On the Road with the Ramones (2020)

On the Road with the Ramones Their songs have been covered by just about every band that means anything to anybody and their logo is on thousands of jackets across the planet Iggy may have been the godfather of punk but The Ram
  • Title: On the Road with the Ramones
  • Author: Monte A. Melnick Frank Meyer
  • ISBN: 9781847721037
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • On the Road with the Ramones
    Their songs have been covered by just about every band that means anything to anybody, and their logo is on thousands of jackets across the planet Iggy may have been the godfather of punk, but The Ramones defined, lived and breathed in its noxious fumes This book shows what life was like on the road.
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    1. Monte Melnick tour managed the Ramones throughout their career He described this as driving the special ed bus for a living The Ramones kept their infighting, their drug addiction, their control freakery all tucked away they seemed to be a Happy Family.It s a great read, but sad, too We shall never see their like again.

    2. I loved this book I learned so much about The Ramones The story was written by those who right with The Ramones during their legacy Monte Melnick does a great job writing the book and was a great manager of The Ramones.

    3. This Thanksgiving, I was at San Diego s main library, helping my brother and his friend locate books on California Bungalows, when I saw this little tome I snagged it in order to have the word equivalent of a bag of chips or bowl of mixed nuts lying around the house, and it turned out to be perfect for that job As others have noted, non fans needn t bother, but for the rest of us it s ideal Monte Melnick, as their road manager, had insider access their entire career, plus he structures his book [...]

    4. A fun and entertaining read from a wonderfully dysfunctional, musical family Some of the stories are simply hilarious, especially of Joey s OCD It s also a bit sad to think of the rift between Joey and Johnny and all that time spent in that van to make it right May Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee rest in peace.

    5. I got this for my brother for Christmas, but of course I read it first Monte Melnick should get a medal for keeping that band together I loved all the insight, the strange brew of personalities, and the stories behind hundreds of gigs I m still kicking myself for never seeing them live.

    6. As a veteran of Ramones show than I can remember,this book was great.Not a book in the traditional sense.More like each person in the band,friends,other musicians,etc making comments or telling stories about various events from start to end of the band.The author was their tour manager,so a unique insight and inside view.

    7. Probably the best book about The Ramones available, though Mickey Leigh s I Slept With A Ramone is very insightful concerning Joey But Monte s book is the most informative out there.

    8. A great account from the tour road manager for almost all of the Ramones career Funny and sad at times as well.

    9. De los mejores libros para leer sobre la mejor banda de todos los tiempos Muy llevadero y con perlitas nicas La versi n argentina cuenta adem s con un cap tulo extra de Mariano Asch sobre los Ramones en Argentina Espectacular.

    10. The kind of book I will always read writing is sort of cheesy but the vast majority is oral history anyway, and I love everyone tells the same story in different ways What a weird thing the Ramones were.

    11. On Tour with the Ramones is a wonderful book full of memories It s a must for any diehard Ramones fan It dove into the painful reality of the band Dee Dee s out of control substance abuse, Joey s OCD, Johnny and Joey s feud over a woman, and the untimely deaths of all three It covers the timelines and personalities of the rest of the band members, Tommy, Marky, Ritchie, Elvis, and CJ There is also a list in the back of the book from Johnny s personal notes of the date and location of every one o [...]

    12. I lived most of my life under the impression that The Ramones were, in fact, a happy family I mean, I read Dee Dee s autobiography but didn t take it too seriously The bruddahs were alright, as far as I knew My happy vision was shattered in 2003 when I saw End Of The Century and found out they all hated each other.On The Road With The Ramones came out around the same time, but I ve only now gotten around to reading it Road manager, Monte Melnick, dishes the dirt on the band he kept alive and on [...]

    13. I m not too fanatical about my love of the Ramones, but I certainly have enjoyed their music for quite some time This book provides a great deal of insight to the inner workings and turmoil of the band there are a lot of interesting revelations for casual fans, yet I wonder if the most hardcore fans will already know about most of the details already Ultimately, I find the oral history style to be punchy and interesting Several times little snippets of text are revealed to be parts of conversati [...]

    14. this book was pretty dumb, but I read the whole thing in a night after Joseph went to bed because i am a sucker for anything related to the Ramones The Ramones road manager wrote it, so it has alot of interesting stories, but also a bunch of dumb stuff where he talks about the minutia of being a touring rock band and how hard his job was please, you got to drive around with the Ramones for 20 years your life is incredible, dont tell me how hard a job it was the greatest thing about this book is [...]

    15. It s a conversational book, easy to read with many pictures There was a lot I didn t know about the Ramones.I usually take notes as I read, but I didn t in this case so my strongest impressions are from the end of the book when they start dying off The eulogies were good One of the road crew I think it was said something about how Joey truly lived the American dream If he hadn t hit it medium big with the band he probably would have wound up dead a lot sooner surrounded by cans of food and feral [...]

    16. I didn t reckon much on this book, I found it very basic and general.In fairness to Monte.M, his book was out before Mickey Leighs, I Slept With Joey Ramone, which I had read first and was very detailed, so there was very little new in On The Road With The Ramones I also didn t like the books format , written in conversation form, with everybody chipping in, lot s of space taken up by this format and not enough written text, also, lot s of pages taken up with posters, hotel and passport document [...]

    17. Like an extended interview I enjoyed it It included most things, wasn t glossed over and at the same time didn t go into deep details of many of the issues Do yourself a favor, put a Ramones disc on the record player and play some of the songs as you read Remind yourself of Tommy s drumming, Johnny s guitar and Joey s singing styles Hen go back to the beginning and read it again making sure you pay attention to who is saying what Many people who were part of the scene then have burbs all over th [...]

    18. I got this on sale, but it s worth the 17 price on I am generally not a fan of interviews as biography books However, there s a lot of material here words and pictures , all of the important people are included, and a lot of stories you probably haven t heard It is definitively the story of the Ramones on tour.If you didn t know better, you might skip over it However, if you are a big Ramones fan, I am telling you to buy this book or at least keep an eye out for it in the discount bin.

    19. A delightful little book It s sometimes a bit chaotic as there are LOTs of people talking as the book is built mostly on quotes, and there are roadies, other musicians, the band members, almost anyone involved with the band It was funny to have CJ appear in some of the early chapters, but he had relevant things to say Lots of cute pictures and a complete list of ALL the show they performed If you don t know or don t care about the Ramones, skip this book If you are a fan, it s a nice look inside [...]

    20. Another oral history which I wasn t expecting was expecting a tour diary , but this one made me laugh out loud at times, and gave some context for what I feel are the Ramones forgotten albums of the mid 80s I m listening to ANIMAL BOY right now Beyond getting some words from old friends about the Ramones, what s great is how well focused this book is unlike some oral histories that seem to wander all around, there s a sense of focus to each chapter while maintaining for the most part the chrono [...]

    21. A surprisingly honest account of the history of the Ramones, written by their longtime tour manager It often seems like these sorts of books are self serving and full of fluff, but Melnick told the story with warts and all Dee Dee was a mentally ill junkie, Joey was an unstable socially awkward obsessive, Johnny was a borderline racist taskmaster Even so, you can tell that Melnick loves these guys and what they accomplished together.An excellent read if you re into punk rock.

    22. Read this one many moons ago, I remember it being astoundingly good Very informative on The Ramones I still remember a lot about it I got my copy signed by Marky Ramone too, when he signed it he talked about how much he loved the book He even elaborated on some stories as he flipped through it Fun times.

    23. Oral history style, from the fifth Ramone, their tour manager who stood by and saw it all from the early days to the bitter end Good, the bad and the ugly It s all here Effortlessly readable, copiously illustrated, full of inside information and opinion.

    24. Very entertaining and respectful of the Ramones Presented as a series of casual conversations with members of the band, members of the road crew, friends family and Monte himself chiming in on that chapter s topic.

    25. Best Ramones book I ve read, not that that s saying a whole hell of a lot It s got great stories, and was much better than I thought it would be If you love this band you ll want to read this book, if not you shouldn t have bothered to read this paragraph.

    26. A very good story teller from a behind the scenes point of view The book is written in a documentary format accompanied with rare footage shootings and posters Bizarre stories told by crazy people about insane creatures Completely recommended for any Ramones big fan.

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