Mallory and the Trouble With Twins (2020)

Mallory and the Trouble With Twins Mallory knows she s a good baby sitter She s been looking after her seven younger brothers and sisters for years So when Kristy offers her a steady job baby sitting for the Arnold twins Mal thinks it
  • Title: Mallory and the Trouble With Twins
  • Author: Ann M. Martin
  • ISBN: 9780590673891
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mallory and the Trouble With Twins
    Mallory knows she s a good baby sitter She s been looking after her seven younger brothers and sisters for years So when Kristy offers her a steady job baby sitting for the Arnold twins, Mal thinks it ll be easy money.The twins are cute in their little matching outfits But once Mrs Arnold leaves, Marilyn and Carolyn turn into twin terrors They run around the house likMallory knows she s a good baby sitter She s been looking after her seven younger brothers and sisters for years So when Kristy offers her a steady job baby sitting for the Arnold twins, Mal thinks it ll be easy money.The twins are cute in their little matching outfits But once Mrs Arnold leaves, Marilyn and Carolyn turn into twin terrors They run around the house like spoiled brats, and Mallory can t even tell them apart.Taking care of Marilyn and Carolyn is a baby sitting nightmare But Mallory s a responsible member of the Baby sitters Club and she s not giving up
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    1. man, i was so into this book when i was a kid i think a lot of kids that are not twins harbor a little fantasy of having a twin, this book tapped into that desire for me plus, my parents had led me to believe that everyone in the world DID have a twin floating around out there somewhere, it was the especially lucky twins that happened to be born into the same family i have no idea why my parents taught me that, because it s obviously untrue also seems to have an undermining affect on a kid disco [...]

    2. mallory starts baby sitting the arnold twins marilyn and carolyn who look and dress exactly alike they act really obnoxiously, speaking in a fake twin language and trying to get mallory to confuse the two of them by switching their name ID bracelets mallory figures out that they are just acting out because they hate being forced by their mother to wear the same clothes, so mallory helps them speak to their mom about their desire to be distinct humans mallory is so impressed with them that she sp [...]

    3. Baby sitters have a hard job When you still had a baby sitter did you give them a hard time Or if you are a sitter do you get kids that give you trouble Well the twins did, they made it real difficult for Mallory Even the other sitters had a hard time with them.

    4. Posted originally on my blog The Writer s InkwellThis is one of the books I really enjoyed that involved Mallory It s not that I didn t like the character, but many of her stories were a bit on the dull side However, this is one of the few books that is all about babysitting This is a refreshing fact, because generally with the other girls, when they aren t focusing on babysitting and sometimes when they are , they wind up being silly little girls who are trying to act like they are all grown up [...]

    5. Mallory teaches a pair of twins a very special lesson about personhood.Marilyn and Carolyn Arnold, identical twins, are the troublesome new clients who like to confuse babysitters by switching identities and playing tricks They calm down when Mallory figures out that their matching rooms and outfits bug them, and they want to be different Mallory helps them convey this to their mother.Lingering Question Why did the twins let this go on so long without saying anything or expressing their wish in [...]

    6. This was one of my favorite Babysitters Club when I was younger, so when I found it at Goodwill for 30 cents I was super excited I d forgotten how cheesy and awesome these books are I think my favorite parts are when the narrator of the month describes what everyone else is wearing So 80s I love it.

    7. I really loved this book as a kid, but not necessarily because of the main plot about the Arnold twins I was way into the sub plot in which Mallory wanted to be grown up and get her ears pierced and her hair cut off Which is hilariously when you consider that my mom had my ears pierced when I was just a few months old, and thus it was never something I spent time pining over or wanting There was just something fun though about friends going to the mall together, shopping and being all parent f [...]

    8. Mallory baby sits for twin terrors in this book It s almost the kind of plot that would normally be the subplot of a book with a exciting main story But it s not, so we are stuck with the story of how Mallory makes friends with Carolyn and Marilyn Arnold and agonizes over the fact that she is not allowed to have pierced ears It is just as exciting as it sounds.Things I remember from reading this as a kid I vaguely remember that one of the twins sneaks out of the house to get a baby sitter in tr [...]

    9. I like books about multiples, and read many books that featured twins when I was a kid therefore, I expected to like this one And I got some of what I liked in reading this it was memorable to me many years later However, I thought it was REALLY predictable Mallory has to babysit for twins who are dressed alike, treated alike, and given rhyming names Marilyn and Carolyn They re unhappy and they take it out on the people who care for them What could they possibly be frustrated over Especially sin [...]

    10. Marilyn and Carolyn are twins and they always have two of everything They dress alike and are treated as an ornamental matched set by their mother Mallory, while sitting for the twins, finds them acting out and turning into terrors, mixing themselves up on purpose and speaking in a made up twin language They re incorrigible What can she do to find out what s bothering them and maybe take her own advice in solving her own individuality issues I liked twin stories but this one seemed canned to me [...]

    11. I think in some BSC books, Ann Martin covers grown up themes than those of the others, and I adore it This one talks about individuality So, Mallory had to sit for the Arnold twins for a couple of weeks It was going to be easy money, she thought Little did she know that the twins were double trouble They didn t seem to like Mallory and kept giving her a hard time And to make things worse, Mallory couldn t distinguish which one was who since their mother always dressed them in identical outfits [...]

    12. Oh my goodness, I d forgotten how much I loved this book when I was nine It gave me the guts to beg my mother to let me pierce my ears like Mallory did I loved the part where they all exchange earrings and they all have cool, personalized themes to them I miss being a preteen and feeling like I could genuinely express myself with what was dangling from my earlobes On reread, I mostly realize that the Ann M Martin books tower above all of the ghostwritten ones in quality, style, everything I don [...]

    13. The junior officers Mallory Jessi turn out to be very interesting characters, even than the original four Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne Stacey In this book, Mallory has to deal with new BSC charges a pair of identical twins who are intent on making trouble using their identical looks The book doesn t mention how old the girls are, but based on the cover art, I d imagine they re around 6 While the story is interesting, I can t see six year olds having the self possession to understand and articulat [...]

    14. This book was better than I remembered, and although not one of my favourites in the BSC series, it was an enjoyable story that covered, as usual several issues Mallory and Jessi want to grow up and be allowed to change their haircuts, get their ears pierced and choose their own clothes and issue that all preteen girls have to deal with Mallory is babysitting for two twin girls who have a similar issue their mother always dresses them alike and they want to develop their own identities Also in t [...]

    15. First, the title Isn t there a Star Trek episode with a similar title That aside, this book reminds me of my grandmother, who was an identical twin There are so many pictures where no one can tell her apart from her sister I ve taught three sets of twins at my church, and I am so glad that parents don t do this any Multiples are individuals too, even if they re identical I m glad Mal figures it out, but it is a bit odd to me that she doesn t think to ask her identical triplet brothers why these [...]

    16. 5 7 Grade read alone Most adolescent girls love The Babysitters Club series I know I did when I was in school This is 21 out of the series Malory is the oldest out of 7 brothers and sisters and is asked to babysit the Arnold twins She thinks it will be no problem since she has experience with her siblings The twins end up being terrors but Mallory being experienced, does not give up.The chapters are rather short and the font is a little larger than your average novel Social Emotional Language Ar [...]

    17. Io continuo questo percorso nella letteratura della mia infanzia.E anche se Mallory non decisamente uno dei miei personaggi preferiti, non neanche noiosa e insopportabile come altre del Club Certo, ci devono sempre essere dei messaggi e moralit altisonanti in questo libro per non mi hanno mai dato troppo fastidio E amo quando le ragazzine si riuniscono e fanno qualcosa insieme, quelli sono i momenti migliori.Ovviamente ci sono situazioni altamente irrealistiche, ma meglio sorvolare e prendere qu [...]

    18. Fantastic books for young girls getting into reading Great stories about friendship and life lessons The characters deal with all sorts of situations and often find responsible solutions to problems.I loved this series growing up and wanted to start my own babysitting business with friends Great lessons in entrepreneurship for tweens.The books may be dated with out references to modern technology but the story stands and lessons are still relevant.Awesome books that girls will love And the serie [...]

    19. I read about 20 25 of these books I read them in fifth and sixth grade I strongly remember wanting to read these because they seemed cool and my older sister read a few of them I remember that our library had a little display of them and I also bought a lot of them through the book catalogs we got at school I remember most strongly the set up of the books each book started explaining the club and describing each of the members I also strongly remember the covers.

    20. Cadence has discovered The Babysitters Club series and invited her brother and I to join in the excitement I quickly realized that her desire for earrings had come in part from connecting with the character as she d read it at least half a dozen times before picking it for night night stories At any rate, it is a good solid children s book, fun to read and depicting kids with fairly normal kid problems.

    21. I enjoyed this book a lot I did like Jessi s Secret Language better, but overall, I think this book was great I liked how it showed that people all have individual personalities, and they need to show those personalities I enjoyed reading this book, although I was not as hooked when reading it as I have been with some other books Overall I think I d give it a 3 3 4 I recommend this book to all babysitters and young girls as well as people who enjoyed the other books in this series.

    22. I don t remember if this was the first or merely one of the first BSC books I ever read I do remember though that it was the one that a inspired me to get my ears pierced, b convinced my parents that I should be allowed to have my ears pierced It was one of my favourite BSC books back then, and turns out, it still is now.

    23. got all of these Baby Sitters Club books from my elementary school library way back this book is how I learned to speak Pig Latin fluently Mallory s one of my fav babysitters of the group but I wouldn t trust an 11 year old babysitter ever twin antics were resolved nicely I think someone gets their ears pierced and nearly faints Claudia

    24. This being the first BSC book I read it is very special to me Mallory being my faverite charecters makes this book even better I talk about why some kids are naughty and how twins are still seprate people despite being identcle It has a very good ending which I wont spoil for anyone reading lets just say Mallory and their twins get their happy ending.

    25. This was one of the BSC books that remember reading several times Mallory isn t nearly as annoying as I remember, but that could just be this particular book in the series This book taught me Pig Latin Re reading it as an adult, I enjoyed it just as much as I remember.

    26. if i ever babysit, please Lord, don t let me babysit twins Or Triplets, ya hear that Mrs.Pike Oh, and if you didn t know, Mrs Pike is Mallory s mother, the mother of 8 kids, Mallory 11 the triplets 10 , Vanessa 9, a girl who likes to talk in rhyme Nicky 8 , Margo 7 and Claire 5

    27. o my this is such a great book i lovedd it i just wanted to keep reading it but i had to return it ha ha lol you reallyy should read it ya lol every time you read one of her books you will want 2 read .

    28. Another I recall as being one of THE first few I read Loved it, loved the twins and the Back to the Future mention Wonderful story too, with the twins going from bookends to being individuals at last.

    29. This book was just as much fun the second time Mallory gets a steady job with identical though I think mirror image would be appropriate twins, and they cause all sorts of problems I absolutely loved Marilyn and Carolyn.

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