Mr. Darcy’s Noble Connections: A Pride & Prejudice Variation (Paperback) (2020)

Mr Darcy s Noble Connections A Pride Prejudice Variation Paperback The truth is not as simple as he thinksSecrets have a way of coming outNotorious rake Lord Charles Carlisle and his cousin Fitzwilliam Darcy can can only agree on one fact a house party at Bentham P
  • Title: Mr. Darcy’s Noble Connections: A Pride & Prejudice Variation (Paperback)
  • Author: Abigail Reynolds
  • ISBN: 9780615828640
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mr. Darcy’s Noble Connections: A Pride & Prejudice Variation (Paperback)
    The truth is not as simple as he thinksSecrets have a way of coming outNotorious rake Lord Charles Carlisle and his cousin, Fitzwilliam Darcy, can can only agree on one fact a house party at Bentham Park is bound to be intolerably dull To relieve his boredom, Lord Charles takes a bet that he can seduce his sister s pretty friend After all, it s easy money for an eThe truth is not as simple as he thinksSecrets have a way of coming outNotorious rake Lord Charles Carlisle and his cousin, Fitzwilliam Darcy, can can only agree on one fact a house party at Bentham Park is bound to be intolerably dull To relieve his boredom, Lord Charles takes a bet that he can seduce his sister s pretty friend After all, it s easy money for an experienced seducer Why should he care if his staid cousin Darcy disapproves But Lord Charles target is none other than Elizabeth Bennet, the woman who just refused Darcy s offer of marriage Darcy cannot stand as his cousin tries to ruin the woman he still loves But Lord Charles has a dark secret, and his attentions to Elizabeth may not be what they seem After a midnight rescue, clandestine meetings, a long lost son, conspiracies, blackmail, and an attempted elopement, everyone can agree this house party is anything but dull.
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      Abigail Reynolds

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    1. TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL Alternate PathTIME FRAME A couple months after Darcy s proposal at Hundsford ParsonageMAIN CHARACTERS Elizabeth Bennet, Mr Darcy, Lady Eleanor Carlisle original , Lord Charles Carlisle original , George Paxton original , Dowager Marchioness original , and Lord and Lady Bentham originals SYNOPSIS What if Elizabeth didn t have a very strong local attachment What if she wasn t always at Longbourn What if Lizzy spent much of her childhood as a playmate and resident companio [...]

    2. One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives EuripidesThere are 152 reviews on with 55% rating at 5 stars and 30% rating at 4 stars What could I possibly say that would add to that I enjoyed this story and was surprised it wasn t full of sex Reynolds has a reputation, you know Oh, it got a bit steamy in places and there was a sensual quality to certain conversations, but it didn t get beyond PG 13 Lord Charles was a confirmed rake, after all, and his thoughts were toward seducing his sister [...]

    3. Oh,what a tangled web we weave,when,first we practise to deceive Yes,dear reader,this quote often ran through my mind while reading this sweet and touching variation.This story opens with star crossed lovers, whose heartiest desire is to wed.Darcy and Elizabeth,I hear you ask No,not quite The gentleman in question is Darcy s former school chum,Geoffrey Paxton,who is deemed not eligible enough for Lady Eleanor s hand, as his origins are in trade Darcy is himself unlucky in love,as he is still sma [...]

    4. frompemberleytomilton.wordpreI confess that when I bought this book my expectations were not very high I ve read dozen of PP variations, and the last ones were always a disappointment.When I started reading Mr Darcy s Noble Connections I could not believe it I was finally reading something that was not only good, but marvelous I was afraid the story would disappoint me as I continued reading, but it never did In fact, everything about the book was amazing This variation takes us to a completely [...]

    5. If there s one thing that s certain in life, it s that you will enjoy a book written by Abigail Reynolds, and Mr Darcy s Noble Connections is no exception.Set in Yorkshire, such is the skill with which Ms Reynolds wields her pen that the landscape and settings leave a powerful impression, so much so that they almost become another character The story begins with Elizabeth arriving at the majestic Bentham Park at the request of an old friend, Lady Eleanor Carlisle, who is being forced to marry ag [...]

    6. This was a very different type of Pride and Prejudice variation Taking Mr Darcy and Elizabeth out of the setting we are accustomed to and surrounding them by all new original characters Abigail Reynolds executed it flawlessly There were so many new characters with their own stories enter woven, yet I felt the focus and pull to my favourite couple even than when an author has them dominating the plot and adding very little happening around them There were also some amazing Mr Darcy quotes I seld [...]

    7. SO pleased with this variation Awkward Elizabeth and Darcy were adorable and stole my heart from page one And the slowly building sexual tension between them literally jumps off the pages This book proves yet again why Abigail Reynolds is the Queen of the Jane Austen fan fiction world.

    8. Twists, turns, loves, betrayals, misunderstandings, passiond above all else, the need for propriety Abigail Reynolds latest novel takes Austen s beloved couple, Darcy and Elizabeth, and sets them among the elite of the ton, the family of Bentham Park, providing the reader with an entirely new cast of characters, whose antics make the residence of Longbourn seem subdued by comparison.Immediately after Darcy s disasterous proposal at Huntsford, Elizabeth receives an urgent message from her childho [...]

    9. I have all of this author s books in paperback but now that I have a Kindle have started also collecting them on that device I usually do not like having Lizzie and Darcy taken away from all that JA wrote in her original story, i.e the settings, the characters, the events And I recently gave a poor review to another author who used the names and put them into mostly porn situations However, with Abigail the characters still ring true to me I find it plausible that Elizabeth was educated somewher [...]

    10. There was so much wrong with this book that I don t no where to begin I would first like to say that I have everyone of AR books and I know sometimes it s a gamble with her My favorite book she s written is To Conquer MR.Darcy It was my first and lead me to seek from the author I even hesitated buying this one because I think she can draw out angst way to far as she did in this book This book was in no way a pleasure to read it was head splitting torture I don t want to read about Darcy and Eli [...]

    11. I quite enjoyed The last man in the world last year so I was eager to read of Abigail Reynolds Unfortunately I found this opus quite disappointing It is mainly constituted by dialogues without the hint of a description or setting to go with it What I found interesting and well done in the other book, that it is to say the development of the what if situation, is here overdone I think It is not Darcy and Elizabeth any, but other characters having the same names and vague connections to their per [...]

    12. Mr Darcy s Noble Connections is a Pride and Prejudice variation taking place after Darcy s disastrous first proposal at Huntsford Elizabeth had been summoned by her childhood friend Lady Eleanor who was being forced into a marriage with a dandy, while being in love with a gentleman whose fortune came from trade Through fate, Darcy and Elizabeth are reunited, and must work through their feelings for one another It s a very busy novel, with many different plot points all appearing to happen at onc [...]

    13. Mr Darcy s Noble Connection is another wonderful Austenesque novel that puts a little twist to the traditional Pride and Prejudice story It opens with Elizabeth, after rejecting Mr Darcy, coming to a friend s need I love that there is so much family drama and that drama has nothing to do with the Bennets Even the members of the Ton can misbehave.There is a lot of romance in this book as well The relationship between Elizabeth and Mr Darcy really blossomed I really loved the passion between the t [...]

    14. Una buona Variation ma per la traduzione chiamate Cassandra Sono stata contentissima di vedere questo titolo di Abigail Reynolds tradotto in italiano So quanto lei ci tenga a veder pubblicati i suoi romanzi in altre lingue e conosco il suo impegno e la sua professionalit.Ma, sin dalle prime pagine di questo libro, mi sono resa conto che la traduzione non era stata affidata a un professionista all altezza dell incarico, purtroppo Errori di ortografia, di grammatica, costruzioni che rispecchiavano [...]

    15. 5 starsI loved this story with DE meeting post Hunsford at an estate of Darcy s noble cousin The original characters were very well written and interesting I especially enjoyed the portrayal of the Dowager, Lady Eleanor and her rake of a brother, Lord Charles The female guests were especially amusing.Apart from ODC budding romance, there is a lot of intrigue, jealousy and falsehood The plot is very good, and the pace is fast At the end, everything comes to a satisfying conclusion.

    16. Delightful PP variationAnother great Pride and Prejudice variation from Abigail Reynolds The new characters add some spice to a non canpn PP variation Overall delightful read.

    17. Ms Reynolds writes the best Pride Prejudice variations, hands down, and her newest installment is no exception I look forward to every release and I am already impatient for whatever the next one is going to hold.This book was just so much fun It is completely different than any of Mrs Reynolds other variations You won t see Charles Bingley, or his sisters, nor Charlotte Lucas, or even Elizabeth s sister Jane or her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner This story introduces some new relations of Mr Darcy and [...]

    18. Re read 3 9 17Raising rating from 2 stars to 3 stars My original annoyances with this book still stand however, I think I have a better appreciation now for the Abigail Reynolds style She does have a way with characters that I appreciate, as they re vibrant even when they re inconsistent like they sometimes are here It s not my favorite of her books, but some of the plot points bothered me less for having read JAFF and AR.Original read 7 8 15This is a weird one for me to rate The story was an [...]

    19. I loved reading Mr Darcy s Noble Connections With touches of a Shakespearian comedy, this Pride and Prejudice variation will have you laughing and swooning Our story begins a few months after Mr Darcy s first proposal to Elizabeth in HunsfordWhen Lady Eleanor Carlisle, a childhood friend of Elizabeth s, needs help Elizabeth is right there to lend a hand Lady Eleanor is in love with Geoffrey Paxton, unfortunately, her father does not think Paxton is a good suitor and has made arrangements for her [...]

    20. I did like this book, but I missed some romance There are one or two romantic scenes with Darcy Elizabeth, but the first was too sudden for me, as was Elizabeth s change of heart, and after that which is somewhere halfway , there is a lot of action, but DE have not much time together And I don t want to spoil anything, but after what happens with Darcy, I expected a long scene with explanations, discussion of their feelings about it and a lot of kisses, but Darcy gets only a few lines, a few kis [...]

    21. Not my favorite of Reynolds PP variations In this book, after the rejected proposal, Darcy Elizabeth find themselves at a country house party away from most of the regular PP characters Darcy still torn over his feelings about Elizabeth, strives to project her from his cousin Charles, who has made a bet that he can take advantage of her virtue Elizabeth begins to understand and appreciate Darcy I missed the regular characters of PP and didn t form a strong attachment to the many probably too man [...]

    22. Entertaining, but it was not a believable alternative to P P I felt like I was reading about two entirely different characters rather that Elizabeth and Darcy The writing was primarily dialogue verbal and internal and the perspective alternated between Darcy and Elizabeth so you knew exactly what each was thinking The suspense was therefore created by an over the top storyline Despite these flaws, it was an entertaining storyline with interesting characters and lots of plot twists A good stand a [...]

    23. This is top shelf JAFF entertaining with new characters to liven up the familiar and no obvious lapses in character Abigail Reynolds has come a long way since the last time I picked up one of her books.

    24. Not bad for fanfiction, though I had higher hopes that if I was paying for fanfiction I might get something with fewer cliche tropes but I did not Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable read I don t know that I d pay for any of her books though.

    25. Had some sweet moments like the scene in the garden and the premise was very intriguing with interesting new characters, but the ending fell a little flat for some reason.

    26. Woof I was intrigued by good romantic pining and an interesting point of departure from the original work but the tangled love polygon and plot was a little too much for me.

    27. This books is kinda refreshing, had different story line from the usual, but amazingly good to read and very enjoyable.

    28. So it s fanfictionminimal expectations, right I ve read hundreds of these, I think I ve figured out why I read them, and know what I want from them, so I should only read the ones that deliver what I want a book about Elizabeth and Darcy, the Bennets, the characters in Meryton, at Netherfield and Rosings and Pemberly written in the quality and style of Miss Austen, where foolishness and treachery are punished and our favorite couple find true love, by one route or anotherAfter dozens of these, I [...]

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