A Wilder Rose (2020)

A Wilder Rose Albert has written a nuanced moving and resonant novel about fraught mother daughter relationships family obligation and the ways we both inherit and reject the values of our parentsWith all of the
  • Title: A Wilder Rose
  • Author: Susan Wittig Albert
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  • Page: 316
  • Format: ebook
  • A Wilder Rose
    Albert has written a nuanced, moving and resonant novel about fraught mother daughter relationships, family obligation and the ways we both inherit and reject the values of our parentsWith all of the charm of the Little House series and the benefit of a sophisticated, adult worldview Albert s novel is an absolute pleasure Kirkus Reviews starred review Albert does a Albert has written a nuanced, moving and resonant novel about fraught mother daughter relationships, family obligation and the ways we both inherit and reject the values of our parentsWith all of the charm of the Little House series and the benefit of a sophisticated, adult worldview Albert s novel is an absolute pleasure Kirkus Reviews starred review Albert does an excellent job of bringing historical figures to life in a credible way her novel is well paced, its characterizations are strong, and the plot is solidly constructed Readers begin to understand Lane s personality and mentality, as well as the things that drive her Publishers Weekly starred review In 1928, Rose Wilder Lane world traveler, journalist, much published magazine writer returned from an Albanian sojourn to her parents Ozark farm Almanzo Wilder was 71, Laura 61, and Rose felt obligated to stay and help To make life easier, she built them a new home, while she and Helen Boylston transformed the farmhouse into a rural writing retreat and filled it with visiting New Yorkers Rose sold magazine stories to pay the bills for both households, and despite the subterranean tension between mother and daughter, life seemed good.Then came the Crash Rose s money vanished, the magazine market dried up, and the Depression darkened the nation That s when Laura wrote her autobiography, Pioneer Girl, the story of growing up in the Big Woods of Wisconsin, on the Kansas prairie, and by the shores of Silver Lake The rest the eight remarkable books that followed is literary history.But it isn t the history we thought we knew For the surprising truth is that Laura s stories were publishable only with Rose s expert rewriting Based on Rose s unpublished diaries and Laura s letters, A Wilder Rose tells the true story of the decade long, intensive, and often troubled collaboration that produced the Little House books the collaboration that Rose and Laura deliberately hid from their agent, editors, reviewers, and readers.Why did the two women conceal their writing partnership What made them commit what amounts to one of the longest running deceptions in American literature And what happened in those years to change Rose from a left leaning liberal to a passionate Libertarian In this impeccably researched novel and with a deep insight into the book writing business gained from her own experience as an author and coauthor, Susan Wittig Albert follows the clues that take us straight to the heart of this fascinating literary mystery.
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    1. A Wilder RoseRose Wilder Lane, Laura Ingalls Wilder and Their Little Houses by Susan Wittig Albert.The novel is based on the lives of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane and highlights the years between 1928 and 1939 A compelling, fascinating blend of fact and fiction could not have been written by these two remarkable women behind Little House on the Prairie and the rest of the books in the Little House Series Sometimes we need to use fiction to tell the truth Sometimes fic [...]

    2. A Wilder Rose is a novel about the decade Rose Wilder Lane spent working with her mother, Laura Ingalls Wilder, on the manuscripts that became the Little House books which were published under Wilder s name, even though Lane did much to shape and improve them Those who ve read extensively about the lives of these two women especially William Holtz s biography of Lane, The Ghost in the Little House are already familiar with this story, but in A Wilder Rose, Susan Wittig Albert casts it as a novel [...]

    3. Laura Ingalls Wilder, a name most of probably recognize, either becomes of her books, or the TV series, or both Ingalls Wilder is probably one of the most known children author thanks to her fictional retelling of her childhood But, what not many people know is that without her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane is it a strong possibility that the never would have been any books.Susan Wittig Albert has written a book about Rose Wilder Lane life and how it came to be that she ghostwrote the Laura Ingall [...]

    4. This book is a novelized biography of Rose Wilder Lane, the daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder who is the credited author of the Little House on the Prairie series of children s books Over time critics and historians have come to believe that Rose s involvement in helping her mother write the Little House series exceeded that of editor, that in reality Rose filled the role of what would generally be considered ghostwriter My interest of this controversy is what prompted me to read this book.This b [...]

    5. I m a little sad and disappointed after reading this book First off I did enjoy learning all about Rose Wilder Lane, the daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder the author of the Little House Books.The author s premise is that Rose did most of the writing of the Little House Books while Laura just wrote down her memories with Rose editing and expanding upon them.The author was not content with stopping there though and continues on to present Rose as the much put upon daughter of LIW who was portrayed [...]

    6. This was a nice book about how the Little House on the Prairie books came about I remember my mother reading these to my sister and I when we were growing up It was an interesting to learn Wilder s daughter really shaped the books into what they became A very good read for fans of Wilder s books.

    7. This was pretty awful I read that Albert self published because, in her words, publishers were afraid fans of Laura Ingalls Wilder would be too upset by the book The book takes the stance that Rose Wilder Lane co authored the Little House books I think she had to self publish because it is not well written There is no character development and the book is a series of I did this, and then I did that None of the characters are fleshed out and there is no real plot Lane is a fascinating person in h [...]

    8. I loved Laura Ingalls Wilder s Little House series growing up Twenty years later, I still set aside time for Hallmark s Little House on the Prairie Marathons and am just as enraptured by her books as I was at age eight It recently came out the Laura s daughter Rose may have been the steamroller behind the writing Between my nostalgic love and curiosity by this new snippet of information the novel, A Wilder Rose grabbed my interest.During a rewrite of By the Shores of Silver Lake Rose takes the t [...]

    9. This was a disappointing read for me, and I m glad I didn t buy this book like I was planning to I m a big fan of both Laura Ingalls Wilder s stories and Rose Wilder Lane s writings If ghost writing happened at least it was all in the family This book was just not as well written as it could be I can see why publishers didn t want to take her on as a client since it was all so negative Pretty much all the characters were shown in their worst light Honestly I wonder if Ms Wittig Albert took the t [...]

    10. A must read for anyone who, like many of my generation, was obsessed with the Little House series before it became a TV juggernaut Just as the books are a fictionalized account of Laura s childhood, this is a fictionalized account of how the LH books very likely came to be Is the story true I can t judge, but after reading Susan Wittig Albert s imagined account, I find myself wanting to read Rose s books, if only to see how they compare the books written by her mother.

    11. Susan Wittig Albert has done a masterful work with the two subjects of her book, Laura Ingalls Wilder and her daughter Rose Wilder Lane It is a novel, but a novel with facts In her very fine readers companion to A Wilder Rose, Albert says Writing novels about real people can be a tricky business What can be so tricky about it, you might well ask Laura Ingalls Wilder s stories about a time gone by are now a fabric of our society, part legend and part of our childhood Let me let Laura herself expl [...]

    12. Brings William Holtz s academic biography of Rose Wilder Lane to vivid fictional life, telling the story of two strong women who collaborated to develop the Little House books.Like many, I read and re read the Little House books, and believed that they were memoir, not fiction As I grew older, I happened on bits of debate about the extent to which the stories were exaggerated for dramatic effect, but never seriously questioned the fundamental truth of the stories I also learned that that Laura I [...]

    13. Like many a young girl, I treasured the classic historical novels of Laura Ingalls Wilder I used to read the books over and over, captivated by the descriptions of American frontier life, the optimistic themes of family togetherness and survival amid challenging circumstances, and the appealing character of spunky Laura, the author s younger self.And, like many other children, I had read the final book, The First Four Years, with a sense of puzzlement It lacked the sparkle of the others The hero [...]

    14. What did I think It was an interesting novel about 10 years in Rose Wilder Lane s life, the years that she moved her parents into a house that she built for them so she could take over the family farm house, where she could write and entertain her female friends There is an air of mystery around Rose s relationship with her friend Troub I kept thinking of the relationship between Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok Oh, wouldn t Rose the Roosevelt Hater love that comparison The focus of the novel [...]

    15. Find this and other reviews at flashlightcommentary.I was eight when I read the Little House books My mother gave me a full set of hard covers and we read them aloud From time to time I ve revisited the material, picking up a biography I happened across or checking out one of the My First Little House Books for my own daughter I love these stories but even so, I wasn t entirely sold on reading Susan Wittig Albert s A Wilder Rose.I d never read the author before so I knew the book would be new gr [...]

    16. I read this book on my kindle this is about Rose Wilder Lane and her famous mother, Laura Ingalls Wilder it mostly follows the life of Rose wilder Lane she was a known writer who often was a ghost writer for famous celebrities and other authors it has been rud for years that Rose Lane helped write her mother Laura ingalls Wilder with her famous children books about her life growing up as a pioneer girl Laura was known to tell stories about her childhood and was encouraged to write about them the [...]

    17. This book is about the writing and publishing of the Little House on The Prairie books that like so many other little girls, I read and loved Supposedly written by Laura Ingalls Wilder, it turns out that the books were pretty much rewritten by her daughter Rose although this was not publically known at the time.Although this aspect of the story was interesting, what I found much interesting was the time period in which this book takes place in the 1920s through the late 1930s Rose Wilder Lane w [...]

    18. Like so many American girls, I grew up a rabid fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder s books despite the cheesy television series Over the years, I read many books about Laura, and begged my long suffering husband to detour on road trips so that I could make pilgrimages to Laura s houses You re a saint, honey But I never knew much about Rose and frankly wasn t that interested she didn t bring in the whole woodpile during a blizzard I wondered why the literary style of The First Four Years was so different [...]

    19. In the Team Laura vs Team Rose debate, author Susan Wittig Albert is decidedly on Team Rose Based on William Holtz s biography The Ghost in the Little House as well as Rose s journals, she has fictionalized the years in which Rose lived on Rocky Ridge Farm with her aging parents and worked on her mother s novels I d read the Holtz biography, but not the journals, so while the novel seemed accurate based on what I know, much of it seemed like speculation that only the journals can corroborate Lau [...]

    20. I never read the Little House books and barely watched the tv show growing up but of course, Laura Ingalls Wilder is an icon of children s literature Who knew that her daughter was of the driving force behind the books, which won an incredible number of awards Albert has used in depth research to tell a story steeped in historical facts The relationship between Rose and Laura hit a little too close to home mothers and daughters are often competitors Rose s life had so many interesting moments a [...]

    21. As a lifelong Little House fan, I found this fascinating, although it paints both Rose and her mother as somewhat unsympathetic I m not sure about the extent of the collaboration between Laura and Rose since this book depicts Rose doing most of the writing, I m now reading Pamela Smith Hill s LIW biography to sort of balance things out.

    22. While I waited for the advent of Pioneer Girl, which was taking forever, I decided to give this book a try What was the harm It was purported to be a novelization of the relationship between Rose Wilder Lane and her mother, Laura Ingalls Wilder, in all its complexity, to include the issue of who wrote or edited or rewrote or re edited the iconic Little House books A novel could make assumptions a biography or academic study could not, flesh out characters, spice up or invent dialogue, and genera [...]

    23. I admit, I approached this book with some trepidation, being a diehard Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House fan Like millions of other girls, I wanted to be, if not Laura herself, then her best friend, sharing in her adventures as well as the many times of love and laughter she shared with her close knit family That being said, though, it never bothered me overmuch when I read that she may not have written the books totally on her own It was the spirit of the girl in the stories that I loved, and S [...]

    24. Another week, another Little House story This one however has something of a twist, aiming to tell the story of the girl described as the ghost in the little house Rose Wilder Lane A fashionable recent theory has it that Laura Ingalls Wilder did not write the books which bear her name, that instead she provided the facts and that they were instead ghost written by her daughter In this novel, Albert takes this theory as fact and draws together the story of how this might have come to be Having re [...]

    25. She was her Mother s RoseI really enjoyed this book First of all because as a girl I was a fan of the Little House BooksYes there is a lot of controversy over the ghost writing that Laura Ingall sdaughter Rose did on the books But , when it comes down to it, the stories , experiences, and family tragedies were Laura s Just because her daughter was better at constructing a story , or better at making it flow, did not mean that she was the author of her mothers books In my opinion she did no than [...]

    26. This weekend, I devoured A Wilder Rose by Susan Wittig Albert I think I started it on my Thursday morning commute and finished it by Sunday night I loved it for many reasons and highly recommend it.I picked up the book because I was very interested in reading Pioneer Girl, the annotated autobiography of Laura Ingalls Wilder that was also released this year, but it is quite expensive and not available on Kindle I m still interested in reading it, but mainly because I would like to see the differe [...]

    27. Laura Ingalls Wilder s books were some of my favorites growing up I ll never forget the day my mom brought home Little House in the Big Woods for me My mind was opened up to a whole new world In fact, these books were probably responsible for my lifelong love of historical fiction As a child, I didn t care who wrote the books or how much was based on fact and how much was fiction, and I was surprised to learn there was a bit of controversy surrounding the authorship of the series I was curious a [...]

    28. Received as a review copy from the author I m fascinated by the relationship between Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rose Wilder Lane and I m looking forward to reading this.Thoroughly enjoyed this fictionalized account of the adult lives of Rose Wilder Lane and her mother, Laura Ingalls Wilder William Holtz has already written the definitive scholarly work on Lane s life the excellent Ghost in the Little House so Albert wisely takes another route and mirrors what Wilder and Lane did with the Little Ho [...]

    29. 4.5 stars Growing up, I read the Little House on the Prairie books over and over again I loved the stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family and their lives on the prairie I so wanted to be a pioneer when I was little Those books were probably my first brush with historical fiction, a genre that you all know that I dearly, dearly love When I got a little older and realized that the books were based on actual stories from Laura s life, I was even intrigued but I never put much thought into [...]

    30. I was given the wonderful opportunity to read this book as a galley copy I am very grateful to Susan for asking me to read and review this book This book is a definite departure from my beloved China Bayles series and even from the remarkable Darling Dahlias series The book is autobiographical in nature It focuses on the life of Rose Wilder Lane, the daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder who is known for the Little House on the Prairie series of books There has been much conjecture over the years tha [...]

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