Love That Just Is (2020)

Love That Just Is Book of Kelli has developed into a woman that Erik cherishes loves and adores He still however requires that she submit sexually and completely Erik has developed into a man that Kelli loves
  • Title: Love That Just Is
  • Author: Scott Hildreth
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Love That Just Is
    Book 4 of 4 Kelli has developed into a woman that Erik cherishes, loves, and adores He still, however, requires that she submit sexually and completely Erik has developed into a man that Kelli loves, respects, and wishes to please In this last of the four book series, Kelli s father becomes ill Erik and Kelli each struggle with the imminent death of her father, and howBook 4 of 4 Kelli has developed into a woman that Erik cherishes, loves, and adores He still, however, requires that she submit sexually and completely Erik has developed into a man that Kelli loves, respects, and wishes to please In this last of the four book series, Kelli s father becomes ill Erik and Kelli each struggle with the imminent death of her father, and how to handle the loss of the only parent between them As the book progresses, so do they Their true colors begin to show, and they become of what each other may not necessarily expect What they do become is real.
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    1. Well, leaving a review for this is not easy Not without spoilers.The entire series The series was, according to the author, going to tell one tale One tale of the development of a relationship that started as a sex only D s relationship that may develop into a loving, caring D s relationship.Book I Romantic Not an ounce Love I think not.Book II Romantic Maybe a little Love Yes I caught it developing.Book 2.5 Jesus Sex and sex And the admittance of love.Book III Romantic Holy sh t Love Holy sh t [...]

    2. 6 Love That Just Is StarsWow just WowHave you ever read a book or a series that made you think Made you wonder about who you truly are Question yourself and your thoughts Made you realize that you are not alone and that there are people out there that understand you and those thoughts you have questioned That there is nothing wrong with you that in fact you are quite normal That there is someone out there for everyone This is my book This is that series that did it for me.It s so hard to write a [...]

    3. 5 Astonishing stars I really do not know how to start this review Have you ever read a book or a series of books and thought to your self Well that was me after finishing this series I put my tablet down and told myselfI do not know if my review will give this series the justice it deserves but I will tryI also hope my review will in courage others to read this series It really is a must read for women and men alike First I need to say this, Scott through all 4 books you have made me think About [...]

    4. I can t believe I m starting this review this way but I have to say it I thought this book was so very touching and sweet and any other sappy romantic word you can come up withat s what I thought about his book Don t get me wrong there s plenty of hot,kinky sex in this book,but the story to me is a lot then Erik and Kelli s sexy love life.Over the course of the series I ve really enjoyed getting to know Erik and Kelli and watching their relationship grow Kelli becomes secure in the relationshi [...]

    5. Again w the 5 BEAUTIFUL Stars Real quickJoke But really, glad I didn t miss out on this series This series has been so much to me than I thought We all know I read this for the SMUT factor lol And I got that Jeez did I get that fans self But it s about friendship, loyalty, love, trust, and so many other little things that hooked me Kelli s father Gene Yeah not sayin much on that But I love him Teddy and Heather Too damn cute And Teddy is a crack up Tons of smiles there A Train Honorable Bone Wi [...]

    6. I don t want to give anything away so I will simply give you my thoughts on this series.WOW LOVED, LOVED this series What I liked about all 4 books EverythingWhat I disliked about all 4 books Um let s see, well I ve got nothing The reason is, it was simply amazing I had all kinds of emotions going on from teary eyed to laughing out loud Most books I have read have this thing called drama between the two characters, which by all means I love It keeps the story interesting but here, nothing And I [...]

    7. 4.75 Stars Baby girl, he whispered Yes, I whispered back I fucking love you, he whispered.Love That Just Is, is the last in the Baby Girl Erik Ead series I have to admit that I am so sad this story is over It ended perfectly As always, Mr Hildreth made me cry tears of happiness with his ending Each of the books in this series, for me, was a little vignette into the lives of Erik and Kellid book 3 showed how much a man set in his ways can changen adapt to another human being once love is introduc [...]

    8. Erik f king Ead owns me Just finished this and I swear this series totally rocked Not only is it hot as hell but the character s development throughout the series was some of the best growth I ve seen through any series Honestly I loved the fact that it wasn t all just steam don t get me wrong there was PLENTY OF STEAM but that the stories of each character were well developed and I liked picking up on those changes as they grew and found themselves.I actually felt connections to the characters [...]

    9. Baby girl 3The final book with Erik Kelli begins where the other left off This one adds detail and a story about Kelli s dad and what he went through with his wife along with some medical issues.I won t give spoilers Kelli s dad is facing a huge challenge and the MC rallies around Kelli Erik This is what keeps me coming back to this author, how bikers fight for those they love and protect Oh Easter Love that character Another thing I really like about this author is his knowledge of bikes The s [...]

    10. Outstanding Emotions are running high and time is running out Can Erik continue to be the man that Kelli wants Will he find his peace with his past and protect what s his The cast of characters in this book, the descriptive writing that tells this storyjust wow There s comedy, sexy time and real life scenarios that kept me glued to my PaperWhite I was so incredibly moved by the ending and that saying a lot This is an absolute must read series

    11. You know when there s a book you struggle finding the right words to describe This would be it This series is just so much than erotica It s not just sex, it s people who grow, develop, learn, feel, need, absorb and yes, have sex Often And in unconventional places.The Erik Ead we met in Baby Girl I , who was cocky, distant, untrusting, defensive, had walls around him the size of China is now a loving, caring, giving, considerate live in boyfriend who knows and understands Kelli s need for being [...]

    12. I want people to know how perfect this book was I just finished it and my heart is racing and I m screaming inside, NOOOOOOO, I don t want this to be DONE I m not ready for this to be done Scott, you ve ruined me No explanation that s all I m saying I believe your maturity as a writer has shown in this series It started off Hot and Sexy and the story line was really good But as we got deeper into The Story of Erik and Kelli, your writing changed You got deeper with your characters and it wasn t [...]

    13. A Thanksgiving holiday giveaway hosted by Life Between Fiction chose my name as the winner for Scott Hildreth s Baby Girl Series I not just won 1 book but the whole trilogy Baby Girl I, II, II.5 book III was not out yet but got them as soon as it was out Truth be told, I have never heard of this book So I was very intrigued with what I won Baby Girl starts with Dr Erik Ead, A psychiatrist, a motorcycle man, with tattoos and if one does not know him would think he is an arrogant man A man who kno [...]

    14. WOW Absolutely PERFECT Scott, the way you explain love is absolutely PERFECT I read a book once about love that was developed and love that just is Baby Girl is an emotional, extremely sexy story about how life, in my opinion, should be All the important things in life Trust Love Friendship Loyalty Honor Passion Laughter and This book will make you think about yourself and who you truly are You will find yourself doing some serious soul searching while reading this book I did, but that happens [...]

    15. This is the final book in the Baby Girl series Kelli and Erik have moved in together and are growing closer and closer Their relationship continues to strengthen everyday I adored Erik and Kelli They both knew the minute they met that what they had was special Once Erik finally agreed to give the relationship a try, and put his past fears behind him, he realized how much he gained by having Kelli and her father Gene in his life Kelli was a lucky lady to have found such an amazing man They truly [...]

    16. Where to even begin I will start off by saying when I finished this book I was at a loss for words This book is absolutely Scott Hildreth s best book ever I would give it another star if would have allowed I read Baby Girl 1, 2 and 2.5 in two days and could not wait for this book Thank goodness Scott doesn t make his readers wait very long and it was so worth it Erik and Kelli really amazed me in this book they have evolved into the most amazing couple This book had me laughing, Crying ,longing, [...]

    17. Book III Love That Just IsErik I read a book once about love that was developed and love that just is This completely sums up the entire journey for Erik and Kelli This series enveloped my heart, my emotions, my thoughts It was a roller coaster ride of self reflection, and sitting back watching what will come next for Erik and Kelli Death, sadness, closure, dependency, faith, unbelievable sexual content Heart warming dialog, true and honest passion It is extremely hard to describe in words this [...]

    18. Overall, I think this series deserves a solid 4 stars Erik started out as a complete ass, and Kelli had too many TSTL moments, but what I enjoyed was Erik s progression Learning how to love, and his acceptance of it Now, what was kind of intriguing, was their sexual relationship Not your typical BDSM story, or unlike any I have ever read A lot of people might read their interactions, and think, seriously WTF WAS that I certainly did But it s like a car crash, you can t stop looking reading even [...]

    19. This was an amazing read, the whole series has been fantastic Loved seeing Erik and Kelli s relationship develop into what it became Crash is hilarious, laughed out loud at some of his conversations Gene is a great character, never minces his words and the camaraderie he has with Erik is brilliant Erik really changed throughout this book, he became a man that was completely happy with what he had, he became a part of a family and had love that just is The ending was lovely and i really hope ther [...]

    20. I m so in love with everyone from Kelli, Erik, Gene and the whole MC I absolutely lost myself in this trilogy I wasn t sure at first what sort of mind F CK I had stepped into, but by the end I could see where all those poser books hoped to take you with a person, a couple and a story because this trilogy delivered you there without you really knowing Awesome.

    21. This book had me laughing soo hard and crying the ugly cry The story line will not disappoint This author has a eye for detail He actually makes you feel the love the two characters share I am actually sad to them go.

    22. Loved this book, what a journey we have been on with Erik Kelli This was than the previous books as we get to see a loving and compassionate side to Erik His love for Kelli just grabs you and makes you feel itThere is still lots of counting and Sex Well done Mr Hildreth.

    23. Wow, Scott, you outdo yourself each time, I really loved this book, as always, love the Kelli Erik relationship, the other characters were great Perfect closure Spectacular job 3

    24. A Love That Just IsAmazing and beautiful story of two people who found love, even when they weren t looking for it Perfectiona love that just is

    25. Wow, what a great book, what a great series I just finished it and still can t stop crying So beautiful LOVE THAT JUST IS Thanks Scott

    26. Wow Only bad thing about this book is the last page cause then there s no wanted it to go on and on x

    27. Baby Girl Loved Erik Ead Trilogy, 3 The end of a great trilogy If you love to read erotic, romance series, try this one.

    28. I loved this series It was a great ending but being the romantic I am I would have liked an epilogue with the wedding and maybe Kelli falling pregnant.

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