The Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith (2020)

The Rediscovery of Man The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith The third story in this volume takes place years in the future When you realize that the stories are ordered chronologically you begin to grasp the scale of Cordwainer Smith s creation Regi
  • Title: The Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith
  • Author: Cordwainer Smith James A. Mann John J. Pierce
  • ISBN: 9780915368563
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith
    The third story in this volume takes place 16,000 years in the future When you realize that the 33 stories are ordered chronologically, you begin to grasp the scale of Cordwainer Smith s creation Regimes, technologies, planets, moralities, religions, histories all rise and fall through his millennia.These are futuristic tales told as myth, as legend, as a history of a diThe third story in this volume takes place 16,000 years in the future When you realize that the 33 stories are ordered chronologically, you begin to grasp the scale of Cordwainer Smith s creation Regimes, technologies, planets, moralities, religions, histories all rise and fall through his millennia.These are futuristic tales told as myth, as legend, as a history of a distant and decayed past Written in an unadorned voice reminiscent of James Tiptree Jr Smith s visions are dark and pessimistic, clearly a contrast from the mood of SF in his time in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s it was still thought that science would cure the ills of humanity In Smith s tales, space travel takes a horrendous toll on those who pilot the ships through the void After reaching perfection, the lack of strife stifles humanity to a point of decay and stagnation the Instrumentality of Mankind arises in order to stir things up Many stories describe moral dilemmas involving the humanity of the Underpeople, beings evolved from animals into humanlike forms.Stories not to be missed in this collection include Scanners Live in Vain, The Dead Lady of Clown Town, Under Old Earth, The Crime and the Glory of Commander Suzdal, Mother Hitton s Littul Kittons, and the truly disturbing A Planet Called Shayol Serious SF fans should not pass up the chance to experience Cordwainer Smith s complex, distinctive vision of the far future Bonnie BoumanContents vii Introduction John J Piercexv Editor s Introduction James A Mann3 No, No, Not Rogov ss If Feb 5919 War No 81 Q ss revised from The Adjutant Jun 28, as by Karolman Junghar29 Mark Elf Mark XI Vom Acht sisters ss Saturn May 5741 The Queen of the Afternoon Vom Acht sisters nv Galaxy Apr 7865 Scanners Live in Vain nv Fantasy Book 6 5097 The Lady Who Sailed The Soul nv Galaxy Apr 60119 When the People Fell ss Galaxy Apr 59129 Think Blue, Count Two na Galaxy Feb 63155 The Colonel Came Back from Nothing at All ss163 The Game of Rat and Dragon ss Galaxy Oct 55177 The Burning of the Brain ss If Oct 58187 From Gustible s Planet ss If Jul 62193 Himself in Anachron ss 201 The Crime and the Glory of Commander Suzdal ss Amazing May 64215 Golden the Ship Was Oh Oh Oh ss Amazing Apr 59223 The Dead Lady of Clown Town na Galaxy Aug 64289 Under Old Earth nv Galaxy Feb 66327 Drunkboat nv Amazing Oct 63355 Mother Hitton s Littul Kittons nv Galaxy Jun 61375 Alpha Ralpha Boulevard nv FSF Jun 61401 The Ballad of Lost C Mell nv Galaxy Oct 62419 A Planet Named Shayol nv Galaxy Oct 61451 On the Gem Planet Casher O Neill nv Galaxy Oct 63475 On the Storm Planet Casher O Neill na Galaxy Feb 65541 On the Sand Planet Casher O Neill nv Amazing Dec 65567 Three to a Given Star Casher O Neill nv Galaxy Oct 65587 Down to a Sunless Sea nv FSF Oct 75613 War No 81 Q as by Karolman Junghar ss The Adjutant Jun 28 original version617 Western Science Is So Wonderful ss If Dec 58629 Nancy The Nancy Routine ss Satellite Mar 59641 The Fife of Bodidharma ss Fantastic Jun 59649 Angerhelm nv Star Science Fiction Stories 6, ed Frederik Pohl, Ballantine, 1959667 The Good Friends ss Worlds of Tomorrow Oct 63
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    1. Written September 2010 I am at an impasse I have an enormous pile of fiction on the To Read pile but I can t figure out which one to go with Mieville Sabatini Himes Warner Winterson Kleist , und so weiter.In the interim, while this existential struggle goes on, I have been rereading this collection of short stories from Cordwainer Smith aka Paul Linebarger It s hard to characterize Smith Like Gene Wolfe, he s an author who I either really like or I really don t The Shadow of the Torturer, Free L [...]

    2. 5.5 stars I have not read all of the stories in this collection, so my rating is based on the stories reviewed below I will update periodically as I read additional stories Scanners Live In Vain Classic short story set in the universe of the Instrumentality of Mankind and arguably smith s beat story Set around 6000 A.D interstellar travel has been discovered to cause great pain and suicidal tendencies in people This problem was resolved by having passengers travel stored in cold sleep, while the [...]

    3. NO ONE ELSE writes like this dude His titles are great Mother Hitton s Littol Kittuns, Alpha Ralpha Boulevard, The Burning of the Brain, Under Old Earth, Golden the Ship Was Oh Oh Oh , The Game of Rat and Dragon Science fiction that draws on Chinese myth and a sense of immense, immovable age Stories that make me feel whirling and small.

    4. What are the chances that a professor with a PhD in political science and an expertise in the Far East would be able to write even one excellent science fiction tale There s probably a good chance that he might be able to crank out one or two decent ones in his spare time, but what if he was able to churn out over thirty of them in the course of his relatively short career, not only making each one noticeably different but also putting together a rather detailed future history on the sly, the sc [...]

    5. Finished reading The Rediscovery of Man 1975 by Cordwainer Smith today on the bus home The majority of Cordwainer Smith s work was published from the mid fifties to the mid sixties This collection contains 12 of his stories published between 1950 and 1966 It includes his first published SF Story Scanners Live in Vain 1950 or at least the first published under the name Cordwainer Smith and the last he wrote Under Old Earth 1966 All the stories are from his Instrumentality future history I ve know [...]

    6. I love space, space2, and space3 I love the love stories and the hyperbole and the whole world I have not met a vaguely Christian sci fi writer s vision of the future that I would like to inhabit I can even get into the mystical personality overlapping revolution of the underpeople But I CANNOT HANDLE any dude writers with their 7 12 year old sexual not sexual redemptive innocent girls with budding breasts and big limpid sweet eyes saving everything with their sexual not sexual transcendent Go [...]

    7. Been waiting for this for a few weeks My local librarian finally got it from the Mt Holyoke College library Doesn t look like it s been read very much if at all I read Alpha Ralpha Boulevard not too long ago in a SF collection titled Machines That Kill and was smitten I had a vague recollection of the name of the author and the character C mell from previous reading probably anthologies , however, as I ve been a sci fi fan since about 8th grade 1959 60 or so I m not going to list all the titles [...]

    8. This really is a fantastic collection of short stories A little background Cordwainer Smith is a psuedonymn for Paul Linebarger He was a preeminent military psychologist he wrote a classic text on psychological warfare His life story is really interesting advisor to Chiang Kai shek, the President of Nationalist China in the 20s, he spoke six languages, was a foreign policy advisor for JFKHis scifi is much focused on large sociological structures and individuals in repressive societies than hard [...]

    9. If I had to pick just three authors works for the rest of my life I would pick Cordwainer Smith This particular volume has every short story that he wrote He became a Christian partway through his career, and some of his great stories are concerned directly with the faith and with what conversion means in the modern world Some of my favorites The Dead Lady of Clown Town The Lady who sailed the Soul Scanners live in vain

    10. Un libro estupendo, po tico en su manejo del lenguaje de la CF Provoca sensaciones eleg acas similares a las de Tolkien, a n en su lejan a Cabe destacar lo bien elaborado del Universo Ficcional, y su manejo de la tradici n literaria norteamericana y china Under Old Earth es sencillamente una obra maestra, y los dem s cuentos apenas le van a la zaga.

    11. Cordwainer Smith is a writer like none other His prose leaves an entirely different effect on the reader than any of the other masters of science fiction His imagination is terrifying, and stories like The Crime and Glory of Commander Suzdal will leave your eyes wide open and your palms sweating Excellent, excellent writer.

    12. From these short stories alone I m willing to say that I thing Cordwainer Smith is the greatest science fiction author of all time The writing, as in almost all great science fiction, can seem a bit stilted at time, however the stories and ideas paint the only future I could even begin to believe if mankind were to exist another 20000 years.

    13. One of the weirdest and most literate of all SF writers In real life, he was an American specialist in psychological warfare who operated in East Asia The stories here are almost impossible to categorize.

    14. excellent so far nearly done i ll update when i m finished maybe some of the best scifi i ve ever read

    15. This book contains all of the short stories written by Cordwainer Smith, who died rather young 50 or so and before the full blossom of his career could occur.The first third of this book is full of absolutely brilliant stories Not every one was a hit, but I was so impressed as I went through them My favorites are Scanners Live in Vain, The Game of Rat and Dragon, and The Lady Who Sailed the Soul They were so, so good But somewhere along the line, they stopped being good, and started being repeti [...]

    16. As I write this review, the current rating for this book is 4.48 These stories were praised by Harlan Ellison, Robert Silverberg, Fred Pohl, and had an influence on science fiction What explains their power Cordwainer Smith was the pseudonym for Paul Linebarger From what I gather, Linebarger was a Professor of Political Science, specializing in East Asian affairs, and an advisor to the US government and to Chiang Kai shek He also wrote a book, entitled _Psychological Warfare_ , which is somethin [...]

    17. Cordwainer Smith is a name unknown to many, since he died a premature death in the mid 1960 s.These stories were written in the late 50s, early 60s, and are so intelligent and forward thinking, I m still stunned I don t know if there s a real connection, but it would seem he had a tremendous influence in the genre, with ripples in Philip K Dick s work which itself is legendary all the way to the present day.This isn t science fiction in the sense that there s a lot of science involved The majori [...]

    18. Smith should fall in the top five writers easily for those readers who enjoy class sci fi space opera So many concepts that would later be central to the work of Herbert, Asimov and Banks are laid out here, in Smith s epic series of short stories, all set along the same impossibly long timeline Issues explored defy description, but include gender identity, drug use, genetic engineering, East vs West, the final fate of economic systems I could go on But, really, you owe it to yourself to read it, [...]

    19. I can t believe it took me so long to read this collection.I ll write a proper review later on, but suffice to say I was utterly blown away by the layer upon layer of complexity woven into this far reaching future view of existence I very rarely mark things with five stars this is definitely one that warrants it.

    20. Who is this person I found this book at a cabin in Rockport, read a few stories, and have checked this book out of the library I d be embarrassed, slightly, if I weren t completely and suddenly kind of obsessed.

    21. Some of the best science fiction ever written I ve read many stories to my older children and read the whole corpus several times.

    22. The Rediscovery of Man is set in the Instrumentality of Mankind universe, one with many mysteries and insights Throughout the myriad and excellent short stories, Cordwainer weaves a tale about mankind and its future that rivals the best and is unique in both its scope and creativity From pin lighters to Go captains , Underpeople persons of non human animal stock who have been made to look and act human , and ingeniously realized planets such as Shayol where the Instrumentality sends people who a [...]

    23. There are little Sci Fi writers that write in a melodious, fairytale esque cantabile manner that Smith legal surname Linebarger does Never mind that many of these stories were written before the Soviets launched Sputnik, never mind the inaccuracies of space travel explored in Scanners Live in Vain with the psychological illness known as the Pain of Space where humanity spent thousands of years trying to circumvent , never mind the strange catgirls in Alpha Ralpha Boulevard or the dogpeople marty [...]

    24. Cordwainer Smith actual name Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger created a great setting in his body of work, adding to it with each short story, as well as his lone novel, so that at the end of the day the universe of the Instrumentality of Mankind feels vibrant and complex yet understandable Unfortunately, this great setting is never complemented by any individual stories of particular excellence, leading to the best part of Smith being the background of his stories instead of the actual action occu [...]

    25. This is an excellent, complete collection of the short stories of a very creative and talented writer Cordwainer Smith was the pseudonym of Dr Paul Linebarger, a colonel in the US Army whose specialty was psychological warfare with a side of China expertise Although he had written other books under other pen names, as well as professional works such as the seminal Psychological Warfare under his real name, his science fiction writing debut was Scanners Live In Vain , which stunned the science fi [...]

    26. Occasionally, I regret that we have genres that we divide literature up into little parcels such as mainstream , fantasy or science fiction , for the simple reason that a hierarchical sense of values creeps into our thinking Every now and then a writer suffers from these classifications, and this is particularly striking in the case of Cordwainer Smith real name Paul Linebarger Because his work has been classified as science fiction , it has remained confined to aficionados of that genre But Cor [...]

    27. I m not a regular sci fi reader, so Cordwainer Smith s stories seemed particularly far fetched to me.But that s okay immersing oneself in the future history of the stories, which stretches thousands of years tens of thousands , I think involves a healthy dose of relativizing our own time and culture against a much massive canvas We re invited to imagine the 20th century as ancient history and, in the process, we can t help but remember the fact that myriad civilizations have risen and fallen b [...]

    28. This volume contains the entire of Cordwainer Smith s short science fiction This mostly consists of stories set in his Instrumentality of Mankind future history, but there are a handful of other stories at the end The Instrumentality universe is a massive imagining, as mankind is shepherded by the all powerful Instrumentality, protecting it from itself and beyond.The stories here are lyrical, vivid creatures that demand to be savoured, one or two at a time and Smith s style reminds me in some wa [...]

    29. Disclaimer Did not read the entire collection Just a sample consisting of Scanners Live in Vain, The Game of Rat and Dragon, and Alpha Ralpha Boulevard I have entirely too many books on my to read shelf so while I wanted a taste of Smith, I m setting aside the rest of the stories to enjoy another time But by virtue of those three stories alone, this book is finding its way to my favourites shelf What a genius Outdoing even the world building of Tolkien, with psychological roots akin to Kafka s, [...]

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