Hidden Husband (2020)

Hidden Husband Aisha is trapped in her own secret which makes her life hell Her love for Raghav is true But hailing from two very different cultures is the basis of their continued friction Aisha is a Punjabi girl f
  • Title: Hidden Husband
  • Author: Shikha Kaul
  • ISBN: 9789384382070
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hidden Husband
    Aisha is trapped in her own secret which makes her life hell Her love for Raghav is true But hailing from two very different cultures is the basis of their continued friction Aisha is a Punjabi girl from Gurgaon and Raghav a Bihari from Ranchi Raghav s family will certainly not accept a girl from outside their community And yet, he continues giving her false hopes thrAisha is trapped in her own secret which makes her life hell Her love for Raghav is true But hailing from two very different cultures is the basis of their continued friction Aisha is a Punjabi girl from Gurgaon and Raghav a Bihari from Ranchi Raghav s family will certainly not accept a girl from outside their community And yet, he continues giving her false hopes through his efforts and promises And then they take a step which entangles her life further Will she manage to come out of this quandary or must she continue to live in her self created web Explore her journey that makes her realise the atrocities being committed on women in the Indian society and the tough decisions she must take, keeping her most loved ones oblivious to everything happening in her life.
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      417 Shikha Kaul
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    1. She looked back at her life, contemplated over and over again, in search of an answer, that how and where it all went wrong and not finding it If the above quote makes you read this review further then you should stop reading it and grab a copy of Hidden Husband first and come back to it later.If you are a person like me who enjoys the drama and tension the characters themselves create for them, and there s nobody to blame, nobody you can raise your finger at, except the protagonist and want to [...]

    2. Being my first novel, it s very close to my heart I had a beautiful story in mind and wished to pen it down and then Hidden Husband happened It has been a wonderful journey with this book so far I feel the characters living with me and cheering every moment of appreciation and love showered by my friends The amazing reviews are just the cherry on the cake.I wish people read this book and love the characters as much as I do Aisha will touch every heart and every woman will relate to her in one or [...]

    3. When I first read the book blurb, I was not all sure if the author could pull off the premise of intercultural marriage considering the number of Bollywood films and serials that have tried to deal with it most of which failed spectacularly IMO However, the author takes an entirely different albeit realistic take on it and she really does deliver Aisha meets Raghav at an office interview It doesn t take long for feelings to sprout and romance to bloom between the pair Raghav sweeps into her lif [...]

    4. FROM Yea Yea to Page Turner.Hidden Husband is a romantic debut by Shikha Kaul staring the life of the girl who was trapped in her own secrets Story revolves around a Punjabi girl , Aisha who works as HR Head in a MNC in Gurgaon , who met Raghav while taking his interview for joining the company With time , they started sharing table in the canteen while lunch hours and from there blooms the love between them Raghav is basically from Ranchi , Bihar and belongs to a family which are winded up with [...]

    5. It was 12 13 pm Some novels are truly hard hitting with their climax the same is with Hidden Husband Shikha Kaul with her debut novel had made it very clear that she s here to stay for long Hidden Husband is a kind of novel that makes you smile, cry, fathom back to some memories of your life and then leave you thinking about the book The story starts with Aisha s life a regular working woman coping up with fast life and different relationships The story maintains a great pace at the beginning, j [...]

    6. Shikha Kaul does wonders with her story telling skills I was lost in the world of the protagonists for almost the entire day Very remarkably crafted characters and truly a heart wrenching story hidden husband is And how beautifully the epilogue has been written I want you to pick up this book, as I m sure, Hidden husband will surely sneak into your heart I loved it to the core and I m sure this tale will touch your heart too My Ratings 4.5 out of 5Read the full review at nehalilalwani.wordpress [...]

    7. The first look at the book, and it s hard to get your eyes off from it,it will force you to go through the blurb, and then after that through the story.Authoress has marked the arrow in those things,a reader initially seeks in the book.Exquisite cover design with equally attentive title and sub title,that connotes about something being extra ordinary and raises your expectation from thebook to a new level.To read full review click madhyapradeshhntext revi

    8. I must say it made me think choke with several emotions More powers to the author It s definitely a learning for the generation that takes impulsive decisions which they fail to stand to and worst of all keep them secret Good one indeed

    9. I received an autographed copy of Hidden Husband by the author Shikha Kaul in exchange for an honest review Read at thebibliophile2016PUT UP A BOLD SMILE get ready to FACE THE WORLD This book was a roller coaster ride of emotions, at one point I hated the characters so much that I wanted to just get inside the book and talk some sense into Aisha Raghav especially Aisha and at the same time felt so pity towards their idiocracy that I actually just wanted to cry my heart out Life could be so diff [...]

    10. It s a fantastic read with lots of twist turns in the story The unique thing about Hidden Husband is that you can find accounts of some recent events that happened in India few months back Be it 16th Dec tragedy, landslides flash floods in one of the states of India, or killing of innocent kids in neighboring country It reflects the plight of women in India.How at an early age they may be abused little choices they are allowed to make.Conversation of Aisha with God in dreams at one point is real [...]

    11. World seems to be changing around us but still we do have to travel a pretty long distance when it comes to choosing our life partner in our society On the same plot runs the story of Hidden Husband A legitimate marriage of a couple but still hidden from the society The story revolves round Aisha s love life with Raghav After finishing the novel you did feel bad for them but author played a great trick at the end She left the story on a pretty good point which will surely leave a smile on your f [...]

    12. A book which had a potential not to make its reader bored There is the flow of the book which will make you urge to read the book till the end with a beautiful climax at the end that will make you smile and it will remain on your face for quite some time.Full Review himanipassion book rev

    13. First and foremost I m really thankful to the Author Shikha Kaul for making it possible for me to read her book, I was on the seventh sky when I got to hold the book, Read around 40 pages the day I received it, but then left it on my side table for a week or so, as some other stuff needed of my attention but, Daily before bed I picked it up, flipped through its pages, looked at it lovingly left it back there, but as soon as I got some spare time, I finished it within the span of a day, Reading [...]

    14. My Review and the critical appreciation of the novel Hidden HusbandI Front Cover Of The Book.The cover of the book blends perfectly with the title It shows a mysterious girl since her face cannot be seen sitting with a bag or rather a leather briefcase on her lap and holding it with two hands in a possessive manner close to her chest as if something very precious is in it rather something which she desires to hide from the world around her.II Title Of The Book Hidden Husband The title Hidden Hus [...]

    15. Hidden HusbandPublisher Gargi PublishersAuthor Shikha KaulISBN 9789384382070My Review There is a very famous poem in Urdu I would like to quote a part of it here Yeh Ishq Nahi AasanBus Itna Samajh LijiyeAik Aag Ka Darya Hai AurDoob Kar Jana Hai This poem suits best on this story.Here the novel HIDDEN HUSBAND written by Shikha Kaul and published by Gargi publishers introduces us to the protagnist, Aisha who is well educated and independent to take a decision She takes one such decision when she m [...]

    16. I am done reading Gargi Publisher s one of the latest release debutante Shikha Kaul s Hidden Husband The book also carries a tag line Some secrets never leave you The cover page of the book is so beautifully made that it will tempt you to pick up the book The same happened with me I had very big expectations from the book considering its whole representation and synopsis but I found the book little above par Shikha Kaul s writing style is simple and it will not make you reach out for your dictio [...]

    17. Aisha is ambitious, she is pure and true to her family Her life is surrounded by friends and a plush job In comes Raghav Mishra, who like knight in a shining armor sweeps her off the feet But the resultant relationship is not as a cozy as it looks from the outside So what is it that hampers their love and life What Aisha wants and what Raghav will do about it Will the two ever be able to come together Some truths are hard to tell but it is the best way out Read the story to find out Love is true [...]

    18. The novel falls under Romance and Women fiction genre The novel is titled Hidden husband that gives the hint of the high concept of the story Yes, it is about a girl from the girl s POV about a marriage that the world never gets to know What happens to the marriage The hidden husband What they do further Why the marriage has to be hidden Are all answered in the book.First Impression Apt title, a beautiful cover, and a job done well blurb Giving away what it should A book that a woman would pick [...]

    19. Congratulations For ur debut book its was delight reading this oneTo begin with,The title itself is quite crispy and captivatingWe are living in this android world and following westernisation blindly still we are not allowed to choose our partners just because of this ORTHODOX society.Because according to them love is a crime and lovers are criminals From Aisha s selfless love and never giving up aspect to Raghav s Helplessness and Chicken Heartedness From Piyali s awesome Pal Ship To Sameer s [...]

    20. Aisha, a Punjabi girl, is the HR head of the company she works for It is said that love does not arrive in your life with any prior notice It does not care for caste religion Similar things happen with Aisha too Raghav, a Bihari boy, enters her life In no time, they become good friends and ends up in falling in love with each other.Aisha and Raghav are totally in love Life, for them, is running smoothly until Aisha gets a marriage proposal Aisha is in dilemma whether she should tell her parents [...]

    21. I ve received signed copy from author in exchange of an honest review.For some time now, I ve stopped reading Indian authors I don t want to explain it here but I think it got too simple or too uninteresting up to the point, I felt like I m simply wasting my time Thank God that didn t happen with this one When I first saw the cover of this one, it reminded ofThe Sins of the Mother.Regardless the similarity, it is beautiful cover and it is mysterious enough to keep people give it a chance My marr [...]

    22. When I first heard about the book, the title Hidden Husband stirred a strange curiosity in me What might it actually mean May be it is a story about adultery or extra marital affair was my first guess But I was wrong I couldn t have been far off the mark The author Shikha Kaul has managed to write a brilliant debut which is far from being predictable It is a book which will draw you right inside from the very beginning and keeps you engaged till the very ending Aisha, the female protagonist of t [...]

    23. The title and the spread page make you think, envision the other way and you feel like if something other than what s expected is covered up in the book s pages Hidden Husband For other it may sound as a general story yet then you don t see what you have read You have to glimpse inside, you have to read this book to comprehend what it intends to take the public and their requirements.I read last section and epilogue for 3 times and it s what kept me excited.A few books are much the same as that [...]

    24. An Interesting story from beginning till end, a page turner at every moment, a novel full of curiosity and surprises.Every aspect of Hidden Husband is so beautifully revealed that you will fall in love with it.Loved Aisha s character the most, her intense love faith for Raghav, her bold step against society s myths related to caste marriages, the bond which she shares with her childhood friend Piyali, her love, respect and sacrifices for her parents, her aggression towards unfortunate incidents [...]

    25. I recieved a free copy of this book from the author Boy did this book stay true to the title Aisha the main character sure is stuck in a web of lies or secrets rather The storyline never strays and the plot was pretty great There are quite a few twists There is always something happening and there were a lot of interesting incidents The characters were pretty mediocre though Aisha was a bit boring She is passive and almost never takes a stand for herself Raghav the person Aisha is in love with i [...]

    26. 4.5 Stars ToHIDDEN HUSBAND byShikha KaulI have finished reading HIDDEN HUSBAND the debutant novel by authoressShikha Khanduja Kaul on 28th August.ABOUT BOOK HIDDEN HUSBAND is the debut fiction novel by debutant authoress Shikha Kaul Book s cover is designed by Amol Karambe which looks very pretty and indicates something hidden inside the briefcase which is holded in a girl s hands Book s amazing cover and mysterious title HIDDEN HUSBAND carried with subtitle Some Secrets Never Leave You attracts [...]

    27. MY REVIEW Hidden husband is a wonderful story of love, relationships and the tests which it has to go through in India.TITLE, SUBTITLE AND COVER Title is quite enthralling to be honest I purchased the book in the first place for its arresting title which I always do Somehow when I heard the name of the book, the idea of thriller postulated in my mind, though the story didn t come out the way I had imagined but that I think has to be the strong quality of a thriving book that it shouldn t prosecu [...]

    28. We had a discussion about Soul Mates at some pointI believed and didn t believe in it because not all paths join.For instance, I know well that situations can change one s mindSo when someone tells me he loves me, I should not become blind.The night he walked on a different road I ve proven it rightI stumbled upon a dead end when he gave up the fight Yolei YangThese words are always there in the back of my mind since I have read it somewhere Soul Mates are not necessarily your life partner, but [...]

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