Shadowdance (2020)

Shadowdance Jack Talent is tormented by the demons of his past Though Jack loves his position in the SOS he cannot forget what was done to him And so he hunts down the remaining demons that tortured him and mete
  • Title: Shadowdance
  • Author: Kristen Callihan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Shadowdance
    Jack Talent is tormented by the demons of his past Though Jack loves his position in the SOS, he cannot forget what was done to him And so he hunts down the remaining demons that tortured him and metes out his own brand of justice as the Bishop of Charing Cross The only thing that soothes him is his secret visits to fellow agent Mary Chase But while something about MarJack Talent is tormented by the demons of his past Though Jack loves his position in the SOS, he cannot forget what was done to him And so he hunts down the remaining demons that tortured him and metes out his own brand of justice as the Bishop of Charing Cross The only thing that soothes him is his secret visits to fellow agent Mary Chase But while something about Mary calms him, she is also his greatest torment, for she is a reminder of his worst crime the night he lost his soul by taking her human life Mary Chase is now free After years of service to the Ghosts in the Machine, she now assists the head of the SOS and is finally enjoying life except for the one thorn in her side, Jack Talent The temperamental shifter unsettles her and awakens a need she s never felt before But when a copycat killer begins to mimic the Bishop s signature and Jack is assigned to the case, Mary volunteers to join him, eager to unravel Jack s mysterious fa ade Can Jack protect his secret and his heart from the one woman who could be his ultimate ruin
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      312 Kristen Callihan
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    1. Spoilers Nowhere near as good as I was anticipating I was looking forward to Mary and Jack s story, their strange hatred for each other in earlier books was compelling, I was excited to know why they had such nasty attitudes whenever they crossed they paths Sadly, the reason for their mutual hatred and their romance overall was a let down Mary immortal human machine of sorts and Jack speshul snowflake shifter are forced to work together to find a notorious killer who s murdering demons and shift [...]

    2. Re read August 2017Bumping this up again to 5 stars.Look, I have no excuses Thanks, Kyra I m an unreliable reviewer and apparently a shameless Darkest London fangirl but the I read this book, the better I like it I have one small excuse, though I read this right after Winterblaze back then Re read March 2017Bumping this up to 4 stars I guess I was still so totally gobsmacked by the beauty of Winterblaze that any book, and especially any book in this series, would have never looked good in compa [...]

    3. Do you know what it s like to have what you want most in the world constantly in front of you, he whispered, and never dare take it I loved this book Finally we get Jack and Mary Chase s book These two have been dancing around each other for the last two books, throwing insults and basically just showing their dislike for each other But you just know that there is to this antagonism, and finally we found out why Neither Mary nor Jack has had easy lives Both have their demons Especially Jack aft [...]

    4. The Darkest London series by Kristen Callihan has quickly become one of my favorites There s something to be said about Callihan s imagination There are no boundaries with her, no feat to difficult to accomplish With larger than life characters, Callihan breathes passion and life into each individual, making it so easy for readers to fall in love with them.Jack Talent has had a difficult past But his blood is the most sought after thing in London at the moment With a murderer on the loose, he is [...]

    5. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.3.5 This is me, and you This is us StarsBook 4 in the Darkest London series was a tough read for me I find enemies to lover plots tiring and this is no different.Jack Talent was Ian Ranulf s valet that is until he become a regulator with the SOS In book 3 we see how he is kidnapped and that truly despicable things are done to him Due to the humiliation he has put distance between himself and his family His [...]

    6. Initial Thoughts Just awesome Darkest London fans are in for a treat This is the story of Jack Talent and his love interest Mary Chase These two are so attracted to each other and the buildup of their relationship is very delicious A nice mix of historical paranormal romance with some original steampunk elements My Review I ve been a fan of Kristen Callihan s Darkest London series from the first book Firelight The author creates an intriguing world of 19th century London and adds original elemen [...]

    7. This book has been on my TBR list for over two years, guys O_O Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Shadowdance by Kristen CallihanBook Four of the Darkest London seriesPublisher ForeverPublication Date December 17, 2013Rating 3 starsSource eARC from NetGalley Warning this is an adult book, and for the eyes of mature readers Summary from Once a heart is lost in shadowLife has been anything but kind to Mary Chase But the Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals has given her purpose Now s [...]

    8. Shadowdance pleasantly surprised me in every way as the latest installment in Kristen Callihan s Darkest London series Wonderful attention to worldbuilding in a steampunk supernatural environment, smoking chemistry between two very well developed characters, and a plot with many surprising revelations that it had me turning pages, not wanting to tear myself away from the beautiful writing or overarching tale.This is probably my favorite book in the series to date Shadowdance begins where Winterb [...]

    9. 3,5 stars but 5 stars for the hero I have to say I usually feel a connection with Kristen Callihan s characters and I was expecting the same thing from this novel but it didn t feel the same Something seemed a bit off.I have two complaints though One, I thought there were too many different characters in the book and sometimes, as a reader, it was hard to keep up with the many different roles the characters played in the story The other thing I didn t like was the lead female I had no strong fee [...]

    10. Not bad not bad at all The previous book in this series was much least favorite so this was a much better read However, the first book still remains NY absolute favorite As usual , love the setting and atmosphere The characters were great and so was the mystery and intrigue.

    11. The second half of this book rocked my world It was filled with angsty goodness, tortured hero mana of the gods, sexual tension, tremendous payoff, and a great set up for the next book It was everything I hoped Jack s story would be The first half you ask Well, let s just say there was a lot of waiting Waiting for some sign between the hero and heroine that their attraction was returned Waiting for some hint on the murder mystery Waiting for the other shoe to drop on Jack s big secret All the wh [...]

    12. Callihan has suckered me into reading historicals She does an amazing job of blending the paranormal with historical and with Shadowdance she has given us another element, steampunk Don t worry, if steampunk is not your thing The elements are not heavy but where Callihan hinted at steampunk in the previous books in her Darkest London series she gives us a heroine with a clockwork heart, Mary.And who has the key to that heart Master Jack Talent The surly and handsome hero of Shadowdance At the en [...]

    13. Jack Talent at last, here I come 5 awesome Here, There and Nowhere Stars It is amazing how each new instalment in the series gets better and better I was prepared to love Jack Talent, in fact, I already loved him After his unfortunate view spoiler capture and torture hide spoiler in the previous book, all I wanted was to open my chest and tack him safe inside where no one could ever hurt him I was a bit intimidated by the length of the book, anxious of dragging scenes and slow plot, but once aga [...]

    14. Once again Kristen Calihan flirts with the tropes that make paranormal romance so beloved and familiar, while adding twists and flourishes that are entirely her own Jack and Mary s story started off slow for me, I became distracted by the shear number of obstacles and secrets swirling around them I loved that Jack may be a murder, hunted by his own colleagues, but add to that his secret history with Mary, both of their past sexual assaults, and the story was muddled and overstimulating One by on [...]

    15. I really enjoyed the first couple of books but got a bit bogged down halfway through Winterblaze and left it on the too hard shelf.This book features Jack Talent a shifter who was kidnapped and tortured by the Nex presumably in the book I couldn t finish and Mary Chase, a Ghost in the Machine GIM Jack and Mary both work for the Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals SOS but their role is not to track down supernaturals but to hide them from the humans.Jack has been leading the investigatio [...]

    16. ARCIf you haven t read the previous books then stop reading this review and pick up a copy of whichever book you stopped on If you are a fan of the series, then you ll probably want to issue a blanket apology to any and all as you ll be ignoring responsibilities until this book is done In a different world, I might have tried to make you mine from the first His thick whisper lanced her clockwork heart and had her breath quickening as he continued In a different world, I might have deserved you J [...]

    17. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsThere are currently four installments in Kristen Callihan s Darkest London series and every single one of them has been a 5 star read in my opinion, including Shadowdance The last three books have fallen on the historical side of paranormal romance but this newest one is packed full of steampunk y goodness which only made me love it The story is captivating in that I can t put it down kind of way and even though there aren t any love scenes until the very end, the tortur [...]

    18. Two wondrously developed characters who are struggling with mental and physical wounds from horrendous pasts come clashing together in Shadowdance.Mary Chase has been making a life for herself with the Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals Her only torment is Jack Talent, a difficult, wounded agent that she saved from being a blood whore A new revelation in an on going case reveals Jack might be their culprit, Mary requests to join Jack s investigation to find the proof she needs What she [...]

    19. Dark, romantic, and thrilling, Shadowdance was a fantastic steampunk romance The creepy demons of mysterious murders had chills going down my spine, while the romance dark, sweet, and steamy I really enjoyed reading this book.Mary was a strong heroine She wasn t the type to sit and wait around She fought for what she believed in and what she wanted She was tough, brave, clever, and likable I thought she was great.Jack was also amazing He had one hell of a dark past, not the least of which was wh [...]

    20. I really liked Shadowdance The Darkest London Series Book 4, I was really happy to learn the reasons that there has been such animosity between Jack and Mary in the previous books I was truly interested in their back stories, so I didn t really notice the pacing issues that some people had with the story but then again I ve been listening to audio books lately, so in comparison this popped right along That said, since I was happy learning about Jack and Mary they both have some pretty big secret [...]

    21. Shadowdance was a little slow to begin with but I quickly fell in thrall with Jack and Mary s underlying sexual tension I hated how they treated each other or rather how Jack treated Mary, and it was annoying how slowly it was revealed but still I couldn t get enough of them I m a sucker for a tortured hero and both Mary and Jack come with a mountain of baggage Fantastic chemistry, interesting and original plot and great world building I don t know why I didn t pick this book up a lot sooner I m [...]

    22. I would have liked this one better had Mary and Jack not spent most of the book sniping and throwing venom at each other It got old, especially when you realized that each one liked the other, but had to pretend not to I was glad when finally they were able to admit their feelings and liked how things ended.I did like how everyone kept trying to show Jack that he was one of them, part of their odd family, even if he had a hard time believing it.

    23. I like the cover But someday someone s going to have to explain to me why having men with their shirts open is so normal on covers She s fully clothed, and his shirt is open Not that I m complaining, but come on I just don t get it Are you trying to convince me that he s sexy

    24. What a ride It s always a bittersweet ending when I read the Darkest London seriesn t wait for the next book

    25. Extremely awesome read Jack and Mary was phenomenal together Will have to gather my thoughts to come up with a review that stands up to this book

    26. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty A fantastical world with dark and terrible secrets and a dose of pent up sexual tension that kept me hooked to learn all the mysteries of these complex characters.Opening Sentence Life was not a long, straight road, but a series of turns.The Review I may be a little biased with this review because it is no secret that I absolutely love this series I have been intrigued with the relationship between Jack Talent and Mary Chase ever since their first [...]

    27. 5 Brilliant Stars This entire series has enthralled me, but this read is a standout Mary Chase and Jack Talent are captivating from the start with their witty sarcasm, intense chemistry, and their marked intelligence but what really captured me was their battered souls and vulnerability Both surviving the unthinkable and trying to find ways to heal and move forward learning to trust themselves and one another in order to fully give of themselves to the other All of this inner turmoil wrapped in [...]

    28. My review can also be found on my blog Collections.4.5 starsShadowdance is the fourth book in Kristen Callihan s Darkest London series I have yet to read the first three books, so I had no idea what to expect I figured each book could be read as its own story, but since I wasn t familiar with the world found in this series, I still was a little unsure that I would be able to follow it as well had I read the previous books I really had nothing to worry about, though, because once I started readin [...]

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