Very Good, Jeeves (2020)

Very Good Jeeves A Jeeves and Wooster collectionAn outstanding collection of Jeeves stories every one a winner in which Jeeves endeavours to give satisfaction By saving a grumpy cabinet minister from being marooned
  • Title: Very Good, Jeeves
  • Author: P.G. Wodehouse
  • ISBN: 9780099513728
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • Very Good, Jeeves
    A Jeeves and Wooster collectionAn outstanding collection of Jeeves stories, every one a winner, in which Jeeves endeavours to give satisfaction By saving a grumpy cabinet minister from being marooned and attacked by a swan in the process saving Bertie Wooster from his impending doomBy rescuing Bingo Little and Tuppy Glossop from the soup twice each By arranging rA Jeeves and Wooster collectionAn outstanding collection of Jeeves stories, every one a winner, in which Jeeves endeavours to give satisfaction By saving a grumpy cabinet minister from being marooned and attacked by a swan in the process saving Bertie Wooster from his impending doomBy rescuing Bingo Little and Tuppy Glossop from the soup twice each By arranging rather too many performances of the song Sonny Boy to a not very appreciative audienceAnd by a variety of other sparkling stratagems that should reduce you to helpless laughter This early collection shows P.G.Wodehouse at the top of his game, writing with sublime wit and delicacy of plotting.
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    1. A little Wodehouse is good for the soul.I chose this fun volume of Jeeves Wooster because I needed some cheering up after finishing a long and depressing tome I m looking at you, Donna Tartt and now all is well again Right ho Very Good, Jeeves is a collection of 11 short stories featuring everyone s favorite valet a personal gentleman s gentleman, as Jeeves describes himself and the ongoing scrapes of Mr Bertie Wooster In each story, either Bertie or one of his friends and relatives is in a bind [...]

    2. One of the earlier Jeeves Wooster, Very Good, Jeeves sees Wodehouse with some matured characters, but a plot that is still taking baby steps.If memory serves and it seldom does, so take that with a necessary grain of salt , the first few Jeeves books Wodehouse penned were written as short stories This one definitely is and I m not a huge fan Or perhaps I should say that I prefer the full length novellas of later books These shorts felt like they were just getting off the ground only to suddenly [...]

    3. Jeeves, have you ever pondered on Life From time to time sir, in my leisure moments Grim, isn t it, what Grim, sir All Bertram Wooster wants from life is a good night s sleep followed by a hearty breakfast, a whole day lazing at the Drones Club and maybe a vaudeville show in the evening, but troubles seems to gather around him like bees around honey His favorite analogy is landing in the soup , usually with a push from the long queue of friends and relatives who come knocking on his door Grim, i [...]

    4. 3.5 starsVery Good, Jeeves is a collection of eleven humorous stories featuring Bertie Wooster and his valet Jeeves Bertie is a fun loving but rather dim British toff who always getting involved in hare brained schemes that go sideways And Jeeves is his very clever gentleman s gentleman who invariably makes things right.Some of Bertie s escapades stem from his attempts to get back at his friend Tuppy Glossup Tuppy bet Bertie he couldn t swing across a swimming pool on a set of rings.en disabled [...]

    5. There is really no one who can wash away the troubles, soothe the careworn brow how does that go again And careworn brows forget, sir.Exactly When my brows need forgetting No one can soothe and forget like P.G Wodehouse.I was idling away the morning, doing my best to make myself scarce, what with visiting family being than a jot tiring, when I popped into the Strand to see if they could help improve the noggin Not to say they had fish, but they did have a rather large assortment of the printed [...]

    6. Jeeves and the Impending Doom, the first story in Very Good, Jeeves made me want to write humorous fiction Not so much because of this particular story, which is hysterical, but because it was my introduction to Wodehouse Somewhere between when Bertie pronged a moody forkful of the eggs and b and when he announced, it seems to be a mere matter of time before I perpetrate some ghastly floater and have her hopping after me with her hatchet, I was hooked.There is so much to like about Wodehouse Th [...]

    7. Going into Very Good, Jeeves, I knew five of its stories would be repeats for me they comprised another collection I read, Jeeves and the Old School Chum but it turns out I had already read all eleven of its stories I m not quite sure how this happened I don t think I d read this particular collection before, but it s possible I had and simply forgot I blame this on Wodehouse, whose book titles were all so bloody similar Very Good, Jeeves, Thank You, Jeeves, Right Ho, Jeeves, The Inimitable Jeev [...]

    8. 1987 I was twenty five years old and holed up in the intensive care unit at the National Neurological Hospital in London, stricken from head to toe with Guillain Barr Syndrome Symptoms total paralysis Prognosis uncertain.Guillain Barr Syndrome is a bizarre illness It attacks the myelin sheath that transmits messages along one s peripheral nerves One day my toes went numb A week later I found myself in hospital, unable to move, breathe or speak An unscratchable itch on my leg could propel me to t [...]

    9. My, how I love P.G Wodehouse For unabashed, slightly dippy Anglophiles like me, the Jeeves Wooster stories are a wonderful Brit fantasyland that could only be matched by a stay at Hogwarts Bertie is a man of very little brain, whose magical powers include lots of money, leisure, an excellent liver, and a slim, clotheshorsy figure Bertie s Lord Voldemort subs are friends who prevail upon him to housebreak, steal, tick people off, or otherwise engage in socially awkward or illegal trickery, usuall [...]

    10. Reading about Bertie s and Jeeves adventures makes me happy In my mind, Bertie is sort of like Mr Bean, and Jeeves is the 007 of the butlering world I think this is my 4th or 5th Wodehouse book in this series and I can t stop reading them They re addictive

    11. Delightful collection of stories, including Jeeves and the Yule tide Spirit, which I have been trying to find for a couple of years My favorite, however, was Indian Summer of an Uncle.

    12. I love Jonathan Cecil s narration of Wodehouse books It has been a long time since I read this collection in paperback but I still remembered some of the stories quite well However, that doesn t really matter with Wodehouse I had intended to listen to this slowly, one story a day but found that I couldn t stop listening at just one

    13. I really enjoyed the comic adventures and the snappy, humorous dialogue between the two main characters Bertie Wooster and his manservant Jeeves I also liked the format, a series of short stories, which made it easier to start and stop This was my first Jeeves book but I plan on going back to 1 and reading through the series My interest in the series was piqued when I recently bought Jeeves and the Wedding Bells which was written as an homage to P G Wodehouse, several decades after the last Jeev [...]

    14. I m giving this book 5 stars not because it is a Great Book, but because for what it is a collection of humorous stories it is perfection I hadn t read any Jeeves stories in a long time, and these delighted me as much as the first time I read them I plan to read Wodehouse in the future Now there s a New Year s Resolution I can keep.

    15. Classic book series that everyone loves I did enjoy the British speak even though I didn t really understand most of it I needed a British to American English dictionary at my side I will have to do that for the next installment and hopefully I will get the humor.

    16. What a bally good book A collection of 11 short stories consisting of assorted birds from country houses all over the English countryside, with a dash of Proletariat thrown in as well What with the blighted Aunt Agatha and the wonderful Aunt Dahlia the only aunt in the Wooster clan who shouldn t be locked up in an asylum making multiple appearances, along with an intolerable uncle, wailing cousins and a couple of blighted nephews, exotic dogs, the Pyke and what not I think, this entire piece of [...]

    17. A dose of Jeeves and Wooster is definitely good for what ails you Wodehouse created a world in which the worst thing that happens is that a bobby s helmet is stolen by some inebriated but always good hearted young men or Uncle George, Lord Yaxley, is planning to marry a young waitress And the brainy Jeeves always has a scheme to set right any of these trifling wrongs.One wouldn t want a steady diet of such light fare, but occasionally it s good to remember that a merry heart doeth good like a me [...]

    18. Reread 11 chapters of separate misadventures, again espi gle, my favorite for toothsome bites of a light hearted era between world wars, frivolous last gasps of a leisured English aristocracy Unsuitable amours, boisterous schoolboys, domineering aunts, misinterpretations and predicaments time to burnish the old bean of ingenious conniver Jeeves, uphold Wooster pride, and set all to rights Silly slang, poetic ramblings, even a bear in Shakespeare, advance my vocabulary and knowledge of classics w [...]

    19. The old fathead Yes, sir The expression is one which I would, of course, not have ventured to employ myself, but I confess to thinking his lordship somewhat ill advised One must remember, however, that it is not unusual to find gentlemen of a certain age yielding to what might be described as a sentimental urge They appear to experience what I may term a sort of Indian summer, a kind of temporarily renewed youth The phenomenon is particularly noticeable, I am given to understand, in the United S [...]

    20. I ve been meaning to read a book of Wodehouse stories for some time, and finally bit the bullet and picked one up An entire book of these stories is a little tedious, due to the paint by numbers plot formula Bertie Wooster has some social problem to contend with, he asks his butler Jeeves for advice, he ignores the advice, hijinks arise, and Jeeves swoops in to save the day, usually revealing that he ignored his employer s direction and set his initial plan in motion.But any of these individual [...]

    21. For too long I hesitated reading a book in this series thinking it was about a rich stuffy old fart who ordered his butler around Also it was written ages ago so what was considered thigh slapping humor then would hardly rate a chuckle today, right Wrong on both counts Good writing is always timeless and this was one of the funniest books I ve ever read The chap Jeeves works for is a bumbler who gets himself into all kinds of awkward situations and constantly needs Jeeves to bail him out Throw i [...]

    22. This was the first time I read Wodehouse and the experience was hilariously memorable Wooster and Jeeves, the master and valet, were in their element and did not disappoint The sardonic British humour cuts smoothly, does not jar the senses and makes the point timely Although the escapades are all very unlikely, and almost seem to be set in a parallel universe Wodehousian , there s an innocence attached to Wooster s thick headed reliance on Jeeves superior intellect I loved the Jeeves character H [...]

    23. This is my second time reading Wodehouse s Jeeves stories, and the experience this time was pretty similar to the last one it s lightweight but fun The stories are pretty formulaic upper class twit Bertie Wooster and his friends or relatives are presented with some sort of social dilemma social as in high society , sometimes of their own making, to which Bertie s valet Jeeves usually provides a clever solution that no one else thought of But as the saying goes, what a formula And really, it s no [...]

    24. The last, and certainly the best, of the three books of Jeeves and Wooster short stories Wodehouse definitely in mid season form a cricketing allusion Brilliant prose, plotting, wry humour.The GR blurb Whatever the cause of Bertie Wooster s consternation Bobbie Wickham gives away fierce Aunt Agatha s dog again in the bad books of Sir Roderick Glossop Tuppy crushes on robust opera singer Jeeves can untangle the most ferocious muddle 1 Jeeves and the Impending Doom2 The Inferiority Complex of Old [...]

    25. I don t know, maybe P G Wodehouse is one of those either you like him or you don t writers, but I like him Doesn t disappoint, another fine outing here, 11 short stories with Bertram Wooster getting his fat in the fire and his ever reliable valet Jeeves putting the fire out And the veddy British turns of phrase oh lord, just sooo entertaining, particularly Jeeves dry and succinct responses to Bertie s sallies In many ways it s my favorite part of the entire ouevre Much the usual cast of characte [...]

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