The Death Chamber (2020)

The Death Chamber Calvary Gaol standing bleak and forbidding on the Cumbrian hillside exerts a curious influence over Georgina Grey Her family s history is closely bound up in the penitentiary s dark and terrible pas
  • Title: The Death Chamber
  • Author: Sarah Rayne
  • ISBN: 9780743285841
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Death Chamber
    Calvary Gaol, standing bleak and forbidding on the Cumbrian hillside, exerts a curious influence over Georgina Grey Her family s history is closely bound up in the penitentiary s dark and terrible past Television presenter Chad Ingram is fascinated by Calvary as well He plans to conduct a new experiment in the long vacant structure within the brooding desolation of tCalvary Gaol, standing bleak and forbidding on the Cumbrian hillside, exerts a curious influence over Georgina Grey Her family s history is closely bound up in the penitentiary s dark and terrible past Television presenter Chad Ingram is fascinated by Calvary as well He plans to conduct a new experiment in the long vacant structure within the brooding desolation of the old execution chamber Chad s experiment and Georgina s curiosity, however, will have horrifying consequences Someone is dead set on suppressing the truth of Calvary, and is willing to go to any lengths to ensure that its shocking past remains buried.
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    1. Walking into a second hand bookstore a few weeks ago, I asked the owner for some recommendations She handed me Sarah Rayne s Ghost Song and said confidently, All my customers returned asking for of her books You might like it It s a mix of something historical, dark and thriller like Ghost Song was a pleasurable read and true enough, when I next went to the library, I picked up another of her books.The Death Chamber is very much like Ghost Song, which is to say that Rayne likes to move between [...]

    2. I love when a book has a bunch of plot twists that all come together in the end A fantastic read.

    3. Take a creepy old hanging jail, a film crew hunting ghosts,a nutter hell bent on keeping the past secret and a young woman seeking answers and what you what I expect to find is a gripping page turner Sadly, this isn t the case It s a shame, too, because Rayne actually can write The scariest thing about this book is its title and as for the cover teaser THERE CAN BE A FATE WORTH THAN DEATH I say, Oh What would that be What this teaser seems to imply is something otherowrldly, something perhaps, d [...]

    4. Another Sarah Rayne book, written in present day and past, around the period of the first and second World War periods This one was another good story, although, the way Ms Rayne writes, the whole thing could have been set in the past tense The present day setting is sometime, not specified, in the year 2000 and something Yet some of the dialogue belongs in a museum e.g You ve given me an irresistible reason for getting us out of this, he said Don t worry, Georgina darling, we ll be all right Th [...]

    5. Georgina is left some papers of her great grandfather s which relate to a time he was a prison doctor in the wilds of Cumbria The prison is now deserted and a TV company is making a documentary there But someone doesn t want the secrets of the prison s past revealed ad tries to put a stop to both Georgina s research and that of the film company.This was a pretty good book Lots of twisty bits and a bit of tension, although the actual bits where the tension built up seemed to end quite abruptly Th [...]

    6. Every now and again I come across a new author that firmly and definitely grabs my attention When I read a second book by the same author and am still as impressed I become a fan When I actually tell my reading friends read this then you know, I am in love And I am The books are all deceptively slow to take off with But by book two I knew enough to start to pay very close attention to every single word If you need a spine chiller, if you need to wonder if it is worth getting off of your bed to u [...]

    7. Not really what I was expecting based on the book blurb, but a reasonable read nonetheless Well written, but occasionally confusing as we re transported between the two World Wars, the 1960s, the present day and excerpts from a book on debunking fraudulent mystics and mediums.I enjoyed the bleak prison setting and the recounting of the executions, but thought there wasn t enough detail on the present day happenings and at 547 pages it is rather long.

    8. Sterbenslangweilig Habe Monate daf r gebraucht, weil ich mich st ndig geweigert habe, weiterzulesen Es zieht sich endlos in die L nge Mehr als eine langweilige Familiengeschichte ist das nicht Mich w rde interessieren, wie die Autorin dazu kam, dies als Psychothriller zu bezeichnen

    9. Haunting and compellingLoved this, a brilliantly written, multi layered story with twists and turns than a rollercoaster and attention to detail that is second to none.

    10. I wanted so much to like The Death Chamber I bought the book on the strength of the opening paragraph where Rayne pulled the reader in with her description of Georgina reading a letter a second and a third time because it was so astonishing and then, by thirty pages into the book, I began to feel my hopes slipping.While The Death Chamber has a great many strong points, the dialogue is not one of them It feels like a classic case of telling rather than showing, and the first instance of dreadful [...]

    11. THE DEATH CHAMBER is an usual novel from an author that specialises in unusual stories Weaving two different pasts into the present, THE DEATH CHAMBER is a strange and eerie interweaving of a place with a dark history and it s effects on a series of families in themselves interwoven than current day members will ever realise.Georgina Grey didn t really even know that Calvary existed when she receives a very odd letter about the Caradoc Society and a bequest her great grandfather had left them a [...]

    12. This odd mystery book with a supernatural flair ended up being interesting enough to turn the page, but, for me, never truly compelling Point of fact when the hero and heroine were trapped in the abandoned, ancient Calvary Gaol with the murderer playing a game of cat and mouse, trying to lure them into a lyme pit where they would be dissolved side note very James Bond villain esque , I left off this book for a month to dig into a few books on the history of the Latin and Greek languages I was no [...]

    13. I love the way this book was written Parts of it were in the past and parts of it were in the present The author did a great job intertwining the two and eventually showing how the past connected to the present.Georgina Grey is the main character in the present She receives a letter informing her that her great grandfather has left her some property She knows little about her great grandfather or his life is a physician at Calvary a prison.About the same time that she goes to investigate, a film [...]

    14. I found out about this author in Good Reading Magazine and I was so glad I did What appealed to me was that every book by this author has a haunting, creepy historical building, and she brings it to life in the book This was very true in The Death Chamber where the focus of the story was Calvary Gaol.The blurb on the back of the book doesn t really do it any justice I enjoyed multiple plots interwoven with many twists and turns and a few surprises I was left wanting to follow each of the plots f [...]

    15. read by Lyn good read This author likes to mix up the characters, and the time frames, throughout the novel One chapter will be told by a male the next will be told by his grand son, the next by his father all at different times in their lives.The Death Chamber tells the story of a man who is chief warden of a prison specializing in capital punishment Most of his prisoners will end up in the death chamber where they are hung by the neck until dead.But it also tells the story of his son and his s [...]

    16. one of the best cat and mouse books i ve read in a while A spooky atmosphere set in an abandoned prison once used for criminals condemned to death by hanging.Date line begins at the tail end of ww1 , with the botched up execution of an irish traitor who through a series of twists of fate was able to escape the hangmans noose , assume a false identity and set free by the guardians of the establishment who had him condemned Human nature has a way of manifesting a complex set of defence mechanisms [...]

    17. There are very few books that give me real, wake up in a cold sweat nightmares This is one of them I ve stopped giving a synopsis of books in these reviews because everyone does that instead, I am just going to say that the first scene with the blind guy locked in the execution chamber totally did me in I dreamed about his experience two nights in row Then I got to the second time the blind guy and our heroine are locked in the same place, then pursued by a very creepy guy Cue third sleepless ni [...]

    18. A fine example of a Sarah Rayne novel My beloved MIL and I would agree that this is one of the best The setting is a small town and a gaol where executions take place The times are the present circa 1997 , WWI, WWII The overarching theme is paranormal research It s one big wibbly wobbly ball of spaghetti, where nothing and no one is quite as it seems and the past continues to reverberate through the present Just the thing for fans of Barbara Vine.Loaner from MIL.

    19. Ik heb deze auteur al een tijdje op mijn nog te lezen stapel staan en toen bleek dat ik dit boek kon reserveren bij de bieb heb ik de stoute schoenen maar aangetrokken en ik ben blij dat ik dit heb gedaan want hij was echt heel goed Je reist de hele tijd heen en terug door de tijd en elke periode is even spannend en verrassend als de andere Echt een aanrader Ik geloof dat van deze auteur geen enkel boek is vertaald en dat is best jammer ik heb de rest allemaal op mijn ereader dus ik ga nog meer [...]

    20. I found this quite a fun page turner with plenty of twists and turns along the way A friend compared it to a Catherine Cookson novel with its theme of unearthing family secrets I ve never read any of her books so will take that comment on faith.I felt Rayne did quite a good job of moving between the present day and the past.I had a slight quibble about the use of the ruined church tower on Glastonbury Tor as a stand in for Calvary Goal on the cover.

    21. So I did read this It was alright I liked Jude very much It got better as the book went on At first, I kept wondering why all these people were being introduced because they seemed so random If you read long enough you will see how exactly everyone really is connected It s fascinating at that point, if not because the story is good, but rather because the fact the author was able to think of all those connections.

    22. This book started out a little confusing with four different stories that changed decades with each chapter But by the middle of the book it all started to make sense of who was who and why they were where they were in these different times It had a lot of twists to the plot and an ending that made you think why didn t I see that coming But it had a little of everything, death, ghosts, blackmail, murder and even a few love stories.

    23. Terrible Zero suspense The only reason I gave it two stars is that I actually did read the whole book and once you get past page 350, it s slightly better than terrible It seemed like a good story in the end, but it was a long, difficult read.

    24. This was great if you like murder mystery The charaters were real, and the plot was real The swap between present and past history worked well, and the assoication between the two fell in to place naturally.

    25. This is up there with Tower Of Silence and Spiderlight as Rayne s top books Once you get hold of one you just want to sit in a creaky hpuse and read by candle light or is that just me Total enjoyment

    26. This was ok The constant change of focus between characters and time periods was a little wearing maybe would have been less noticeable with a stronger plot I ll try another of Rayne s books she does have talent This one just wasn t a great effort, I think.

    27. Not my favorite It s hard to believe in any of these characters and most of the plot elements, which were far too conveniently intertwined Adding a touch of the supernatural is always a turnoff for me.

    28. I liked the characters, and their development The way Rayne went back and forth in time kept it interesting, and moving It ended quite well, which made up for it feeling a bit long at some points Overall I really enjoyed it.

    29. This seemed old fashioned and hard to get into because of the bumbling prose I did see it through to the end, but as I didn t really feel drawn to any of the characters, it wasn t a very satisfying read for me.

    30. Rather inoffensive She has a good hold of the genre s conventions but her exploitation of them leads to a cliched result I may read another of her works but feel that I might be disappointed On the whole, a good holiday or airport read.

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