A Splash of Substance (2020)

A Splash of Substance She doesn t vote He works for a Senator Is it a recipe for romance or disaster Paige Jackson has always stayed out of politics leaving it to God to govern the world She has enough on her plate as the
  • Title: A Splash of Substance
  • Author: Elizabeth Maddrey
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  • Page: 407
  • Format: ebook
  • A Splash of Substance
    She doesn t vote He works for a Senator Is it a recipe for romance or disaster Paige Jackson has always stayed out of politics, leaving it to God to govern the world She has enough on her plate as the owner of a catering company founded on convictions to buy local, sustainable fare Jackson Trent works on Capitol Hill for Senator Carson, putting his beliefs in action tShe doesn t vote He works for a Senator Is it a recipe for romance or disaster Paige Jackson has always stayed out of politics, leaving it to God to govern the world She has enough on her plate as the owner of a catering company founded on convictions to buy local, sustainable fare Jackson Trent works on Capitol Hill for Senator Carson, putting his beliefs in action to help shape national policy Hoping to find high end clients to keep her business afloat, Paige bids on a contract to cater the Senator s next fundraiser Shake ups in the Senator s staff leave Jackson grudgingly in charge of the event After Paige is chosen as caterer, she and Jackson must work together despite opposing beliefs on how God calls Christians to participate in government As Paige introduces Jackson to sustainable fare, it s not just the food that piques his interest When Senator Carson becomes front page news in Washington, Paige is sucked into the whirlwind of scandal Can Jackson convince Paige he wasn t complicit and win her back or has politics burned his chance at love
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    1. I love the way Elizabeth Maddrey writes a story Her novels are thoughtfully romantic, always encouraging me to think below the surface I ve never thought a lot about politics like the heroine, Paige Jackson However, Paige and Jackson Trent both encouraged me to think deeper What seemed like a deal breaker to their relationship, ended up being the thing that helped them both grow What I liked most about the novel was how much I can relate to the characters They re everyday people trying to live l [...]

    2. A Splash Of Substance by Elizabeth Maddrey is book number one in the Taste Of Romance series, and I was blessed to receive a copy Elizabeth Maddrey is my new favourite author, and I eagerly devour everything by her that I can get my hands on This latest novel is set against the political backdrop of Washington DC Jackson Trent works for Senator Carson, whose ethics he admires She needs someone to do the catering for a political event that she is hosting Senator Carson tells Jackson to hire Paige [...]

    3. I love it Elizabeth Maddrey has done it again This Christian romance staged in a political world is very interesting The theme is praying about all things and praying for those who hurt you Paige is hurt by a situation having to do with Jackson boss, the Senator Will she ever realize that it wasn t Jackson s fault Will she forgive him, and trust him again What happens to her catering business because of this situation What will Jackson do to get their relationship back I highly recommend this bo [...]

    4. This is a great book I found it difficult to put down I fell in love with Paige and Jackson In addition to the fact that it was well written, I loved the Inspiration thread throughout the book Can t wait to read book 2 in the series.

    5. This is my favorite book by Elizabeth Maddrey I loved Paige and Jackson as characters, and I enjoyed the catering politic storylines.This love story is well written and engaging A must read for fans of Christian romance.

    6. I won this book through a Facebook giveaway My opinions are always my own and always unsolicited The first half of this book the two main characters concentrated on preaching to everyone they came in contact with about sustainable living and the virtue of voting in elections Sounds like the perfect plot for a clean romance, right As a person who makes a living from agriculture, something my family has done for six generations now, I was irritated much of the time I listened to this book Two thin [...]

    7. Normally, I m a small town girl through and through but this story set in the hubbub of the DC area doesn t have that overwhelming lost in a crowd feeling It is loaded with intimate relationships and authentic church community Both the main characters have interesting professions that I enjoyed learning a bit about and their relationship progressed in a natural way bumpy but natural I would definitely be interested in stories from this series I listened to this book on audible and the quality [...]

    8. Sweet and sincere character driven Christian romance with just the right amount of comedy of errors and requisite tension to keep the pages turning until we ultimately reach the anticipated reunion between the main characters, Paige and Jackson Nicely paced and plotted Maddrey has found a formula that works without being formulaic in her story telling And formula isn t a bad word we expect a romance to turn out a certain way, don t we It s the fresh characters, interactions, and unique journeys [...]

    9. Winning Senator Carson s fundraiser contract s the best thing that could happen for Paige Jackson until she ends up in the papers The budding relationship with the senator s assistant crumbles into dust and her reputation and her new business quickly follows Her world turns upside down, but to her dismay, her parents are there to pick up the pieces She moves on broken and lonely.When Jackson Trent meets Paige, he s never the same again Just when they discover their attraction for each other, bet [...]

    10. I was looking forward to reading Elizabeth Maddrey s A Splash of Substance Although this is a very sweet read and a good book for anyone wanting a simple romantic story, I found the storyline a bit slow not only in the beginning, but also throughout the plot Some of the dialogue could have been shortened and not as repetitious I did wish for emotion in the characters and for a little in depth plot in the political scenes To me it needed to explain on why Jackson resigned The abrupt change in [...]

    11. A Splash of Substance by Elizabeth MaddreyChef Paige Jackson has started her own catering business using local, sustainable foods She wants no part of politics, leaving God to govern the world Jackson Trent works on Capital Hill for Senator Carson He believes in putting his beliefs in action, even in the political field Jackson and Paige meet when Paige makes a bid to cater the Senator s upcoming fund raiser and wins Paige and Jackson both are Christians and have strong ideas on how they should [...]

    12. A Splash Of Substance by Elizabeth Maddrey is Book 1 in a Christian Romance Contemporary series.Loved the interaction between the main characters Paige Jackson, a caterer who only uses local sustainable fare and Jackson Trent, an aide to a US Senator.The story flows well, gives you romance, some suspense It also brings forward some subjects that Christians need, to consider,civic responsibility and sustainable living in the suburbs.My favorite excerpt of the book God puts us here as stewards but [...]

    13. I had the honor to review this book for the author This is truly a amazing story from start to finish Paige and Jackson are both great Christian people The things that Jackson finds out about his boss after working for her a while is really shocking to a lot of people The struggles Paige deals with to get her new company going just to loose it is awful Her father is a really special person in all ways Jackson will make you really proud of him with his strong believes You will feel God working in [...]

    14. The book was okay, but I disliked that it was so preachy about politics and buying and using sustainable fare If it hadn t taken up quite so much of the book I would have enjoyed it and rated it higher As it is, I was disappointed by this second book I have read by Elizabeth Maddrey, though I did enjoy Kinsale Kisses enough that I will try other books she writes in the future.

    15. A well written Christian romance I like this author style of writing and she creates a great cast of characters in this book Can a caterer who stays away from politics and someone who works on Capitol Hill find true romance together I recommend you read this book to find out If you love a good, clean Christian romance this just might be the book for you.

    16. A great book love people who stand up to their ideals Whose integrity is without question Whose actions show what they stand for A neat story with lots of trials and people looking to God for answers Read this book you will enjoy it.God bless you

    17. I loved reading this book It is very well written and I loved the characters Politics, religion and romance mixes very well in this book I will definitely be looking for books by Elizabeth Maddrey

    18. In A Splash of Substance, author Elizabeth Maddrey manages to blend topics of civic duties and sustainable living in a wonderful tale Paige Jackson needs to find clients, or she will have to shut the doors of her catering business She submits a bid to cater a fundraiser for Senator Beatrice Carson, hoping to acquire new clients from among the attendees Jackson Trent is the member of Senator Carson s staff begrudgingly in charge of the fundraiser, his first effort at this particular task.Paige w [...]

    19. Title A Splash of Substance A Taste of Romance Book 1 Author Elizabeth MaddreyPages 278Year 2015Publisher Janotima BooksMy rating is 4 stars.A Splash of Substance has two sequels the first is titled A Pinch of Promise which focuses on Jackson s roommate named Bed The third book is A Dash of Daring whose main character is Zach Wilson who is the other roommate of Jackson s in the Washington, D C area The first novel starts with introducing the audience to the two main characters along with their j [...]

    20. I received a copy of this book from book fun for an honest review Paige Jackson is a great chef and decides to branch out on her own, instead of working along side her dad in his restaurant She opens a catering business that buys local , sustainable items and believes in using every part with no waste Have you ever had beef tongue Paige believes that it can be a very good menu item if made the right way Jackson Trent has a very demanding job working for Senator Carson He has a deep passion for h [...]

    21. My Thoughts Being that this is the first book I ve read by this author, I was not sure what to expect However, having read it, I know that I ll be coming back to read of her works Elizabeth Maddrey s A Splash of Substance is a very enjoyable romance I liked how the main characters were quite different from each other On the one hand you have Paige Jackson, owner of a catering company, who isn t even registered to vote On the other hand, you have Jackson Trent, who works for a senator on Capitol [...]

    22. A Splash of Substance, by Elizabeth Maddery is an easy reading contemporary Christian romance, with a few twists and turns The main characters are as different as night and day, and yet, when they meet, sparks fly.Jackson Trent works on Capitol Hill He wants to change the world, change national policy, make laws work better for the people He is also a handsome man with a steady job, a football player and a Christian With all those things going for him, what could go wrong Enter Paige Jackson, sa [...]

    23. This is the first book in this series I liked Paige and Jackson from the second book and I was happy to read how their relationship started One of the things I like with some Christian fiction is that the characters are not rushed into physical intimacy The development of these characters was at just the right pace They remind us that we all have issues that we need God to change in our lives.I love the friendship among Jackson and his roommates It is great to read about guys discussing somethin [...]

    24. Once I read this book, I absolutely HAD to read and follow these characters The book centers around if how Christians should be involved in government, and the two main characters have opposing views It has an exceptional quote The acid in his stomach sloshed into waves that would rival the best surfing sites in the world My other favorite quotes were Never forget that prayer is the most critical political tool we possess And if we re not praying, we re trying to do it all on our own power we r [...]

    25. A Splash of Substance is my first read by author Elizabeth Maddrey and she told a very interesting tale Interwoven with civic duty and living a sustainable lifestyle was a love story of two young adults who are looking to live the best that they can And though neither expects to make a huge impact, what changes they can make for the better in their personal lives they hope will be a benefit to others I really liked Paige Jackson and Jackson Trent clever concerning the names and really rooted for [...]

    26. What a fun, lighthearted romance with some politics and sustainable living thrown in She doesn t vote He works for a senator Is this a recipe for romance or disaster I really enjoyed A Splash of Substance It takes in DC and the Virginia suburbs so I knew the area The characters are very real She struggles with having enough money, roommate difficulties, work, her parents, and how a Christian is to respond to these challenges He struggles with work and roommates and the question does what he is d [...]

    27. A Splash of Substance is a fun and witty contemporary romance that also delves into some pretty serious issues such as sustainable food and behind the scenes political manipulation When Paige Jackson accepts a catering job for a senator s fundraiser, she must work with Jackson Trent to plan it Although both are Christians, each of them have such different ideas about what God has called them to do that they have very little common ground Since this book is a romance, it is obvious that the pair [...]

    28. SPLASH OF SUBSTANCE is an enjoyable story of two earnest, well intentioned young people who find the truth in the famous line, The course of true love never did run smooth Misunderstandings, hurt and disillusionment seem to have ended this sweet romance before it even had a chance to put down roots and grow The characters are Christians by profession and lifestyle, and their idealism about politics and relationships are a reflection of this world view Both are lovable and klutzy about dating, an [...]

    29. Politics, food, scandal, a senator, a senator s aide, a chef,humor, faith and romance all combine to make this book a worthwhile read.The characters were very realistic and well defined Themain characters had their own distinct issues but learning to interact from distrust at the start, to them beginningto care and trust for each other keep the reader engrossed.You will find twists and turns, intrigue, social issues, learning about food and politics with plenty of entertaining secondary characte [...]

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