Y, el último hombre: cómos y por qués (2020)

Y el ltimo hombre c mos y por qu s El Hombre que nunca estuvo all El largo y arduo viaje de Yorick Brown a trav s de una Tierra poblada nicamente por mujeres llega a un final dram tico e inesperado Podr reunirse con Beth su novia perd
  • Title: Y, el último hombre: cómos y por qués
  • Author: Brian K. Vaughan
  • ISBN: 9788467463750
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • Y, el último hombre: cómos y por qués
    El Hombre que nunca estuvo all El largo y arduo viaje de Yorick Brown a trav s de una Tierra poblada nicamente por mujeres llega a un final dram tico e inesperado Podr reunirse con Beth, su novia perdida Descubrir finalmente la respuesta a la aniquilaci n de todos los machos del planeta Puedes encontrar esta y otras respuestas en C MOS Y PORQU S, el volumen finalEl Hombre que nunca estuvo all El largo y arduo viaje de Yorick Brown a trav s de una Tierra poblada nicamente por mujeres llega a un final dram tico e inesperado Podr reunirse con Beth, su novia perdida Descubrir finalmente la respuesta a la aniquilaci n de todos los machos del planeta Puedes encontrar esta y otras respuestas en C MOS Y PORQU S, el volumen final que recopila los n meros 55 a 60 de la aclamada historia guionizada por Brian K Vaughan, ganador del premio Eisner y guionista de la exitosa serie PERDIDOS, e ilustrada por P a Guerra.
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      465 Brian K. Vaughan
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    1. I can t properly review this with words So here is a play by play of my emotions throughout the reading of this epic series Meeting the Yorick the last man on Earth Meeting Agent 355 Reaction to Alison talking Meeting Alter Traveling with Yorick and Co All the Plot twists Nearing the end To finally But, loving the way Yorick makes his last move To clarify, this series isn t perfect It had its ups and downs, and its flaws, but I didn t care about a single one of them Now excuse my why I cry my ey [...]

    2. It ll be hard to respond to this without spoiling a lot, but here goesSo we finally bring all the characters together, and all the longing and all the inconvenient things that could happen do Someone wants to confess something only for someone else to interrupt with another earthshattering event Who does Yorick want to be with Y The Last Man has always had an element of soap opera disguised as philosophy, but this is by far the most heavyhanded and ignorantly blunt volume in the run The big reun [...]

    3. I finished last volume and my overall impression is that it s good series but not without flaws.Y The last man is funny and even ridiculous on few occasions but also points out unequalty there are hardly any female pilots, women that killed their husbands serve time than men that killed their wives etc and on than one occasion ask the question Is world better off without men Flaws It takes up to volume 3 for story to take off and it takes 1 2 volumes for Yorick to stop being annoying.There ar [...]

    4. Reflecting on this series, I m going to say not impressed The series tended to irk me a lot The idea is still thought provoking and fascinating you know the drill by now what happened if every male mammal was wiped out, besides one Everyman and his monkey But how Vaughan dealt with it was just ri fucking diculous You know what, Vaughan Very little of my life revolves around men and Fighting the Patriarchy Seriously, is this supposed to be set in the 1960s Nearly every woman in this thing is OBSE [...]

    5. Spoilers Ahead If I think on it too long I can t help but feel just a little let down by the ending of this series But, that said, doesn t mean that I m altogether unhappy with the ending or that I think it should have been done differently All mysteries are not fully revealed I have to think that perhaps that was intentional We don t always get all the answers in life, right Society and periods in history some than others are messy and complicated and convoluted and full of holes that never ge [...]

    6. Reading the epilogue with Ramin Djawadi s Light of the Seven in the background wasn t a very good idea This last volume was a roller coaster of emotions, one moment I was feeling happy, the next I was feeling sad and all this kept happening until the crushing finale that made me weep like a child I had my own theories on how this was going to end, but none of what I though was going to happen actually happened There are so many horrible moments in this volume that make want to hate Brian K Vaugh [...]

    7. I don t even know where to start I d love to just throw, no shovel, all kinds of praise on this You know, like when The Academy gave Peter Jackson all those awards for The Return of the King, mostly neglecting the first two sidebar I hate those damn Hobbit movies.Vaughan did everything right, I wouldn t change a damn thing Part of me wants to do a whole spoiler ific review but I refuse to neglect peeps who haven t read this, so I ll try and tag appropriately.You know what, I m not ashamed to adm [...]

    8. NOOOOOOO It s finished I ve tried to delay finishing this incredible series for ages and I m going to miss all the characters SO much Yorick, 355 Dr Mann AMPERSAND ugh, all of them I don t know how to feel about that ending, this whole volume was so intense The revelations came out of NOWHERE and I m still reeling from the events I m not quite satisfied with how it ended because there are still so many answers, and this will be one of those tales that will stay with me for years, and I ll always [...]

    9. I am very impressed.When I started reading this series, I was blown away by the first few volumes and couldn t wait to buy the next one to see not only where the story and characters were going, but also to experience the depth of writing.After a few volumes, though, I felt that the plot and characterization both lagged a bit While the plot slowed, the characterization didn t really pick up Some of the middle volumes felt slow and lost These last two really picked up the pace, the characterizati [...]

    10. I have to judge this series as a whole, and it gets five stars though some of the individual issues and arcs may not be 5 star It s got a few places that seem to mis step, but it s just a fantastic work of writing, of fiction, imagination, knowledge, and insight Yorick s no hero pun not intended , nor is he an anti hero He grows, he messes up, he does and doesn t come of age, and he learns He also learns that, well, not everyone learns Not everyone s making the same journey, or wants to Meanwhil [...]

    11. Y THE LAST MAN is the story of a young man, named Yorick Brown and his monkey Ampersand, both males in a world where every single male has died That s right, every male on the planet, not just human males, has died in the world, and this story doesn t go the way you think it would What caused all the men in the world to die Well, that s something that s explored most of this series It s always a question in the back of the reader s mind Is it mystical Ending concludes the series in a completely [...]

    12. I imagine I ll update this review to say much, much later, and to tone down the high minded pretentious to come, but I definitely wanted to write something right here and now, moments after turning the last page, absorbing the last image, and finishing this book for the first of what will probably be many, many times But here goes In many, many truly wonderful and dazzlingly cogent ways, Brian K Vaughan and Pia Guerra have created a smart, funny, thoughtful and seminal work This series started [...]

    13. Wow that endinggood series but seriously It s like all that work and development led to nothing Speaking of developing, at this point I can discuss Agent 355 and Yoricks s relationship We follow them for a five year period on many dangerous missions They don t get along intially and slowly get along with each other Their feelings with complicated since Yorick is so keen on reuniting with his fiance We see bits and pieces of them sharing tender moments and fits of jealousy However, that s all we [...]

    14. AlasI m not sure how a book like this with such high expectations could ever end and leave everyone satisfied, but it did the trick for me Sure, I want to know But it wrapped enough up to leave me feeling like the journey is complete The resolution of Yorick s search for Beth played out pretty much the way I expected and a major plot point was spoiled for me % Wizard Magazine But the executions of these moments were so perfect, they were both still shocking when they happened I don t throw the [...]

    15. Finished Maybe this is the universal graphic novel, a little something for everyone I m sitting here crying because I m such a big blubberhead and am so depressed about the ending, an ending that could not have happened any other way in order to remain true to the main idea driving the entire series I love dystopia fiction, one of my original loves, and this embodies all of the basic dystopian traits, which should serve as fair warning An honorable mention for the humor Very, very funny, as well [...]

    16. A superb ending to an amazing series Y The Last Man weaves an incredible tale about a global apocalypse and it s potential roots but still manages to make it very human with brilliantly fleshed out characters a kick ass secret agent, a genius bio geneticist, a doggedly determined Russian spy, an EMT turned and the central character a dumb, insufferable asshole who you d want to kill VERY slowly and methodically.An epic journey across the globe provides insights into a post apocalyptic world and [...]

    17. A few days ago I asked Mr Greg to pick a book for me he asked me what kind of book you want And I said something funny and he did his I m not sure I understand humans emotions any look and asked me what is funny That activated my you think you crazier than me mode and I m like dead people are funny What you have on the genocide department He gave me this one and told me it was supposed to be funny in a world were every single man but one is dead I m like that s what s sup So I go to my mighty co [...]

    18. Quite the satisfying read.I really appreciated that the source of the gendercide was not the point of the series That kept the series from turning into some silly mystery, sending them off finding clues and figuring out what happened that would have been pointless What was interesting was seeing how people adapted, some for the better and some for the much worse What was most compelling for me was seeing how Yorick grew from an aimless selfish slacker to a self actualised man not in any straight [...]

    19. While it was interesting, I really felt that Volume 10 ways sort of a disappointment as a conclusion of such a mostly solidly unique series Also, it made no sense to me that all the clones would be called after the original person, which just seems like asking for confusion I liked the stuff with Ciba and Natalya and Hero and Second Beth, but I seriously but felt like all the pieces didn t add up to a good whole and that the romance directions they took were really quite tacky in the end Even t [...]

    20. This entire series has been excellent great concept, solid art, diverse and believable characters and dialogue Lesser writers could have explored the theme quickly, but Vaughan has presented a fascinating and detailed exploration of how people cope and change He did a nice job of summing things up in this last volume, and made a good attempt at a satisfying ending Good for him for recognizing that most good stories deserve endings, and for finishing the series in a logical way If I didn t find [...]

    21. This series is one of the best comic series I ve ever read It s exciting, new, the illustrations are beautiful, and the characters are complex If you haven t read this series, do it because you will not be disappointed.

    22. this is the most beautiful epilogue to a comic series i have ever readits elegant and mind blowing and satisfying i was very sad to see 355 die since all the signs said that she and Yorick will be together in the endi was heartbroken with yorick to know that beth the first was going to break up with him before the plague i was very excited to see the old yorick in his straight jacket and was wondering all the time why the hell hasn t he escaped from it long ago but as the saying goes better late [...]

    23. note this review covers the entire series of ten volumes Imagine a world in which every creature possessing a Y chromosome has just died In a single moment, the world s animal population has been reduced by roughly half This is a world where most of the world s politicians, most of the world s scientists, most of the world s military, most of the world s pilots, most of the world s film makers, and most of the world s businessmen are no longer with us This is a world of chaos and desperation, a [...]

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