Highwayman Ironside (2020)

Highwayman Ironside Product DescriptionEngland A nation reeling from the turmoil of bloody civil war An island in the iron grip of Oliver Cromwell s Protectorate The forces of King Charles have been utterly defeated
  • Title: Highwayman Ironside
  • Author: Michael Arnold
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  • Page: 115
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Highwayman Ironside
    Product DescriptionEngland 1655.A nation reeling from the turmoil of bloody civil war An island in the iron grip of Oliver Cromwell s Protectorate.The forces of King Charles have been utterly defeated The sovereign is dead, his supporters beaten, humiliated and scattered.But it is not just former Cavaliers who find themselves hounded by the new regime Many of those whoProduct DescriptionEngland 1655.A nation reeling from the turmoil of bloody civil war An island in the iron grip of Oliver Cromwell s Protectorate.The forces of King Charles have been utterly defeated The sovereign is dead, his supporters beaten, humiliated and scattered.But it is not just former Cavaliers who find themselves hounded by the new regime Many of those who fought for Parliament have fallen foul of the oppressive rule of the Major Generals.One such man is Major Samson Lyle Roundhead, outlaw, fugitive Forced into exile after a dispute with the ruling elite, he has returned, intent on waging war against those now in command Skilled with pistol and blade, Lyle takes the fight onto the busy roads south of the capital, forging a formidable reputation as a notorious highwayman.Along with his trusted young ward Bella, and Eustace Grumm, an irascible former smuggler, Lyle dodges the ever present threat of capture to menace those against whom he has sworn revenge But when the robbery of a powerful lawyer alerts Lyle to the imprisonment of a former comrade, the Major is plunged into a dangerous game of intrigue and deceit that may finally prove his undoing And he must tread carefully, for Parliament have dispatched their own man to hunt the elusive outlaw The villainous Colonel John Maddocks is tracking Lyle s every move, and soon he will come face to face with the Ironside Highwayman.
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      Michael Arnold

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    1. The Highwayman Ironside takes place in a period of history I have always found fascinating the English Civil War The period is not covered much in the US but it is a period ripe for fiction a king is beheaded, a successful general disbands parliament, and Republican England is led by an absolute, unchecked ruler All of this a hundred years before the American and French Revolutions The book was OK It takes place in the wake of Cromwell s victory All rebels have been suppressed The royalists are [...]

    2. ReviewThis is a short story before anyone complains about not getting a full book for their 1.99 It is however a blooming splendid short story Michael Arnold writes this era better than anyone in the genre, his books just reek of cordite from the guns and resound with the clash of steel and the pounding of horses hooves This short story is no different from the Stryker series in its power and accuracy, but its characters especially his new protagonist Lyle A man haunted and angry, but a man who [...]

    3. I ll warn you at the outset that this is a review of a short story, not a full novel, since I know a number of folk don t read short stories To be honest, I rarely do, except when they re penned by authors whose full works I regard very highly Then, often the shorts are side adventures of their main characters from their novels and thus I tend to read them as part of a series.I have had Ironside sitting on my kindle, bugging me to read it for quite some time The reason I hadn t Precisely because [...]

    4. Michael is a UK author who s stories take place during a favorite period of mine the English Civil War He recently had a promotion to download his novella for free, so I jumped at the opportunity It s called Highwayman Ironside and it takes place just after the English Civil Wars As I m editing a novel about my own highwayman, it was cool and thematically appropriate to read this story.Right from the get go it s obvious that Michael is a big fan of both the time period he s writing in as well as [...]

    5. This is not the first Michael Arnold novel I ve read His English Civil War Chronicles following the exploits of the Royalist soldier Stryker have turned up in my reading pile from time to time Highwayman Ironside is much lighter in tone than these novels, but just as good.The setting is 1655 during the Protectorate, a time after the Civil War when Oliver Cromwell was installed as Lord Protector and a period in history I know very little about other than it was a time of relative peace and Royali [...]

    6. When I first started this book I was a little put out about the amount of description Lets be honest, those books that contain a tonne of imagery tend to have issues with plot and pacing However, feeling less than well today I curled up and decided to plough on I am pleased that I did as I quickly became absorbed in the writing, in the story, and in the characters.I would say that the plot pacing of the story is quite slow, at least for the first two parts However, this doesn t affect the enjoym [...]

    7. 1655 in Cromwellan England the nation is reeling from the bloody consequences of a civil war Highwaymen abound from the sheer numbers of dispossessed and vengeful ex soldiers who have no other recourse The Major generals are ruling the English republic on Cromwell s behalf and are invested with powers that would enable them to maintain the security of the republic There is a pithy saying Absolute power corrupts, absolutely sadly, Cromwell seems to have succumbed to it The dream of the republic l [...]

    8. Set in the aftermath of the English Civil War which forms the backdrop for Michael Arnold s Stryker series of books , with the island in the short period where it was a Republic.When we think of Highwaymen, we tend to think of 18th century dandies However, in this novella, the Highwayman is a former Parliamentarian, who has become disillusioned with the King in all but crown Cromwell in particular his activities in Ireland , and with the rule of the Major Generals in the short period when Englan [...]

    9. Disappointed that this was just a novella, as I was looking forward to a full length book Having said which, it was still a very good read It was a nice touch to have a Roundhead highwayman We are inclined to forget how difficult the period of military rule after the Royalist fall must have been Samson Lyle has fought since a young man, but Ireland finishes him Disillusioned with the rule of the Major Generals, and the king in all but crown Lyle returns from France and takes to the road, his int [...]

    10. Fabulous I really enjoyed this novella from an author that is fast becoming one of my favourite historical fiction writers.It has all the pace, setting, atmosphere and holographic character detailing I ve come to expect from his Stryker novels but set in a slightly different context yet still in the same period.My only regret is that this wasn t novel sized and will impatiently wait for one that is Highly recommended for all fans of fast paced historical fiction and particularly those interested [...]

    11. Highwayman Ironside was an entertaining short read with plenty of action and adventure A handful of times my inner editor grumbled at comma splices, but for the most part the prose was highly readable and flowed well The downside for me was the pacing and length There were lots of long, detailed descriptions of horse riding and fights however, the ending felt abrupt I would have liked to have seen the story go for a little longer to flesh out the final scenes Still, I found the characters deligh [...]

    12. A short story set just after the English Civil Wars, the setting for Arnold s main series Like Capt Stryker, Samson Lyle is considerably larger than life, escaping gravest peril at the last moment, along with his close companions there s a pulp edge to Arnold s stories and I mean that in a good way There s also a very solid level of historical accuracy in everything, of a period and a struggle that we Yanks rarely hear about Highway Ironside would be a nice introduction to this storyteller for s [...]

    13. Interesting book Quick, readable novella I found some of the description robust and descriptive but not very vivid, wordy but hard to actually imagine but other scenes were well described Lite cowboy western esque story, but set in England and I can imagine the author using the same characters in future stories 3 stars for a solid okay of a book I haven t read anything else by the author, might consider looking into some of them.Borrowed it for free with kindle unlimited, worth it Probably would [...]

    14. Highwayman Ironside is a real snorter of a short story I devoured it in a couple of hours and I loved every minute In his new hero, Lyle, Mike Arnold has created a wonderful character and I look forward to the next instalment in his adventures If you like fast paced historical fiction this one is for you.

    15. An entertaining short story about a highwayman who fought for Cromwell during the Civil War Written as a prequel to the main novels.

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