Why Dogs Have Wet Noses (2020)

Why Dogs Have Wet Noses Comprised of fun and playfully surprising contemporary illustrations and a satisfying tall tale Why Dogs Have Wet Noses is a refreshing and memorable take on an old story Told with dry humor this is
  • Title: Why Dogs Have Wet Noses
  • Author: Kenneth Steven Øyvind Torseter
  • ISBN: 9781592701735
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Why Dogs Have Wet Noses
    Comprised of fun and playfully surprising contemporary illustrations and a satisfying tall tale, Why Dogs Have Wet Noses is a refreshing and memorable take on an old story Told with dry humor, this is a secular story of how, not long after the world began, it started to rain, and it was the kind of rain that pounds down and never stops Wise as he was, a man named Noah deComprised of fun and playfully surprising contemporary illustrations and a satisfying tall tale, Why Dogs Have Wet Noses is a refreshing and memorable take on an old story Told with dry humor, this is a secular story of how, not long after the world began, it started to rain, and it was the kind of rain that pounds down and never stops Wise as he was, a man named Noah decided to build a lifeboat, and he set about gathering as many kinds of creatures as he could think of And he had the good sense to invite slugs, spiders, and the other slimy, creepy crawly creatures that most people try to get rid of by spraying or stepping on He also let a funny looking dog with a big soft nose trudge on board all by himself Had he not done so, the Ark, as you may not know, would definitely have sunk A lively tale of man and dog, Why Dogs Have Wet Noses, with its quirky, highly witty illustrations, is sure to delight Born in 1972, yvind Torseter is an artist, cartoonist, and one of Norway s most acclaimed illustrators He uses both traditional and digital picture techniques to create his illustrations and has created many picture books on his own, as well as several with different authors As a cartoonist, he creates books for both adults and children He has received numerous prizes and awards for his books.Kenneth Steven was born in Glasgow in 1968 but moved to Highland Perthshire during his schooldays He is a widely published poet, novelist, and children s author He has also studied and taught in Norway and translates from both Norwegian and Sami.
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      234 Kenneth Steven Øyvind Torseter
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    1. Absurd or silly picture book by Norwegian Torseter, whose other works include The Hole conceptual, cute and My Father s Arms Are a Boat moving This one features the same Moomin esque characters and colors to make you smile It s like a silly parental answer to a kid question Daddy, Why Do Dog Have Wet Noses Well, sweetie, here s why There once was a man named Noah, and he built an ark So, shall we say a surprising answer I maybe shouldn t say exactly why the actual nose gets wet, but maybe spoile [...]

    2. Well, I liked this The illustration is wild and fanciful, unconventional and a bit odd As a Christian, I m a bit at odds with the story but it s not offensive and all in good fun This is a re imagining not a retelling of the Noah s Ark story Really it s a combination of Noah s Ark and The Little Dutch Boy the one who puts his finger in the dyke Combine those and mix in an indigenous why or how legend and you ve got Why Dogs Have Wet Noses It s a cute story, the dog plugs up a leak with his nose, [...]

    3. Iwow I strongly disliked this one The illustrations are super fun but I was disturbed by the situation with the dog They just leave it down there for 20 days with no food or water, holding a hole closed with it s nose How does it not drown And he just barely remembers to go back and get the dog at the end What is this teaching young kids Yes, I know it s a silly children s book and a goofy retelling of the biblical story, but I had such a strong visceral reaction to this one I was really upset T [...]

    4. A delightful modern retelling of Noah s Ark I loved the zany illustrations bugs on cell phones, tattooed Noah, card playing hippos, commode sitting frogs, Noah s wife s punk do, vinyl spinning buck and of course, the dog who saves them all Think Little Dutch Boy As with all PJ Library publications, the illustrations are as entertaining as the book.

    5. With a modern folktale twist, this story explains why dogs have such wet noses Originally published in Norway, this slightly irreverent take on the story of Noah and his ark will have animal lovers concerned but ultimately amused and impressed by the loyalty of one dog All goes well once the ark has been built and the rains cause flooding that makes the vessel float But a leak causes problems, and Noah comes up with a fast solution It seems that the dog s nose is just the right size to plug up t [...]

    6. Story 1 starIllustrations 1 starA reimagining of the story of Noah and the Ark Too text heavy for a picture book Illustrations are so busy that they are difficult to decipher But the main reason I dislike this book is because the dog is treated so poorly I realize this is a tall tale, but Noah s actions would have killed that poor dog After the dog plugs the boat s leak with his nose for 20 consecutive days, saving everyone on the ark including Noah, they reach land and Noah forgets his neglecte [...]

    7. My first thought after finishing the book was WTF Yes, I know it s a kid book, and the story is supposed to be absurd and funny, but even the beautiful and fanciful illustrations can t save it for me The message is appalling, never mind the perpetuation of a silly myth.

    8. A way to introduce the story of Noah and his ark without giving a religion lesson It s a cute way to answer the question why do dogs have wet noses The illustrations are humorous and fun to look at.

    9. The plot to this story is fine, and sweet The illustrations are why we come So amazing So funny So heartwarming Torseter s tiny sad dog makes my heart jump 3

    10. The cover of this book is a bit misleading What appeared to be weak art to my eye originally turned out to be very complex stories told in the images that expanded upon the text While you could read through the book in 10 minutes, you could easily spend an hour looking at the details and the subplots that are going on the very large pages Color is spare but very poignantly used I am not familiar with the Norwegian story of Noah so this book was a bit odd to read for me and for my audience I shar [...]

    11. Very very delightful, humorous, and creative way to reveal how dogs have wet noses The illustrations in this book are captivating and give the story flair The illustrations are definitely just as important as the words.

    12. So many mixed feelings about this ridiculous book When I first realized it was a Noah s Ark story, I thought oh no It s going preach religion to me No It doesn t mentioned God at all, actually And it becomes very clear that kids who read the book are not expected to think this actually happened, as there s an elephant playing the piano and Noah s wife has a sidecut Noah and his wife would be crazy hipsters tho Who else would sail on a boat for 40 days and nights Well hipsters and my boyfriend s [...]

    13. Some picture books can be face timed across country Some can t The artwork is so detailed, so compelling, that you must read it close up It s a lap book.Why Dogs have Wet Noses by Kenneth Steven and illustrated by Oywind Torsetter is one Noah s ark sails through seas until a chestnut size hole appears in its side What to do Luckily, Noah s dog has a big black nose, the perfect size for plugging a leak Close up and personal, you see animal antics in the background that make reading it a delight.

    14. This take on the Noah s Ark story is a bit of literary ingenuity.This Norweigan picturebook is delightfully funny, terribly clever and just a great book With a range of illustrative styles from various spot illustrations and vignettes to full page color spreads, this book is bound to delight Hip and silly anthropomorphic animals are portrayed in a limited color palette of teal, coral, yellow and occasional green.

    15. A modern pourquoi tale that rivals Kipling s in charm and quality Although most people think of all the exotic animals aboard Noah s Ark, it turns out there was a dog too and a good thing, because it is the faithful, obedient dog s nose that saves the day when the Ark springs a leak The detailed illustrations are a delight to pour over so many droll and funny things to spy Originally published in Norway, 20122015 by Kenneth Steven for English language text

    16. Jeg kan tenke meg at noen barn sikkert synes historien i seg selv er spennende, men det er yvind Torseters illustrasjoner som virkelig l fter denne Hvem visste vel at Noah m tte p caf for finne passasjerene sine, eller at cornflakes g r ned p h ykant ogs blant dyr Boka er stappfull av fine detaljer som gj r lesingen ekstra morsom.

    17. I m not sure how I feel about this one On one hand I m happy it s a tale based off the biblical story of Noah s ark, but on the other hand I want to CRY OUT, POOR, DOG for the dog and the job he s given Yet, it s a creative Christian view on why dogs have wet noses

    18. I didn t realize what I was getting my daughter just wanted books about dogs This is a modern folktale, a kind of re telling of the Noah s Ark story without the religion of it Fun story and funky illustrations.

    19. A just so tale set on Noah s Ark Illustrations done in light pastel colors A cute, easy to read tale with a very pathetic looking dog Poor dog

    20. Adorable telling of Noahs Ark especially for those who aren t ready to introduce God into their child s small world Wonderful for all ages.

    21. Not keen on this story Who is it for Not Christian school libraries not the real story And with Noah in it, no public school will buy it Tough sell.

    22. Tall tale telling of Noah and the ark When the ark springs a leak, Noah uses the dog and nose to stop the leak.

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