For Life (2020)

For Life Cassie Daley found her soulmate at seventeen Steadfast sexy and bold Grady Mahoney walked into her world one night and claimed her for life But after an unplanned college pregnancy and six years of
  • Title: For Life
  • Author: L.E. Chamberlin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 320
  • Format: ebook
  • For Life
    Cassie Daley found her soulmate at seventeen Steadfast, sexy, and bold, Grady Mahoney walked into her world one night and claimed her for life But after an unplanned college pregnancy and six years of struggling, their marriage fell apart Now, despite sharing custody of their two children, they ve barely spoken face to face in nearly eleven years.She s managed to keep bCassie Daley found her soulmate at seventeen Steadfast, sexy, and bold, Grady Mahoney walked into her world one night and claimed her for life But after an unplanned college pregnancy and six years of struggling, their marriage fell apart Now, despite sharing custody of their two children, they ve barely spoken face to face in nearly eleven years.She s managed to keep both Grady and her emotions at bay for over a decade, but when a family tragedy throws the two together, Cassie must face both the man she fell in love with and the demons that drove them apart Grady makes it clear that he wants their family back together, but can Cassie s heart afford to take a second chance on first love
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      320 L.E. Chamberlin
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    1. Available now US US For Life is a Contemporary Sexy Second Chance Romance combined with erotic loveliness showcasing the story of Cassie and Grady from their alternating perspective in the first person narrative It s a story that spans 20 years, with an eloquent prose that made me think and feel and love and flashbacks that depict their past with perfect snippets of shared history, effortlessly laced through the present day story with seamless transitions showcasing moments that have shaped thei [...]

    2. 5 Stars This was an amazing story I loved the writing It flowed perfectly and not to mention, the characters They were perfect too This is a story of a couple who have been divorced for eleven years, have two kids and then, try to give their marriage a second chance Grady our hero is just the perfect husband every woman dreams of Though he hasn t been that way when he was married to Cassie our heroine But when he loses her, he realizes that he needs to be the man and does everything in his power [...]

    3. If low level but still emotionally charged angst made a baby with hot divorcee sex, this book would be their love child I liked it and the writing was excellent but after reading it, I m exhausted I m hoping for a full review Maybe.

    4. 4.5 I honestly didn t know how to start this review I typed a line, I deleted I typed another, I deleted Some scenes in this book just pop up in my head and thinking about them gets me teary eyed all over again It s such a moving story about second chances sob Grady and Cassie have a long history They met when they were kids, married young, had kids, couldn t sustain the marriage, divorced, and 12 years later so goes the story What happens after is the attempt to reconnect, the efforts it took t [...]

    5. I honestly think one of the best highs is finishing an absolutely fabulous book A book you don t want to put down, tell everyone about, and ultimately makes you fall in love with reading again Trust me, For Life is the sort of book that will have you falling in love with reading all over again It s THAT book that will remind you that there are certain times in life where you do get that do over Twenty years ago, I met a boy at a football game who changed my life forever For Life is all about sec [...]

    6. 4 Because you re you StarsThis story has been on my Kindle since it s release and I m quite sorry I haven t read it sooner than now For Life provides a unique look into the lives of two people destined to love each other yet their timing wasn t quite right It s a tale of second chance, contemporary romance full of memories, regrets, joys, and re discoveries Grady Mahoney and Cassie Daley fell in love fast when they were in high school Their relationship quickly progressed into a mature one where [...]

    7. 5 Swoon Worthy StarsFor Life is an amazing and beautifully written book.Where do I start How do I love thee Let me count the ways 1 Grady2 Grady3 Grady4 Grady5 Okay you get the picture Eleven years after their marriage ended bitterly, a family tragedy brings Cassie and Grady back together under the same roof As dormant memories of their love flash before them, Cassie and Grady are forced to re examine what drove them apart in the first place There are flashbacks in time that are brilliantly writ [...]

    8. For Life by LE Chamberlin3.5 stars although he s the father of my children and my first love, how well do I really know the man Grady Mahoney is today This book ticked many boxes for me, I love it when the H s are older couples and in this case these two were in their late thirties, I also love second chance romance and again this one delivered, so there was a lot to love about this book.Cassie and Grady were high school sweethearts and when they fell, they fell hard The last thing they expected [...]

    9. Do you believe in second chances Then this is the book for you Cassie and Grady were high school sweethearts who had lots responsibility placed on them at such a young age Like many relationships the responsibilities often affect a relationship where the two people drift apart and divorce, but sometimes even though a couple are no longer together , their hearts are still connected So sometimes second chances is just what the doctor ordered.What I really loved about this book was the realistic fa [...]

    10. 4.5 stars LOVED this second chance romance It was sweet, sad, steamy, and relatable The flashbacks of the past were woven into the story perfectly Cannot wait for Renee s book Nothing is too much to bear if we can share it Nothing is too much to feel if we aren t feeling it alone Life should always be as easy as folding a load of towels I am his sustenance, and he is my salvation

    11. This book is by far my favorite book I ve read this yearwell, in a very long time for that matter I m a sucker for second chance romances I m a sucker for older, real, and characters I can relate to And this book meshed two of my favorites into one story line that had me flipping pages quickly through some parts and rereading tearful parts several times over.My heart bled for these characters They both made mistakes They let something beautiful and whole and pure turn into something ugly And ins [...]

    12. This book is hard for me to rate The writing is so engaging, I felt compelled to read it despite the extremely sad context of this story I don t like sad stories and since reading is my escape from real life, I like stories that make me laugh and feel fancy free This book made me so sad and frustrated I wanted to stop reading But I just couldn t Why not give it stars, you ask Well, it s mostly because I hated the H Now I know hate is a strong word and that he s a fictional character, but I get [...]

    13. This was a tug at your heart, second chance love story I loved Grady He was dreamy and swoon worthy and a real pleasure to read L.E did a great job of interweaving present and past to give us the entire story of this couple It s sweet, it s hot and heartbreaking all at once When these two come back together, there s no denying the chemistry between them and it s great to read.At first I didn t know how I would feel about Grady waiting 11 years and pining for Cassie but never doing anything about [...]

    14. 3.5 4 stars This was a helluva emotional roller coaster ride A steamy one I HAD to read this as soon as I read the teaser months ago I loved both Grady and Cassie, their love story will pull at your heart High school sweethearts who get married young and wellffice it to say 11 years later, after a devastating divorce, with seperate lives and two teenagers, no one is surprised than Cassie when she realizes she still had feelings for her ex.Grady, though, isn t surprised at all He s never stopped [...]

    15. Usually when seeing good book deals of authors I haven t heard about yet, I check to see if it already has several ratings, reviews and the average rating This one had only few ratings and no review yet at that moment but a great average normally I would skip the book and maybe check again at a later moment but the short story intrigued me and I m glad This was a nice story of a couple with kids that went thru a messy divorce after things were bad After 11 years, tragedy brings them back togethe [...]

    16. This was a great read.It flowed nice and had its hot and steamy moments.It is a great story of young love gone wrong and how people hold on to that love for years.It emphasizes the fact of how true love never dies.Grady may have had his issues in the past,which seemed to come out of no where.I think I would have liked to have known about what started it and why he spent time out with the buddies than home with his family.I felt that part was not touched on much.It was like they had a great mar [...]

    17. I can t say enough good things about this book Fans of L E Chamberlin know she writes some of the steamiest sex scenes around, but this gem proves she can tug at her reader s heartstrings just as craftily I honestly can t remember the last time I felt so much angst in something other than a teen movie and I love that this was told from the POV of an older woman rather than the usual 20 something in popular romance novels I could relate to the problems of having moody teenagers and real world pro [...]

    18. 4.5 Sweet Second Chances BRAVO L.E A beautiful balance of love, second chances, family and friends with a side of steamy Grady I loved how all the parts of the story were continually moving So often you find when children are part of the story they tend to be an unfocused background This is not the case in For Life L.E does a fantastic job of bringing the importance of family into the decisions of a second chance love without it overpowering the rekindling of their relationship.Looking forward t [...]

    19. BeautifulCassie and Grady s story was beautiful A second chance romance with so much heart There were many tender moments throughout this story that that brought tears to my eyes Along with tender moments it was hot and sexy as well I loved it Grady will no doubt make you swoon He is just simply a GREAT guy I loved the family feel I got with all the characters The writing was well done and the story had a smooth flow to it Great read and I highly recommend it.

    20. I thought it was okbut not great, it just had three big issues for me I couldn t ignore One cassie was 38, but had her 17 year old daughter a year after high school,did she fail or something the age just doesn t match up Two, I wanted of a backstory on why Grady started screwing up, and three 11 years was too long for them to be apart, they should ve gotten back together sooner.

    21. Super Sweet Hot Great second chance romance There s nothing sexy than a man who knows what he wants or who he wants Grady is desirable is every way He is also determined to win back his ex wife Cassie is strong, self sufficient and resilient, except when it comes to Grady Grady has the power to turn her sleeping libido into a raging inferno Cassie needs to find it in her heart to once again trust Grady and herself.

    22. This was an awesome second chance read I loved it after only a few pages This book is emotional right from the start and while I am typically not a huge fan of flash backs in stories this author pulls it off flawlessly I m looking forward to reading Renee s story.

    23. 4.5 this is how second chance romance is done The chemistry between the two was perfect Can not wait for book two

    24. This was a heartwarming, sexy as sin sinfully delicious , and a great story of second chances Grady was hot and a complete alpha male where as Cass was strong but she got on my nerves a lot.

    25. make up sex is nice and all but they were divorced for 11 years would think theyd have a lot to talk about plus 11 yrs cmon would have thought theyd come together sooner,.loes reaction to them back together contradicted her reaction to them being divorceden the random coach sex scandal at end was sorta dumb So while I mostly enjoyed the read all that made me give this story 2 stars

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