The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield (2020)

The Mischievous Mrs Maxfield The wrong girl is sometimes The Right One Charlotte Samuels thought she d be stuck waiting tables at Marlow s until all her debts are paid off in about ten thousand years or so She definitely didn t e
  • Title: The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield
  • Author: Ninya Tippett
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 338
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  • The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield
    The wrong girl is sometimes The Right One.Charlotte Samuels thought she d be stuck waiting tables at Marlow s until all her debts are paid off in about ten thousand years or so.She definitely didn t expect a marriage proposal from the arrogant Brandon Maxfield who was mysteriously blackmailed by his father to make her his wife if he didn t want his least favorite cousin toThe wrong girl is sometimes The Right One.Charlotte Samuels thought she d be stuck waiting tables at Marlow s until all her debts are paid off in about ten thousand years or so.She definitely didn t expect a marriage proposal from the arrogant Brandon Maxfield who was mysteriously blackmailed by his father to make her his wife if he didn t want his least favorite cousin to run Maxfield Industries.Charlotte s instinct was to say HELL NO but she s stumped by a few obstacles 1 His old man Martin Maxfield is dear to her heart and has been recently deteriorating in health 2 She gets a million dollars if she stays married to Brandon for a year 3 She rather likes the opportunity to teach the attractive but awfully rude man a few lessons he didn t think he needed from a teenage gold digger his term of endearment for her on their first date er, business meeting So what s a girl got to do, right Sure, she s young and a little rough around the edges but there s something her would be husband didn t know about her yet she s nothing like he ever expected.Thrust into the glitzy world a standard issue Mrs Maxfield would fit perfectly and rule with impeccable social grace, Charlotte will either have to force herself into the mold or break free of it, risking what little she has left for everything that she can gain Currently free to read in Wattpad
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    1. Awesome, such deep characters with depth then the Atlantic Ocean, We can t help but fall in love with the love story The story takes us on a metaphorical Journey, which is a whirlwind of drama taking us on a roller coaster of emotions, filled withEveryday turmoil, internal angst, self doubt, the beauty of self discovery and self worth.Enriched with witty dialogue, it is a well paced book, which will find itself on bookshelves on It s own credibility I love this story, and am counting days till [...]

    2. DNF 85%Charlotte was being given EXTRA credit in this book, no matter what she is doing ComeonAnd The FAKE MARRIAGE DRAMA was off the chart plain boring Who the hell fake a marriage in this century, grew some balls and tell your father that i won t The relationship between Charlotte and Brandon was like reading a fairytale, soooo sooo fake I mean the writer should ve paid extra focus on how to built a relationship, but NO she just made it like a game Stage One Stage Two And then she is trying to [...]

    3. Anything between 4.5 to 5 stars I will write a review later, hm maybe not, just read the story, is free on Wattpad, try for few chapters and see how you feel.But now I just wanted to say I LOVE this book I couldn t remember if I ever read a heroine like Charlotte, she so worthy bloody long hours I spent and neglected my work to read her life story.And yes I recommended this book to you, if you read Contemporary Romance.My warning though, this story is very long, in fact the love story between Ch [...]

    4. Ninya Tippett is by far one of my most favorite authors to date I initially came across this book upon a recommendation from my friend but steered clear from it because I didn t want to spend time reading cliche hopeless romantic stories Months passed and I decided to give this book a shot Remember when I said cliche I take it back Haha I absolutely LOVE THIS Gosh I love this book One of my favorites.The way this was so well made came to me as a surprise considering I read it on Wattpad I say th [...]

    5. Finally, I finished it the story was a bit too long but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this book It has great moments, funny and witty banter, sweet, cute romance and some cheesy scenes DCharlotte was really strong and funny heroine.Overall it was a nice read.

    6. it has great moments, funny witty banter but i also roll my eyes A LOT the story is full of cliches and some scenes are super cheesy charlotte is supposed to be 19 with no college education but she goes around spouting wisdoms and cleaning up everyone s mess i just dont buy it and the big turn off is the fact that charlotte is supposed to be this smart, independent, sarcastic girl that has almost everything figured out, yet when it comes to realizing that Brandon is starting to care for her, she [...]

    7. Read it a long time ago on Wattpad, and honestly it was my favourite book I remember hoping that it get published because it was great quality Safe and she was a brilliant, really strong and funny heroine.

    8. I don t read wattpad much and when I do, I usually give up within the first few chapters This story however was like a breath of fresh air in the world of online authors I loved the way the protagonist, Charlotte interacts with everyone Not a big fan of Brandon, I don t think people change that easily I didn t really have high expectations for this book so I gave it some slack I just wished that the author explored with the harsh businessman version of Brandon and slowed down the love The whole [...]

    9. Ninya Tippett did a wonderful job of writing a book that s both heartbreaking and captivating When I started reading, it was hard for me to stop and I had a lot of sleepless nights because of this The Mischievous Mrs Maxfield is so full of emotion that its hard not to connect to the characters, especially Charlotte It s inspiring how she can still stand tall with a smile on her face after all she s been through, and how she can help those who has done nothing but try to destroy her It gives you [...]

    10. First read it a long time ago on wattpad but I ve reread certain parts of the book many times and they never fail to make me smile I am not usually a big fan of age gaps preceding over five to six years but I loved the chemistry between Charlotte and Brandon.This book is definitely worth a read if you like your heroines feisty and heroes charming.

    11. Due to the recommendations of GR members, I decided to sign up with wattpad in order to read this story I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it I didn t think I would connect with the h, seeing that she s 19 years old But her spirit and snarky comments captured my attention She was the antithesis of the Alpha H I liked the story and the secondary characters Yes, I thought the story was a bit too long and may need some refinement The h was too perfect in her relationsips including t [...]

    12. F CKING LOVE THIS SO MUCH As aforementioned in the synopsis, the story starts off with Charlotte Samuels, a financially unstable nineteen year old working at a diner, whilst simultaneously trying to pay off a debt unfairly left for her Charlotte s current monetary status presents a suited opportunity for sexy arrogant Brandon Maxfield s proposition marry the illustrious Mr Maxfield himself in exchange for a million dollars Not only did the proposal benefit her, but his marital union with the hum [...]

    13. I ll sue you, he murmured, tightening his arms around me again, pressing me close against his body as the tip of his nose grazed mine For descending upon me with no warning at all or at least a manual and knocking me off my feet until I was falling hard and fast for good I now have to live a life dependent on your welfare and happiness, and forever suffering this soul deep love you ve inflicted on me for which there is no cure Brandon MaxfieldThe struggle of finding something worth reading in Wa [...]

    14. 3 1 2 heart warming starsThis was mmy first experience with wattpad and I found it to be a very interesting, if distracting, medium It took me quite a bit longer to read this story, because I was constantly getting side tracked by comments left by other users, or navigating to other pages based on the author s recommendation It seems that the author submitted a new chapter weekly, and from her comments at the beginning of each chapter, she took her fans advice seriously I am very grateful that t [...]

    15. This was a very long story but it was so good that I couldn t put it down Brandon and Charlotte where both great characters I really liked them a lot But they also had times that I just wanted to slap them silly for there stupidity.This book also had characters that I really hated in the beginning like I wanted them to be hit by a car or something worse so they could just disappear But they all had a lot of secrets that when it all came out I saw them differently and they ended up being okay cha [...]

    16. After one month and 2 days of reading this story I can finally say that I love it I truly completely love it It deserves than 5 stars actually, it s really that good I love and like most of the characters except for one that I wish for to rot in hell I love Charlotte and her way of thinking with all of the metaphors I certainly found a connection to her cause it s somehow we do think in the same way at some situations If she was a real character in this life we would be best friends for sure We [...]

    17. The Mysterious Mrs Maxfield is by far one of the most creative, heart warming, and thrilling romance novel I ve ever read The novel itself was filled with coherently written dialogue with its own personal quirks that made the book fun such as cheeseburgers and fries or Converse sneakers The protagonist, Charolette Maxfield, is one of the most relatable and realistic heroines to learn the mysteries of riches, fame, and the journey love has to offer Brandon Maxfield, Charlotte s husband, is by far [...]

    18. There were parts I really liked and parts I found a just kinda Meh I don t know how I feel about the hero complex given to Charlotte, I never really seem to like it in a character A little bit is good, but sometimes they have too much Characterisation is well developed as can be seen in charlottes character, but her hero complex gets in the way, a good plot device but makes me hate her as a character.I also felt towards the middle that it dragged on a little bit and it annoyed me how everyone go [...]

    19. 3 stars Charlotte Maxfield is the best human in the entire universe what the author wants you to believe , and talks like a wise old man who has been wandering the universe for an infinite amount of years, but knows nothing Don t get me wrong, I love this book but there are way too many sub plots, characters and philosophical musings The age gap is a little unbelievable when you also factor in the wise beyond my years trope The book also very much worships Charlotte, a little too much it becomes [...]

    20. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, UNDOUBTEDLY HANDS DOWN THE BEST WATPPAD STORY EVER Charlotte, oh Charlotte Samuels, the most sarcastic, witty, heads up, determined, passionate, dauntless and the cutest character ever She is just the ideal feminist to be Her witty comebacks saves us so many times in real life She s like an inspiration, she is literally goals Charlotte is the the epitome of patience and perseverance and sarcasms and wit and charm, she is just what every girl desires to be.Brandon, well in a [...]

    21. DNF 60%A very popular huge Wattpad book around 1000 pages on Kindle , it s a charming, sweet, cute romantic fiction which is really well written, witty, engaging and very easy to like no doubt why it s so popular Preferably it should have ended by chapter 20 as it starts to feel thin and unnecessarily stretched after that it makes sense as a Wattpad book to continue after that but as a typical book, it got too tiring so I called it a day then Overall, it s a lovely light hearted, breezy read.

    22. It s like 2.5 At beginning I thought this is going to be an awesome book And it would be if it ended 10 chapters sooner It s full of qliches, and Charlotte is mending in EVRYTHING And don t let me start on nicknames or what hapended on tea brunch, it s too much and in mz personal opinion book would be much better without this I wanted to quit 5 chapters till end and I keept asking my self why I am tormeting myself whith this book.

    23. I loved it It was so good I finished it in two days The first day I stayed up till 6 am to read it The second I stayed up till 7 am One of my favorite love stories Charlotte is a little preachy for my taste, but I loved her nonetheless.The author did an amazing job.

    24. i just stumbled across this story a few days ago and give it a try and darn i don t want to put down my tablet.i m really hooked I can say its one of the BEST stories that i ve read in Wattpad.ohh the story is full of quotes and it amaze me.Great work Ninya Tippett

    25. I would ve given this book 4 stars if it had ended 8 chapters sooner Too much dramawe get it she s a sweet helpful girl but gosh it went on and on It was a cute story though.

    26. Not too bad for a wattpad story.It did have so much drama Sometimes unnecessary It was a little bit long, felt boring after a time.But it was a nice read all in all.

    27. Probably one of the best Wattpad stories I ve ever read.And yes, it s a little chick lit, maybe at some parts even made for younger audience but I ve loved it anyway.

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