Moonstone Conspiracy (2020)

Moonstone Conspiracy Revolution in France rebels in England and one woman caught in the crossfire For her unwitting participation in a plot to embezzle the Exchequer Lady Abigail Houghall has spent the last two years e
  • Title: Moonstone Conspiracy
  • Author: Elizabeth Ellen Carter
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  • Page: 250
  • Format: ebook
  • Moonstone Conspiracy
    Revolution in France, rebels in England, and one woman caught in the crossfire For her unwitting participation in a plot to embezzle the Exchequer, Lady Abigail Houghall has spent the last two years exiled to the city of Bath A card sharp, sometime mistress, and target of scandalous gossip by the London Beau Monde, Lady Abigail plots to escape her gilded cage as well aRevolution in France, rebels in England, and one woman caught in the crossfire For her unwitting participation in a plot to embezzle the Exchequer, Lady Abigail Houghall has spent the last two years exiled to the city of Bath A card sharp, sometime mistress, and target of scandalous gossip by the London Beau Monde, Lady Abigail plots to escape her gilded cage as well as the prudish society that condemns her But the times are not easy France is in chaos The king has been executed, and whispers of a similar revolution are stirring in England And because of her participation in the robbery plot, the Spymaster of England is blackmailing her into passing him information about the members of London s upper crust When the dashing English spy Daniel Ridgeway takes a seat at her card table and threatens to expose her for cheating, she has no choice but to do as he demands seduce the leader of the revolutionaries and learn what she can about their plot As she s drawn deeper into Daniel s dangerous world, from the seedy backstreets of London to the claustrophobic catacombs of a war torn Paris, she realizes an even dangerous fact She s falling in love with her seductive partner And the stakes of this game might just be too high, even for her.
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    1. You must look past the cover.Moonstone Conspiracy was started with my usual lack of preparation Bloody hell why do I do this to myself I m a hearts and flowers kind of chick, so when I started this story to find out that the immoral, conniving and manipulative Abigail from Moonstone Obsession was the heroine, I was less than pleased So judgemental and narrow minded Sassy moi starts this story with her nose in the air and huffed and gruffed at the author thinking there is no way Ms Carter can cha [...]

    2. 3.5 stars rounded up.Moonstone Conspiracy is the follow up novel to this author s earlier Moonstone Obsession, in which Lady Abigail Houghall appeared as a conniving, bitchy rival for the hero s affections Taking a villain and turning them into the hero or heroine is always a tricky thing to pull off, and asI haven t read the previous book I can t positively say if Abigail is redeemed here, or if she s a different character but whatever the case, she makes for an engaging, gutsy heroine who is t [...]

    3. A Note From The Author How do you turn a villain into a heroine A Jezebel into a Rahab That was the challenge I faced when I was asked by readers of Moonstone Obsession to write a sequel feature Lady Abigail Houghall.I m delighted to say that the lady has a mind of her own and my only challenge is to create a hero who could match her and help her see her true worth.I hope you enjoy it.

    4. Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for honest review When two outcasts find common groundAbigail has a particular set of skills that most women in her level of society do not possess Not only can she charm even the most rigid of people, but she can con her way through nearly any situation As a spy, she has taken on a new challenge, but her dream is to flee to faraway lands and live a life of independence.Daniel lives with several regrets He is estranged from his [...]

    5. It is the 1790 s and Abigail Houghall is a lady of high status within society After being jilted by a broken engagement which she had brought upon herself , she realizes that her reputation within society has been tarnished Fast forward a few years, Abigail, despite being of good breeding and high birth, finds herself lacking in the money she desperately needs She lives with a miserable old goat of a woman, Aunt Philomena, who is determined to make her life a living hell By wearing sensible and [...]

    6. Follow up to, MOONSTONE OBSESSION, for which I have not read A powerful, compelling and strong heroine and hero Intriguing,powerful and compelling tale, with a cast of characters part of the who s who in the French Revolution Spies, rebels both French and English, betrayal, with a tale of good vs evil, and a woman caught in the middle of a conflict she unwillingly becomes a part of the scheme of things What she finds is passion, romance, healing, second chances, and that love changes even the mi [...]

    7. So intriguing I had to read it all in one go on release day When I heard the author was turning the female villain of the first book in the series into the heroine of this one, I found it hard to believe Abigail was a conniving, self serving b tch who deserved a nasty fate, not a happy ending or so I thought Admittedly, she did show a hint of humanity toward the end of the book, but that tiny spark hardly seemed enough to transform her to be reborn, phoenix like, into a heroine who was capable o [...]

    8. Lady Abigail Houghall intrigued me in the first book, Moonstone Obsession She was tough and apparently cold, but there was something about her that I longed to discover I m so happy that EE Carter chose to wrote Abigail s story and match her with Daniel Ridgeway Abigail is strong but there is a thread of hurt and vulnerability that runs through her Intelligent and than merely a good actress, even though she is not on the stage , she is head hunted blackmailed by one of my favourite literary cha [...]

    9. Moonstone Conspiracy had me on the edge of my seat on than one occasion as I wended my way from the streets of Bath to the subterranean tunnels of Paris.Loosely interlinked with the adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel, this book nicely combines intrigue with grand passion as we watch Abigail and Daniel fall in love while engaging in a spot of espionage to find his missing friend Jonathon and prove him innocent of being a traitor.This book has a well developed plot and is fast paced It makes for [...]

    10. EE Carter has done it again with this well constructed and enjoyably spicy regency romance It s evident that she is a very skilled researcher as she seamlessly weaves that research into her stories to create a well defined sense of time of place I enjoy her adept use of language, well drawn characters and relationship building Although this book could be read alone, reading it as a follow up to Moonstone Obsession would be even better it s been a couple of years since I read Moonstone Obsession [...]

    11. Mysterious and cunning, this romance is compelling with such vivid characters and adventure that it is quite easy to get wrapped up regardless of missing a few pieces of the back story for Abigail in the beginning.Read full review in the 2016 March issue of InD tale Magazine.

    12. For a star rating and complete review, visit InD tale Magazine online March 2016 issue indtale reviews historical

    13. Lady Abigail has a plan to fix the mess of her life Unfortunately, others have different ideas about her future, She will have to engage is an dangerous game to achieve her freedom from her past mistakes.This story is about the French Revolution and the atrocities committed during that period Lady Abigail is pushed into the role of a spy to atone from her past and her new partner, Daniel, is also on a mission He wants to save a friend He has strong ties to the past that interfere with both of th [...]

    14. Moonstone Conspiracy was much than I expected In truth, the underlying story of the French Revolution and the intrigue of English spies working to save their country from demise plays at the forefront and includes a romantic element The storyline was fascinating enough to keep me turning the pages and I always enjoy historical romances that take us outside the life of the Ton However, the blooming relationship in part one between Daniel and Abigail was short of the mark for me It didn t feel li [...]

    15. Engaging historical read with likable and developed characters It was interesting to me how the author incorporated so many historical facts and other fictional characters, like the Scarlet Pimpernel, to create her own story The story is divided in two The first part was a bit too slow for my taste and the romance takes a backseat That put me off a lot as far as the love story goes I would have liked of them together from the beginning but instead it s about spies, the beginnings of a revoluti [...]

    16. You won t find any wilting wallflowers in this fast paced adventure I love a book that is well researched and historically believable even if an author does use artistic licence for the purpose of the story Moonstone Conspiracy by Elizabeth Ellen Carter is an adventurous read that kept me glued to my pillows, awake all night while my own hero snored not so gently beside me.It s the French Revolution, a tumultuous time in history, one filled with double crossing spies, rebels and women coming int [...]

    17. Lady Abigail Houghall is pressed into becoming a spy in exchange for not being put in on ship to Australia Abigail is forced to live with her aunt in Bath and to report what she s heard of gossip Abigail is saving up enough money for when she s gained her freedom to move to Naples, Italy Abigail s carefully ordered world is turned upside down by Daniel Ridgeway Daniel is a fellow spy that s working to find the connection to traitors to The Crown Daniel thought he loved his best friend s wife Rac [...]

    18. If you enjoy stories that surround the French Revolution then this story is for you it is fast paced most of the time There are English balls, Irish Rebels, cruel hearted family members, deception, battles, and spies You will find this story will keep you on your toes with all the different adventures going on The heroine is stubborn, spoiled and wants what she wants She is highly intelligent and resourceful She starts out very unlikeable but she has so many layers yet to be discovered The hero [...]

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