The Last of the High Kings (2020)

The Last of the High Kings JJ has grown up and has a family of his own he s married to Aisling and has four children Hazel Jenny Donal and little Aidan All his children are special in their own way but Jenny has always lived
  • Title: The Last of the High Kings
  • Author: Kate Thompson
  • ISBN: 9780370329253
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Last of the High Kings
    JJ has grown up and has a family of his own he s married to Aisling and has four children Hazel, Jenny, Donal and little Aidan All his children are special in their own way but Jenny has always lived by her own rules She forgets to go to school a lot, doesn t like wearing shoes and spends a lot of time on the stone beacon on the mountainside, talking to the ghost whoJJ has grown up and has a family of his own he s married to Aisling and has four children Hazel, Jenny, Donal and little Aidan All his children are special in their own way but Jenny has always lived by her own rules She forgets to go to school a lot, doesn t like wearing shoes and spends a lot of time on the stone beacon on the mountainside, talking to the ghost who guards it and the puca the big, white goat who is also something else entirely .The ghost is Jenny s friend He loves people and the knowledge that he has kept humanity safe by guarding the beacon for thousands of years, makes him proud, even though he knows that people have forgotten about him But the puca has a plan he wants Jenny to persuade the ghost that he doesn t need to guard the beacon any Because then the pucas will be able to return the world to what it was before humans upset the harmony of things It looks as though that is what will happen, but old Mikey Cullan, who is also the last of the High Kings of Ireland, has a plan of his own .And JJ and Aisling have something that they must tell Jenny, something that will explain a lot of things and give Jenny a choice to make a choice between the world of humans, the only world she has known, or the world of Tir na n Og, the Land of Eternal Youth And it s only after JJ takes Jenny and Donal to Tir na n Og that she can decide .
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    1. Genre Teen Fantasy This is a sequel to Thompson s The New Policeman and follows the family of J.J Liddy as they experience Irish folklore adventures There were elements that I really enjoyed in this book The ghost that guards the hill and what he guards and why was a wonderful story element that would have earned 4 stars from me I also enjoyed many of the characters, such as Jenny, the puka, Donal, and Mikey I like Thompson s writing style and she is very good at meshing reality with folklore B [...]

    2. The Last of the High Kings 2007 is Kate Thompson s sequel to her wonderful debut novel The New Policeman 2005 Some time has passed since J.J was last seen visiting Tir na n Og to discover where all the time was going In fact, quite a bit of time has passed J.J is now grown with a wife and children of his own At first, this time lapse was a jolt as was the changed tone between this book and its predecessor there was something inherently Irish sounding in the narrative of The New Policeman that wa [...]

    3. Truly enjoyed thisNot my usual reading fare but the story was interesting if a bit chaotic at times I am happy to have this in my library and to recommend it to others.

    4. This sequel to The New Policeman picks up the story with the next generation J.J Liddy still lives on the Liddy farm, now married to Aisling with four children His daughter Jenny is a wild child who prefers to run barefoot through the farm and wild areas, spending time with her friends the puka and the ghost who guards the land from monsters Though the story is nominally centered on Jenny, like many classic British fantasies the focus is really on the entire family, including unlike in most clas [...]

    5. Reviewed by Allison Fraclose for TeensReadTooThe ghost of a young boy guards a pile of stones on the top of a mountain in the Irish countryside, and the only person who has spoken with him in the last three thousand years is Jenny The daughter of J.J Liddy, who traveled to the timeless world of T ir na n Og when he was a young man, Jenny feels dreadfully out of place in the human world, preferring to roam the rocky fields of the Burren barefoot and converse with the P ka than go to school The P [...]

    6. The Last of the High Kings by Kate Thompson is a delightful Irish story that could be classified as a fairy tale Perfect for teens of Jr High School level to adults, all will find this can t put it down entertaining I enjoyed this so much I finished it in less than 24 hours.The story takes us on a journey with an Irish family living the country life and struggling to make ends meet Between money being a problem and four difficult children, each with their own me, me, me attitude, the Liddy s are [...]

    7. I picked up this book at the library and thought it might be interesting I was a little disappointed First of all, I had no idea it was the second book in a series There was nothing on the cover or in the list of the author s other bnooks to indicate that it was part of a series I don t like jumping into the middle of a story, so I was thrown a bit when the story started out hinting at things I didn t know about Luckily there was enough information given later in the book for me to figure out wh [...]

    8. Three and one half stars I loved Thompson s The New Policeman and wanted to like this sequel than I did.J.J the fifteen year old hero of TNP, is grown and married with four interesting children of his own toddler Aiden, havoc on two legs nine year old budding musician, Donal older teen Hazel, and especially eleven year old Jenny who who s the family misfit, distracted, indifferent to school, prone to wandering the Irish countryside and talking to a boy ghost and a shape shifting goat As in TNP, [...]

    9. I expected much from The Last of the High Kings than I got I was excited that it starred JJ Liddy as an adult I was horrified to watch how he and his wife treated Jenny, their changeling daughter JJ had accepted the trade because he wanted some chiming maple He d give Angus his daughter in trade for the wood and Angus s daughter Jenny knew she didn t fit in but had no idea why Meanwhile, there is a beacon on a hill that is being guarded by a ghost and whose presence has protected the human race [...]

    10. In this second book of The Last Policeman seriesk, JJ Liddy has grown up and married He and Aisling are raising their three children, Jenny, Hazel and Donal Things have gone awry since he and Aisling made their original life plans JJ is now popular than ever and is constantly on music tours, so he cannot devote time to making fiddles Plus his deal with Aengus for chiming maple to make the best fiddles has not been fulfilled Aisling, who wanted to study homeopathy, has been left alone to raise t [...]

    11. Wow So incredible I found it impossible to put this book down, and I read it all in one sitting The plot is so perfectly woven, and all those little mysteries come together so deliciously I adore every single character I loved meeting our old friend J.J grown up with a family of his own, the destructive and adorable two year old Aidan, the mysterious Jenny, the chilling puka, good old Mikey, and the dependable Donal I usually don t like books with too many POVs, but the different perspe [...]

    12. The Last of the High Kings is even better than The New Policeman, the first story about J.J Liddy s family In this story J.J the grandson of Aengus Og, is grown and has children of his own, but their lives are still entangled with the fairy people of Tir na nOg.An adult main character in a YA book is tricky to pull off, and Thompson does a great job J.J s failings and missteps have real consequences, but they re also understandable, and he manages to step up and act like a grown up when he needs [...]

    13. Jenny is not like other children she is forgetful, loses track of time, and wanders out into the fields and woods barefoot most days instead of going to school She can also see and talk to the ghost of a boy who has been guarding a pile of rocks for over 3,000 years, and a P ka an Irish spirit disguised as a white goat The boy tells her one story, while the P ka tells her another which one is being truthful, or is the truth somewhere in between Jenny s father traveled to the fairy world of T ir [...]

    14. This book is a good sequel to the New Policeman I love how Kate Thompson incorporates well known folk fairy tales with other less known legends The music, and settings seemed to come alive with the rich setting portrayals and unique characters.The only reason why this is getting 4 stars the whole changeling thing was a good part, but it seemed very unrealistic to return a child you nurtured for a decade or to get a baby you gave birth to, but don t know anything about It seemed random, all of a [...]

    15. And so The Last of the High Kings becomes my last book of 2008 This is the sequel to The New Policeman The main character of that book, J.J Liddy, has grown and has a family of his own, including one special member.The book brings back interaction between the human and fantastical worlds of ghosts, fairies and pukas There is an environmental message that was also present to a lesser extent in the previous book that humans are destroying one of the most beautiful worlds in existence, and that is [...]

    16. What an incredible achievementThompson knows exactly how to turn her phrases so that everything seems so simple, so natural, and yet embedded within each sentence, there is a sense of slight eeriness, slight oddity, ample humor, and power of magic I ve been trying to figure out why or how or why her sentences work so well and so powerfully and still cannot quite put my fingers on it Except that maybe there is a deliberate rhythm and pleases me and the choices of paradoxical tidbits delight me An [...]

    17. In this sequel to The New Policeman, J.J Liddy is now all grown up or sort of, anyway He may be in his 40 s with several kids and an amazing musical career, but he is still rather feckless Not only is he amazingly forgetful, but 11 years ago, he managed to convince his wife to exchange their new born baby girl for a fairy baby in order to get some magical wood to make fiddles That changeling, Jenny, is now 11 and her relationship with a Puka bent on saving the earth by killing all its humans is [...]

    18. Although this is a sequel to The New Policeman, it doesn t have as much emphasis on music JJ Liddy, the teen protagonist of the earlier book, is now in his 40s and the father of four children Hazel, about the same age he was then, Jenny, 11 and different, Donal, 9, the responsible one, and Aidan, in the Terrible Twos It s not clear what age group would appreciate it best Ghosts, fairies, and a sinister talking goat blend with everyday concerns of getting meals, losing shoes, forgetting appointme [...]

    19. I enjoyed this sequel to The New Policeman, but for whatever reason it didn t have quite the same magic It still had that entertaining blend of Irish mythology and fantasy with real world issues, and the characters were well drawn, and it had a nice sense of humor in the tone I was a little distracted by the fact that our main character, JJ, is now in his 40s with several children I couldn t help but wonder if children would enjoy that as much as a story told primarily from a child s point of vi [...]

    20. Pacing, lack of character development, and short burst of excitement doom this sequel book.I thought the New Policeman was a good book, and thought the sequel might be as interesting or so Instead lack of character development and pacing seem to hamper any interest this book could have I felt the ending was good, but it took too long to get there And the short burst of excitement near the end was all this book had going for it Overall a book that lacked some better editing and in depth characte [...]

    21. This is book 2 of Kate Thomnpson s medley of young adult fiction with an Irish fantastical twist I picked it up from the library looked there for book 1 but couldn t find it that day Believe me, I will keep trying until I find it In fact, this duo will probably be purchased and put in my home library before long I loved it Given that I have a soft spot for Irish fantasy, with all its fairies and enchantments perhaps I ve been enchanted, myself or as I prefer to suppose, I am actually a changelin [...]

    22. Was a great book it was slightly confusing in the begging but instantly hooked me after that Jenny was a great character with a lot emotion later in the book The part that helps the most when reading this book is to look at the back and see what all of the words mean All of the creatures in this book are new creative and it seems that background in the story always affects what happens later in the book I re read this book in the beginning around page 75 then I went back to where I was and it se [...]

    23. I was fairly confused through the first half of the book, feeling like I had missed out on some basic information about the story Well, it turns out that I had Although no where on the cover, the end flaps, or anywhere in the book itself is it indicated, this is the second book in a series Sigh I hate reading series out of order By the time I was halfway through, I had pieced together enough information to be able to make sense of it But I didn t love it because it was a struggle getting there I [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this book.I thought that the writing style that the author used was very good all the characters were very interesting.I read the book in about two days,but its one of those books that you don t forget about reading.At times I laughed so hard about how the puca was a goat.It seems silly to think so but I found it very funny enjoyable.It was the first book I have read by Kate Thompson I must say that I am very impressed I also like the fact that shes Irish since I usually like Ir [...]

    25. Piking up JJ Liddy s story as an adult with 4 children, The Last of the High Kings is clever and engaging Set in a tiny Gaelic village this is a story of a half fairy family enmeshed in the supernatural, balancing Tir na n Og, changlings, ancient Puka s, eco disaster on a global scale, JJ s supernatural ability with the fiddle, human annihilation, the last High King, ghosts, Aengus fickle promises, and fairies ability to adhere to the letter of a promise and still slip a trick from their sleeve. [...]

    26. Yes, it is a children s book and I had to read it because I chose it for my kids book club However I have to say I really enjoyed it It was a page turner and all the way through it kept my interest with quite a complex plot It has a generous amount of Irish mythology mixed together with modern themes of deforestation, polution,and war Thompson writes well and manages to get her point across without being preachy or condescending I look forward to hearing what the girls in the book club have to [...]

    27. When I picked up this book I did not realize that it was going to be a sequel, but I was pleasantly surprised when I realized it was Thompson s writing style makes this a light story to float through I enjoyed the story but did find the ending to be a bit predictable, as I realized what was going to happen fairly early on I am hoping that Thompson revisits these characters in another novel though because I would like to see how their story continues.

    28. While I like the story, I m not clear why the author uses the High Kingship title as I did not quite see that political centralization was a theme in the story As a strictly mythical tale, however, it was quite enjoyable reading The characterizations were quite realistic the human selfishness clearly showed as counterpoint to the last king s selfless final act.It was nice that there was a glossary and pronunciation key included.

    29. I liked this book Its the second book in The New Policeman series, Its the follow on from the last book although you could read it as a stand alone book but the story makes much sense after reading the first book, I think that s what I like most about it Again JJ Liddy is the main character in this with a couple of other strong characters If you are into Irish folk lore, fairies and things like that I think you would like this.

    30. It was really weird at first I didn t understand what the dad was trying to say to the older sister I kinda liked it but I disliked how Jenny was so unresponsive to her parenta and also how she didn t feel emotions That really bugged me but I suppose that since she s a fairy it makes sense But another thing that really bothered me was how she didn t really have any supernatural powers, she should ve ahd some.

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