The Naughtiest Girl in the School (2020)

The Naughtiest Girl in the School Elizabeth Allen is spoiled and selfish When s she s sent away to boarding school she makes up her mind to be the naughtiest girl there s ever been But Elizabeth soon finds out that being bad isn t as
  • Title: The Naughtiest Girl in the School
  • Author: Enid Blyton Anne Digby Kate Hindley
  • ISBN: 9781444918823
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Naughtiest Girl in the School
    Elizabeth Allen is spoiled and selfish When s she s sent away to boarding school she makes up her mind to be the naughtiest girl there s ever been But Elizabeth soon finds out that being bad isn t as simple as it seems.
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      196 Enid Blyton Anne Digby Kate Hindley
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    1. Forget 1984 and Animal Farm if you thought that was scary, you should read The Naughtiest Girl in the School In this Stalinisque expos of life under a brutal regime, we see the conversion of little Elizabeth Allen from a normal little girl to one who learns how to knuckle down to the system and praise it.Elizabeth is a pretty eleven year old little girl who has spurts of fun and laughter, like any normal little girl She is given to a bit of naughtiness like pinning her governess stockings togeth [...]

    2. A rather delightful little tale of a quite extraordinary little girl and the somewhat bizarre school she is sent to

    3. I missed this in my childhood, but my daughter got a copy for Christmas My 5 year old daughter and 6 year old son both loved it and we all cried at one point lovely to share at this age.

    4. Elizabeth Allen is a horrid, spoiled brat Her parents send her to Whyteleafe, a school with Socialist and sadistic tendencies that strips her of her foolish pride and transforms her into a sensible, loving, moral, typically British schoolgirl I read my mother s childhood copy of this book printed on flimsy, WWII era paper when I first visited England I spent the rest of my childhood rereading it and writing parodies of it.

    5. The Naughtiest Girl in SchoolI bought a couple of Blyton s books a couple of years ago because I thought that I might have missed out not having had the chance to read them when I was a child I never got around to reading them until one Friday afternoon a couple of weeks ago The books all seem a bit formulaic and I had to constantly remind myself that they were written at a totally different time in a rather different society Nevertheless I couldn t shake the conflicting feelings about the book [...]

    6. Of all Ms Blyton s school series, the Whytleafe School series featuring Elizabeth Allen have remain personal favorites since I read them about three decades ago Even when I was young, the notion of student based bodies students bringing problems and students solving it themselves in a common forum made a deep impression on me There are also socialistic tendencies around everyone getting an equal share of money which also seemed to be so right to me So to me, the Naughtiest Girl series was quite [...]

    7. A Elizabeth uma menina mimada e traquinas e muito rica que apenas com a apar ncia encanta qualquer um A m e e o pai t m que ir para fora e sua precetora, a Miss Scot , j n o a aguenta, portanto a sua nica alternativa ir para um col gio Se queres saber se a nossa Elizabeth quer ou n o ir ficar ou n o ficar no col gio, tens que ler este livro Acredita uma caixa de surpresas P 3

    8. Meh Not Blyton s best, despite the catchy title and the appealing cover I still like The Twins at St Clare s series the best.

    9. I love all Enid Blyton book, this is one of them The Naughtiest Girl in the School has so many good points It teach us about kindness, sharing, honesty and friendship Elizabeth Allen is a pretty and smart little girl who been entered to boarding school by her mother It s the first time for her because she take homeschooling before She doesn t feel happy about this so she decides to be the naughty student so she gets sent home But the time she spends there, the she likes and happy to be there e [...]

    10. Not a series I read much of as a child This is once again a boarding school themed book where our heroine Elizabeth Allen is as some of EB s other children unwilling to go to school and determined to get herself thrown out at the earliest possible moment But Whyteleaf school itself is probably the most radical of EB s schools the children are a lot freer, have a broader range of activities, can have pets, and most of its business is through a system of self government where the students body det [...]

    11. The very first proper book I ever read I think I was maybe 7 or 8 years old It has lead to 35 yrs of reading with a passion, 1000s of books many I ll never remember reading but this one I ll never forget I can even remember the point in time when I finished it, where I was at home and how proud I was of myself Most importantly how proud my dad was of me He too had a passion for reading and loved books Apologies to those reading this expecting a review and not my trip down memory lane Nevertheles [...]

    12. My daughter has really enjoyed this as a chapter book for bedtime reading, thanks to myself enjoying a trip down memory lane she s been up later than usual for one chapter on many a night I love that my children love books as much as me

    13. Selalu suka rasanya tiap baca ulang karya Enid Blyton yang satu ini Ada beberapa novelnya yang bercerita tentang sekolah asrama tapi seri Si Badung masih menjadi favorit saya.Saya nyaris berkaca kaca saat membaca bagian Joan dan ibunya saling mengungkapkan perasaan, dan itu berkat Elizabeth yang karakternya unik dan bikin saya gemes juga mesem mesem sama ulahnya.Saya suka konsep sekolahnya Meski entah mengapa saya kok rasanya agak gimana gitu kalau harus bahas keburukan tiap orang di sesi Rapat [...]

    14. Ahhh I adore this book I used to read it all the time when I was a kid after my mum gave me the copy she had growing up I ve been in such a slump lately and thought I would read an older book to get me back into reading I d forgotten how cute the book actually is Four out of five stars but only recommended to people who are already fans of Enid Blyton s work, since this book is very different to children s literature of this day and age.

    15. Really enjoyed reading this c Brilliant children s novel with great character development I look forward to reading in the series.

    16. I read some of Enid Blyton s book as a child but hadn t even heard of this series she wrote back in 1940 This is a book my daughter is reading and since I love the genre of Children s books, I picked this up This book is really set on a wonderful pretense, children are made to behave not by strict adults governing their behavior but because they are judged and governed by their peers, other children.Elizabeth Allen is an awfully spoilt child, she is an only child, living a very privileged life w [...]

    17. I really like this book So I gave it FIVE STARS But then I love all Enid Blyton books.Elizabeth Allen has never been to school before and she thinks she will hate it But instead she loves it of course it took a few tricks and punishments but that s what makes all the wonderful In the beginning she made everyone think she was horrid but then she changed I love how she becomes friends with Joan and tries to do nice things for her but in the wrong way unknowingly She thought that she still wanted [...]

    18. Elizabeth Allen is such a rude and provoking child that her governess quits and her parents, in despair, send her to boarding school To punish them for sending her away, Elizabeth is determined to be the naughtiest girl in the school and thus be expelled as quickly as possible Whyteleafe School is unusual because it is both co ed and or less self governing in an era where all schools in fiction were single sex and the teachers all powerful The Head Boy and Girl are portrayed as so wise and so f [...]

    19. Gue bacanya versi Indonesianyabuku2 blyton emang banyak pesen moralnya, menurut gue, kalo punya anak kecil ato adek kecil, drpd ditontonin sinetron2 indonesia yang ceritanya ga jelas boro2 mendidik, mending dikasi bacaan2 kaya buku2nya blyton giniBuku ini seinget gue ceritain gimana anak cewe yang tadinya annoying abis pelan2 berubah jadi anak yang lebih manis dan lebih disenengin temen2nya di sekolah barunya.p lahceritanya cukup deket dengan keseharian anak2, walopun settingnya di inggris

    20. The first book in the series Elizabeth hates going to boarding school so much that she sabotages herself by being as impossibly naughty as she can, in the futile hope she will be sent home But Whyteleaf is such a progressive, democratic school, whose leadership is so supportive of the young students, that in spite of herself she comes to love and respect her school and learns to enjoy the challenges and opportunities it presents In my opinion this is the very best of Blyton s school stories, alt [...]

    21. Meskipun tema dan plotnya hampir senada dengan buku buku Enid Blyton yang lain, terutama yang bertema Asrama seperti ini, namun tetep aja, kisahnya Enid Blyton bikin nagih Ngomong ngomong tentang badungnya yang ada dalam kisah ini masih kalah ya dengan badungnya bocah bocah dari St Clare Hal yang menarik di sini adalah Rapat Besar, Enid Blyton membuat anak anak dalam kisah ini tampak lebih bijaksana dan dewasa jadinya.

    22. Elizabeth emang bandel banget di sekolahnya Sebenarnya dia baik hati kok Bela belain pake uang 1 poundsterling kiriman pamannya buat beliin Joan Kue Ultah paling besaaaaar dan mengirimkannya pada Joan atas pakai nama ibunya Joan Joankan pengen banget dapat hadiah atau surat dari ibunya yang ternyata gak pernah sebelumnya ia dapatkan.Karena kebandelannya Elizabeth sering dihukum deh.Ceritanya lucu dan kocak Baca sendiri aja deh

    23. this book is very good, i read enid blyton s book since i was in SMPe made me know about human character, a lot of english word, etcshe s the most good writter 4 me.i think she has a good behaviour and very friendly that s why she can wrote a lot of good story

    24. sbenernya baca enid blytonnya dah banyak banged dan lama banged juga, jadi gak tau harus bilang apa soal cerita buku2nya, yang pasti, buku2anak karangan enid blyton, trutama yg adventure lima sekawan, sapta siaga itu bagus banget, buat ukuran anak SD, kan waktu itu bacanya pas SD, tapi pas skrg2dibaca lagi, ternyata masih bagus juga,

    25. although it was a child reading book,yet i enjoyed reading ittually my purpose was,i just want to recheck my grammar as i ve been sooooo into medical books for quite some timed it does helps me a lot.

    26. great buk gud plot and d usual enid blyton feel.if its by enid blyton , it HAS to be a gr8 buk ryt the usual boarding skool stories lyk st clares n malory towers , only difference is dat its coed and u cant catch hold of a delicious midnight feast

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