Melting the Ice Witch (2020)

Melting the Ice Witch hours and minutesThe Tribe of the White Dragon has lived in the frozen wastes of the north for thousands of years slowly dying without their dragon to protect them from the inhospitable cold In
  • Title: Melting the Ice Witch
  • Author: Mell Eight Albert Black
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • Melting the Ice Witch
    2 hours and 52 minutesThe Tribe of the White Dragon has lived in the frozen wastes of the north for thousands of years, slowly dying without their dragon to protect them from the inhospitable cold In desperation they kidnap Kam, hoping to use him to breed witch power back into the Tribe But Kam is not a witch and there is nothing he can do to save them until he sees th2 hours and 52 minutesThe Tribe of the White Dragon has lived in the frozen wastes of the north for thousands of years, slowly dying without their dragon to protect them from the inhospitable cold In desperation they kidnap Kam, hoping to use him to breed witch power back into the Tribe But Kam is not a witch and there is nothing he can do to save them until he sees the white dragon encased in ice and all alone 2010 2014 Less Than Three Press, LLC P 2014 Less Than Three Press, LLC
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    1. 3.65 stars More of Tori and he steals the show, his tiny commanding presence and the adorable factor is unmatchable Impossible not to love, he brings so much joy, I doubt I could ever get tired of his adventures, a delightful installment in the series, because he makes it so Stealing the Dragon will always be my favourite book of the series because Tori reigns supreme.

    2. 3.5 stars for the story, extra 0.5 for ToriNear the end of Stealing the Dragon aka Tori s book , there was a plot of Jerney s sister being kidnapped and ready to be sold to an ice barbarian That barbarian was Lor, one of the main characters here The story was written from Kam s perspective though He was kidnapped by the tribe because he was thought of having witch s blood The Tribe of the White Dragon was dying and they expected that they could marry one of the tribes with a witch s descendant t [...]

    3. There is nothing depressing than coming to the end of a wonderful series.This is supposedly the final book in this series, although I m holding out hope that with enough support, Mell might just give us a few books in this world lolThe romance is light in this book, although we start to get a feel for it about the half way mark The sex is off page so don t go expecting anything hot and heavy Instead you will get a tender, heart warming feeling as you get to know a little of Kam s background, a [...]

    4. 3.5I really liked Kam and Lor and there was a great build up to their relationship here I like Kam quite a bit and happy that he found acceptance in the north I got a kick out of his connection to all the animals Runt was adorable and thought it was a fun angle but down the road White and Eldest threw things off for me, especially Eldest who acted surprisingly different than how I was expecting him to given his other appearances in the series Loved, loved the Tori Jerney cameo Cute and sweet and [...]

    5. There are enough great reviews about this book, so I m not going to go into it much.I am sorry to see this series end and really think there is for Ms Eight to tell us about this world.Begging and bribery can be arranged Kam a real outcast among the poor dock area he lives in, is kidnapped and taken to the cold and inhospitable area of the White dragon, because they believe him to be a witch and have powers they need or maybe just some sperm he can donate to help make baby witches.He s actuall [...]

    6. I was a little disappointed in this story, it was missing something that the others in this series had I don t know if it was the fact that it was too linier, there was telling than showing, or if it was the character development was too thin Not to mention the romance felt forced, and left me with a ton of questions.What drew these two men together Was it a case of Stockholm syndrome with a hefty dose of lust Lor is over a thousand years old, and Kam is twenty tops what do they see in each oth [...]

    7. Well this is one of those stories that when you come to the end, you just want More of the story, of the world, of the characters and most importantly at least for me of TORI I really just cannot get enough of the cutest baby dragon From puppies to snowball fights, he just brings a smile to your face While I started these books later than most of my friends, I really wish that this wasn t the end of the series since I just found it.

    8. Another winner from Mell Eight This book features the story of Lor and Kam from the White Dragon Tribe Lor was the witch we previously met during the last few chapters of Stealing the Dragon And my oh my, he was indeed very desirable in this installment I could practically see myself ogling him from a safe distance Sigh If only I could have his babies LoL Anyway, the White Dragon Tribe is in a pinch because of the lack of witches able to protect the people from the snow Kam was kidnapped after b [...]

    9. A perfect ending for an interesting series The story doesn t begin where the previous book ends, but starts a bit earlier The Ice Witch Lor has kidnapped a young man, who is said to be a witch and brought him to the Ice lands Surprisingly Kam finds himself liking his new home much than the village he lived in He is included into the tribe and is actually useful No one is harassing him, even after he admits that he won t be the one to produce the witches the tribe needs to survive, since he like [...]

    10. 3.5 stars It was ok but I wish it was longer The pairing here was sort of Hit Run type, not enough to quash my thirst maybe my expectation on this last Dragon Hoard was higher after 3 wonderful stories However, please do continue the series ie White and Eldest romance and the discovery of the Ice City.

    11. 3.5 starsA continuation of the story that didn t feel as in depth or engagingbut considering that Tori and Jerney are my favorite couple and they re hard to beat.But it provides a GREAT Tori Jerney fix

    12. May 13, 2015 Audible Edition Story 4 starsPerformance 3.5 starsOverall 4 starsJanuary 24, 2016 Audible Edition

    13. 3.75 starsAs much as I was looking forward to this book, I did enjoy it, but felt it was way too short We did get an answer to a certain question which has run through the previous books in the series,, but I guess I expected a lot There is so much fodder for further stories, and I d love to know the future of the couple introduced at the end of this book trying to not give spoilers here As their relationship changes things for the good I would think

    14. I found Kam and Lor a little too plain as main characters but the book was made interesting by the animals and Tori The spotlight was taken from them in the later part by the dragons Is this supposed to be the last book in the series I wish there was I would love to read the story between White and view spoiler Eldest hide spoiler.

    15. I love this series, cute Tori especially Not saying much as others have said it better Can t wait to read Cute, fun, good characters that you like spending time with.

    16. The tribesmen of the icy north have long struggled to keep themselves and their families alive in the brutal cold But in the two tribes there are only two witches left with any real power, and the witches are what make life in the ice even possible If they do not find some solution soon they know that they will perish whether in a storm or from lack of food That is why they arranged to steal Kam away from the human city after they hear he might be of magical lineage.The only problem with that is [...]

    17. 3.5 stars This was a great well rounded continuation to the series, where we get introduced to a new couple but also revisit the others The couple we meet consists of Lor, the Ice Witch from The North who we met trying to buy kidnap a Witch needed for his Tribe in book 3, Stealing the Dragon As well as Kam, a young Animal Speaker who prefers his life in the cold North to the desolate life in the city he had prior to being mistakenly kidnapped I liked both men a lot individually, and did enjoy th [...]

    18. This volume was my favorite of the series and I quite enjoyed this one A slow burning romance, it was sweet and tender, and Kam was a delight Unaware of his place in the tribe he s doing his best to fit in He was unwanted before he was kidnapped, now he likes his new home and even though he s not what the Ice Tribe thought, he wants to stay Lor is the hardworking witch of his people, not much of a talker but caring and protective towards the unassuming Kam Watching Kam come into his own and disc [...]

    19. This book has a very different tone and pace from the others in the series, and I enjoyed that I really like reading about the tribe and the many battles they faced to live in the middle of the Ice Wastes with very little magic at their disposal That s why I m sad that Kam and Lor, supposedly the main characters of this title, were thrown to side for other things I feel I barely know who they are are and that s why I would have prefered if the characters fromm the previous books hadn t shown the [...]

    20. I so adore baby dragon Tori who appeared first in the third book of the series, that I was tempted to grade this book five stars, unfortunately I cannot judge the story based on the fact that one of the characters stole my heart lol Without Tori I would have given this book three stars, so four stars it is.This is a fascinating world which was created in these books and it definitely begs for in depth treatment, universe, characters, everything If she ever decides to come back to it, I will abs [...]

    21. My favorite out of the whole series Kam was a trooper He got kidnapped and was made to live in a completely different climate then he was use to and he never complained He was a sweetie and it didn t hurt that he looked after all the animals I loved reading about him and his interaction with Lor It was also fun getting to know the Ice Witch s clan.

    22. It s great that everyone got their own HEA, but I wanna know how Eldest and White reconciled, privately And I wish to see of Eldest White s lovey doveyness too Maybe in novella, about their future Anyway, I can t wait to see of Tori too D

    23. I wish there were books in this seriesI would kill for a book of Tori coming to age He is the most adorable character.

    24. Review for Reviews by JesseWave 2.5 starsHaving very much enjoyed the previous books in this series, I was very much looking forward to reading Melting the Ice Witch In Stealing the Dragon we briefly met Lor when he kidnapped Jerney s sister and his story should have proved interesting Unfortunately a shallow plot with less than worked out characters coupled with contradictions made that I couldn t enjoy this story as much as I hoped.In Melting the Ice Witch we are introduced to Kam, who like Je [...]

    25. 3.5This was a nice read I really the the series and how everything happened, the romance wasn t particularly out standing from whom we get the story, unfortunately wasn t exactly the most out standing character, even tho he tells the story, imagine that.I loved that this was combined with the previous story and that we got to see extremely cute and innocent Tori, I just love him He totally stole the show when he appeared I love that we were get a real glance at somethings that had been mentioned [...]

    26. It s pretty clear that book 3 is the star of this series and the other 3 books are simply the supporting cast The appearance of our favourite baby dragon in this book, sadly only served to demonstrate how flat and lifeless the other characters are in comparison tori has clearly taken on a life of his own and I think that the author should give serious thought to some stories featuring Tori s escapades.

    27. Actually, it s 2,5 stars, but I wouldn t want to give it 2 the series as a whole was quite good, although all the books could have been much longer, but I didn t enjoy this last book as much as the previous three Somehow, the new characters weren t as well written as the others, I just couldn t get into this story What saved it for me was when Jerney and Tori from the 3rd book showed up again.

    28. Cute little story It is a great continuation of the series I was happy to see the eldest with his love I think this story has great potential for The story itself could easily be expanded and made to be in depth but the series itself has room to grow as much as the author would like Overall it s just a nice, comfy read.

    29. That ending was beautiful I love the whole series, the characters, the whole world of the Dragon s Hoard I may have to reread them one month from today xD.

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