ادیپ شهریار (2020)

  • Title: ادیپ شهریار
  • Author: Sophocles Shahrokh Meskoob
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  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
  • ادیپ شهریار
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    1. What can I say about Sophocles Oedipus Rex that has not already been said Apart from the patricide and the infamous incest, this is an ancient tale of angst and overall calamity But since I recently revisited it, this legendary tragedy hasn t left my mind Look and learn all citizens of Thebes This is Oedipus.He, who read the famous riddle, and we hailed chief of men,All envied his power, glory, and good fortune.Now upon his head the sea of disaster crashes down I felt after reading the play that [...]

    2. Look and learn all citizens of Thebes This is Oedipus.He, who read the famous riddle, and we hailed chief of men,All envied his power, glory, and good fortune.Now upon his head the sea of disaster crashes down.Mortality is man s burden Keep your eyes fixed on your last day.Call no man happy until he reaches it, and finds rest from suffering I believe that in one way or another, everyone at least to some extent has heard of the story of Oedipus and Jocasta It s one of those tales that s been on o [...]

    3. Sometimes life s a real bitch Fate is unavoidable in ancient Greek Tragedy Trying to avoid it will only lead to it, and doing nothing will lead you there too So if a God tells you that you will die at the hands of your son, and that he will then go on to steal your wife, you d best do nothing because it s going to happen anyway Any preventative action you take will only lead to the same ending So, you re pretty much screwed You might as well lie down and accept it The God s are mean But, nope, i [...]

    4. Book Review4 out of 5 stars to Oedipus Rex, the first of The Theban Plays, written by Sophocles around 430 BC If you are unfamiliar with Greek tragedies, the thing you need to know most is that the authors often played with the concept of fate not just that some things are meant to be or to come back and haunt you, but that there is always going on than you realize at the time This is one of the plays you should absolutely read Although borderline spoiler, it s important to know 1 fact about th [...]

    5. Oedipus the King The Theban Plays 1 , Sophocles Oedipus Rex, also known by its Greek title, Oedipus Tyrannus Ancient Greek , or Oedipus the King, is an Athenian tragedy by Sophocles that was first performed around 429 BC Originally, to the ancient Greeks, the title was simply Oedipus , as it is referred to by Aristotle in the Poetics It is thought to have been renamed Oedipus Tyrannus to distinguish it from Oedipus at Colonus In antiquity, the term tyrant referred to a ruler, but it did not nece [...]

    6. THE EYE THAT DIESI have not read Sophocles text recently, but listened tothisexceptional audio edition Powerfully acted out, with an eerie chorus and dramatic music, it has been a superb experience.I have come back to this play now in a roundabout way As part of a Seminar on Aesthetics, The Eye that Thinks, imparted in the Prado Museum, we were prompted by our Professor F lix de Az a to read Oedipus in a Hegelian framework We had been discussing the contributions of Hegel to Aesthetics, and he w [...]

    7. nothin like a forced reread in order to write a terrible paper classic oedipus always going and getting himself into life ruining, city destroying shenanigans

    8. Oedipus of Sophocles is a great work of art written by a great poet,this play symbolizes for the human misery and despaire torments of the human soul,the innocence and guilt,Wisdom Out of Suffering and Fate that determines many things no matter how we struggle to change it.Oedipus hears about his dreadful fate from the Delphic oracle and flees from Corinth But instead of fleeing from his fate he runs into itOedipus a passionate heart,who ask questions and take risks,has all the qualities of a gr [...]

    9. If you ignored the spoiler alert with a smile of amusement, then you can imagine how I felt a few years ago when I attended one staging of this play at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus There I was, having to endure a very mediocre and rather boring production, but things changed as I realized that the family watching in front of me, a middle aged couple and their children, all the members of that family were all ignorant of Oedipus transgressions They were gradually discovering everything, on t [...]

    10. Fear What has a man to do with fear Chance rules our lives, and the future is all unknown Best live as we may, from day to day.

    11. I d say spoiler alert but it seems ridiculous I ve taught this play for years, and I think this year I finally decided what makes this play great My students never feel sympathy for Macbeth, but they do for Oedipus, and that always used to bother me They whine in their teenage attitudinal voices, But he didn t know that was his father I always respond, So it s ok to KILL PEOPLE if they re not your father In identifying with Oedipus, they forget the nature of the atrocities he committed, and tha [...]

    12. Tek kelime ile m kemmel ns z kitab n yar s n olu turuyor ve nbilgi olmas ad na ok g zel detaylara yer verilmi Yaln z ge enlerde okudu um Zweig eserinin ns z nde yapt klar gibi yine b t n kitab n hikayesi zetleniyor Zaten okurken anlayaca m z k s mlar n neden k saca zetlendi ine bir t rl anlam veremesem de 2500 sene nce tanr lar n plana karan bir topluma ait bu eserde tanr lar n keyif ,insanlar n da kader dedikleri bu al n yaz s ancak bu kadar g zel yerilebilirdi Bu vesile ile Tragedya y da sevdi [...]

    13. I m being irreverent, but whenever I think of this work I cannot help recalling Mel Brooks in History of the World Part 1 Apart from the legendary, and infamous, incest, this is an ancient tale of psychological terror and angst Human nature does not change and the themes Sophocles explored are still relevant today, this is truly a timeless work.

    14. Pensaba que me iba a costar leerlo por el lenguaje pero para nada ha sido as Es muy f cil de leer, y aunque es una historia que todos conocemos hay alg n momento de sorpresa La nica pega que le pongo es que es muy corto, pod an haber dado alg n rodeo en lugar de ir tan al grano, pero a n as he disfrutado mucho ley ndolo.

    15. The Ultimate of Greek Tragedies8 April 2012 This play is so messed up that a part of me says that it has to be based on true events It is sort of like one of the arguments that people use regarding the authenticity of the Bible every character with the exception of Jesus Christ is so flawed that one cannot consider that the stories have been made up In particular we see the heroes of the Israelite nation, that being Abraham, Moses, and David, warts and all However when us consider the Grecian my [...]

    16. honestly, I feel bad for Oedipus He left his house to do the right thing and try to avoid killing his dad, just to come across his real dad and kill him anyway It s really unfortunate and it really sucks for him And then he had to go and skewer his eyeballs like yikes he s not having a good time, is he RIP Oedipus eyes, I m sorry this happened to you Honestly, I know this play is super tragic, and it actually is interesting how he tried to avoid his fate which led to him fulfilling it anyway but [...]

    17. This is my first reading of the ancient Greek play Like so many stories that are part of our cultural consciousness, I thought I was very familiar with the plot but was so wrong I asked my husband what he knew of Oedipus Rex and he said the same thing I was thinking man murders his father and marries his mother oedipus complex ala Dr Sigmund Freud That, of course, is what happens but the true tragedy is that it was not intended In the opening scenes of the play, Thebes has been plagued by failin [...]

    18. We all know the story that this play tells it has been part of the cultural heritage that most of us have known for as long as we can remember, and many of us have read it any number of times Each reading brings new insights, new questions, and rather than tell the story once again, I prefer to dwell on the thoughts and questions that this reading brought to my mind.Wherein lies the Evil in this play In the prophecy and, apparently, the determinism of the gods that Oedipus will kill his father a [...]

    19. What s interesting about fate, and what s different from our world and Oedipus s, is that fate doesn t really exist in our world No real oracles go around telling you you re going to sleep with your mother Instead, it s a philosophical device On one side you ve got free will traditional very Western, very American even with the idea of the individual going forward , and on the other side you ve got your fatalists see my mom and her Vietnamese cosmology is that the word Whatever, I m going to use [...]

    20. I actually like this one better than Antigone, the subject is very disturbing, but I liked the writing a lot.

    21. talihsiz oidipus nas l oldu da b yle lg nl a kap ld n hangi intikamc tanr kara baht n b sb t n karartt yaz k oldu, ah yaz k ok isterdim seninle konu mak, seni dinlemek, ama bakam yorum y z ne deh etten rperiyorum ufaktan edebiyatla, kahve ve kitaplarla i i e olan bir y l geride b rak yorumr ok farkl t r eser okudum, araya bir de oyun s k t rmak istedimal oidipus a ba lad m, resmen eski t rk filmlerindeki bizansl k t adamlar n ortas na d t m.olum, akl ma geldik e g l yorum, t m mahalle tren yapm [...]

    22. Eh That is all I want to say This book was crazy Oedipus s wife was really his mother, and gave birth to him then gave birth to his children He stabs his own eyes out I am so done with this book.

    23. OMG this Oedipus dude just totally banged out his own mom LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLZBut really, there were descendants whose genetic makeup is irrevocably tied into my own that were walking the Earth when Sophocles wrote this play And here I am, in 2017, thousands of years later, reading it Literature serves humanity in subtle yet profound ways it is one of the only bridges we have into the psychology of the past The world is so goddamn complicated Reading books like this m [...]

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