Doctor Who: Shada (2020)

Doctor Who Shada Kendine has slubuyla tan d m z usta bilimkurgu yazar Douglas Adams efsanevi Doctor Who dizisi i in yaz lm ancak televizyonda yay nlanma f rsat n yakalayamam bir senaryoyla kar m zda Doctor Who takip
  • Title: Doctor Who: Shada
  • Author: Gareth Roberts Ülker Uyanık Ozancan Demirışık
  • ISBN: 9786053753582
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • Doctor Who: Shada
    Kendine has slubuyla tan d m z usta bilimkurgu yazar Douglas Adams, efsanevi Doctor Who dizisi i in yaz lm ancak televizyonda yay nlanma f rsat n yakalayamam bir senaryoyla kar m zda Doctor Who takip ilerinin yak ndan tan d yazar Gareth Roberts n ustaca romanla t rd bu eserde, bizi s r kleyici bir macera bekliyor.Doktor un eski dostu, Zaman Lordu Profes rKendine has slubuyla tan d m z usta bilimkurgu yazar Douglas Adams, efsanevi Doctor Who dizisi i in yaz lm ancak televizyonda yay nlanma f rsat n yakalayamam bir senaryoyla kar m zda Doctor Who takip ilerinin yak ndan tan d yazar Gareth Roberts n ustaca romanla t rd bu eserde, bizi s r kleyici bir macera bekliyor.Doktor un eski dostu, Zaman Lordu Profes r Chronotis emeklilik hayat n Cambridge niversitesi nde s rd rmektedir yan nda birka zarars z e ya da getirmi tir Fakat bunlar n aras nda, Gallifrey in Muhterem ve Kadim Yasalar da vard r st ne stl k bu kitab , d nyadan haberi olmayan y ksek lisans rencisi Chris Parsons a pervas zca d n vermi tir Muhterem ve Kadim Yasalar evrendeki en tehlikeli eserlerden biridir ve yanl ellere ge mesi felaketle sonu lanabilir Sinsi Skagra n n kitab elde etmesi ise, olabilecek en k t eydir Skagra, evrene h kmetme e ilimli iflah olmaz bir sadist ve egoisttir stelik Cambridge e do ru yola km t r Hedefi de kitap ve Doktor dur
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      179 Gareth Roberts Ülker Uyanık Ozancan Demirışık
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    1. One of the best Doctor Who s novels that you ll ever read WHOThe Doctor The Fourth DoctorCompanions Romana II K 9WHERECambridge University, 1979WHATThe Fourth Doctor visits his good friend and also a Time Lord, the Professor Chronotis, on his office at Cambridge, responding to a message by him However, first, Chronotis doesn t remember having to call them second, he has a powerful and dangerous item with him third, a crazy villain is after that item.At the age of five, Skagra decided emphaticall [...]

    2. The Doctor and Romana receive a mysterious distress signal, leading them to Cambridge University, home of The Doctor s old friend and fellow Time Lord, Professor Chronotis Chronotis inadvertantly lets a Time Lord artifact, a book entitled The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey, pass into the hands of a clueless young student Unfortunately, an egomanic called Skagra also has designs on the book and will do anything to get it Can The Doctor find the book, stop Skagra s nefarious scheme, and u [...]

    3. The stranger looked between her and the spectrograph and seemed to come to a decision He smiled suddenly and unexpectedly, with teeth like two rows of great gleaming tombstones Hello, I m the Doctor, he said, extending a hand Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum etc Ooo ee ooo OooEEooo oooooEEooooo OoooEoooo oooeEoooo Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Sorry, I always get the urge to do that when I review a Doctor Who book this is only my second one , perhaps I can refrain from doing this by the third book I imagin [...]

    4. My most all time favorite Doctor Who story No wonder it is written byDouglas Adams , realized it the first time I d heard its BBC adaption and the post production audios.Since I wasn t satisfied just listening to the audio, got myself a copy of the book Its truly awesome No matter how many times I v read this onestopped counting after reading it the initial five times, it feels like a new story Every Single Time.c est vraiment magnifique

    5. Okay, some coherent thoughts THIS BOOK WAS BRILLIANT Nothing really struck me as boring, silly or un Doctor Who ish I laughed, I cheered, I was excited and most important, I felt I was in the middle of the action of the book.Gareth Roberts managed to write as funny as Adams without trying to imitate him and failing horribly You really felt the presence of Douglas, but it was at the same moment not some bad imitation of his funniness and genius That s no insult to Gareth Roberts, though He wrote [...]

    6. As a rule I don t read Doctor Who novels I enjoy mostly the new series, and I loved the old series when the PBS station in St Louis aired them when I was a kid When I was that kid, I got a three in one volume of the Fourth Doctor s my favorite s adventures written by Terry Nation from the Science Fiction Book Club, and I know but can t remember the titles of a few other novelizations I read I can t say that I ever acquired a taste for them, however Certainly not one that equaled my youthful ques [...]

    7. nwhytevejournal 1924079ml return return return We ve waited a long time for this, the lost novelisation of the lost Doctor Who story, brought to life from the final version of Adams script by one of the best placed of the current Who authors And it is pretty damn good Having watched both the 1992 video of the surviving parts of the original 1979 filming, and the webcast version with Paul McGann, and also read a previous fan produced novelisation, the single most important thing about this new ve [...]

    8. One thing I ve learnt from being the Doctor s friend is that the universe is full of wonderful things, amazing opportunities And you have to grab them with both hands And hope they never end Best Doctor Who Book EVER For real and for true This is the cherry on the top of the sundae, the warm blanket and hot mug of tea after a long wintry day, it is a wonderful and incredible book and I never wanted it to end I did start out having high hopes for it, since I have listened to the Big Finish audio [...]

    9. Doctor Who and Douglas Adams, what s not to love Gareth Roberts did a terrific job in cobbling together scripts that Douglas Adams wrote for a 6 part Doctor Who series into a witty and wonderful novel Such fun

    10. I don t mean to be crude here, but I m going to be Please look away if your sensibilities are easily insensibled.HOLY SHIT A DOUGLAS ADAMS DOCTOR WHO THAT FEATURES REG It s over The world is over Douglas Adams won Reading this is actually going to be anti climactic now.I now return you to your regularly scheduled post.Done that was good if you ve read Dirk Gently s Holistic Detective Agency, this story will be a little familiar, but I still recommend it aside from the Doctor, Reg and Romana, the [...]

    11. Shada is the name of a Doctor Who serial from 1980, written by Douglas Adams right around the time he was becoming famous for The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy Shada is the novel that Gareth Roberts based on the Shada story, using the remains of what Adams wrote as a starting point Roberts does a convincing job writing Adams, perhaps even convincing than what Colfer did with And Another Thing a few years earlier The story of the TV serial is pretty interesting in itself, which Roberts provid [...]

    12. A Doctor Who serial that was never completed29 December 2012 I can t actually call this the famous lost episode of the original Doctor Who namely because there are actually a number of episodes that have been officially lost While some have resurfaced over the years since the BBC went about destroying these episodes, there are still quite a number of them from the first and second Doctors that are missing and will probably never be found This particular episode, though, was only half made and ne [...]

    13. Here s a fun bit of fluff New Who writer Gareth Roberts novelization of Old Who writer Douglas Adams famous unfilmed screenplay that was axed by a strike at the BBC As evidenced by Roberts afterword, the novel Shada is an expansion and reworking of the original story into something a little grander and truer to the ideas that the late Adams was trying to squeeze by on limited 1980 s TV production values.The result is something that s fun to read on a Sunday afternoon, but doesn t quite measure u [...]

    14. This book always starts as an abandoned tv serial that never came to completion due to a strike So one of Douglas Adams tales never got the treatment it deserves and was wanted by the fans of the show And in a brilliant world he himself would have written this book but alas he did not and can no longer do it due to his being no longer among us living, as we like to call ourselvesADA the book as written by Gareth Roberts based upon Adams material is a hoot and then some.It is about a book that is [...]

    15. For fans of the classic Doctor Who, Shada was a story of legend, even before this novelization Written by Douglas Adams and intended to be a six part series for Tom Baker s fourth Doctor, the series was never finished because of a strike Some of the footage shot for the series did eventually surface as part of The Five Doctors special.Now, thanks to Gareth Roberts, himself a veteran of the new Doctor Who series, we can finally see what this unfinished series might have looked like.The story, in [...]

    16. Dire che sono una Whovian, chi mi conosce lo sa, riduttivo La mia conoscenza delle serie classiche non buona ho tutta la teoria ma mi manca la pratica, ovvero ho nozione di chi cosa ma non ho visto le puntate Tom Baker in ogni caso un gran signore oggi che un anziano vecchietto, e quando era un giovane quarantenne tutto occhi, tutto capelli, tutto sorrisone e tutta sciarpa, era anche splendido sotto tanti aspetti, non parlo certo di estetica Stiamo poi parlando di Douglas Adams, di cui ahim anco [...]

    17. I don t often read novels set in my favourite television or cinematic universe any I have fond memories of when I was much younger, and I had the time and freedom to virtually camp out in the library, of borrowing whatever Star Trek novels they happened to have available that day After I became comfortable with original SF and fantasy, I started to shy away from media tie in novels As I grew up and started to follow those television series with interest, I found it difficult to enjoy the book [...]

    18. Il connubio Douglas Adams e Doctor Who il marchio di garanzia che non dovrebbe far esitare gli appassionati dell uno o dell altro, e soprattutto di entrambi, come sono anch io.La genialit e la freschezza di Douglas Adams possono dirsi tagliati su misura per il personaggio del Dottore, per la sua personalit che mescola saggezza, irriverenza e un tocco di eccentricit.Mi sono avvicinato a Douglas Adams leggendo quello che riconosciuto a buon diritto come il suo capolavoro, ovvero il ciclo della Gui [...]

    19. In the past thank you WGBH I had the chance to watch Dr Who By the time I learned of it, the programme was than a decade old and Tom Baker was taking over the role of the Doctor I remember thinking that the whole concept was brilliant and ludicrous in roughly equal parts Given its small budget, the often cheesy effects were tempered by the imagination of the writers and the fun that obviously was designed in Dr Who was a Children s program yes, but one that did not pamper the audience nor treat [...]

    20. I am a die hard devoted Doctor Who fan My father used to rock me to sleep with repeats of the Tom Baker years playing on PBS I have read almost every hardback book written about the last three doctors and if I haven t read them yet, they are probably piled up on my bookcases When I saw that Gareth Roberts had completed Douglas Adams Shada I was extremely interested and excited, and purchased it right then Yes, you read right, Douglas Adams, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Adams He was a script e [...]

    21. What can I sayDr Who meets The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy In all my years as a fan of both, I had no idea that Douglas Adams wrote any Dr Who episode And now I find he wrote three This on, Shada and two others being The Pirate Planet and City of Death Unfortunately Shada was not finished and the versions that were released are only dumbed up versions Then along comes a VERY capable man by the name of Gareth Roberts who was hoodwinked by his capabilities, ego and love of Dr Who was tasked i [...]

    22. So when I first heard they were novelising Shada I couldn t think why It seemed almost disrespectful to Douglas Adams and really who would be able to do it justice Then I went and read some of the novels that Gareth Roberts had written about Doctor and Romana and knew he was exactly who should be doing this This book was brilliant It was hilarious The characterisation was perfect The first half was definitely my favourite All the jokes about Skagra looking like a disco queen were perfect And the [...]

    23. If you are going to not film a Doctor Who story at least make from the pen of a second rate mind.Unfortunately the BBC didn t agree so ended up not filming Shada by Douglas Adams, a strike leaving the series incomplete Douglas not as unhappy as you might imagine.Lucky for us all then the BBC at least allowed Gareth Roberts the opportunity to write the book of this effectively lost adventure.Originally intended for TV in 1980 it took till 2012 to appear in book form.Douglas Adams holds a very spe [...]

    24. lk olarak Doctor Who hakk nda biraz bilgi vermeliyim, diziyi izlememi olanlar i in.Doktor, Gallifrey gezegeninden bir uzayl d r Zaman Lordudur fakat insan g r n m ndedir TARDIS denilen zaman makinesiyle, uzay ve zamanda seyahat etmektedir Ayr ca yan nda bir veya birden fazla yol arkada olur Rejenerasyon ge iren biridir Doktor En ufak h cresine kadar yenilenir.Kitab okurken ise adeta bir Doctor Who b l m izler gibiydim Zaman Leydisi olan Romana ile seyahat eden, atk s yla nl olan 4 Doktor, Zaman [...]

    25. What a treat it was to listen to Lalla Ward give voice and character to this lost story of Shada One additional star is awarded in the rating because of her narration John Leeson also provides the voice of K 9, which adds even fun.This novelization proves that Shada had the promise to become a true classic story from the golden age of Doctor Who It s truly a shame that a strike at the BBC derailed what promised to be a unique and significant story in the canon of the Doctor Who universe Approxi [...]

    26. Bellissimo romanzo, il primo che leggo dove il protagonista il mitico viaggiatore del tempo Doctor Who Inizialmente nato come sceneggiatura per il finale di stagione del celeberrimo telefilm di fantascienza, per motivi di sciopero per le riprese furono interrotte Lo stile di Adams si sente e se ancora non lo avete letto, oltre questo, vi straconsiglio Guida Galattica per gli autostoppisti Geniale autore

    27. Great book kept me guessing the whole time on the edge of my seat most of the time couldn t put it down once i began it the characterizations of the Doctor and Romana were perfect and interesting look at the history of timelords legends and into there nightmares and Gallifray most wanted

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