A Pet for Fly Guy (2020)

A Pet for Fly Guy What is the right pet for Fly Guy In the first zany hilarious Fly Guy picture book Buzz tries to help Fly Guy find the right pet It seems that everyone else at the park has a pet so Fly Guy wants o
  • Title: A Pet for Fly Guy
  • Author: Tedd Arnold
  • ISBN: 9780545316156
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Pet for Fly Guy
    What is the right pet for Fly Guy In the first zany, hilarious Fly Guy picture book, Buzz tries to help Fly Guy find the right pet It seems that everyone else at the park has a pet, so Fly Guy wants one, too A dog licked Fly Guy A frog chased Fly Guy A cricket was too jumpy Who will be the best pet for Fly Guy Kids will love Fly Guy and Buzz s wacky search for the rigWhat is the right pet for Fly Guy In the first zany, hilarious Fly Guy picture book, Buzz tries to help Fly Guy find the right pet It seems that everyone else at the park has a pet, so Fly Guy wants one, too A dog licked Fly Guy A frog chased Fly Guy A cricket was too jumpy Who will be the best pet for Fly Guy Kids will love Fly Guy and Buzz s wacky search for the right pet Tedd Arnold s signature illustration style and fun story will appeal to fans of the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling Fly Guy reader series as well as young readers discovering Fly Guy for the first time.
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    1. I love me a good Fly Guy book And this one was GREAT It sets the whole idea of whose pet is whose on its head.

    2. Title A Pet for Fly GuyAuthor Tedd ArnoldGenre FantasyPlot Summary This book is about a kid, Buzz, and his pet fly, Fly Guy Buzz is so used to having his own pet that he thinks maybe his pet would want a pet After going to the park and seeing all the people with their pets Buzz is determined to help find his buddy a pet However it is hard for them to find just the right one Dogs liked Fly guy Cats swatted at him and a frog was chasing him with his tongue Fly guy wanted to look for himself for a [...]

    3. The book is a great picture book for kids between the ages four to eight, this book has not won any awards but I do think it deserves one I first heard of this book when I was babysitting a younger boy who loved reading the series of Fly Guy I think most of his books are great and funny for young kids to read and is an easy read The book starts off how smart Fly Guy is because of the fact that he could pronounce the boys name BUZZ However no pet was right for Fly Guy the puppy licked too much, t [...]

    4. One day Buzz decides to take his pet, Fly Guy, on a nice picnic in the park Once they get to the park Fly Guy makes a cool discovery that everyone at the park has pets Fly Guy realized he wanted a pet too like everyone else So him and Buzz go on a adventure to find him a pet To see if Fly Guy gets a pet read this book Picture BookAudience Level K 3Grade Level 1Activity After finishing the book, ask students why Fly Guy had such a difficult time finding a pet What part of the story did students l [...]

    5. I loved this story It had a great lesson to learn This little boy created a best friend out of a fly And Buzz tried to get him a pet but in the end, they realized that Buzz was a good pet for Fly Guy I think what resonated with me was the fact that the couldn t find the just right thing for Fly Guy That he tried his very hardest to help him out And it was right in front of them all a long I would use this story as a read a loud in my classroom and use it to make my students realize that sometime [...]

    6. What a fun concept for a children s book The illustrations are bright and colorful, and the story is fast paced and silly in a good way While probably not a book that will become a family favorite or an heirloom to be passed down through the generations, I can see why little ones are drawn to the silliness of this series Buzz has a pet fly named Fly Guy Fly Guy is a little lonely when they visit the park and see everyone enjoying spending time with their pets Buzz is determined to find Fly Guy t [...]

    7. A Pet For Fly Guy by Ted Arnold is beautifully done with colorful and engaging illustrations Fly Guy wants a pet because everyone he knows has a pet He is Buzz s pet Fly Guy in the end finds the best pet of all Children will love this fiction book because of its simplicity and the illustrator s attention to detail Fly Guy and Buzz are very lovable characters This would be a great story time read Preschool children are the targeted audience.

    8. What a fun book to read for young children The illustrations are so vibrant and eye catching and there is a cute storyline behind this book Buzz and his pet Fly Guy are on a mission to find a pet of his own for Fly Guy What ensues is a hilarious story about all the wrong pets for Fly Guy I would read this book in the class to maybe discuss pets, but than likely it would just be a book to read for fun with a writing prompt potential.

    9. Fly guy wants a pet Fly Guy and Buzz search for a pet from dogs, to cats, to worms, to frogs None seemed right for Fly Guy Until Fly Guy realizes he needs to pick out the pet himself The story gently suggests the responsibilities needed to have a pet, including feeding, playing with, and generally taking care of with being to preachy Great for fans of Fly Guy and those who would like a pet of their own.

    10. Some series do not make a good transition from easy read to picture book, but this first picture book in the Fly Guy series is done well Children will enjoy the silly illustrations that complement the text I will be putting this on a list of books to share with my granddaughter when she gets a bit older.

    11. Another fun edition to the adorable Fly Guy series Who knew a housefly could be so cute In this book, Fly Guy wants a pet of his own Buzz and he do a little research to try and find the ideal pet for Fly Guy, of course this involves lots of laughs Perfect for beginning readers and has colorful illustrations that make the story even better.

    12. A fun read aloud, especially doing the fly s voice Lots of humor in the pictures as buzz means well but he s choosing pets for Fly Guy that eat flies I also got a kick out of the nod toward Goldilocks and the Three Bears The last page with the two walking into the sunset always draws giggles from the kids Quite the crowd pleaser that Fly Guy.

    13. I love Fly Guy These books are perfect for early readers because they are filled with numerous sight words and silly characters which helps to promote reading confidence and fun In this adventure Fly Guy and Buzz are searching for a pet for Fly Guy However, finding a pet for a fly is challenging than either of them anticipated.

    14. This is an excellent book about friendship Fly Guy and Buzz are excellent to each other and exist well together There is a conflict in the story that they resolve, and they are all the happier because of it Even though the resolution is somewhat unorthodox, it is perfect for the story Great for elementary readers

    15. A pet for fly guy is one of my sons favorite books He loves that they show so many animals with such great illustrations and he loves it s humor He fell in love with fly guy in a different book, but his love grew with a pet for fly guy It s great book for boys and girls and for most early readers.

    16. This is the first time the Fly Guy series has broken away from the early chapter book mold and entered into picture book status I think Tedd Arnold did a great job with a subtle difference going from simple sentences and predictable chapters, to a little complex sentence and story structure without messing with the Fly Guy format Kids will really enjoy this one

    17. I ve read some Fly Guy books in the past I Can Read chapter books with my son and I really didn t like them Frankly, I thought they were dumb and the artwork unappealing But I really liked this book Perhaps Fly Guy just works better in a picture book format even the artwork didn t bother me this time This is a super cute story about friendship and how pets are rarely simply just pets.

    18. I hadn t realized that there were so many Fly Guy books That s what being in a middle school for six years will do to keeping up on picture books I had fond memories of the first Fly Guy book and loved this slight story as well Fans will chuckle.

    19. I have always liked the fly guy series I m not sure if it s because the illustrations are so vivid and lively or that the character is totally engrossed in a fly as a friend But either or, this is a great read for children.

    20. Buzz and his pet Fly Guy are best of friends, but when Fly guy wants a pet too the search becomes quite humorous Can a solution be found Will Fly Guy be able to find a pet to care for and with whom he can play

    21. Tedd Arnold is back with the first Fly Guy picture book In this book Fly Guy wants a pet Buzz help him try out all kinds of pets from dogs and cats to worms and grasshoppers Eventually they figure out that the best pet for Fly Guy is Buzz.

    22. This is a book within the Fly Guy series This one like the rest of them is funny Buzz and Fly Guy struggle to find a pet suited for Fly Guy and meet many different pets throughout the book In the end they realize they only need each other.

    23. Review from Griffin age 5 In this book, Fly Guy tries to find a pet It s a funny book It has a surprise ending.

    24. A search for Buzz s pet fly, Fly Guy, sends them both on a search, only to discover the best pet in the world was right there all the time.

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