, and the libr [...]

    10. I really liked the story Unfortunately, Laurens has fallen into the habit of telling instead of showing And she tells, and tells, and tells, and tells the same thing over and over there are four men missing, and maybe some women Declan is protective It s almost as if this quartet would fit into one or maybe two books and she has to pad it.

    11. Declan and Edwina Not a lot going on here And what little bit that is seems to be either repetitive and or dragged on and on Yawn It could just be me Or them Or all of us Either way, it s a miss.Copy provided by TLC BOOK TOURS

    12. Boring I used to like Stephanie I don t know what has happened The cover was awful I was going to start counting how many times she used the word regardless, but I even got bored with that.

    13. Let me be clear two stars means It was OK, not it was terrible In other words, I didn t think it was awful I didn t particularly dislike the book, and I may even read the next one but on the other hand, there was very little romantic tension, the mystery isn t all that gripping so far, and there s a lot telling than I expect from Laurens Add to that the rather fulsome prose Laurens is prone to in her sensual scenes, and what could have been an exciting story is simply OK That would be fine from [...]

    14. The Adventurers Quartet is a set of 4 novels each focusing on a different Frobisher brother starting with Declan in The Lady s Command Immediately from the start I had a slightly nagging feeling that I was supposed to know something about these people already, despite this being the first book in a series and I wasn t wrong Some of the characters in this series were secondary characters in Laurens prior novel The Lady Risks All, as well as two of her prior series The Bastion Club and The Black C [...]

    15. The Lady s Command is the first book of a new series by Stephanie Laurens This book takes place during the Regency Era of history and I love this time because of the way that things were then fancy balls given by members of the ton, and that was like a marriage market, than anything else All the woman are dressed beautifully and the men wear their finest as well The main reason for these Balls to gossip about each other and find out or spread rumors a well And of course to match up all kinds of [...]

    16. London 1824Declan Frobisher and his new wife, Lady Edwina Frobisher, daughter of a Duke, are enjoying their new marriage attending events with friends Edwina is a beautiful blonde lady with impeccable manners Declan is the second of four Frobisher brothers Their father owns a large shipping company and numerous ships All of the brothers are involved with the shipping business and have their own ship.When Declan is summoned by the First Lord of the Admiralty, he knows that something is brewing Hi [...]

    17. I have never read a Stephanie Laurens novel that I didn t like, and this is no exception However if I were ranking them, this would be either last or next to last That said, when you are ranking that many excellent books, something has to go at the bottom.This is the first book in a new series The Adventurer s Quartet which is about the four Frobisher brothers From this book, it would appear that the four books will all be about solving the same mystery.I gave this book 4 stars only because ther [...]

    18. So, obviously from the title and the cover you can tell this will fall under the historical romance category Now, I m admittedly not the biggest historical romance fan, but on occasion I ve picked one up and I m always pleasantly surprised, and this one was pretty solid Some of the best things about this book include the writing style and of course, the leading woman, Lady Edwina Delbraith The writing style of this books feels like an authentic historical romance does that make sense Most of th [...]

    19. Dazzling combination the maiden voyage and an adventurous heart Reading Lauren s works over the years, the notion of marriage and what factors contribute to bring two people together in a strong relationship that grows over time has surely been a central theme.With The Lady s Command that theme is given voice It is overt We are taken from a different beginning into uncharted territory I must admit that it took me a moment to be drawn into this explicit direction We are not starting from the acr [...]

    20. Can we just take a moment to gaze at the perfection that is this coverAs soon as I saw it I knew I had to get my hands on it.The Lady s Command had a really intriguing set up Its rare to find novels in the historical romance genre that start out having an already established romance, so initially I was excited to see how this would work The problem with this particular plot angle is that the relationship in question has to be strong enough to support itself within the structure of the story, and [...]

    21. Stephanie Laurens is one of my favorite Regency author I loved her Cynster series I am totally thrilled with this series as well Its a little less romance than you d expect but it is heavier on other elements.I liked that Lady Edwina and Declan were already married at the start of this book It made things interesting as most books usually are about courtship Declan does some secret work for the Crown I don t know what it is about historical novels but there always seems to be some secret society [...]

    22. I admit I m a little biased about this book as the heroine, Edwina, is the sister of one of my favorite all time heroes, Neville Roscoe A Lady Risks All That being said, when I started this book I did not want to put it down I read it fairly quickly.Edwina, daughter of a duke, marries wealthy commoner, Declan Frobisher Declan s family owns a shipping company but he and his brothers sometimes do work for the government When he has to leave shortly after their marriage, she decides to stow away on [...]

    23. I ended up skimming much of this book Typical Laurens book in that the heroine wants to run her life her own way and wants to manipulate prove to the hero that it s better for them to run in tandem rather than him calling the shots Every books feels the same I m so tired of it The overly flowery sex was a little less frequent in this short book than usual, which was nice.

    24. Rather than a traditional romance novel that covers a couple falling in love and overcoming obstacles to be together, this novel is about settling in to marriage and starting to solve a mystery I love Her writing, but I did not love this book If you are interested in mystery than romance, but still want sexy scenes, this might be for you.

    25. I appreciate that the story takes place after the couple s wedding I felt it was unique in that regard, and a plot I d like to see often Laurens also has a beautiful way of describing situations and feelings.But, sadly, it was also very slow, and for me, dragged.

    26. The story begins in 1824 London and is centered around an arranged marriage.I could not get past the description and impression of Declan Frobisher, so I stopped reading.

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