Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership: The Paradox of Personal Dysfunction (2020)

Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership The Paradox of Personal Dysfunction The Christian world has been rocked by the number of prominent leaders in both church and parachurch organizations who have been compromised by moral ethical and theological failures Overcoming th
  • Title: Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership: The Paradox of Personal Dysfunction
  • Author: Gary L. McIntosh Samuel D. Rima
  • ISBN: 9780801090479
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership: The Paradox of Personal Dysfunction
    The Christian world has been rocked by the number of prominent leaders, in both church and parachurch organizations, who have been compromised by moral, ethical, and theological failures Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership addresses this alarming problem and offers Christian leaders valuable guidance in dealing with the inherent risks of their work.Using biblical and cThe Christian world has been rocked by the number of prominent leaders, in both church and parachurch organizations, who have been compromised by moral, ethical, and theological failures Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership addresses this alarming problem and offers Christian leaders valuable guidance in dealing with the inherent risks of their work.Using biblical and current examples, the authors describe the characteristics of five types of leaders and the problems they are most likely to have if their particular dysfunctions develop unrestrained McIntosh and Rima offer a series of steps for leaders to consider so they can take control of their dark side and learn to harness its creative powers This edition includes a new introduction, updated information throughout, a self assessment tool, and .
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      139 Gary L. McIntosh Samuel D. Rima
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    1. This book is solid, though there is far too much of a bent towards psychoanalyzing biblical figures, as well as a muted Christian theology that feels weak in certain places Weaknesses I can offer my criticisms first Straight off, there is the muted doctrine of sin that prefers to see each of us as suffering from tendencies resulting from past traumas, childhood issues, and our spiritual values that sway towards the Dark Side their term I caught a hint of geeky pride over constantly talking about [...]

    2. This book is a must read for leaders, especially those involved in Church leadership and para church organizations The author delves into the effects of the negative aspects of a person s dark side He also encourages the leader to develop strengths from those weak areas Additionally, the appendices provide tools for implementing positive change and accountability practices The flow of the book is consistent as it draws from biblical and current examples along with information concerning major ar [...]

    3. An amazing book on the paradox of your personality in leading others Premise of the book As you lead through your strengths, these same strengths can be your greatest weaknesses, or dark sides So what do you do McIntosh provides insights in redeeming the dark sides in Christ and through introspective work as well as the power of the Holy Spirit, you can become a complete leader in Christ This is a book every leader should read.

    4. A good book that explains how our strengths can be our weaknesses Using famous examples the author illustrates what the problems of being compulsive, narcissistic, paranoid, codependent, and passive aggressive can look like.Pretty much anyone can relate to one of these, and the book offers a good opportunity for self reflection and some tools for dealing with our issues.

    5. A helpful aid in understanding assessing your leadership qualities capacities, and where some of them may have gained their origin The 2nd 3rd parts of the book are particularly helpful Finally, the authors do well when combining a Biblical understanding to leadership through a contemporary lens.

    6. While it s not a total treatment of our dark side, I found it to be very helpful for beginning an important journey toward and better strength and freedom Self knowledge is very difficult but the emphasis here is that the difficulty can lead to freedom.

    7. Fluff fluff fluff.Here is the book in summary Everyone has a dark side, even leaders Sometimes we bottle up negative feelings then this shows in a blow up or lapse of morals The book primarily focuses on leaders in the church.

    8. We all have a dark side Knowing the dangers associated with it and taking responsibility will prevent it from destroying the leader s ministry Overcoming the dark side is a process in which leaders do not seek to eliminate these parts of their personality, but to allow God to transform them into good, useful tools for ministry Those in ministry carry the expectation of having the answers and confidence to lead well, and therefore will often refuse to acknowledge any insecurity or shortcoming, le [...]

    9. This book is really a good reflection upon leaders who have failed in ministry, yet, it can help people understand why and how this occurred If one likes being honest first with themselves then this can be a personal reflection a way to grow into maturity spiritually I found this a wonder book and feel many should at least take time to explore and understand how the sinful nature operates and what one can do to see the reality of life Do not be afraid to face those things that many people are in [...]

    10. This is an incredible way to look at oneself in reflection It does give accounts of leaders as examples to show their dysfunctions as leaders This gives value to oneself when in leadership positions to examine the dark side or what I know it as Sin nature It will help to pull oneself out of their dark side into reality only if one is open minded I think this should be recommended for those who are serious about their Christianity.

    11. An easy to read book on leadership Several good points, practical and has a self assessment guide wherein you ll know your dark side tendencies Part 3 of the book also offers help on overcoming negative tendencies Though sometimes it feels force fitting Bible characters into certain archetypes of dysfunction Still, it s a good reading especially if you re holding any leadership position.

    12. The principles applied are excellent This book does get a little sense with the constant assessment of other people in leadership and their failures and successes, but I do think having illustrations and life stories provided instead of simply bringing forward the concept was helpful.

    13. McIntosh and Rima provide a timely and crucial illumination of the negative aspects of positive characteristics and then outline a path for redemption of these characteristics Highly recommended, especially for all leaders.

    14. While the book is a little uneven, the review of unhealthy leadership traits is good and the tools are helpful.

    15. I read this book during my last semester at seminary It was a good book although it s not one you d like to get as a present from someone It digs deep into some of the horrible decisions many leaders within our culture have made and why they made them If you re in a leadership position secular or religious you may want at least thumb through a copy.

    16. Gary L McIntosh Samuel D Rima, Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership McIntosh Rima s book is a powerful call for leaders to wake up and take the difficult path of self examination before their weaknesses undermine their work While the book focuses especially on those in ministry leadership, the principles expressed have wide ranging application for leaders in many fields In Overcoming the Dark Side, the author s pull no punches From the outset of the work, the reader is confronted with the ines [...]

    17. Both author s reference their personal experiences in witnessing the demise of those in Christian leadership that they either held in high regard or were prominent in the public eye, as the basis of their initial interest in the dark side of leadership They explain, We were desperate to learn how we could protect ourselves from such humiliating failure in the future and help others to avoid similar defeats The book is primarily aimed at Christian leaders It proposes to arm them with new understa [...]

    18. I imagine many books on leadership focus on maximizing your strengths or shoring up your weaknesses assuming you already know your weaknesses This book focuses solely on the weaknesses of leaders and how to avoid playing into your weaknesses and bringing failure or defeat to your ministry Through the use of examples from the Bible and life, Messrs McIntosh and Rima give readers a good idea of the areas of weakness they are describing Also included are useful tools for better identifying our pote [...]

    19. Un amigo me regalo este libro para el d a de mi cumplea os En ese momento me encontraba terminado otro libro as que puse este en fila Hace cinco d as comenc a leerlo, desde el prologo reconoc el valor de este libro y cu nto iba a agregar valor en mi vida Tanto que en cuesti n de cinco d as lo le completamente.En este libro Macintosh y Lima exponen las causas principales del por qu los grandes l ders caen Como cualquier ser humano t y yo tenemos reas en nuestras vidas que no son nada agradables y [...]

    20. I think this is definitely an important area to recognize if you are involved in any form of leadership The most valuable part of this book was part II The first part of the book spent most of the time looking at case examples and leaders who fell to huge moral failures, pointing out the importance of looking at the dark side For myself, I have already heard many stories about leadership gone wrong, so skimming through this portion was fine Part II however gave profiles of different kinds of dar [...]

    21. The real life illustrations of each Dark Side was carefully chosen by the authors, and I seemed to be unable to find a single boring page in the book I understand that all students at Evangel University are required to read this book That s how important the student development leadership department regard the topic to be.If you have been blessed with gifts and talents, this book will is a sober reminder that we are so prone to falling because of these very strengths that we have Alongside with [...]

    22. This book should be essential reading for all in pastoral leadership It may not be the best written, and the attempts to pin various patterns of behaviour or psychology on Old Testament leaders jars and smacks of a rather weak attempt to give it biblical credibility or foundations hence only 3 stars.But having said that, the 5 dark side areas was I the only one who kept hearing James Earl Jones as Darth Vader whenever those words appear are crucial, if painful, areas for exploration No one gets [...]

    23. Waar de dark side , ofwel schaduwzijde van onze persoonlijkheid in eerste instantie een negatief beeld oproept, heeft de ontdekking en behandeling, leren overwinningen behalen op grote voordelen De schrijvers illustreren beide mogelijke reacties laten ontwikkelingen van de dark side als het weerstaan en overwinnen ervan met diverse voorbeelden van christelijke leiders, Amerikaanse presidenten en hun eigen levensverhalen Na de behandeling van een aantal typen dwangmatig leider, narcist, paranoide [...]

    24. One of my favorite leadership books It addresses the issue of trauma and unconscious needs as they can reek havoc in the leader s life and behavior The book speaks of five times of leaders Compulsive, Narcissistic, Paranoid, Codependent, and Passive Aggressive Despite the names, this is not really a psychology book The terms are used in a popularized manner The emphasis of the book is on Christian religious leaders, but it can be valuable to others as well The book is diagnostic having a test t [...]

    25. Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership is a bit dated yet still a helpful resource for ministers and other leaders wanting to better understand themselves and to make good use of their shadow side.The book is divided into three parts 1 Understanding Our Dark Side2 Discovering Our Dark Side3 Redeeming Our Dark SideThe first part is descriptive, the second is diagnostic, and the third offers five practical steps for getting in front of one s dark side.Each chapter in Parts 2 and 3 ends with helpfu [...]

    26. Great read all around It is specifically meant for people who are in leadership positions in the church or other christian ministries, but I think it offers a lot of insight and the chance for personal reflection for just about anyone.I especially liked what he had to say about different styles of leadership and compared them to leaders in the bible Are you a compulsive leader like Moses A paranoid leader like Saul Or a co dependent leader like Samson

    27. Excellent book Describing some of the most common dysfunctions that plague leaders, it even gives examples of well known leaders to illustrate the points i.e Paranoid leader Nixon I don t know of another book that so accurately and simply describes these behaviors that so commonly derail people in power The author gives questions to ask yourself to discover if you fit the typed gives advice for how to overcome these demons like insecurity, people pleasing or paranoia.

    28. As imperfect humans, we all have needs and hurts which if not recognized and dealt with can lead to misuse of the power that comes with leadership and lead to the downfall of ministry.The book explores compulsive leader, narcissistic, paranoid, codependent and passive aggressive leadership styles.

    29. An excellent read, assisting the reader in self identifying how personal dysfunctions can hinder and derail personal leadership, development, and relationships While the book focuses on Christian examples, mostly pastors, it also uses historical examples Presidents, world leaders, etc Content is easily transferable to secular setting.

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