Best Friends through Eternity (2020)

Best Friends through Eternity Inspired by the true story of a teen who was killed at a railway crossing the author weaves the tale of fourteen year old Paige who taking a shortcut alongside the tracks to avoid the school bullie
  • Title: Best Friends through Eternity
  • Author: Sylvia McNicoll
  • ISBN: 9781770497108
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Best Friends through Eternity
    Inspired by the true story of a teen who was killed at a railway crossing, the author weaves the tale of fourteen year old Paige, who, taking a shortcut alongside the tracks to avoid the school bullies, is tragically hit by a train and transported to a surreal world where she encounters Kim, who died seven years before Convinced she is only dreaming, Paige must discover aInspired by the true story of a teen who was killed at a railway crossing, the author weaves the tale of fourteen year old Paige, who, taking a shortcut alongside the tracks to avoid the school bullies, is tragically hit by a train and transported to a surreal world where she encounters Kim, who died seven years before Convinced she is only dreaming, Paige must discover a way to return to her former life Poignant, gripping, and full of unexpected twists and turns, Best Friends through Eternity will resonate with readers who have struggled with cultural identity, a sense of belonging, and the real meaning of home.
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      188 Sylvia McNicoll
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    1. I often read books during TV commercials I call this using my time wisely Unfortunately since we now have DVR, my commercial time has decreased significantly and I have less time to read Well, I started reading Best Friends Through Eternity while my husband was watching some god awful football show and I could not put it down I read the book in its entirety without even taking a bathroom break From beginning to end, I was captivated When my husband asked me if I wanted to watch Grey s Anatomy, I [...]

    2. After being hit by a train, Paige wakes to find herself on a beach, which is really a waiting area between life and death Her body is in a coma and her childhood friend, Kim, is there to lead her over into death Paige begs for one chance to go back, not to change her own fate, but to make things right for someone else Best Friends Through Eternity is a deft blend of mystery, romance and the paranormal in a quick, satisfying read.

    3. I was provided an ecopy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Best Friends Through Eternity is a book like no other I felt drawn into this book immediately and devoured it quickly Sylvia McNicoll has created a narrative about friendship and the bond that doesn t break even after death Readers will relate to many components of this story.First of all, one exciting element in this book is the concept of time travel Imagine travelling back in time after your death and fixi [...]

    4. I ve never believed in Heaven, but was able to suspend my disbelief when reading of Paige s trips the beach to with her long lost childhood friend McNicoll s vision of the afterlife is a refreshing change from the angels with harps clich s The characters, from the Chinese orphan protagonist to the volleyball team bullies, all exhibit a depth that keeps the story grounded in reality As Paige goes back to relive her final days, events change in subtle ways keeping the reader guessing to the very e [...]

    5. Best friends for eternity was a quick paced, short realistic thriller with a touch of sci fi fantasy novel with deep and developing characters The writing was lovely, and most of all it was set in Toronto, Canada.Im going to start with the positives then the rant Maybe mix them up because its the weekend.The setting was simple and clear Each scene had its effect, its worth The novel was well edited so there was never a snooze worthy page in the book It kept me reading, The plot line was a thrill [...]

    6. When I first read the plot of this novel, I thought it would be a really interesting twist on a near death experience Unfortunately, it didn t live up to my expectations and I found myself really let down by the story.I think the crucial problem about this book is that the characters feel really flat There s nothing that endears you to them or makes you connect with them The one interesting thing is that the main character Paige, is a Chinese orphan who is adopted by two Caucasian parents Her be [...]

    7. It s very rare when I classify a book as a DID NOT FINISH Really really rare I try very hard to finish a novel I start, but sometimes it just can t be done This was one of those times.A novel I really couldn t get into was BEST FRIENDS THROUGH ETERNITY by Sylvia McNicoll RELEASE DATE February 2015PUBLISHER Tundra BooksDISCLAIMER Novel was sent via NetGallery in exchange for a honest review SYNOPSIS Inspired by the true story of a teen who was killed at a railway crossing, the author weaves the t [...]

    8. I was excited for the premise of this book, but it ended up feeling overly contrived and simple.The main characters were fourteen years old, but I wish their speech hadn t felt like it The way they talk just feels juvenile, and has little depth to it Also, at fourteen I don t think that losing a boyfriend is worth the revenge Vanessa and her friends exact There were many points where I wanted to roll my eyes at the characters.Paige was adopted from China, and I wish this had played of a role Be [...]

    9. spoilers ahead I LOVED this book It was witty, funny, charming, and sad all in one package I could not stop reading it It was a short book, with only 192 pages, but it somehow it still satisfied me Paige isn t very relatable, at least to me, however, I connected with her very well It s a great book for any age I find it strange that no matter how hard Paige tried to avoid the rails, she somehow found herself back there Death can t be avoided When Paige saved Vanessa, I was in awe and anger She c [...]

    10. Received through LibraryThing Early Review Giveaway February 2015.This YA book was filled with so many unexpected turns that it was hard to put down McNicoll s really knows how to build momentum Right up to the very last half of the very last page I was not sure what Paige s, the main character, decision would be, Talk about suspense Unfortunately, I am disappointed in the ending It s not the decision I thought she would make and it implies that some people may have the choice to cheat death tha [...]

    11. I love this book so much It has a very painful theme and it is also very joyful and enjoyable It makes you really think of your life and what your are doing with it It s about a girl named Paige and her best friend Kim, and their adventures in life This book teaches you some much on second chances and not taking life for granted on bit This book is super sad and touching and while you are reading it you never want to put it down I recommend this book for anyone who likes sad and loving book like [...]

    12. My preteen daughter enjoyed the book The diversity in it was refreshing and probably a big factor in why she related to the characters She is not a big reader so the fact that is was short was perfect for her I enjoyed Best friends through eternity, it s a good young adult novel that deals with so many issues that young adults deal with bullying, death, racism and identity issues.

    13. The author explores the meaning of family, standing up to bullies, empathy and second chances in this new upper MG read A few twists and turns along the way keep the story from becoming overly predictable, and the reader will have lots to think about.

    14. A strange and interesting little tale, looking at the space between life and death and how our smallest decisions might affect our fate of those around us Well written, I would recommend this to everyone.

    15. This is just a quick YA read for probably tweens and up No foul language, unlike one of the reviews about this book , and a decent read for the YA reader.

    16. This book has many twists and turns as Paige returns from being hit by a train running from bullies She is able to reset the clock but will she be able to remain It was a hard book to put down.

    17. At only 182 pages long, I finished reading Best Friends through Eternity in two days With a book this short, don t expect to get in depth with the characters but, McNicoll did do a great job in conveying the theme that one small change can make a huge difference in your and everyone else s life.

    18. I think it was an ok book I wouldn t exactly recommend just because it wasn t my kind of liking of a book type, but overall it is a decent book.

    19. This was such a beautifully written bookI love this story the friendship, family ,life lessons and how to look at your life, what are u doing with itLoved the characters loved this bookcommend to all it touches on great subjectsGina Clabo

    20. This title grew on me because I found Paige s narrative voice somewhat choppy On the one hand, she s 14 and going through some typical and some not typical teenage experiences of self identification, self development, etc On the other hand, the narration comes across as being very adult especially re organ donation and I found Paige s single mindedness re the importance of science to be wearing That said, I like how the book develops as Paige becomes aware of the things she previously missed ou [...]

    21. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley.I have posted this review on my blog also bookandbastille.wordpressBest Friends Through Eternity by Sylvia McNicollInspired by the true story of a teen who was killed at a railway crossing, the author weaves the tale of fourteen year old Paige, who, taking a shortcut alongside the tracks to avoid the school bullies, is tragically hit by a train and transported to a surreal world where she encounters Kim, who died seven years be [...]

    22. Fourteen year old Paige is killed by a train when she takes a shortcut home in order to avoid some classmates who wish her ill As she lies in limbo in the hospital, part of her encounters her childhood best friend, Kim Although she is thrilled to be reunited with the girl, she knows she has unfinished business back home She is allowed to return to Earth for a brief number of days to fix what she can The secrets she uncovers about her own past and her cultural identity as well as the struggles of [...]

    23. I found this book online and decided to read it It was fairly short and a very easy read so it was just a quick breather, I suppose The story was intriguing to me and I didn t find it to be to predictable either There were a couple things that I did end up predicting after a while but it wasn t easy by any means The only real issue I had with it story wise was the ending It just felt incomplete I would ve enjoyed an epilogue.Negative Content There wasn t much that bugged me, really One character [...]

    24. Everyone makes mistakes and they live with them or they learn from them and most individuals move on But the chance to have a do over well, I myself would be pretty nervous going into that situation Paige gets one week to have a do over, one week to make everything okay In that one week, Paige cannot let any of the other parties aware that she knows what their future holds or her time is up She s trying to get everything aligned so everything falls into place, but life is not like that, it just [...]

    25. This book is based off a true story The premise was interesting The author based it off a true story about a teen who was killed on a railroad crossing The writing is concise and easy to read Some of the situations is realistic Well, besides the traveling back before you died to change things The characters seemed flat in the beginning, but did grow a little by the end The Best Friends through Eternity is a cute storyline.It s a quick read with only 192 pages The author is good at keeping your i [...]

    26. Trying to get away from bullies on her way home from school, Paige gets hit by a train and awakens to find herself on a beautiful beach with her childhood friend, Kim.I really liked the concept of this book, I always enjoy when someone wants to go and fix things or make things right There were a few twists that I didn t see coming and I really liked the way the author wrapped it all up at the end I did find however, that I was being told what was happening, rather than shown The characters were [...]

    27. At 14 Paige is stuck by a train while trying to avoid bullies on the way home from school Waking up on a beach she finds she is not quite dead as her body is in a coma Waiting for her on the beach is her very dead friend Kim who died when they were kids While Paige is still coming to terms with all this she is offered the opportunity to go back and settled unfinished business with the understanding she will still die and that she can t let anyone know that Paige uses the time she has to try to m [...]

    28. I am not thrilled with this book for a long list of reasons Perhaps it s just me, but I feel there was not much of a plot beyond a few days spotlighting a teenager and the small world she exists within I have been on many train tracks and those things do not sound like anything else but a train The death didn t make sense, the coming back for a week without any logic tied to it made less sense I understand the points made about bullying but the delivery falls short I didn t enjoy the writing eit [...]

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