The Key: A Perilous Pauline SF Romance (2020)

The Key A Perilous Pauline SF Romance Dream Realm Award Winner Bronze IPPIE Independent Publisher Book Awards A science fiction action adventure romance novel When Sara Donovan joins Project Enterprise she finds out that what doesn
  • Title: The Key: A Perilous Pauline SF Romance
  • Author: Pauline Baird Jones
  • ISBN: 9781494965334
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Key: A Perilous Pauline SF Romance
    Dream Realm Award Winner, 2007 Bronze IPPIE, Independent Publisher Book Awards A science fiction action adventure romance novel When Sara Donovan joins Project Enterprise she finds out that what doesn t kill her makes her stronger An Air Force pilot the best of the best to be assigned to this mission Sara isn t afraid to travel far beyond the Milky Way on an assignDream Realm Award Winner, 2007 Bronze IPPIE, Independent Publisher Book Awards A science fiction action adventure romance novel When Sara Donovan joins Project Enterprise she finds out that what doesn t kill her makes her stronger An Air Force pilot the best of the best to be assigned to this mission Sara isn t afraid to travel far beyond the Milky Way on an assignment that takes her into a galaxy torn apart by a long and bitter warfare between the Dusan and the Gadi After she s shot down and manages to land safely on an inhospitable planet, Sara encounters Kiernan Fyn a seriously hot alien with a few secrets of his own he s a member of a resistance group called the Ojemba, lead by the mysterious and ruthless Kalian Together they must avoid capture, but can they avoid their growing attraction to each other A mysterious, hidden city on the planet brings Sara closer to the answers she seeks about her baffling abilities and her mother s past She has no idea she s being pulled into the same danger her mother fled the key to a secret left behind by a lost civilization, the Garradians The Dusan and the Gadi want the key So do the Ojemba They think Sara has it They are willing to do anything to get it Sara will have to do anything to stop them Praise for The Key This is a series that is a keeper for me and I will enjoy reading them all again I did get The Key on Audible I wasn t crazy about the narrator at first but she grew on me Or better the story became so engrossing I didn t notice any That is a sign of a really good story This is a great series for anyone who likes sci fi action, like Star Trek or Galaxy Quest funny movie , with a clean, warm, intergalactic romance Reviews by Martha s Bookshelf From the beginning, action is non stop and filled with suspense Sara is than the quintessential kick butt heroine She is the perfect warrior, a woman confident in her abilities in the air and on the ground, and so loyal to her country that she is willing to make personal sacrifices to ensure its safety Peripheral characters are well developed and the plot so thrilling readers will be reluctant to put the book aside This sci fi adds a nice dose of romance and a touch of humor, placing it at the top of the list for a danged good read Midwest Book Review Award winning author Pauline Baird Jones has created a dynamic other worldly story Her characters are strong, well defined and interesting capturing the reader on the first page Ms Jones has given her readers wonderful dialogue, adventure, humor, kick butt action and thrilling romance all set in alien territories So, slip into another galaxy and revel in The Key by Pauline Baird Jones Single Titles
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    1. 2.5 stars for this sci fi romance half star lost due to typos in Kindle version.It s set in space, with the POV in third person, switching coherently from the hero to the heroine The romance itself was sweet, but the starship battles relied too much on nearly magical levels of techno control I prefer believable plots, where we win the day the old fashioned way, by sheer cussedness and clever strategy.The Key did include the cussedness factor especially seen in the heroine but nothing clever is [...]

    2. Sara, the protagonist, was very disappointing She spoke and thought like an immature teenager I found it extremely unbelievable that she was of age to join the Air Force, let alone be a pilot and in a world with FTL capabilities to travel other galaxies The universe the author created was beyond what I was able to believe and the male chauvinism supported by the protagonist many times was also frustrating Many times I was also taken out of the futuristic setting with current day references The w [...]

    3. Originally published at Sci Fi Romance QuarterlyThe difficult thing about reviewing for the Sci Fi Romance Quarterly isn t the book I m assigned it s the commitment to review one classic work of SFR The definition of classic is thankfully loose the book just has to be older than the current quarter.Since I chose Core Punch A Baker Ban drn Adventure An Uneasy Future by Pauline Baird Jones for my current book review to come , my decision was made for me, sorta kinda Core Punch is a spinoff of not [...]

    4. 4.5 This was fun, fun, fun I loved the characters None of them, even the bad guys were stereotypical or 2 dimensional The story was fast moving and well plotted The reader is given glimpses and hints about past secrets and future revelations, but the story unfolds naturally as the book progresses And the action was like a roller coaster ride with slow, tension producing climbs followed by non stop, heart pounding descents I felt like I was there on the ship, on the outposts and in the dogfights [...]

    5. I love this book Sara is one kick ass woman Fyn isn t too bad either I picture him as a yummy Jason Momoa This book has it all War and peace, and death and life, and love and hate, and battles and discoveries.This galaxy needs the Key Nobody knows exactly what the Key does, but everybody wants it Sara is at the crux of it all, but she doesn t know what the Key is either I really came to love the characters The author writes so well that I could see what was happening, and I don t do that very we [...]

    6. Well, that was a good one First, let me say that this is unnecessarily long The author really goes into detail about a few things that just don t matter and aren t even interesting These moments are rare, but they do pop up every now and then, making you think Just get on with it already It takes a while to get going and then it just keeps going And going I thought the climax would be just around the corner a dozen times, but then there is another episode and you just have to strap in and go for [...]

    7. For me, The Key has all the sci fi elements I love It s got tech and adventure but most of all, it s got great characters There s also humor and romance and, of course, most it takes place between humans and aliens with special abilities.The main character in The Key is Captain Sara Donovan We meet her after she s crash landed on a planet and been rescued by a good looking, though not much one for words, alien named Fyn Sara and Fyn quickly became two of my favorite fictional characters Sara is [...]

    8. I couldn t put this book down Haven t read a book this good in a while Excellent character development and unexpected plot twists There s a certain amount of belief suspension necessary This isn t hard SF, but rather space opera But it was worth every minute Look for full review at MostlyFiction mostlyfiction scifi jones

    9. Had to read this to appreciate Girl Gone Nova s like a prequel, depending on which order you read the two books Enjoyed it thoroughlyw I want to read with all four characters Kept me glued throughout the book

    10. The first novel in the Project Enterprise series is a rollicking science fiction adventure The United States is venturing out into a new galaxy to boldly go where no man has gone before sorry couldn t resist the Star Trek reference As luck would have it, first contact finds us in the middle of an intergalactic civil war When Sara Donovan, an elite pilot, is shot down she finds herself alone on an inhospitable planet with Fyn, a member of the Ojemba a resistance group aiding the Gadi against the [...]

    11. This book was given to me as a gift, so I didn t quite know what to expect when I opened it up, but what I found wasn t too bad It took a little while to fully grasp the setting, because the author delves right into the story she s telling, introducing the characters that we will follow through the rest of the book quickly, and for the most part efficiently, without spending much time at all with exposition It s a sci fi novel, set in a distant galaxy that humanity has only just begun exploring [...]

    12. this was an interesting read, I can t describe exactly what turned me off I think it s Flyns contemplative personna he s too quiet and his observations make him stoic and hard to warm up to Sara has spunk and personality which brings out Flynn s withdrawn personality just a weird interaction also Flynn is supposed to be from another Galaxy but his speech and appearance are very much human the author does not do a good job in creating a new imagined world.

    13. I like stories with a female lead that kicks butt not kicks trash , but their terminology is off putting I m glad the foul language is kept to a minimum, although in real life military members are known to use a lot of profanity Replacing cuss words with the phonetic alphabet is silly I wish they used terms such as idiot or fool instead of delta sierra dumb s t.

    14. It seemed somewhat adolescent both in style and content The author seemed to also have a problem with scale Galaxies were described as if they were small neighbourhoods I felt the author probably take Astronomy 101 before the next book No science, all magic.

    15. This was an amazingly rich and detailed book Great characters, great story and lots of fun with spots of tense moments.

    16. It was good in the beginning, I really liked the Stargate feel of it However, the I read, the less I was into it, and I think it was the overdone behavior of the female lead.

    17. Awesome Sci Fi Adventure Romance The Key is the first book in the Project Enterprise series I often find that the first book of a series is it s weakest Makes sense The author is still developing her world s , her characters, her political and social settings There is absolutely nothing weak about The Key It takes place in a fully developed galaxy with amazing characters both good and evil First and foremost is Sara Donovan She is a top gun US Air Force pilot who s assignment is in another galax [...]

    18. I have to say I m pretty surprised by how much I enjoyed the Key s definitely a lot better then other SFR attempts I ve come acrosse overall story kept surprising me, and it kept my attention interest pretty well, in spite of a few melodramatic and or confusing bits and the lack of alien world building they re mentioned but only a few details are given And I loved, loved the ending The romance aspect could have used some work, though I m not sure how to explain what was missing may have just bee [...]

    19. I haven t read anything by this author before and found this to be an enjoyable read Adventure, space travel, romance, military strategy, a kick ass heroine and a sexy alien love interest I found the story pretty interesting and different to most of the things I have read lately so it was a nice change There was quite a lot of humour to the story too which was amusing.I liked the strength of the heroine although it was portrayed a bit comically and not necessarily in a good way sometimes it was [...]

    20. I had read an extract from this book and looked forward to finding out I wasn t disappointed.In The Key, we meet Sara Donovan, a US Air Force pilot on a special intergalactic mission with the crew of her mothership the Doolittle, and Fyn, a humanoid human alien from the galaxy in which the Doolittle and her crew find themselves Sara s presence escalates an already violent intra galactic war between the Gadi and the Dusan as both groups seek to ensnare her, claiming that she is a key keeper from [...]

    21. Space opera and romance I cared about the characters enough to keep reading despite the inability to suspend disbelief on quite a few matters Time appears to be pretty much present day or possibly ten or twenty years ago , as indicated by the United States Air Force, Mounds candy bar, MREs, and a multitude of songs and movies that would be familiar to many Americans Somehow technology is found for intergalactic travel and the USA secretly sends multiple starships, each to a different galaxy Why [...]

    22. I started this book and it had a lot of promise.But I just cannot get over humans travelling to another GALAXY and they encounter human like aliens And these aliens IN ANOTHER GALAXY speak near ENGLISH And those beings look, act, and have emotions exactly like humans.OK, maybe human like creatures were spread over a bazillion galaxies from some proto human star travelers But to have the almost the same LANGUAGE Admittedly I m not very far in, but there is no explanation No one says Hey, how come [...]

    23. Wow What a nice change from all pnr smex fests Just what I was looking for and needed right about now.I was a little worried with the 1st chapter as it was reading like a bad ya novel choppy disconnected but it smoothed out a bit and by then I was hooked wanting to know where this story went I love strong characters definitely do not like Mary Sue s and Sara held strong, not falling apart like other reads Even though Sara and Fyn s relationship was pretty much love at first sight, they didn t ac [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this story, especially a major confrontation scene between the heroine and villain when she refuses, via her own means, to become a victim to his plotting and displays remarkable wit and courage.Much of the military speak felt authentic and believable The hero was likable and conflicted There were several interesting twists in the plot, and the battle scenes were suspenseful and vividly drawn.After reading the excerpt to Girl Gone Nova at the end, I was thoroughly hooked into re [...]

    25. I agree with most of the review comments both good and bad From my point of view, this book requires a lot of suspension of suspension of disbelief, but if you re willing to grant that which I was , it s a fun read Haven t yet decided whether I ll read the next one or not, but I probably will This book did get rather dark a few times, and the reasons were rather repetitive, so it depends on whether next one will be just of that, or have new ideas.

    26. Love Sarah especially smart ass Sarah forced into a dress I loved it when she lost her temper and when she kicked ass While she had some pretty handy and conveient powers she was not annoyingly perfect so that is ok Loved the relationship between Sarah Fyn too Can t wait to read by this author.

    27. This book grabbed me and kidnapped me the same way Gabriel s Ghost Linnea Sinclair did It was a great space adventure with wars, magical technology, a bit of a love interest and an excellent story.

    28. Really enjoyed this book The main reason I read it is because she s family When I read the back I found out it was a scifi and was thinking I probably wasn t going to love it It surprised me I really did enjoy this book and the romance between alien and human

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