Dragon's Lair (2020)

Dragon s Lair The first in a new sexy romance series from bestselling author Chantal Fernando about the bad boys of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club and the women who fall in love with them When I found my boyfrien
  • Title: Dragon's Lair
  • Author: Chantal Fernando
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dragon's Lair
    The first in a new sexy romance series from bestselling author Chantal Fernando about the bad boys of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club and the women who fall in love with them.When I found my boyfriend cheating on me, I did something stupid Or should I say, someone Because of that mistake, I m now stuck in a world I don t belong in I m a law student They re criminals.The first in a new sexy romance series from bestselling author Chantal Fernando about the bad boys of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club and the women who fall in love with them.When I found my boyfriend cheating on me, I did something stupid Or should I say, someone Because of that mistake, I m now stuck in a world I don t belong in I m a law student They re criminals He s the vice president of a motorcycle club I m a good girl with a strict upbringing He s my ex boyfriend s brother And I m screwed.
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    1. I m going to do a lot of quoting here, my friends because I want to use specific lines as evidence for my feelings There were some things that disappointed me greatly about this story, but therewas that I truly enjoyed.As far as an MC books goes, this was somewhat sub par What initially caught my eye was the blurb When I found my boyfriend cheating on me, I did something stupid.Or should I say, someone Because of that mistake, I m now stuck in a world I don t belong in.I m a law student They re [...]

    2. Still awesome Second re read 15.01.2018Anyone who hasn t read this book, seriously needs to do that Even after reading this for the third time, I still adore it Love it even, though it s not perfect hench the stars Dexter Dex Sin Black 28 is hot as fuck and Faye Fairy Connor 23 is a absolutely perfect female character She s funny, sassy, independent and strong I love her She still reminds me of Taryn from Feral Sins which is still a damn good complement, as she is one of the best characters in t [...]

    3. I have not read many Motorcycle Club books in my life so far And I am really not that much attracted to guys with matching tattoos with guns and motorcycles who live together in the same house area compound warehouse eating from the same pot scratching their naked butt, while half naked or naked women are walking around and everyone has casual sex everywhere at the same time as they drink beer nonstop and listen to heavy metal music nonstop loudly.So, I guess I am hardly an expert But I know wha [...]

    4. 3.75 Stars Let me first start off by saying that this book was nothing like I thought it would be When I first read the blurb I thought this was going to be a dark and intense MC story with a lot of angst What it turned out to be though was a fun, rather light hearted biker romance with a large amount of drama, a witty heroine and a protective alpha male hero that I really enjoyed reading There was nothing really dark about it though When Faye finds her boyfriend Eric cheating on her in their ow [...]

    5. 3.75 Stars I really enjoyed this biker story, it was very funny and all the characters were very likable There was however something slightly amiss for me and I ve been trying to come up with what it was my guess is that although the story was complete it lacked details, and perhaps was too fast paced, the sex scenes weren t smoking hot but were okay and some areas that could have been elaborated on I m not sure what it was BUT I really did like the story, it s nothing earth shattering still it [...]

    6. Ticked all the right boxes for me.I have to say that I loved this book, I knew from the blurb that something had to be seriously wrong for me not to enjoy this I ve previously read Maybe This Time by this author and I enjoyed that so it wasn t a complete leap to think I d like this as well.Faye s catches her longtime boyfriend Eric cheating on her and after pulling herself together she goes out to have a bit of fun, and she does but the fun she finds is her childhood crush and Eric s older broth [...]

    7. NICE NEW COVER REVEAL I lost everything in one night Over one mistake 4.75 Sin stars After finding her long time boyfriend in bed with another woman, it s only right to get even, right One night One night of passion changes everything.Now whisked away from her clean and pristine life, dreams of becoming a lawyer seem far away.Especially when you re involved with the VP of the Wind Dragons, the brother of your ex and your secret crush for many years.What s a girl to do Especially when new challen [...]

    8. RATING 3 3.5 Cute MC Hearts Dragon s Lair is a light MC story It definitely doesn t portray the gritty world we re usually accustomed to when it comes to motorcycle clubs, nonetheless, it is a decent enough read.This has many of the favourite elements I love in a quick read an alpha male in Dex, sassy and funny heroine in Faye, cliche plot devices view spoiler pregnant heroine hide spoiler , interesting and likeable secondary characters, hot romance and that is exactly what makes this entertaini [...]

    9. Sighs Can you believe how sexy this cover is I could stare at it all day Oh wells we aren t really here for that Sooo When your ex cheats on you and you ve been having many lingering thoughts about his sexy ass brother what do you do Sleep with him, realise he s a part of a motorcycle gang, find out something majorly big not spoiling this , try to live in a house filled with his mc gang and somehow learn to live with the man in question Damn, I think I even need a holiday after all this Faye is [...]

    10. 0.87 If That s Not A Joke I Don t Know What Fucking Is StarThe book was VERY funny, but not in a GOOD way.Lets take a look at the cover, firstMe RIP to ORIGINALITY.Now, lets take a look at the blurb When I found my boyfriend cheating on me, I did something stupid.Or should I say, someone Because of that mistake, I m now stuck in a world I don t belong in.I m a law student They re criminals.He s the Vice President of a MC I m a good girl with a strict upbringing He s my ex boyfriend s brother.And [...]

    11. Well hot damn Chantal releasing a biker book 5 STARS I loved it This is the best MC book I have read in months I was a little nervous when I started reading this coz I m very picky and bitchy when it comes to my MC books.Dragon Lair is or maybe not your typical biker books and what I mean by that is it s not gritty or earth shattering that I used to read Dragon Lair is a lighter side of grittiness but well written and has some twist that hit me in the right spot And what s better than a hot bike [...]

    12. MY RATING Dragon s Lair by Chantal FernandoComplimentary copy provided by the author Chantal Fernando in exchange for an honest review.5 Star Revenge Sex at it s best Hey we both got what we wanted, he says, putting out his cigarette with his shoe How so I ask him, stepping closer to his bike You got revenge on my brother, isn t that what you wanted A taste of wild This is such a unique beautiful story and not your typical biker book with the grit and the angst this is so much better It s hot, I [...]

    13. Faye ends up pregnant from Dex, her ex boyfriend s older brother and a MC member and even though she tries to leave everyone behind and start a life away just her and her unborn child, they are determined to keep her there and find a solution together I am so glad that my bestie recommended this book to me and I listened to her This was such an enjoyable read and I loved it I have so many favorite scenes that I m thinking now and still laughing.This may be a MC story, but it s unlike any other M [...]

    14. Hmmmmmmm.I m gonna go with 3 3.5 Stars on this oneI really liked it Decent plot, decent charactersjust DECENT It had a lot of my favorite elements alpha male, motorcycle club, and the cliche view spoiler oops I m pregnant sucker for that right here hide spoiler but I felt like it could have gone a little deeper According to GR it has 213 pages I think and according to it has 258 pagesd I m too lazy to actually find out what the true page number count is but regardless, I read it in one sitting [...]

    15. I read this book almost a year ago and i had a great time, but still, there were some details that didn t quite work for me, that is not the case any The new edition covers everything and dissolves any remaining problems, the editing changes were wonderful and i believe that the story flows so much easier now I m so happy i read this book again and promptly i have to change my rating, and opt to raise it a full star to 4,5 out of fiveC provided via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review Thank [...]

    16. OH MY.at was such a sweet story.I know, I know s a biker book and these kinds of books are supposed to be RAW, GRITTY AND DARK Well, this book isn t anything like that It s romantic, sometimes even a bit cheesy and predictable But I still loved it nonetheless Mostly because of DEX sigh I also really likedFAYEShe s one of those heroines you want to be friends with DRAGON S LAIR is definitely not a Madeline Sheehan kind of MC story Still, it s definitely worth reading Looking forward to the next b [...]

    17. Book Basics Genre Contemporary RomanceSeries First in the seriesLove triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Cheating view spoiler No view spoiler there is the suggestion of cheating, but nothing happens, not once they are both together once he knows she is pregnant hide spoiler hide spoiler HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Would I read by this author YesRating 3.5 rounded up to 4 Review I really did like this, but in all honesty it read a bit like Carry on Biker However, it was enjoyable and as [...]

    18. Struggled with the rating on this one but I m going to stick with a 4 This for me was what I call a surface read Pretty enjoyable but just skimmed the surface of the characters It lacked depth I liked both characters and I usually hate MC reads but this one the guy wasn t a a whorish asshole so I was good with that

    19. 4 Hilarious MC lite starsI think people should treat this as some sort of comedy read instead of a biker read Don t expect raw, gritty, violence and alpha asshole What we have here is a funny, humorous, a sassy pregnant heroine and a sweet hero Plot wise is 3 stars, no big drama or intense climax, but the funny lines really do make up for it The story started with Faye, a law student, faced with an unplanned pregnancy after an one night stand with Dex, her long time no see friend who is the VP o [...]

    20. I gave up sleep to finish this booke 5 stars are totally worth it I like the books that have a bad ass female character and in this book I specially loved the fact that Faye was strong, funny, sarcastic and when needed soft and feminine Dex a.k.a Sin is very HOT HOT HOT and the VP of Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club He knows what he wants and that is Faye and view spoiler their baby hide spoiler And I just loved his baby mama jokes PAs a big fan of MC books I ve read a lot of biker books and I can h [...]

    21. This was a five star read for me because of Faye The story was a good one and not very different than other MC s I have read Chantal Fernando has definitely gained a fan in me, because this was written so very well It was funny and the side characters were engaging and interesting and I actually look forward to reading their books But back to the star of the show, Faye She was ballsy, she didn t take any shit, and she called it like she saw it I also loved that she didn t let inconsequential dra [...]

    22. The synopsis of this book had me like ooo a dark biker story I am in I was always going to read it anyway cos I love the shit out of Chantal But alas It is not a dark romance What it is though is a beautiful written story about 2 people from different world fitting together and making a home Faye has been nwnith Eric since forever They nmake sense, bith want the same things Studying to become laweyers getting there life on track so they can take the next steps in their life plans Until Faye come [...]

    23. Dragon s Lair es el primer libro de la serie Wind Dragons MC de Chantal Fernando y narra la historia de Dex y Faye.Este libro es el primero que leo con la tematica de un club de motociclistas, siendo sincera esa tematica en concreto nunca me a atraido, generalmente las historias son sordidas, tontas, llenas de machismo y con personajes despreciables e infieles, que conste que esa es SOLO MI OPINION, no quiero insultar a nadie.Precisamente por eso decidi darle una oportunidad a esta historia, la [...]

    24. I keep being drawn to MC books because I like the undercurrent of danger and general baddassness that they promise, but so often I m disappointed when the story gets too bloodthirsty or sleazy or just, y know, grim.One of my absolute favourites of this type is the Reapers series as for me, they manage to achieve that perfect balance of feels, plot, characters, smut and humour to hit pretty much reading perfection and I m always seeking to find that in any MC story I pick up.This one was a kind o [...]

    25. 4.25 MC StarsThis is my second book by Chantal Fernando, I will admit, I kind of put her books on the back burner because the last one had cheating and it freaked me out However, I was drawn to the cover and summary of Dragon s Lair.I m glad I picked this sucker up, because I was attached to the pages and didn t want to let go until I was done.FayeFaye walks into her boyfriend cheating on her She s pissed and she s single Faye s, ex boyfriend has a brother Faye has always had a crushed on, but h [...]

    26. Me encant En serio, me enamor de esta historia Me fastidi un mont n que fuese tan corta porque solo quiero m s y maaaaaas de estos dos Me enamor de Dex, de Arrow, de Vinnie, de Tracker Dios no se, TODOS EN GENERAL La camarader a que ten an con Faye como si fuese su hermana peque a, y luego el beb aunque no me gust nada el nombre que le pusieron , y como llor con Jim y Mary aaaayyyy no se deciros pero me hac a tanta falta un libro como estePara la gente que odia los libros de moteros por lo malha [...]

    27. 2.5 to 3 stars re rating b c the second book is not that great, IMOA very mediocre plot with too many clich d nuances that unnecessarily tells the reader that this is a biker book So, I just rolled my eyes until it was actually the heroine who made me smile, and smirkd laugh.Faye gets her biker very messily, but she has spunk, and she didn t shy away from telling me how much the other biker boys were hot, even though she was clearly gaga over her own biker I laughed as Faye comically learned to [...]

    28. I love when I get so into a book I don t want to stop reading That happened with Dragon s Lair I started reading it last night after work and took it to work with me today and kept reading on my breaks I didn t want to stop reading, but I didn t want the story to end either This was the first book I ve read by Chantel and I really enjoyed her writing I m SUPER excited to read Arrow s book I loved his character so much, my favorite part with him is in the kitchen when he s naked and Faye says she [...]

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