La Città delle Dame (2020)

La Citt delle Dame Ahim mio Dio perch non mi hai fatto nascere maschio Tutte le mie capacit sarebbero state al tuo servizio non mi sbaglierei in nulla e sarei perfetta in tutto come gli uomini dicono di essere Part
  • Title: La Città delle Dame
  • Author: Christine de Pizan Patrizia Caraffi
  • ISBN: 9788843030651
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
  • La Città delle Dame
    Ahim , mio Dio, perch non mi hai fatto nascere maschio Tutte le mie capacit sarebbero state al tuo servizio, non mi sbaglierei in nulla e sarei perfetta in tutto, come gli uomini dicono di essere Partendo dall amara coscienza dell esclusione del sapere del padre, grande scienziato, medico di corte, pu rubare solo qualche briciola ma salvandosi dall abisso del d Ahim , mio Dio, perch non mi hai fatto nascere maschio Tutte le mie capacit sarebbero state al tuo servizio, non mi sbaglierei in nulla e sarei perfetta in tutto, come gli uomini dicono di essere Partendo dall amara coscienza dell esclusione del sapere del padre, grande scienziato, medico di corte, pu rubare solo qualche briciola ma salvandosi dall abisso del dubbio e della malinconia, Christine de Pizan arriva a porre al centro del suo pensiero e della sua intensa e multiforme attivit di scrittrice, che ne fanno una delle personalit pi affascinanti dell autunno del Medioevo, proprio la differenza di genere Nella Cit des Dames 1405 , sotto la guida di Ragione, Rettitudine e Giustizia, sorge una visionaria citt fortificata, abitata solo da donne regine, guerriere, poetesse, indovine, scienziate, martiri, sante Se i segni del dominio maschile sono presenti nel martirio delle vergini, nel destino di Lucrezia, di Griselda, nella citt prevalgono le figure fondatrici Carmenta romana, che invent l alfabeto, Minerva e Aracne, che fecero del tessere un arte e le grandi regine, Didone, Medea, Semiramide, Pentesilea, a sfidare, orgogliosamente, una secolare tradizione misogina.
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      442 Christine de Pizan Patrizia Caraffi
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    1. Judith Beheading Holofernes, by Artemisia Gentileschi, 1614 1620 Then the lady said, Let us act boldly, for God is with us She entered and fearlessly took the sword which she saw at the head of the bed, withdrew it from its sheath, then raised it with all her strength, and cut off Holophernes head without being heard by anyone II.31.1This book takes the form of a long allegorical dream in which Christine, our author narrator, takes advice and wisdom from three heavenly ladies, Reason, Rectitude, [...]

    2. About six years ago I read Giovanni Boccaccio s The Decameron While I found it a worthwhile experience, I remember thinking that the women were not portrayed in a very kind light all the time in his stories I also remember thinking that was not unusual considering the fact it was written in the 14th century, and those people were really unenlightened when it came to women s rights and stuff.But then I read this book Christine de Pizan wrote this book in the 15th century, and calls Boccaccio out [...]

    3. This is an amazing humanist text written in 1405 Through her discourse to explain the misconception of woman, Pizan elevates her argument beyond the literature of 20th century feminists Where Friedan, Steinem, Hooks, etc would outline the maladjustment and oppression of women, Pizan would argue that equality is a potential from birth She doesn t just academically complain through proof or experience that woman is a second class citizen.The purpose of The Book of the City of Ladies is to build an [...]

    4. In this book, written in 1405, the author is given examples by Lady Reason, Lady Rectitude and Lady Justice to help erect a city of ladies In part it is a metaphor of the city being built up of the reputations of great women, but it is also meant to be peopled with great and virtuous women too In building up their support of this city , we are shown that things like morality, learning, chastity, prophesy, loyalty, mediation, stoicism, intelligence, and strategy are very much part of the territor [...]

    5. A useful look at the history of women s rights, but through the eyes of a ruling class woman noble who wants nothing different systemically, just respect culturally This is like a proto first wave feminist, that bourgeoisie of rich women who simply wanted to be respected and feared like their rich, property owning husbands.Along with this, she is pretty excessively christian, obsessed with virginity, and zealously opposed to women s independence from men While one might say this is to be expect [...]

    6. Quite simply this book changed my life and is a must for any elegant feminist Written over 610 years ago Christine De Pizan was the first female professional author The City of Ladies is her most famous book written as a literary riposte to male writers slandering women Her unique rhetorical strategy to belittle her style and writing against the grain of her meaning became her trademark literary weapon She exposed crude and vulgar language as another weapon used to slander women while simultaneo [...]

    7. honestly, way better than I remembered it being when I read it in undergrad a good reminder that we read differently as we get older an easy, unexpectedly funny read, partially due to the sharp translation the introduction for this edition is very weird overly apologetic it s 2017, yall, I think we should all be past the but she s not a 21st century feminist angle, this was written 600 years ago and couched in language that is bizarrely focused on authorial intention rather than the text itself [...]

    8. Some parts are very interesting and pretty progressive from a feminist point of view pro woman representation, criticism of patriarchal double standards, gender roles, and the behaviour of misogynistic entitled men against women Other parts, however, still include quite a lot of problematic content internalized misogyny, biological determinism patriarchal gender roles, modesty mindsets, and a lot of religious content Giving it a 4 5 in spite of this problematic content because I think her pro wo [...]

    9. Even though I do not entirely agree with Christine de Pizan on a few things, the main one being strict divisions of labor between women and men which is linked to God giving people different roles which is linked to my uncertainty about some beliefs from Christianity, I am impressed considering that this was written in medieval times.Christine de Pizan is one of those people that I wouldn t mind becoming friends with, even if I didn t agree with everything she said She could be my slightly stuff [...]

    10. Fascinating to read a defence of women and a history of the achievements and tragedies of both historic and mythological women written by a female author in the Middle Ages.

    11. It has taken me a long time to finish this book, not because it wasn t easy to read the translation is pretty good and easy to follow , but because I had to constantly put myself in the position and mind of a 14 15th century woman I loved it because when I put myself in that position it was truly empowering, but at the same time there were many things that were hard for my 21st century mind to understand, especially in the last part in which Justice talked about the martyrs and their glorious ma [...]

    12. Ariosto s Orlando Furioso Part 2, Canto 37.1 As to perfect some precious gift or bentWhich Nature without toil cannot bestow,Women have laboured, day and night intent,and well earned recognition sometimes know,Would that they chose to be as diligentAnd a like dedicated care would show In studies esteemed and highly prized,Whence mortal virtues are immortalized.2And would they might their powers then devoteTo women s own commemorative praise,Rather than look to men to sound this note,Whose envio [...]

    13. I read this in the 9th grade and I know what a walkman is, so you can judge for yourself how long ago that was , so I m pretty sure that a I didn t precisely get the maximum value out of the text, and b my memories do not do the book justice I did a project on the role of women in medieval and renaissance times, and had a very hard time convincing my teacher that primary sources from the female perspective basically didn t exist This is one of the very, very few examples In the book, de Pizan di [...]

    14. This sweet and gentle book, drawn from Boccaccio s On Famous Women, which is extensively cited, was written to persuade women to value themselves and celebrate their accomplishments throughout history Partly myth, partly fact, a reminder that women have contributed as much, if not , than men to many civilizations I d only read excerpts of this book before now and Christine s sincerity moved me deeply She was not a feminist in the modern sense of the word by any means but could not let the misogy [...]

    15. I can t for the life of me say that this book is good or bad or anything in between, it s not one of those books It s interesting in its own way, but reading it, I find it interesting because it exists, because it was written and not least WHEN it was written, and less interesting to actually sit and read it I have to admit I was bored beyond imagination However, it s interesting enough to see how the medieval mind percieved history, the use of Ovid and Boccaccio, of Homer and mythical religiou [...]

    16. I m no 15th century philologist, but I m not feeling this as a fundamental feminist work and an early masterwork of women s literature when it s essentially paraphrase of Boccaccio, in St Augustine Lite allegorical form For instance, in her sketch of Medea which lauds the sorceress as a mythological heroine Christine de Pizan conveniently neglects to mention her infanticide, which is, arguably, the most compelling thing about her Do you want Fatal Attraction without the boiled bunny A numbingly [...]

    17. This was a pleasurable read as far as medieval texts go, and I could not help but be reminded of a debate about the core curriculum at Columbia when I was an undergraduate there in the late 1990s There was increasing pressure to revise the Core Curriculum so it would include women and minority authors, but many argued that it was impossible to find female authors of quality before Jane Austen I now wonder why Christine De Pizan never entered this debate, especially since the curriculum required [...]

    18. As one of the rare female voices of the Middle Ages, de Pizan would have been interesting even if she weren t very interesting Her defense of womanly virtue, intelligence, compassion and strength serves as a counterpoint to most everything written to that point in the history of written language So, even if a lot of the stories aren t entirely plausible they serve a noble purpose by attempting to fill a gap that, arguably, still exists.

    19. A medieval recounting of the history of many noble and illustrious women, and arguments against misogynist writers of her day.Perhaps the most interesting thing is the way it recounts the medieval versions of people or fictional characters thought real that are known today.

    20. Christine de Pizan had quite an obstacle to overcome in her defense of women Unfortunately for her, she lived in a world which exploited the exceptions to a woman s goodness Aren t we living in a similar time Or are we titillated by aberrant behaviors than those common to us all De Pizan was a gifted writer and compiled so many examples of virtuous women that her prosecution against slanderers of women wins a directed verdict Although she often relies on questionable sources Boccaccio repeatedl [...]

    21. Not that long ago, one of my female friends commented paraphrasing that she would not have wanted to live in the 1300 s Christine de Pizan, who did live in the 1300 s would have disagreed with her In a way, Christine was the first Women s Historian, since her text was an effort to read women back into the historical record, finding them throughout the classical and medieval periods, and finding them to be as worthy and noble as the men of their time She sets about her task having gotten fired up [...]

    22. God has given every woman a good brain which she could put to good use, if she so chose, in all the domains in which the most learned and renowned men excel If women wished to study, they are no excluded from doing so than men are, and could easily put in the necessary effort to acquire a good name for themselves just as the most distinguished of men delight in doing From the little information I have gathered about Christine de Pizan, I think I can say that I really admire her In the context o [...]

    23. As I read the first part of The Book of the City of Ladies by Christine de Pizan, it portrayed and reflected on how women in the early 1500s were treated unequally in comparison to men, and encouraged females to take a stand.Christine and the protagonist character of the book and the writer demonstrates how women did not have many rights as men did and women neither took a stand for one another Women did not have a voice to speak and take a stand Christine who was well educated out of many women [...]

    24. I read this work for one of my women studies classes and I am very glad I did That being said, the women s movement has evolved through time At its core it has always contained the same message Respect and inclusiveness In Christine s time, her work was seen as progressive To many of us, it still is However we mustn t forget that Christine, for all her beliefs that women were equal as men, was still a product of her times She still believed that women should be submissive to their husbands and h [...]

    25. I enjoyed reading the views of a 15th century woman She seems quite modern in some ways but is evidently a woman of her times in other ways She writes the The Book of the City of Ladies in response to the many works that show women in a negative way She retells many examples of how women of any class are worthy as individuals and as creations of God but uses mostly Classical pagans or ancient Christian martyrs but uses no dates My desire to learn details about contemporary women was not fulfill [...]

    26. I finally got through it Yay sighs That was hard The book wasn t uninteresting, but it was a bit tedious and monotonous after awhile I can t really post spoilers when it comes to this book, because there really isn t a plot it is a retelling of the lives of famous women in history.The premise is that Christine the author is visited by three ladies Reason, Rectitude, and Justice She has just read a book by Matheolus, and in the book he trashes women Christine is so upset by it that she starts to [...]

    27. This text was very interesting to me I think that many times, like the author many of us women believe the negative comments that some people say about us We become so self conscious about ourselves just as Pizan became The appearance of the three ladies and many other sections in this book reminded me of passages in the bible and were very similar in the associating heaven, earth and hell in the writings I believe that in that era women were looked down on, as briefly mentioned in the beginning [...]

    28. A book written by a medieval feminist or, well, the closest thing you d come to one back then It is admittedly often quite tiring due to endless repetitions many of her numerous stories are nearly impossible to tell apart , but overall an interesting read especially if you read the foreword to get an idea of the woman who wrote it and her life and times She must have been an immensely fascinating person supposedly the first woman who ever made a living as an author and I find it very strange tha [...]

    29. A great critic book about gender roles and gender relations in late Medieval times The City of Ladies is an interesting book for you to read basically because of 2 points 1 it was written by a woman about women condition in a time when that was not a common thing 2 it brings out an important discussion, which is still very contemporary, in a very intelligent and skillful way.

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