The Cost of Crude (2020)

The Cost of Crude Gwynn Reznick s life is shattered when her best friend and co worker at Wilton Oil Gas Company dies in a car crash She doubts it was an accident Her suspicion is confirmed when a private investigator
  • Title: The Cost of Crude
  • Author: Inge-Lise Goss
  • ISBN: 9780989254670
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Cost of Crude
    Gwynn Reznick s life is shattered when her best friend and co worker at Wilton Oil Gas Company dies in a car crash She doubts it was an accident Her suspicion is confirmed when a private investigator, Ruben Dordi, shows up at her door His team has discovered a trail of unusual deaths and disappearances among Wilton employees To make matters worse, Gwynn is underGwynn Reznick s life is shattered when her best friend and co worker at Wilton Oil Gas Company dies in a car crash She doubts it was an accident Her suspicion is confirmed when a private investigator, Ruben Dordi, shows up at her door His team has discovered a trail of unusual deaths and disappearances among Wilton employees To make matters worse, Gwynn is under constant surveillance by those responsible for her friend s death But that doesn t deter her from getting involved in the investigation Danger lurks in every corner of the Wilton Tower One false move could turn a risky situation into a death trap As the investigation team digs deeper, they begin to unravel a sinister plot that threatens a catastrophic pipeline disaster Will they solve the crime before it is too late
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    1. I read a book by this author earlier this year It was good, this one is great Gwynn is a likable character and it does not take long for the reader to get invested in her life Her love, her safety The story is not a short read, nor particularly fast 248 pages it is a full length novel So it was not a book I managed to read in one sitting That said the plot moves smoothly The action only now and then lets up to show us a bit about Gwynn s new love interest before the roller coaster is off again. [...]

    2. The Cost of Crude by Inge Lise Goss is a complex and intelligent thriller set in the world of oil production It begins mysteriously with a murder on an oil platform and then moves on to mystery surrounding the production company Wilton Oil Gas, involving the office staff and secret meetings.Long before I figured out what the book and the story was about my curiosity was raised and as suspicious deaths and disappearances happen I could not let go until I reached the end.The book does a great jo [...]

    3. I received this book to give an honest review.So even though I really did enjoy the suspense through out the book I had to give this a 4 rating being as towards the end I started to get confused on exactly who dun it There were a lot of characters within the book that sometimes the side characters I would get lost on.Now with that said There is so much going on within the book, you have murders happening, you have a grandmother who wants to solve the murder so she hires Ruben to find out for her [...]

    4. I was recommended this book by a friend I read the blurb and, having read another book by this author, decided to give it a try I am glad I did, because I loved it Gwynn Reznick is a character I really liked She is a strong, determined and courageous lady I would love to have her as a best friend Oil is a commodity that has revolutionized our modern society We use it on a daily basis in several products made from it, we heat our houses with it and use it to fuel cars, aeroplanes and factories It [...]

    5. Julie works for Wilton Oil as secretary to Steve Hadley, VP of Public Affairs but we find her at the beginning of the book, placing bugging devices in the conference room before a meeting between John McIntyre, CEO of Wilton and executives from CT Oil and Gas She listens in via ear plugs, from the secretary s desk Her action sets in motion an investigation into the disappearance of Wilton staff members and those they came in contact with.This is a fast paced well written story encompassing crime [...]

    6. Having read her previous book I was really looking forward to this book Although I prefer The Tegen Cave, I think as much as anything it is because the storyline was so unique This on the other hand was real life But the book was thoroughly enjoyable I loved the Ruben character and the other guys in the business I think for me the only flaw was that it was a bit too simple, I prefer my books with a bit meat and substance This may have been achieved by narrative It had an awful lot of prose in [...]

    7. A mystery thriller, jam packed with action in every scene, and a touch of romance to keep it interesting describes The Cost of Crude The story is well paced, full of unexpected twists and turns that involve the Wilton Oil Gas Company.The main protagonist, Gwynn, is a strong, solid female character, able to handle each new dangerous situation with flying colors She is a loyal friend, determined to solve the murder of her best friend Inge lise is a talented author by far, able to hold her readers [...]

    8. Hitchcockian Great Read This is a GREAT READ, and for those who don t get my title, Hitchcockian Great Read google Alfred Hitchcock He was one of the best story tellers of all time, and I find, Inge Lise Goss s The Cost of Crude at his level This story is driven with a suspenseful plot line through and through With cover up s and corporate espionage, you ll enjoy the way the author has masterfully written the narrative Another thing I flavored when unfolding the pages, was that I felt it had jus [...]

    9. What an exciting, fast paced, wonderfully action packed this thriller was I was glued to my Kindle with no option to put it down, worrying about Gwynn and Rubin, and the others Such strong, courageous, lively characters, with nothing artificial about any of them Gwynn was my favorite, I must admit, having a thing for strong female characters.Danger and mystery, twists and turns on every corner, this novel flowed wonderfully easy for me, and I just kept envisioning it on the big screen It is some [...]

    10. Ten damn starz in my opinion Wow what a very detailed and well written mystery thriller I was so engrossed in the characters, I could actually visualize the drama playing out on the computer screen as I read each page All the time wondering how McIntyre would get his dues dealt with, then finding out he s just a small coin, in a bigger wishing well I m so happy the author didn t focus a lot on the attraction from Ruben and Gwynn and focused their relationship around the case It was such a new ex [...]

    11. The Cost of Crude is a hard to put down thriller Not because of fast pace action, although it has that in good measure Nor because of the well thought out plot, even if that kept me trying to figure out who s guilty and how guilty they were Author Inge Lise Goss pulls me in and keeps me reading because she takes a perfectly level headed protagonist, puts her in dangerous, difficult situations, and lets her use her levelheadedness to manage her limited resources in order to get to the bottom of t [...]

    12. Secrets in the Barrel A review of the novel The Cost of Crude I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light Helen KellerAuthor Inge Lise Goss s novel The Cost of Crude takes place in Texas and is set in the backdrop of a car crash of an oil gas company employee Gwynn Reznick, the co worker and friend of Julie, doesn t believe her friend s death was an accident That s when Julie s grandmother employs a brilliant PI, Ruben Dordi to investigate her granddaughter s death Tea [...]

    13. Gwynn works at Wilton Oil company in Houston Her best friend at Wilton, Julie, is killed in an unlikely automobile accident Gwynn suspects her friend may have been murdered But why Gwynn knows that Julie had secretly recorded an important meeting between Wilton and its chief rival, CT Oil and Gas Did she discover something that led to her murder Gwynn sets out on her own to find out what really happened That s when she meets Ruben, heading up a private investigation paid for by Julie s grandmoth [...]

    14. Although my favorite genre is humorous fiction, I ve been deviating from the norm the past year and reading mysteries and thrillers I ve got to be honest and say I fell into The Cost of Crude almost immediately because Inge Lise Goss uses Houston, TX as the main backdrop of this page turning thriller Many times I sensed several of her fictitious areas oil industries were based on actual people and places Texas oil industry has always had a plethora of charming, crude, ruthless, dynamic, insane, [...]

    15. When Gwynn Reznick s best friend and co worker at Wilton Oil and Gas dies in an auto accident, she suspects foul play Her suspicions are validated when Reuben Dordi, a PI hired by the girl s grandmother to investigate her death, shows up on her doorstep He s looking into several other suspicious deaths of people connected to the company As Gwynn gets caught up in his investigation, her life is turned upside down.The Cost of Crude by Inge Lise Goss is a down and dirty look at the energy industry, [...]

    16. I received a review copy of The Cost of Crude by Inge lise Goss.This thrilling story started with a young woman named Julie spying during an office meeting, and finding out something that cost her life Although her cause of death was reported to be from a car accident, private investigators were hired by the victim s rich grandmother to find out the truth.Julie s close friend Gwynn was originally put under the protection of a man named Ruben, but she proved useful to the investigation and helped [...]

    17. This is my second Inge Lise Goss book The first was a paranormal which I really enjoyed With this one being a mystery, obviously an entirely different genre, I figured I d try it anyway I m very happy I did Ms Goss writes her characters in such a way that you feel it could be you the MC Or you actually fear them the bad guy This was such a great story I was able to finish it in just a few hours It was such an intense mystery, I literally felt on edge the entire time I was DYING to skip to the la [...]

    18. A nice contemporary mystery that keeps the interest so intensely I could not leave this book down The characters are so clearly described I couldn t help empathising with Gwenn and feel her agonies and her fears.The story is taking place in the oil industry and in a big organisation, starting with the death of Gwenn s best friend Julie, who happens to be the granddaughter of a really rich lady Her grandmother is initialising a private investigation and the main investigator involves Gwenn The re [...]

    19. The Cost of Crude by Inge Lisa Goss is a great murder mystery Julie is very concerned about a meeting that the CEO is having with some executives from a rival gas and oil company She decides to plant a few bugs to find out what is going to be discussed Unfortunately, the bugs were found and Julie was found dead after a car accident.Julie s grandmother hires a company to find out who is responsible for Julie s death Since Gwynn is Julie s best friend, she is eager to find out who is responsible R [...]

    20. This book provided me with a great mystery, which I loved reading A seemingly innocent traffic accident hid a shocking secret Gwynn, who was a strong and likeable main character, couldn t get it out of her mind that the accident causing the death of her best friend was not just an accident I didn t want to put the book down as Gwynn searched for the truth and discovered that her life was also in danger The writing in this extraordinary novel is highly entertaining and perfectly plotted I enthusi [...]

    21. Death begins this dark, chilling crime drama Learn about oil as the story unfolds Gwynn Reznick s colleague at Wilton Oil Gas Company dies in a suspicious car crash Private investigator, Ruben Dordi has discovered a pattern of deaths and disappearances among Wilton employees Gwynn may be next.Danger dogs employees at Wilton Tower The pair begins unraveling a sinister plot that may involve a catastrophic pipeline disaster.A story ripped from the truths behind today s headlines.

    22. This novel starts with a bang and doesn t let up Once Julie is found dead after an apparent accident, all focus shifts to her best friend, Gwynn On every page hence, it seems her life is equally in danger, especially when she doesn t step away but with the aid of Ruben, the private detective, she delves deeper Of course, it helps that they have chemistry and a relationship slowly develops A page turner from beginning to end.

    23. First Time Reading This AuthorThis is the first book I have read by this author and I am very impressed with the writing and it is very well edited too Suspenseful with a surprise or two at the end The book ends with room for but no cliffhanger I will definitely be watching this author for books.

    24. I have to say I had no idea what to expect walking into this book I was quickly pulled into the book and ended up reading it in one sitting Gwynn is having quite the week at work, when she meets Ruben Let s just say there is a lot of suspense, romance, action and crime Great read, will read from the author.

    25. Very interesting book I have fast become a fan of Inge Lise Goss This intriguing action packed story had me turning the pages to see what was going to happen next to Gwynn and Ruben All the characters are very well written It s filled with danger, greed, power hungry men and would make a great movie I highly recommend.

    26. Just recently started getting into murder mysteries and The Cost of Crude was a great one It started off intriguing and pulled you in the whole way through Gwynn and Ruben, the main characters are brilliantly crafted and Gwynn especially is very relatable I wasn t quite sure what to expect jumping in to this book but I had a hard time putting it down Highly recommended.

    27. ARC FOR HONEST REVIEW Page turning, seat gripping suspense to say the least Just when you think you know who did what, you are on a twist and turn ride of who really did Full of action that will keep you interested Infe Lisa Goss did an amazing job when writing this book Her writing skills are amazing The plot was just remarkable A book not to miss out on

    28. This book was definitely a book with enough action and suspense to keep you going once you started.Was fun to read in between the fantasy and science fiction I read normally, and after getting to know Ruben and Gwynn I m hoping to find books with them.Certainly a book to read if you like some investigating action.

    29. I worked in the Oil and Gas industry for the past 5 years so when I saw that this book was out, I snatched it up immediately I was able to identify with a lot of the characters and enjoyed every moment of this book The element of intrigue kept me interested and before I knew it the book was done.

    30. Personally I adore conspiracy theories so this was a perfect fit for me And once I started with the book, I must say my first impression was correct The book is brilliant The story kept me turning page after page after virtual page What do you need to know This is a page turner Waarrrg

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