Dangerous Secrets (2020)

Dangerous Secrets When a little brown wren of an Englishwoman bursts into Jamie Heyworth s private Hell and asks for help he mistakes her for the black crow of death Why not He fled to Rome and sits in despair with not
  • Title: Dangerous Secrets
  • Author: Caroline Warfield
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dangerous Secrets
    When a little brown wren of an Englishwoman bursts into Jamie Heyworth s private Hell and asks for help he mistakes her for the black crow of death Why not He fled to Rome and sits in despair with nothing left to sell and no reason to get up in the morning Behind him lie disgrace, shame, and secrets he is desperate to keep Nora Haley comes to Rome at the bidding of herWhen a little brown wren of an Englishwoman bursts into Jamie Heyworth s private Hell and asks for help he mistakes her for the black crow of death Why not He fled to Rome and sits in despair with nothing left to sell and no reason to get up in the morning Behind him lie disgrace, shame, and secrets he is desperate to keep Nora Haley comes to Rome at the bidding of her dying brother who has an unexpected legacy Never in her sunniest dreams did Nora expect Robert to leave her a treasure, a tiny black eyed niece with curly hair and warm hugs Nora will do anything to keep her, even hire a shabby, drunken major as an interpreter Jamie can t let Nora know the secrets he has hidden from everyone, even his closest friends Nora can t trust any man who drinks She had enough of that in her marriage Either one, however, will dare anything for the little imp that keeps them together, even enter a sham marriage to protect her.
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    1. Another unique creation from the author of Dangerous Works The book is set in Italy in 1820 This was the time prior to unification where the country was a patchwork of independent governments, city states, where the power struggle, instability, intrigues ruled the day During these turbulent times our heroine, a childless widow Nora Haley, traveled from England to Rome per request of her dying brother His dying wish was for Nora to take care of his little daughter Isabella The wish pins Nora agai [...]

    2. This is the third Warfield book I have read, the first two were short I really like Warfeild s writing style I love the bit of history put in to her stories They are so much then a simple Regency romance and I enjoy how she writes about it Jamie is a mess when the book first opens but it doesn t take long to begin to love how he loves and rescues Nora in the midst of all his troubles Nora was a strong yet abused female and I liked her spunk I loved the setting in Rome away from England There wa [...]

    3. Mhm I don t know Somehow I just don t feel like finishing this one Currently at about 25% and it s just boring The dialogues are Well, yeah what dialogues There are hardly any in there.And the Kid Pff, there aren t many scenes in which you actually get to know the little miss She s in the scene but not really involved in a dialogue or anything.And our hero He is a drunk

    4. Set in Rome in 1820, during the English Regency era, Dangerous Secrets is a very different kind of Regency romance You won t find balls, or the ton, or husband hunting young misses And that s what I like best about Ms Warfield s newest romance, a follow on to her previous book, Dangerous Works.The heroine is Nora Haley, who defies her family to travel to Rome at the request of her dying brother Knowing death is imminent, he needs Nora to become the guardian of his little daughter, who he insists [...]

    5. I ve been looking forward to reading Dangerous Secrets ever since I read Dangerous Works, and I was not disappointed In the last week, I ve fallen a little in love with Jamie, with his secret sorrow, his roguish twinkle, and the bone deep sense of honour that would not let him forgive himself for the past but also would not let him abandon a woman in trouble.And Nora, the woman he reluctantly came to adore as a person who want strong determined heroines, I could not wish for a better one.Carolin [...]

    6. Jamie appears unlikeable at first, but the reader soon learns there s a lot to him than meets the eye.Read full review in the 2015 June issue of InD tale Magazine.

    7. This is a historical romance set mostly in Italy and a little in England in about 1820 Nora Haley, a widow, a little bitter as she was neglected by her deceased husband, has been summoned to Rome by her dying brother to raise his young child and manage his estate until the child is old enough to own it Nora speaks no Italian, and the child, Isabella, is being cared for in a convent by the nuns Isabella can speak both Italian and English, but Nora hires Jamie Heyworth, an Englishman and bilingual [...]

    8. Too political.ntains explicit sexgood plot First I liked the plot of an impoverished baron helping an Englishwoman gain custody of her niece in Italy I would have liked dialogue from Isabella and less politics I liked Jamie s character and the way he tried to redeem himself for his former misdeed His friends loyalty was also a wonderful thing to see With that said, I ll name my dislikes Exploit sex scenes, which are nothing but pornography, shouldn t be in books I m a Christian would like to re [...]

    9. Unusual SettingUnlike most Regency Romances, this book is set in Rome at an interesting time in Italian history Besides political intrigue, it has romance, scandal, and family loyalty Although the story is basically sound, I did find it hard to believe Jamie would leave so abruptly with no explanation He could have written a letter at least and left it for Nora I also don t believe Nora would have not suspected that her letters were not reaching England She knew that Jamie would not have allowed [...]

    10. A different sort of romanceThis tale is not the ordinary love story It is a tale of love not of a seasoned miss, but of a widow, a broken man and a child It isn t set in London,or even England not Paris or France but Rome where everything is different The language is different and that is how Nora and Jamie meet.I really like the different style that Ms Warfield uses for the narration of the book You are inside both Nora and Jamie s thoughts as they shift through their complicated relationship t [...]

    11. The heroine fell flat for me and she went from strong to silly to just ok I was surprised how weak she was as a woman since the previous book s heroine was drastically different This book was really just Jaime s story of redemption and he happened to find a little romance along the way, but as far as romance novels go, it was dull It read like a mystery and partial spy suspense drama, but I was a tad hard pressed to enjoy it I think I would have liked it if it were like the previous book where [...]


    13. Dangerous SecretsI chose this rating because I loved all the characters in the book so much suspense This book made me cry,laugh and was exciting and full of romance You are a great writer.I have enjoyed all of the books written which have these characters in them Excellent Reads

    14. A petite determined young woman enlists the help of washed up expat Major to interpret as she assist her dying brother battles to assume guardianship of her niece.There s power plays, political intrigue, humiliating secrets, forgiveness redemption.I enjoyed the characters, writing style the relieved joyful feelings when I finished the book.I d like to read of this author s work.

    15. EntertainingAn enjoyable view of the lifestyles and customs of 1820 Italy and England That Jamie would feel so much honor to aid a stranger but not his mother and sister is a bit of a stretch for me Nora also seemed to bounce from strong to unsure and back Still interesting possibilities of the past.

    16. Great historical in a different setting.A wonderful historical romance that takes place in Rome Interesting tidbits of the time added to the story Loved how Nora was taken with her shabby major and how Jamie found he didn t have to hide who he really was forever Very satisfying.

    17. Nora has come to Rome because her brother said he needed help It turns out that he is dying and he has a daughter he wants Nora to look after Nora hires Jamie to be her interpreter However her niece has a powerful relative on her mothers side of the family who thinks he knows better than Nora on how the girl should be raised.

    18. SecretsFound this to be fast paced Loved the interaction of the central characters The interaction of English and Italian cultures when parents of each nation dies leaving behind an orphan child was interesting Add a little mystery and romance Ah The perfect book on a rainy night.

    19. Dangerous SecretsThe love story of Jamie and Nora Nora must find a husband in order to keep guardianship of her niece Nora hire Jamie a an interpreter then she marry him Unbeknownst to he is a Baron and hold many secrets Can they marry survive all the secrets Good story.

    20. A significant achievementThis is a terrific book Regency era, but nothing could be further from the shallow world of the ton The romance itself is a story or redemption and healing, woven about a custody case that is integral to a marriage Jamie is a wonderful character, with depth than Nora I think She is a bit too idealised Highly recommended

    21. I really liked this book and found it very entertaining The characters Nora and Jamie were perfect for each other and I wanted them to make it With major power plays and intrigue this was a very interesting tale set during the pre state era of Italy While it would have been nice to hear about the countryside and the politics of the era, enough was said to paint a picture in my mind.

    22. Delightful taleThis novel has an extremely well researched foundation It touches on historical facts as we explore the developing relationship between the main characters Would read another by this author

    23. A Victorian novel with a difference Set in Rome, instead of London, during a turbulent time in Italy s history, this novel has political intrigue as well as all the requisite trapping of a romance Add in a heroine with strength and a disgraced hero and this makes for a satisfying read

    24. Good storyA mystery and love story combined in Rome The Catholic Church has power over Isabella, the daughter of an Englishman and a relative of italian royalty This books kept me enthralled until the end.

    25. GoodI ve read three from Caroline Warfield The first two were very good I enjoyed them immensely I did like this one but woman wasn t as confident as the others She was a nervous wreck mostly I will be reading though.

    26. Surprisingly good, thanks largely to the unique situation and characters who were likeable Not your usual formulaic Regency romance right up to the point she didn t get pregnant when I expected her to.

    27. This might be my favourite free book I found at I liked that this Regency romance took place in Italy I really liked the story because I didn t know which path it was going to took And the romance was really nice

    28. A man s secretsThis is an enchanting story in which a little girl, an orphan becomes a pawn between the child s aunt and a nobleman of a lesser relationship The secrets which the aunt s husband keeps come to hang over their marriage and affect the guardianship of the child.f

    29. GoodI found both of the main characters a little frustrating at times He had opportunities to tell her the whole truth but kept putting it off She seemed a bit too panicky at times.

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