By Myself and Then Some (2020)

By Myself and Then Some The epitome of grace independence and wit Lauren Bacall continues to project an audacious spirit and pursue on screen excellence The product of an extraordinary mother and a loving extended family
  • Title: By Myself and Then Some
  • Author: Lauren Bacall
  • ISBN: 9780061127915
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • By Myself and Then Some
    The epitome of grace, independence, and wit, Lauren Bacall continues to project an audacious spirit and pursue on screen excellence The product of an extraordinary mother and a loving extended family, she produced, with Humphrey Bogart, some of the most electric and memorable scenes in movie history After tragically losing Bogart, she returned to New York and a brilliantThe epitome of grace, independence, and wit, Lauren Bacall continues to project an audacious spirit and pursue on screen excellence The product of an extraordinary mother and a loving extended family, she produced, with Humphrey Bogart, some of the most electric and memorable scenes in movie history After tragically losing Bogart, she returned to New York and a brilliant career in the theatre A two time Tony winner, she married and later divorced her second love, Jason Robards, and never lost sight of the strength that made her a star.Now, thirty years after the publication of her original National Book Award winning memoir, Bacall has added new material to her inspiring history In her own frank and beautiful words, one of our most enduring actresses reveals the remarkable true story of a lifetime so rich with incident and achievement that Hollywood itself would be unable to adequately reproduce it.
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    1. When Humphrey Bogart died Lauren Bacall asked for donations to the cancer charities in lieu of flowers and on the day of his funeral received a telegram from the American Floral Association which read Do we say don t go to see Lauren Bacall movies Anyway the American Floral Association is comprised of dicks, thought you should know.

    2. I would give this a 4.5 this is actually a book that Lauren Bacall combined the first part of the book was written in 1978 called By Myself in 2005 she added on to this book to update the last 27 years and called it And Then Some this is a good memoir Ms Bacall has written and honest recall of her life I felt like I was sitting down just having a conversation with her She speaks lovingly about her mother and grandmother who raised her alone Heading out to Los Angeles and the beginning of her car [...]

    3. Other than having been married to Humphrey Bogart, I didn t know a lot about Lauren Bacall This autobiography introduced me to a charming and headstrong woman who has faced many trials and come out the other side, trumphant.A nice, Jewish girl , and granddaughter of immigrants, Lauren s nee Betty Bacal parents divorced when she was quite young Her mother worked quite hard to support the two of them, with the help of an extended family Lauren s dreams of performing onstage were encouraged by her [...]

    4. Lauren Bacall tells the story of her life and the people who have been important to her over the years Writing in a candid, chatty style, Bacall is honest about her innocence and insecurities as she moved to Los Angeles when she was eighteen Telling stories about her early movies, life with Humphrey Bogart, his tragic death, her return to the stage in New York, and remarriage to Jason Robarts, it is almost as though you are sitting with Bacall over a cup of tea or taking a peek into her diary On [...]

    5. I found this all but impossible to put down Bacall writes in a very immediate style, full of personality her prose apparently untouched by ghost writers The most interesting part of the book is, inevitably, the description of her youth, covering her amazingly swift rise to fame and marriage to Bogart.However, the later sections about her career after Bogart s death, her broken engagement to Frank Sinatra and failed second marriage to Jason Robards, are also just as readable.There s an extra part [...]

    6. The only other celebrity autobiography I can recall reading was Larry Flynt s AWESOME, FYI I don t know how to rate these kinds of books so the four stars is entirely based on what I wanted to get out of it as a Lauren Bacall fan It was moving to me, reading about her relationship to Bogie and loss of him, and just interesting in general to read about historical events and movies as a backdrop to someone s life Also interesting to me from the perspective of someone in Al Anon because it totally [...]

    7. I enjoyed her talking about show business, her start in it, and her doubts fears before auditions etc It was also nice learning about Bogart through her But, towards the end, particularly what she added after the first version of the book was ridiculous modern world type stuff, why she likes her little dog etc Some editor needed to get a spine.

    8. Great bio Learned a lot about the famous Bogie and Bacall relationship That was the best part Slowed down a little after that but was still good Has some pictures throughout the book, which I always think is a great addition to any biography Definitely pick this up if you are a fan of Bogart, Bacall or old Hollywood in general.

    9. Three and a half stars I enjoyed the first reading but it does bog down in the middle, in the post Bogart, extremely political years She seemed to have a penchant for sexist alcoholics, to tell the truth The and then some section is very different in tone no longer the driven young star, the aging Bacall admits to her insecurities driving her to accept any work, all work keep working Why couldn t she relax, retire, enjoy a few of the fruits of her labour Perhaps because she d have to hear her ow [...]

    10. I m no fan of biographies, but I couldn t miss this one Betty has such a great personality and she lived in the most glamorous of all eras, the 1940 s Call it a guilty pleasure, but a pleasure it was to read that book, from cover to cover.

    11. From the beginning of this autobiography Mother bought me a canary and I named him Petie He was my first pet I would talk to him he would tweet to me I d close the windows and let him fly around the room It was hell catching him, but I felt he was entitled to some freedom One ghastly day when I suppose I thought he was well trained enough, and attached to me enough, I must have been a bit careless about a window, because he got out He flew away I never saw him again I cried so Mother tried repla [...]

    12. Lauren Bacall was a wonderful human Her talent is undeniable as an actress, wife, mother, activist, caretaker, thinker, protector, helper, writer While she s now primarily remembered for her work as an actress, I was surprised at how personable and well written By Myself and Then Some is It reads like a Jewish grandmother sitting and telling you about her life Wonderful.Death fills the latter half of this book The highs are high, but the lows are so deep Bacall lived long enough to see many of h [...]

    13. Lauren Bacall has always been my favorite Old Hollywood glam girl I loved her when I first noticed her in The Mirror Has Two Faces, but of course nothing tops her on screen performances with Bogie.I picked this up mostly because I love Bogie Bacall, and I wanted to read about their romance straight from her I worried that once I was past that, that I would lose interest, but I never really did her voice and tone are so engaging that I feel I could read her life telling in the most boring detail [...]

    14. I added this in the week following Bacall s death in August I finally wanted to learn about this last actress of the Golden Era, a woman who seemed relatable and fun judging by the interviews, quotations, snippets from TV shows she seemed to be one strong and humorous lady The book consists of two parts the first one, written in late seventies, and the second one, written over a quarter of a century later.The first part the majority of the book, luckily is fast paced, constructed like a good bi [...]

    15. I read the initial biography in the mid 80s Back then it had been groundbreaking stuff memoirs were not as common as they are now Bacall s _By Myself_ was one of the books that ushered in the wave of memoir It also set the standard for Celebrity Memoir and has what is perhaps the heaviest, most impressive collection of dropped names Ive ever read By the end of the book Bacall feels like someone you have known all your life She does an outstanding job of zipping the reader into her skin and takin [...]

    16. I was predisposed to like this book because I like Lauren Bacall Which is strange, because up until I read this, all I had seen her in was the movie, How to Marry a Millionaire, where she rocked Everything else Hadn t a clue.Even knowing so little, I was able to hear Ms Bacall s voice in my head while reading this Her voice is what comes through the most strongly And if anyone should be known for her voice, it is Lauren Bacall She writes like I always imagined she talks.There were all kinds of t [...]

    17. CD the first three disks are about her life getting into the business and her life with Bogart The parts about cancer treatments in the 50 s were interesting She was very naive She wrote this when she was in her late forties and divorcing Jason Robards Then Lauren lived another 25 years and wrote the second part The next three disks were done after 2003 Even her voice has changed She goes through the deaths of her good friends, some you know, some you won t Rodney McDowell, Sir John Gilgood who [...]

    18. I have always admired Lauren Bacall ever since I saw her electric performance in To Have and To Have Not Her pizzazz, attitude, and style signify dignity and strength Do I even have to mention the look and that famous husky voice Listening to her story is like having a conversation with your strict but fascinating aunt while having an afternoon tea She is honest, candid, and charming Certainly not afraid to voice her opinions I would recommend this memoir to old Hollywood film and theatre fans.

    19. This wasn t bad and I still really like Lauren Bacall It was just too long and I don t think the writing was all that great, I wished a lot of the time that she would get into specifics rather than making blanket statements about her life But she still was always an amazing actress, beauty and talent, and I will never forget seeing the back of her head at Hugh Jackman s one man show.

    20. Lauren Bacall is such an amazing woman I enjoyed her book very much and found it hard to put down The way she describes her love for Humphrey Bogart is just beautiful It was truly heartbreaking reading about her life after his death She is a survivor

    21. I have to admit that before I start reading this book I did t know much about the author For me, Lauren Bacall has always been a familiar face from the old pictures and, of course, the best leading lady in Humphrey Bogart s movies She always played best the role of the dangerous women with her dark beauty and deep, deep voice.The first part of this book is devoted to her early years as a starting actress in Hollywood and her marriage to Bogart I wanted to read about her career and experience in [...]

    22. The first two thirds of this memoir are fascinating Bacall has a beautifully generous perspective on herself as a young person, calling out her flaws but also allowing for the ways she was challenged She is wonderfully candid about her friendships and relationships without giving everything away She has had a truly remarkable life and touched some extremely remarkable people, not to mention putting on some remarkable performances.The last third, unfortunately, let s the book down It becomes a wh [...]

    23. Little than excerpts mostly the Bogart and Sinatra and Robards years from her original biography _By Myself_ with a few anecdotes of the theatre and movies she made after its publication summation she loves Niclole Kidman and then some essay esque dismay of the Bush years contempory at the time of the updates to the bio and then long remineces and endless name dropping of her fairytale life Which of course she had, but a biography should tell all that stuff in time, not sum it up as so.

    24. While the writing style stream of consciousness not my favorite and layout the lack of chapters made it hard to pick a moment to pause for the night made this book a bit of a struggle to read, it was well worth the effort, especially once she got to her relationship with Humphrey I cried reading that section.

    25. I am giving this a 5 but really its a 4.5 The and then some part of the book is a different tone yet very good It is almost like you are sitting across from her over coffee as she tells you her story Very good and the fact that it is Lauren Bacall reading it is an extra special benefit I do not feel like we are being read to as well She is telling her story Its a good read.

    26. Love her, but the part after Bogart s death which is like %65 of the book got pretty boring quickly, but as opposed to popular view i liked the Then Some part Felt like i was listening my cool and wise grandma which i don t have

    27. Ate up the info about hers and Bogey s relationship, but did not particularly enjoy the and then some The writing is unsophisticated and at times juvenile, and I Feel her description of Bogart s death insensitive and unnecessary and ugly.

    28. Totally fascinatingupI really enjoyed this book Lauren writes with love and a sense of humor The actors are the ones I knew growing up She was able to make them come alive How did we live a lifetime so quickly

    29. Really a 3.5 I enjoyed listening to the audio book version of this book Being narrated by Bacall herself, it felt like I was enjoying a conversation with her instead of listening to someone brag about their life It was amazing to get an inside look at her relationship to Humphrey Bogart their relationship one of my favorite in Hollywood , was a lovely treat Her thoughts and reflections on her own life and how things have changed were interesting and felt even relevant now as well as 2004 The a [...]

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