Feeding Your Demons: Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Conflict (2020)

Feeding Your Demons Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Conflict Tsultrim Allione brings an eleventh century Tibetan woman s practice to the West for the first time with FEEDING YOUR DEMONS an accessible and effective approach for dealing with negative emotions f
  • Title: Feeding Your Demons: Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Conflict
  • Author: Tsultrim Allione
  • ISBN: 9780316013130
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Feeding Your Demons: Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Conflict
    Tsultrim Allione brings an eleventh century Tibetan woman s practice to the West for the first time with FEEDING YOUR DEMONS, an accessible and effective approach for dealing with negative emotions, fears, illness, and self defeating patterns Allione one of only a few female Buddhist leaders in this country and comparable in American religious life to Pema Chodron bridgesTsultrim Allione brings an eleventh century Tibetan woman s practice to the West for the first time with FEEDING YOUR DEMONS, an accessible and effective approach for dealing with negative emotions, fears, illness, and self defeating patterns Allione one of only a few female Buddhist leaders in this country and comparable in American religious life to Pema Chodron bridges this ancient Eastern practice with today s Western psyche She explains that if we fight our demons, they only grow stronger But if we feed them, nurture them, we can free ourselves from the battle Through the clearly articulated practice outlined in FEEDING YOUR DEMONS, we can learn to overcome any obstacle and achieve freedom and inner peace.
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    1. One of the things that continues to amaze me as my practice and investigation of Buddhism goes forward is that almost anything I have come across in my exploration and experience of western psychology is to be found somewhere in the canon of Buddhist practice, always in a far thorough and accessible form than what western mental health practitioners have ever put to me This book is about a Tibetan Buddhist practice which is similar to so called chair work that often turns up in psychologists of [...]

    2. A Buddhist nun writes a Westerner s interpretation of the niche Tibetan Buddhist practice of Chod I m sure there s a lot here that s watered down and simplified the author wants to introduce the practice to the west, not get into esoteric Buddhist concepts What s here is an outlining of the basic technique a sort of self analysis in a Jungian vein, mixed with a sort of meditative role play Anthropomorphize your demons or problems flaws, imagine them as physical characters, ask them what they wan [...]

    3. An accessible, practical guidebook for discovering and exercising compassion for yourself specifically, the vices and patterns that seem too ugly and scary to accept This book shows you not only how to face these demons, but how to neutralize their negative power by showering them with kindness The author marches through dozens of anecdotes that all seem to resolve with pat happy endings As a whole, they don t come across as entirely realistic stories But for me, the real value of these examples [...]

    4. While this is a wonderful modern presentation of Ch d practice, I had a few concerns 1 This is not a book I d recommend to someone who doesn t have a solid grounding in some kind of practice, either Buddhist or with a therapist or as a therapist 2 Tsultrim Allione makes some alarming claims that I consider problematic regarding the healing powers of this practice Which is not to dismiss it, but I think it s reckless to claim that any spiritual practice will cure cancer 3 While examples are an ex [...]

    5. sultrim Allione was one of the first Western women to ever be ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist nun In this book, she presents an eleventh century woman s wisdom to non Buddhists in simple, easy to understand language that anyone can follow.According to Tsultrim, we can all overcome whatever demons are causing chaos in our lives, whether they be weight, illness, anger, or whatever By following her five steps, we supposedly can overcome these problems In the first part of the book, we are given an o [...]

    6. What s really interesting about this book is the fact that I started to do a form of exorcising my demons this summer I decided to get the monkey off my back, so to speak, and get rid of so many things that I knew were holding me back Long term, self defeating, negative things that I have no reason to have So then I happened upon this book at the library It was a sign that I was on the right track and delved into it right away.Needless to say, I have discovered that it s not going to be an overn [...]

    7. This is perhaps my favorite book on the subject of emotional and physical healing Lama Tsultrim has woven the essence of an ancient Tibetan Buddhist ritual into a format that can be used in the west, by therapists or as a self healing practice Essentially it has to do with truly meeting one s demons A demon is not something bad, but is an aspect of oneself that is limiting It can be a belief, an egoic tendency or even a disease The process is not about going to battle with one s demons, but meet [...]

    8. Really fantastic adaptation of a somewhat obscure practice Also filled with stories and anecdotes, which make it very readable I ve been doing it every day since I heard about it.One other thing at the risk of seeming un PC, I noticed that this book is written with a strong female sensibility It has many examples of women practitioners and most of its practice examples are told as stories I didnt realize how much this is missing from the practice books I have read until I saw it here.

    9. This book has the potential to help anyone with any demon they have in their life, whether it is personal, professional, medical, mental or physical I ve used Allione s 5 step technique to help work on my own demons and am seeing benefits Because of this, I m telling everyone I know to read it, use it, and watch this process improve their lives Be the change you wish to be and use this book to help you get there.

    10. Great read and reference Restored my faith in literature in general and made me decide to join I m looking for books like this This book is hypnotic and ritualistic Warning Contains a bright perspective but has lots of things hidden in the shadow The author is brilliant and manipulative

    11. Initially I thought, Wow Incredible so far Wish I had read this along side Pema Chodron s When Things Fall Apart back in 2007 for the first time After the first couple chapters I realized this entire book could have been limited to a third or less of the content Brevity would have made this a five star book Principle is simple.

    12. This is a fine Buddhist Monk She writes extremely well and she writes about ancient wisdom for the resolving of inner conflict I am also interested in Carl Gustav Jung and the Jungian psychological community These interests intercept.

    13. This book showcases a fantastic, mind blowing way of finding inner peace in your life, which is why I recommend reading the pages only discussing the 5 Steps of Feeding Your Demons The rest of the book is full of stories, ones that seem too convenient to be true, but provide comfort and realization with their words Praise the method and try it out.

    14. Gem of a book lifting up the teaching of a specific female Tibetan Buddhist yogini The author makes a case for the teaching as particularly relevant for today s politically polarized world.

    15. Lama Tsultrim Allione teaches you an ancient tibetan buddhism practice revisited for western people It is a pragmatic exercise that can be done easily at home A bit strange for everyone that meet this spiritual practice for the first time but definitely something to try or deepen.It is a sort of self guided meditation that light up reasons behind inner conflicts in order to solve them.The book is really well written Easy to understand and easy to read There are summaries sections, case studies a [...]

    16. While browsing at the public library the title of this book caught my eye The author is a former Buddhist nun who developed a psychotherapeutic technique influenced by Buddhist principles and the writings of Carl Jung I thought that the principles behind this intervention were excellent and that, if done properly, it could be highly therapeutic Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that many people would be WILLING or ABLE to properly engage in this form of therapy because it involves doing things th [...]

    17. Tultrim Allione has revived and adapted an 11th century practice called Ch d and in this book provides an easy to use method that anyone can access to transform their demons anxiety, depression, addiction, self criticism, despair, to name just a few into allies always there to sate the demon and convert it into exactly what we need Allione explains When we understand how to feed the demon s real need with fearless generosity, the energy tied up in our demon will tend to dissolve and become an al [...]

    18. Meh Started out okay A practice I thought I could work with But she really lost with the second half of the book which went into all the different kinds of demons and provided anecdotes that were a repetitive and b sounded kinda bullshit to me Using this book to work with serious issues like addiction, PTSD, and many other complex things with the competent guidance of a professional therapist sounds positively dangerous to me and her example for addictive eating being a woman who ate a lot of ch [...]

    19. A great Tibetan way of confronting your monsters, changing that relationship to emapathy to examine what your monster is so upset about and feed it that Ultimately doesn t is always come down to love,forgiveness, kindness, and an input that is greater that the crap you ve been feeding your monsters food, material possessions, t.v anger, relationships Feed your monsters from the great inner well of love and peace and they will be satiated But remember they need regular feeding once is not good en [...]

    20. This is truly one of my favorite books of all time The method the author introduces provides the reader with a gentle, effective, thorough, and life transforming to engage the deamons in our life Not through running away, desensitization, surpassing, or even transcending despite their presence Rather, facing them with kindness, love, full engagement, and trust As such they can be transformed and become allies Highly recommend

    21. It is hard to gauge the effectiveness of this book, as I just finished it yesterday, and have not had the chance to test out the strategies outlined I will say that this is a novel approach towards facing the ills within If you are open minded the book is not a strict sort of dogma, people from any faith can use this Buddhist technique , you may want to pick this up and see if your demons end up as your allies.

    22. I was intrigued by the idea of a self help book based on the wisdom of an ancient female Tibetan woman, but the book did not deliver enough in that area A basic self help book with attractive cover art She essentially sets guided imagery and paradoxical interventions in a loosely Buddhist context It may be effective for some.

    23. I really enjoyed this book Her writing style is very candid and honest, both about her own life and about the people she s helped while of course preserving privacy I think it is not meant to be read all the way through Read the first few chapters, and then skip around the topics and examples to the ones that speak to you.

    24. promotes buddhist perspective and technique to feed instead of fight shadows of the psyche ultimate outcome is to be released of egocentricity the basis for all demons good introduction to the west.

    25. powerful and Practicala little scary the whole turning your body into a nectar for the demon but once i got over the initial cringing it actually makes lots of sense and complements other somatic work i am doing Tsultrim Allione is very clear very cogent and accessible

    26. Interested to get this one started A yoga teacher here in the City is doing a workshop based on the practices taught in this book.loped by Buddhists in Tibet This author has been frequently compared to Pema Chodron.

    27. That Allione can make accessible and useful to the average Westerner this advanced practice is unfathomably amazing to me Very helpful and compelling, and I ve been able to achieve successful results from her instructions.

    28. The concepts were good and were covered in the first few chapters The rest of the book was chapter after chapter of how to do the process with different examples That got tiring after awhile I will be passing this book on instead of adding it to my library.

    29. I couldn t finish this I don t often put a book down I think , but this is far too self helpy than I bargained for and I need to move on But PLEASE do not take the one star rating as a reason not to take a look at this book.

    30. Basically Jungian self psychology dressed up in a bunch of completely unbelievable new age pseudo tibetan bullshit But at the same time extremely illuminating and helpful C est la vie.

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