Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden? (2020)

Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden Academy Award nominated filmmaker and director Morgan Spurlock who volunteered his body as a guinea pig for the fast food industry in the hit documentary Super Size Me now sets his sights even highe
  • Title: Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?
  • Author: Morgan Spurlock
  • ISBN: 9781400066520
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?
    Academy Award nominated filmmaker and director Morgan Spurlock, who volunteered his body as a guinea pig for the fast food industry in the hit documentary Super Size Me, now sets his sights even higher in Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden Spurlock is a jittery father to be with a simple question If OBL is behind 9 11 and all the ensuing worldwide chaos, then why can tAcademy Award nominated filmmaker and director Morgan Spurlock, who volunteered his body as a guinea pig for the fast food industry in the hit documentary Super Size Me, now sets his sights even higher in Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden Spurlock is a jittery father to be with a simple question If OBL is behind 9 11 and all the ensuing worldwide chaos, then why can t we just catch him And further, why is his message so compelling to so many people So the intrepid Spurlock kisses his anxious wife goodbye and armed with a complete lack of knowledge, experience, or expertise sets out to make the world safe for infantkind and find the most wanted man on earth.After boning up on his basic knowledge of OBL, Islam, and the Global War on Terror and learning how to treat sucking chest wounds in a Surviving Hostile Regions training course he hits the Osama trail He zigzags the globe, drawing ever closer to the heart of darkness near the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, where OBL is rud to be hiding Along the way he interviews imams and princes, refugees and soldiers, academics and terrorists He visits European ghettos where youth aspire to global jihad, breaks the Ramadan fast with Muslims in Cairo, rides in the bomb squad van in Tel Aviv, and writes his blood type on his Kevlar vest at a U.S base outside of Kandahar And then the fun really starts.Companion to the acclaimed documentary, Where in the World is Osama bin Laden delves even deeper What readers come away with is possibly the first ever funny book about terrorism, as well as a greater understanding of a conflict that has cast a shadow across America and the world whereisoblFrom the Hardcover edition.
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    1. I didn t realize how little I knew about the Middle East until I read this book wow It s really eye opening I was 13 on 9 11, so I had no idea that the event was connected to the Israel Palestine conflict I didn t know that anti semitism was running so rampant among the fundamentalist world of Islam Reading this book, years later, I learned so much Tons of information presented in an interesting way I really like how Spurlock presents all sides of the issues and humanizes things He gets great in [...]

    2. This book was so eye opening I am constantly confused by what is going on in the Middle East and what exactly our government s foreign policies entail Spurlock was just the person to enlighten me He is humorous yet serious on the same page, and provided a wealth of background information before exploring the current situation in countries like Egypt suddenly I do not ever want to travel there , Jordan, Palestine and Saudi Arabia Spurlock interviews many locals rich, poor, middle class as well as [...]

    3. Morgan Spurlock delves into his search for Osama with gusto, traveling across a vast swath of the Arab world after a brief stopover in Europe What I liked about this book, and what I like about Spurlock s work in general, is that rather than simply seeking validation of his own opinions, he thirsts for knowledge and answers to his many questions.I haven t read his other book, but I really enjoyed Super Size Me and have found his series 30 Days quite eye opening, so I decided to give the book a s [...]

    4. Spurlock s quest to understand the Muslim world11 May 2012 The first this that I noticed when looking a some of the reviews of this book was that Morgan Spurlock is considere a poor man s Michael Moore I am going to have to disagree with that statement Michael Moore has become little than an entertainer, and while Spurlock is much the same, I afind Spurlock to be somewhat intelligent and enlightened than Michael Moore ever was Okay, that is an opinion and it appears that there is of a focus o [...]

    5. A surprisingly weighty read.With the tongue in cheek goal of tracking down Osama bin Laden, award winning filmmaker SUPERSIZE ME, 30 DAYS and expectant dad Morgan Spurlock travels through the Middle East in search of the FBI s most wanted terrorist, in this book based on a film of the same name Far from serious, the Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden angle serves as the vehicle through which Spurlock examines some pretty weighty issues Naturally, Spurlock begins with a biography of bin Laden, [...]

    6. It may seem strange to read this book when we now know exactly where Bin Laden is and was Admittedly, when I bought it we were still yet to discover his whereabouts I bought it as one of a number of books for future reading By the time I came to read it the action against Bin Laden s compound in Pakistan had taken place and so even I was wondering if it was worth the effort It was.Despite the title, Spurlock s search for Bin Laden is really only a vehicle for his real search to discover how the [...]

    7. Didn t tell me anything I didn t already know about bin Laden thanks to the gigantic Coll book I read earlier this year , but I enjoyed it Morgan gave the information a personal spin and was heartfelt and honest in his attempts to understand the Muslim culture and bridge the gap between America and the Middle East I liked the companion movie too.

    8. A young American documentary film maker decides to find out what all the fuss is about global terrorism and religious fanaticism Who better to ask than Mr bin Laden himself So, he decides to go look for him He doesn t find him, but in the end, he is much sadder, but also definitely much wiser He travels from the U.K to France, from Egypt to Saudi Arabia, from Afghanistan to Pakistan, speaks to hundreds of people from all walks of life, who represent scores of cultures and a multitude of religion [...]

    9. The cover and title of this book really turned me off, but I had to read it for book club I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed it Morgan Spurlock has a great voice writing style for this kind of story He goes to various Muslim countries and interviews people of all ages and stations in life From very high up government officials, average middle class families, to US military personnel, to the poorest refugees, he gets their take on the War on Terror and what it means to them [...]

    10. Good read, I think some people think of Spurlock as a poor mans michael moore, but I think that this comparison is not fitting Spurlock spends most of his time trying to understand the citizens of the islamic countries and talking with some governement officials of these respective nations One important thing that someone said in the book was that democracy is putting power in the hands of the people, some muslims reject this because they believe that power is held by God alone.This is a belief [...]

    11. What I lvoe about Mrogan Spurlock is he tries to make people think and see beyond the simple media bites In this book, he does around the Middle East trying to understand the war on terror and its roots and effects Getting beyond the sound bties and talking to real people about American foreign policy, social issues, religions and how we need to come together to improve things Its a great, easy to understand and often funny way for people to try to gleam some understanding of what is going on in [...]

    12. Morgan Spurlock embarks on a journey to understand the history, cultures and events leading up to 9 11 and how Bin Laden was able to accomplish the terrorist acts He visits Europe, the Middle East and Southwest Asia interviewing religious leaders, government officials, as well as the refugees and citizens living in the chaos and turmoil His style of writing makes what could be a drab and confusing topic easily understood.

    13. I really like Spurlock s documentary style, his sense of bold journalism, and crazy approach to finding answers to interesting questions This book just isn t doing it for me Emma gave it to me for my birthday, and because of this I ve tried and tried to get in to it She and I have a penchant for watching his program 30 Days and it was a very fabulous gift idea It just wasn t a very fabulous book.

    14. Although I found Spurlock s sense of humor over the top at first, by the end his approach really grew on me I still don t know what biases Spurlock brought to the table that may have affected the telling of the story or its message, but I found the book entertaining and I learned something by reading it I would and actually have recommended it.

    15. First off, I was disappointed that this was not read by Morgan Spurlock but what s his face did well There were a few things in the book that probably should have been in the movie but for whatever reasons were left out perhaps can be viewed in the deleted scenes Otherwise, I think the movie covered the best of the book.

    16. Basically, Morgan Spurlock travels all over the world but mostly to Muslim countries to find out why we Muslims , supposedly, hate them non Muslims Don t get fooled by the cover and the title It s not a humourous book but it is not a dry academically written book either I especially recommend this book to all non Muslims.

    17. Well, I hate to ruin the surprise, but Morgan doesn t find Osama bin Laden His search, though, is pretty informative and entertaining in Spurlock s inimitable style The average American will probably get something out of reading it if only a little entertainment but I didn t find anything earth shattering in this book.

    18. Candy, really If you don t know anything about Muslims and the ideals that provide the foundation for the Islamic religion, this is an easy, informative read A basic tale of can t we all just get along

    19. I enjoy Spurlocks light hearted language, but I also appreciate how he manages to take a stab at his own country It is refreshing to read the first hand account of an American who is intelligent and is actively seeking the truth through the censorship mist Hats off to you, Sir

    20. I actually used an excerpt in contemporary world classroom This book is very easy to read and overall, very well done Although, with Osama bin Laden s death it would seem far less relevant, it is almost even better to read in hindsight.

    21. This book was just too boring to get into I liked the movie by Morgan Spurlock on Supersize Me , but I just could not get into this book It probably was interesting as a documentary movie than a book.

    22. A good primer about the man behind the myth Had some funny moments considering the serious subject matter I didn t learn a whole lot of new things but still worth the read for sure Entertaining And good concluding remarks on global unity, friendship, hope, etc.

    23. So it s a bit out of date now, but still thought provoking Well worth reading for a greater understanding of Middle Eastern conflict, particularly surrounding Israel and Palestine.

    24. I m glad he quit searching when he did This guy has a common sense approach and we don t want to lose him to some fiery eyed religious fanatic.

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