Save Yourself (2020)

Save Yourself Matt Wallace returns to Foster to be with his high school crush Tyler They re finally together but Tyler s past is still a mystery to Matt When the truth comes out Matt is forced to decide if he ca
  • Title: Save Yourself
  • Author: JohnGoode
  • ISBN: 9781634765657
  • Page: 212
  • Format: ebook
  • Save Yourself
    Matt Wallace returns to Foster to be with his high school crush, Tyler They re finally together, but Tyler s past is still a mystery to Matt When the truth comes out, Matt is forced to decide if he can handle learning about what Tyler did, or if he d be better off to cut ties and run.
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      212 JohnGoode
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    1. A few days ago, I read book 7 of Tales of Foster High, A Way Back to Then, which was very enlightening with information on the history between Robbie, Riley and Tyler.This short 33 page story is along the same lines, except in this one Matt learns the truth, the full truth about what happened the night that Riley died in the hit and run accident.Tyler has preemptively broken up with Matt after a run in with Riley s mother, Dolores, on Matt and Tyler s third date, which leaves Matt reeling.But M [...]

    2. Grappling with guilt and self loathing, Tyler pushes Matt away, but Matt won t let him go that easily As Matt meticulously uncovers the truth, his efforts have some enlightening effects on others as well Peppered in between the usual tough topics, there are some sweet, swoony and funny moments, making me only want to read about these two.

    3. Ends at 82% on my kindle After finishing I felt as if nothing really was solved Yes, they declared ILY, but that was clear from the beginning Or not Anyway, it got me interested in Robbie s story.

    4. BR, June 12th with Paul, Sonia, Momo and Julie re read for her.4,5 starsLovely novella in which Matt learns the whole truth what happened the night that Riley died in the hit and run accident.Tyler and Matt are dating and they have a run in with Tyler s mother, Dolores She makes a terrible scene at the expense of Tyler And Tyler panicks This man befriended my son and then left him to die in the middle of nowhere while his husband screamed for someone to help them This is the man who decided it w [...]

    5. You know what It s official John Goode could decide to publish his grocery shopping list, and it would still get 5 stars from me Why Well, maybe I m just a crazy fangirl, or maybe John just is that good of a writer Yeah, it s definitely the latter Save Yourself is a little chapter that happened during 151 Days, told from Tyler s and Matt s perspectives It basically tells the whole truth about what happened the night Riley died It deals with the guilt Tyler has had to live with for years And most [...]

    6. BR, June 12th with Paul, Elsbeth, Momo and Julie re read for her.Shorty about Tyler and Matt, and how they overcame their first hurdle on the way to happily ever after D I also feel like Riley was an integral part of this awesome shorty It was wonderful to read about him, how he was during his teens Riley that is.After reading Save yourself I realized I really missed these guys Tyler Matt and a re read might be in order especially since it s still 7 days gasp until I can get my John Goode fix [...]

    7. 2.5 starsI love John Goode I love John Goode s writing There is something you all must know BUT, with this short story, I realized that I would never loved Matt and Tyler Especially Tyler I loved their introduction in The Boy Behind the Red Door but maybe I was too vindictive than I thought I was After I finally understand what happened with Tyler and in extend to that, what fell through between Tyler and Robbie , I thought Tyler was still a coward I thought Tyler didn t redeem himself enough in [...]

    8. 4.5 Tyler Matt Stars I love all these.5 It s like looking under the Christmas tree the next day and realizing you still have a present s left These extras are definitely ones Foster High fans would want to own I mean, come on, who wouldn t want to get their hands on of John s Goode ness you like that, huh So go on now Go forth and one click And enjoy

    9. The Tales from Foster High series by John Goode is, honestly, one of the best I ve ever read His writing is phenomenal and continuously blows me away So naturally, when I had the opportunity to read another snippet in the life and love of Matt and Tyler, I certainly wasn t going to miss that opportunity Especially since the book that featured their story Taking Chances ended with the potential for .I knew the story about Riley, Robbie, and Tyler had to come out, at some time Unfortunately for Ty [...]

    10. D I missed this A lot DThese are Matt s and Tyler s point of views from a part that played in 151 Days, something we ve so far witnessed only from other people I think.It was so lovely to get back to it I really liked both Matt and Tyler in this.Tyler had some amazing mischievous scenes in the beginning in parts, together with Matt s dad And Matt really proofed his love to Ty, and in a wonderful way.So I loved it And, um to top this off, there is a side character named Mel I loved that, too D4.5 [...]

    11. A nice little back story about Matt Tyler I just thought this happened after A Way Back To Then but it wasn t It happened before 151 Days So be aware of that D3.5 STARS.

    12. This was kind of underwhelming I liked how it was written, but it just felt very hurried, like a summary of a full story Also, it was kind of strange that Matt didn t doubt Tyler s goodness, not even for a moment there was no struggle on his behalf except for trying to convince Tyler view spoiler And even by the end, we didn t really get the explanation from Tyler s side, why he did what he did hide spoiler Still, it was nice to see the familiar Foster High atmosphere again.

    13. How to say this I liked Tyler when he appeared as supporting character to Kyle and Brad s stories throughout Tales from Foster High series I hated that one incident between him and Robbie that had ruined their friendships, but he was still one of the grown ups Brad depended on in that Tales from Foster High universe.However, when Tyler and Matt had their own story in Taking Chances, somehow I didn t really feel the connection to these couple I dunno I read this with hopes that I would like Tyler [...]

    14. Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance 4.5stars Okay, if you know me at all, you know I have a little bit of a love affair with everything Foster High It is purely based on the fact that I love John Goode s writing, and I love the men and boys of Foster This morning, I was treated to a little snippet into the lives of Matt and Tyler in my inbox I might have done a bit of a happy dance in my seat when I saw it then immediately opened up the file and devoured every last word.For Complete review see Pris [...]

    15. A very short story about Tyler and Matt focusing on Matt trying to uncover the truth about what really happened the night Riley died.

    16. Just as wonderful the second time Love for Matt I know the truth And, guess what I still love you even if you don t love yourself You have to stop running from this I mean it I loved this Not only did I get my book husband, Marvin Wallace, in a fantastic scene with Matt and Tyler, but we got perspective on several happenings from the Foster High Series Love Love Love how these scenes gain depth with each new tale.Reading updates 25%You don t tell the guy you re dating that you wake up in the m [...]

    17. Tyler was making an effort to be out, taking Matt out to dinner at Foster s fanciest restaurant While there, a confrontation or maybe I should say an unwarranted attack sets him back, pushing Tyler back into his cloud of despair And here s where we get to see Matt, once again, proving why he is so damn good for Tyler With a little prompting from Linda Stilleno, Matt goes on a quest to find out the truth, searching out each and every possible avenue for information about that night that has defin [...]

    18. This is a little slice from Matt and Tyler s story that takes place before Kyle and Brad graduate Robbie leaves for NY Matt and Tyler are dating Tyler is taking baby steps on being open and honest about being gay While on a date, Tyler is confronted by Riley s mother Swamped by guilt and not waiting for Matt s love to turn to hate, Tyler breaks up with him However, Matt isn t ready to give up on Tyler and sets out to find out the truth about that horrible night and what it means for their relati [...]

    19. I liked this short story It was nice and fun, and definitely made me want too read of this author Loved the characters too, havn t heard this kinda story in a while

    20. This definitely should have been part of Matt and Tyler s story not a short on it s own It s even hard to call this a short it s like a couple of lost chapters It was sweet though.

    21. Meh i skipped their book because i wasn t interested in a story that wasn t Brad and Kyle and then when we met Matt in 151 days I really didn t like him at all and that still hasn t changed Just because Tyler isn t the reason Riley is dead doesn t mean that he wasn t a coward and a bastard for what he did to Robbie So i m glad i read this because it was interesting but i still don t like either character that much.6 10

    22. Once again, we have to listen to Robbie bitch What happened was terrible, yes, but, Honey, you re still alive Come down off the cross, use the wood to build a bridge and get over it

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