The Black Lotus (2020)

The Black Lotus It s and Melissa meets the man who will change her life forever At her disastrous debut Melissa meets the handsome Justin Lestrade and finds herself falling into his world But Justin has secrets
  • Title: The Black Lotus
  • Author: ClaireWarner
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  • Page: 147
  • Format: ebook
  • The Black Lotus
    It s 1752 and Melissa meets the man who will change her life forever At her disastrous debut, Melissa meets the handsome Justin Lestrade and finds herself falling into his world But Justin has secrets and many enemies His dark past will not only ensnare her, but damage everything she knows and understands Join Melissa as she sinks into a world of old feuds and ancientIt s 1752 and Melissa meets the man who will change her life forever At her disastrous debut, Melissa meets the handsome Justin Lestrade and finds herself falling into his world But Justin has secrets and many enemies His dark past will not only ensnare her, but damage everything she knows and understands Join Melissa as she sinks into a world of old feuds and ancient magic.
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    1. Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen Johann Wolfgang von GoetheClaire Warner, an English writer, has penned an enchanting tale of magic, immortality and love, in her book, The Black Lotus which is the first book in the Night Flower series This story unfolds the forbidden regency styled romance between a young debutante and a mysterious bachelor in town and on top of that the story has elements of mystery, magic and is set in the early eighteenth centur [...]

    2. This is a very very very long historical paranormal romance I think I may have truly enjoyed the story if it had been 200 pages shorter Melissa is debut in her London season when she meets the enigmatic rake Justin Lestrade, newly returned from the colonies to take up his family estate He s a bona fide rake with dubious connections Melissa, who is very different from polite society must be sequestered after her disastrous debut, because the scandal of her yelling and slapping an attacker is too [...]

    3. Full Review abookishescape 2016 02The End, there isn t any resolution but there is trouble Everyone has shown their card and unfortunately Melissa has had to pay the highest price She is the target of Justin s enemy and there isn t anything anyone can do to avoid what is bound to come The reader finds out Justin s secrets but I hope we get some details of that fateful night when his whole life changed Melissa knows where everyone stands After the choice is taken away from her Melissa will real [...]

    4. Excellent storyI actually thought it was about vampires but it s not the traditional vampire story There s no drinking blood and other myths but it s quite similar My usual genre is of the Regency period and this is actually 60 70 years earlier so I found myself stopping to research the period.Melissa is on the marriage Mart and meets Justin with a rakish reputation so he s never going to be accepted by her father But Justin has a terrible secret.he s immortal Numerous people and criminal acts a [...]

    5. The beginning jumps right into the book it is slightly confusing and I did read it twice to catch the characters names, but you immediacy get a feeling something dark is going on It makes me want to read on to see what is going to happen to Melissa.I love the author s development of Melissa as the main character makes me want to keep reading this book Melissa is easy to love as a main character she is set in a time where women are as she refers to it sold into marriage and she is completely agai [...]

    6. I received this eBook in exchange for an honest review LoP At first I have to say that I enjoyed reading the book The story is interesting especially when it is taken back to hundreds of years ago I thank the author for providing me with the opportunity to read this book However if I want to be honest I found this book to be a parody of perhaps the medieval romance with its exaggeration on the function of the duels for the sole purpose of defending a maiden s honor The role of a loving and overp [...]

    7. Book Review The Black Lotus This is the first book in what I hope is a very long series This story ends without a cliffhanger, but nothing is really resolved.This story takes place in the 1700s Women, at that time, were treated as property The main female character, Melissa, despises her treatment She wants the freedoms her beloved brother, Marcus has As Melissa is presented to society, in order to find a husband, she becomes attracted to a rake, Justin Justin is attracted, as well, but he has a [...]

    8. Book Review originally posted here iheartreading book touThe Black Lotus is an intriguing historical romance with a paranormal twist, focusing on life in the eighteenth century, and giving the reader a tale of romance, intrigue and the paranormal.Melissa De Vire is a debutante making her first appearance in high society Unlike what society wants her to be, Melissa is fiesty, stubborn, driven, and she s not afraid to stand up for herself and others As a reader, this instantly made me like her, ro [...]

    9. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review LoP or Lovers of Paranormal.As a fan of historical fiction and the paranormal, I was looking forward to picking up The Black Lotus The author did a very good job of capturing the historical aspects of the story A reader is drawn into the world of the 1700s with its fashion and social events I adored the main character Melissa She s feisty and goes against the status quo of young women in society during this period You can t help but [...]

    10. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from Lovers of Paranormal My rating is really a 3.5 This is the story of Melissa De Vire, a high born female and her forbidden love affair with Justin Lestrade I absolutely loved Melissa and feel that she was born in the wrong time period before women s rights I know that if I were around during that time, i would have been just as frustrated and miserable as she was I also appreciated that Justin s immortality wasn t portrayed as glamourous [...]

    11. The Black Lotus is pretty awesome I don t come across historical romance for young adults very often but this was such a good read for that genre This is my second time reading the novel mostly to refresh my poor memory of the plot, characters and events that happened in this book so that I may continue onto book two, Blood Orchid I really enjoyed the prolonged sense of mystery that filled the novel and how the prologue really hooked and reeled you in The setting and historical aspects were good [...]

    12. Melissa De Vire is a young debutante who is making her first appearance at court Justin Lestrade fills his days with his debauchedly vices He has lost feeling for the life he is living When Melissa and Justin met There is a spark and they could not stop from thinking of each other This is a different twist on historical paranormal romance I was intrigued about the Lotus flower I wish explanation was given about the origin Hopefully it will mentioned in the next book Overall, it was an enjoyable [...]

    13. So is book Are there any LOST fans out there You know how watching LOST, you were, well.lost By the end of one episode week after week you were left with a million questions and maybe one was answered in that 50 minute period Welcome to The Black Lotus To begin with, readers are actually starting 5 months BEFORE we get to the backstory This actually had me upset because I like an order to things But I have to be honest The way that this prologue ended literally had me laughing out loud and ready [...]

    14. The Black Lotus by Claire Warner is a YA fantasy novel following protagonists Justin and Melissa as they uncover secrets in the English court of 1752.Warner s story shows great creative potential, but the execution falls flat, pulled down by cliche characters and repetitive writing.One of the central issues of the book the first in the Night Flower series is Melissa struggling with the idea of an arranged marriage while simultaneously dealing with her debut season in court Warner explicitly resu [...]

    15. Black Lotus is book one of the Night Flower series which is a Historical Paranormal Romance but it isn t your average paranormal book, it has a twist Claire Warner has this way of building up her characters that give you specific details of each person which helps you really visualize the people and the scenes, which just goes with her impeccable writing style and attention to detail.It all starts with a girl, a boy, and a curse First, you meet Melissa De Vire, I loved her character She is a str [...]

    16. I wasn t sure what to think about this story at first, but the blurb was intuiting It took me a while to get into it, but I enjoyed the characters, and loved the sense of mystery and intrigue surrounding Justin A paranormal regency forbidden romance, all genre I don t often read, but this one was fun.

    17. ARC kindly provided by Claire Warner in exchange for an honest review.Review I have always loved historicals especially those taking place in regency time periods I was extremely intrigued as to how and how well the author would weave the world of balls and gowns to that of magic and spells This is probably the FIRST novel I have read with this unique combination of genres so expectations weren t very high for me, but nevertheless there.The author s writing style was absolutely superb I was ench [...]

    18. When I read the synopsis of this book, I was thinking oh cool, historical fiction And a hint of something special I can probably deal with the romance Unfortunately, while the backdrop to the world was interesting, the starting and the protagonist irritated me so much that I couldn t really enjoy the book.The Black Lotus is about Melissa De Vire, who s making her debut into society She s not normal, having learnt to shoot from her brother, but her parents are really strict so she has to make a g [...]

    19. I received books one and two of the Night Flower series from YA Bound Book Tours I hadn t heard of the series previously but the premise interested me immensely and the fact that this was a historical PNR was the clincher I m going to be reviewing books one and two together and I will not include any spoilers.I really struggled with a rating for both of these books both three to three and a half stars from me because I did really enjoy them and they were great entertainment value for me They kep [...]

    20. It s 1752 and Melissa is preparing for her first season at court However, her first appearance is less than ideal She meets an intriguing young gentleman, Justin Lestrade, whom she can t help but become fascinated with but she is somewhat scandalized for defending herself from a man with ill intentions.Melissa finds opportunities to talk with Mr Lestrade despite her family s insistence that he is a cad and can further damage her tarnished reputation He has secrets, but she can t tell what For a [...]

    21. Wasn t sure what to expect with a historical book but this was great There was a air of darkness that surrounded the story And the black lotus flower and what it symbolized was amazing.I felt for both Justin and Melissa they were in impossible situations Justin felt guilt everyday of his life His past decisions caused so much pain for so many but also started a feud that has him running so that he can protect others Each time John shows Justin needs to skadoodle only this time the stakes are da [...]

    22. Melissa caused such a scandal at her first society event, causing her brother to fight a dual in her honor and her father to cloister her away hoping people would forget about her behavior One person can t forget about her, and that is Justin Lestraide, the rake and womanizer who has secrets he can t share with anyone, regardless of his interest Melissa enters back into society when something else causes a shock, and that would be murder Girls are being murdered and there might be a connection w [...]

    23. i received a free copy for the blog tour in exchange for an honest review Melissa De Vire is about to make her debut into society and find herself a husband But Melissa would rather shooting with her brother than attend balls any day As the pressure of being a young lady who s family s reputation depends on making a good match weighs on her, Melissa starts to hate the hypocritical and voracious gossiping nature of her society, If slapping a lord at her first ball didn t already make her the subj [...]

    24. This is not my review of my book This is a review taken from The Online Book Club This book centers around the forbidden relationship formed between Melissa De Vire and Justin Lestrade Melissa de Vire is an innocent maiden who has just been introduce to society in order to find a husband, but her first coming out party was a complete disaster and she must leave for the country for awhile to avoid the scandal Justin Lestrade is a young gentleman who has the reputation as a rake and not the type o [...]

    25. This book was one awesome surprise I really enjoyed the entire premise and found the main character Melissa De Vire incredibly refreshing During this particular period of time women were basically considered property, and their behavior and actions were under careful scrutiny, promising retribution and ruined reputations for the slightest infraction.Melissa recognizes the double standard she is held to and longs to break free from these strictures She is stubborn, willful, determined and quite r [...]

    26. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.From the get go this book held my attention The prologue gave me an idea of where the book was heading, like so many have started doing, but it did not prepare me for the full idea and how the characters all got from point A to point B It was a well thought out idea and the book holds great promise for a series.This book was definitely not like most of the paranormal romance that you read You get from point A to point B and the two main chara [...]

    27. I was given an ARC book for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this book CONTAINS SOME SPOILERSThis book was amazing It combined two of my favorite loves historical romance and paranormal After you throw in a little suspense and mystery, what is not to love about that combination Melissa De Vire has just become of age She is debuting in her first season in London Melissa is not your typical woman of this time period She is feisty and head strong Sh [...]

    28. From start to finish, this book was a fascinating read At no point could I say that I was bored of the book or that I needed a break from it It s a habit of mine to pause in the middle of stories and not go back to them for weeks on end because they failed to hold my interest I found The Black Lotus, however, entertaining enough that I didn t feel as if I was making excuses to not read it The characters were developed well in the story new people seemed to spring up throughout the story so it wa [...]

    29. This is a fun paranornal historical romance With debutants and magic and a great heroine who won t be pushed into submission, it s a fun adventure Melissa originally sounded like the normal lady in that time She was going to marry, be a good wife, make her parents proud But then the handsome stranger Justin comes into town and everything changes There s definitely a spark of romance between them but Justin has some issues and people around him aren t safe And he s the bad boy that everyone wants [...]

    30. I am a big fan of historical fiction This book gave me that and some of the paranormal It was awesome It took me a bit to get into the book, but once I got there, I was hooked.This book is about a young woman who is just getting into society and who meets a not so savory character This man just happens to be cursed as well Melissa, is a very likeable character because she is not the norm She isn t into all the rules that young ladies were made to follow She is very unique in her own right.This b [...]

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