Choose Me (2020)

Choose Me Two brothers One woman One son One choice Lives ripped apart shattered and rebuilt Evan and Nate Archer Brothers best friends warriors and now enemies Both in love with the same woman Both determin
  • Title: Choose Me
  • Author: Heidi McLaughlin
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  • Page: 178
  • Format: ebook
  • Choose Me
    Two brothers.One woman.One son.One choice.Lives ripped apart, shattered and rebuilt.Evan and Nate Archer Brothers, best friends, warriors and now enemies Both in love with the same woman Both determined to fight for what they want.Nate Archer promised to protect Ryley Clarke in the event Evan didn t make it back It s a promise between brothers since the early days of bTwo brothers.One woman.One son.One choice.Lives ripped apart, shattered and rebuilt.Evan and Nate Archer Brothers, best friends, warriors and now enemies Both in love with the same woman Both determined to fight for what they want.Nate Archer promised to protect Ryley Clarke in the event Evan didn t make it back It s a promise between brothers since the early days of basic training Nate never considered that his feelings, long buried since high school, would resurface and grow stronger.Evan Archer wants answers He wants someone to pay After being gone for an unprecedented amount of time, nothing is making sense now that he s home Most of all, he can t understand how his brother ended up engaged to his fianc e Evan is determined to uncover the mystery, and win back his family The Archers are about to fight dirty.
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    1. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 4.5 STARS SQUEEEEEE I read both Here With Me and Choose Me back to back because I quite literally COULD NOT PUT THEM DOWN Together they tell a complete story and IT WAS AWESOME OMG My heart Gah The feels I was glued to the page from start to finish and just couldn t turn those pages fast enough If you re looking for a unique, well written, roller coaster of a story that will keep your heart racing the whole way through to fall in love with, I d HIGHLY recommend these books [...]

    2. 4 4.5 Intense Stars Choose me is the continuation of Here with Me and it was one of the most anticipated sequels of the year for me I knew that this book would be really angsty and I wasn t wrong about it If you haven t read book 1 , this review may contain spoilers for you Nate gets back home and he finds his twin brother The brother that was supposed to be dead six years now Evan had been told that Nate knew about their condition at the jungle, so he s suspicious and very angry at his brother, [...]

    3. I read the first book and it was an OK read for me Nothing mind blowing but we were sort of left in limbo and I wanted to find out who got their HEA.There was a bit of suspense thrown in which was all nicely wound up in the end.Evan and Nate found them a bit childish Let s kiss her in front of the other so that we can get a rise of him High school much It s probably me as this is getting some great reviews I just thought it was all rounded up too nicely There is some line in the book about a Fai [...]

    4. I saw her, I knew she was the one She s my angel, my saving grace EvanChoose Me is the follow up to the heartbreakingly beautiful Here with Me If you haven t read the first book, don t even bother reading this review Just do yourself a favor and go back now and read the first book In Here with Me, Ryley is stuck between two brothers Evan her first love and the father of her child and Nate her best friend The pain is fresh as the decisions must be made Everyone is in limbo It is as if they are ca [...]

    5. Choose Me The Archer Brothers 2 by Heidi McLaughlin3 stars she s a woman being torn in half by two men, both of whom she loves for different reasons, both of whom want them for themselves Well I guess I am probably going to be in the minority here so I am just going to put my thoughts and opinions out there But these are just that, my thoughts and opinions I absolutely loved Here With Me, I loved the way the story was told, loved the characters and the plot was really building to something intri [...]

    6. I was disappointed with this one I enjoyed the first book but ended up disliking Evan, Rylie and Nate I m sure I ll be in the minority with my opinions It s just another affirmation that I need to not ever read love triangles period view spoiler I was so frustrated by all the MC behaviors I hated how Ry let Evan and Nate kiss touch snuggle her in front of the other I get that she was torn I wasn t upset that she had feeling for both but come on how was that ok I m irritated that Evan spent most [...]

    7. I HAS A SADHere with Me was such an amazing read It was an emotional roller coaster an I loved every minute of it Sadly I didn t love Choose Me as much as I loved the first book view spoiler There was just something missing Maybe it s because it was written mostly in Evan and Nate s POV I definitely missed being in Ryley s head Only one chapter at the end was just not enough for me hide spoiler I can t help itI m a sucker for a good love triangle story and all the drama that comes with itEven if [...]

    8. 3.75 EBAN HEARTS Great book The suspense was maddening It kept me on edge throughout the book I kept on wanting to know whodunnit There waere a few times I really wanted to stop and go on GR to read spoilers but thanks to my buddy Linda Sassy Classy who told me she would do bodily harm to me if I did I m glad I didn t because it made it so much better to let the story play out I do think the word warrior was used too much The storyline was somewhat believable but there were parts that were too f [...]

    9. I really wanted to love this book but it fell flat at times for me If a few things were changed I would have thoroughly enjoyed this book because I love delicious angst But overall I m happy my team got his well deserved happily ever after


    11. Yes yes yes I wasn t sure how I felt after the first book about who should get the girl Normally I know who I m rooting for and only want THAT guy for the heroine But when it comes to the Archer boys, you really can t pick one There s no favorite And that was probably a first for me In this book Nate is home and really confused, rightfully so There stands his dead brother with his son and girl It was absolutely fantastic being inside Nate and Evans heads What they felt about Ryley, what they fel [...]

    12. Le doy un 3.5 y solo por Evan el se lo merece y m s Nunca entend a Ryley, no me parecieron comprensibles las decisiones que tom y nunca le podr dar la raz n en eso De verdad que la Odi por hacer sufrir as a mi Evan pero bueh el la quiere Me encanto como termin Ten a que terminar de esa maneranque nunca entend ese cambio de sentimientos, tan bruscos entre Nate y Ryley pasaron de amarse totalmente a quererse como hermanos y quedar como amigos me convenci eso de parte de la autora lo vi muy forzado [...]

    13. Well I guess I ll be joining the minority here, but wow this book was lame I m not sure why I bought it in the first place when the premise of the first book was plain crazy If I were in Evan s shoes, there would be absolutely no forgiveness for either Riley hate that name btw or Nate How could you want to be with her after she slept with your brother and the whole oh oops well we thought you were dead bit doesn t excuse it If my sibling died I would never think it would be appropriate to hook u [...]

    14. ARC was sent to me in exchange for my honest review OMG SO SO SO SO SO GOOD Heidi NEVER lets me down.I don t even know how to put into words the emotional roller coaster that this book took me on There is just SO much goodness to this storyOOSE me is a continuation of the first book, HERE WITH ME We pick up with both Evan and Nate coming face to face and basically duking it out not really, but you get the gist for Ryley s love and affection But throughout all of that, there is an underlying myst [...]

    15. There are mixed reviews for this book, so I know I m not alone, but I m definitely in the minority with a big, fat The follow up to Here with Me, this book picks up right where the last one left off, but this time in the POV of two brothers Evan and Nate who are both in love with the same woman I wasn t in love with the first book in this duet, and I was hoping for big things from this one as the confrontation all comes to a head and I was ready for the epic love story to happen But instead it a [...]

    16. After devouring Here With Me I was lucky enough to get the next instalment of The Archer Brothers and Ryley s truly emotional story.If you ve read the first book you will surely have divided loyalties as I did even so at the start of this book.Nate arrives home from his mission to find his twin brother he buried walking through the door with his fianc and child EJ.It s really hard to review this book without giving away huge spoilers all I can say this is not just a romance it is a book with a [...]

    17. No me gusto tanto como el primer, como que el otro libro me dejo tan buen sabor de boca que esperaba m s de este Nate joder lo odie m s Se me hizo tan ego sta, es enserio Casi pasa todo el libro y este seg n no quer a dejar ir a Ryley porque es el amor de su vida y siempre la quiso y a la mierda bla bla bla y aparece su ex y ahora s Evan te dejo el camino libre NOP Ryley hubo momentos en que si imaginaba que eras real realmente te pod a matar Si sabes que amas a Evan, para qu te haces ehh ehh eh [...]

    18. I d like to give this a.5 Star rating if that was possible but I settled for 1 since I fucking finished the entire thing I don t even know how or why I even bothered.The first book was passable but this second one was a complete waste of time not to mention money I m so angry right now After the back and forth can t decide who she ll choose crap, redundant lines, redundant emotions, angsty lame confrontations the story and conflict just got resolved like that Does Cara have magic or something Th [...]

    19. 4.5 rating Here with Me was one of my top reads last year but it left me hanging so I ve been waiting impatiently for this second installment I could not wait to dive in and find out which Archer brother Ryley was going to choose Or, if she was going to choose either one In the first book we met Evan Archer who comes home from an unusually long and secret military mission to find out that everyone had believed he was dead In his 6 yr absence he missed the birth of his son and his fianc e Ryley w [...]

    20. THIS BOOK This book was on my highly anticipated list of 2015 after reading Here With Me which made my top list of 2014 What can I say other than Heidi did such an AMAZING job with this series so far because YES there is ONE MORE Completely captivating, exciting, heartbreaking yet uplifting Heidi had my heart in her hands from the very first page of Here with Me and throughout Choose Me and yet again, I devoured this book completely because I could not stop reading nor did I want to because I HA [...]

    21. In the conclusion to this series, we finally get the answers as to what kept Evan away for 6 years, and Riley FINALLY chooses a brother.When the last book left off, Nate returned home to find out his brother was not only alive, but trying to move in on his fianc who he used to be engaged to before being declared dead When I type it now, it sounds ridiculous, but I can assure you that the author makes it work While this homecoming should be a joyous one for the brothers, their fighting over a gir [...]

    22. Never had I been nervous and excited over a continuation of a book like I had for this one And let me tell you, it sure lived up to the build up and anticipation even than I could ever have imagined In Choose Me we get the alternating POVs of the Archer twins Evan had been declared dead 6 years ago and is trying to reclaim his life which he feels his twin brother Nate stole while he was away At the end of Here with Me, Nate has just come back from a mission only to find his brother alive and w [...]

    23. This was my most anticipated book of 2015 I needed my answers Who would Ryley be with Could Nate and Evan repair their relationship enough to work together in finding out who was behind Evan s death I was scared and anxious to read this one Here With Me blew me away I wasn t sure if Choose Me would have the same impact but Heidi never disappoints The way she has everything come full circle is amazing Choose Me had me on the edge of my seat This isn t just any love story, its full of mystery, sec [...]

    24. Of gosh what to write about Choose MeThis book series has you on such an amazing emotional roller coaster that you find yourself not wanting to get off Once you start you just can t stop, you go from having the mystery and suspense behind Evan and his team that you are desperate to find out who is behind it or why they did what they did to the love you feel for and from Ryley, Evan, and Nate.en you throw EJ into the mix and you can t help but melt and love that kid.Heidi just blows you away with [...]

    25. Wow This book was AWESOME This story had it all love, drama, angstI was firmly Team Evan going in to it, but now, I am Team Archer Nate definitely pulls at your heartstrings of course Evan does too , but at least now we know where Nate was coming from when he decided to take up with Ryley And can I just say that I absolutely LOVE EJ The way he talks is adorable This story ended exactly like it should have and I cannot wait to read the next one Heidi McLaughlin, you are a genius

    26. Best book ever I love the way this book ended perfect The story was sooo heartbreaking, but sooo sweet I am so glad that everything worked out for both the Archer brothers Now I really need McCoy s story He needs a happy ending too

    27. Im not sure where to begin with this review, Choose Me is hands down the BEST second book I have ever read in a series Heidi s writing in Here With Me was BRILLIANT , her writing in Choose Me has far surpassed that I can t begin to tell how much I love this book Grab your tissues, take a couple of days off of work, one for reading and one for recovery MAJOR book hangover plan cereal for dinner for your family, lock yourself in your room and plan on not seeing anyone until you have finished Choos [...]

    28. Never has a book scared me as much as this one going in We were moved by the story of the Archer Brothers and the one woman they both loved Ryley, in Here with Me Now Ryley needs to make a choice Which Archer Brother will she end up with The love of her life, Evan, who disappeared, thought for dead, six years ago Or Nate, the ever present, protector, stepping in as he promised his brother he would, to guard Ryley and her son EJ This book is, to date, the best work of Heidi McLaughlin The emotion [...]

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