The Farmer's Wife (2020)

The Farmer s Wife She got her fairytale ending but life had other plans The Deniliquin Ute Muster had always been on Rebecca s wish list but with the farm and babies she d never managed to make it Tonight she decide
  • Title: The Farmer's Wife
  • Author: Rachael Treasure
  • ISBN: 9780732296346
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Farmer's Wife
    She got her fairytale ending but life had other plans The Deniliquin Ute Muster had always been on Rebecca s wish list, but with the farm and babies, she d never managed to make it Tonight, she decided to reclaim herself.After ten years being married to larrikin Charlie Lewis and living on her beloved property, Waters Meeting, Rebecca is confronted by a wife s biggeShe got her fairytale ending but life had other plans The Deniliquin Ute Muster had always been on Rebecca s wish list, but with the farm and babies, she d never managed to make it Tonight, she decided to reclaim herself.After ten years being married to larrikin Charlie Lewis and living on her beloved property, Waters Meeting, Rebecca is confronted by a wife s biggest fear, a mother s worst nightmare and a farm business that s bleeding to death Can Rebecca find the inner strength she once had as a young jillaroo, to save everything she cherishes Or is life about to teach her the hardest lesson that sometimes you simply have to let go This uplifting and insightful tale deals with the truth about love that the Cinderella stories never tell us Rebecca s journey is everywoman s journey, and a resonant tale for our times.
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      483 Rachael Treasure
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    1. Wholly disappointing Rachael Treasure s first book is still one of my favourites Jillaroo was smart, funny, haunting and a brilliant recreation of country life that had never been seen before Rebecca was a loveable and gutsy heroine and I told all my friends to read this book I then proceeded to read Treasure s second book loved it third book still loved it fourth book getting a bit weird Fifth book Ugh This sequel to Jillaroo does the characters and previous story absolutely no justice How did [...]

    2. Depressing Jillaroo wasn t all happy either, don t get me wrong But this story was a downer nearly til the very end It was only for the fact that I wanted to know how it ended, that I even kept reading Def my least favourite of Rachael s books.

    3. A couple of kids and a lifetime later, Bec and husband Charlie are stuck in a rut, the romance has completely dissipated Bec still has ideas for the farm but Charlie won t listen to them The neighbourhood is beginning to change, there are rich neighbours on a beautiful horse stud, and rumours of a mining boom These features add to tensions between the two, and the future looks grim.The book tells the story of a really horrid husband, everytime I hear him mentioned I can t believe that the author [...]

    4. On dear What a disappointment I have read previous books written by Treasure and thoroughly enjoyed them this was not the case with The Farmers Wife I hate reading a book where the author has an obvious agenda If I want to know about environmentally friendly farming practices I will seek that information via the appropriate channels I chose this book as I thought it would explore the struggles facing farming families intertwined with a relationship breakdown I was wrong There was no depth to the [...]

    5. Really disappointing on so many levels I can t believe the sequeal to Jillaroo has taken 10 years, and ends up like this.I have loved all of Treasure s earlier novels, and was sooo looking forward to reading this that I re read the Jillaroo so the storyline was fresh in my mind, and went staright onto this book.Its a really depressing story, with frustrating characters, and sounds like a really bitter person has written this book that has gone through a divorce or something similar hersolf in th [...]

    6. There is no doubt that this is a well written book in the usual Treasure manner It is the content of the book which is really disappointing To find out that the perfect relationship between Charlie and Rebecca ends on this note is very sad and a huge let down I m well aware that the situations in this book are very real and happen on a regular basis in the real world, but some people pick up a book to escape the depressing moods and situations that surround them This book wasn t all that easy to [...]

    7. I didn t really enjoy this book, maybe because I didn t warm to any of the characters It seemed to be written in a different style to her usual books.

    8. I did not enjoy this book as much as her previous titles The marriage breakdown was not nice and this is reflected in the style of writing I did not find myself warming to many of the characters.

    9. I loved reading The Jillaroo, it was the first Rachael Treasure book I read and have loved her novels ever since However I did not enjoy The Farmer s Wife at all I struggled to read it and found it was going all over the place I was really disappointed that she made Charlie out to be so horrible and that their relationship was beyond repair and I do realise that in reality this can be the case But in the world of novels it s always nice to have in the back of your mind that there is some hope.I [...]

    10. A follow on story to Jillaroo, I loved it This author has the gift of being able to grab her readers attention to hold on to it, chapter after chapter Having been a country girl myself, I can identify with the trials and tribulations of farm life Bec s confidence and self esteem has taken a real battering over the years since becoming The Farmers Wife and finds it difficult when not one but three different men start to show interest in her When Charlie asks for a divorce and decides its time to [...]

    11. After only just finishing Jillaroo I decided to read the sequel straight away Whilst the writing was of Rachel s normal high quality I must admit the book made me very sad from start to finish I felt the characters were so vastly different from themselves in the first novel and whilst I know 10 years can drastically change a person it was heartbreaking for Charlie to be the evil selfish person he had become I missed the larakin of his youth And Bec I felt her strength was gone which saddened me [...]

    12. Very disappointed with how this second book was Definitely don t recommend it The first one was excellent but this was just really terrible.

    13. This book was a bit of a downer, I actually skipped through this one and only read the highlights, the characters were not very nice and difficult to relate to.

    14. Cinderella s rehashed tale in a rural setting gone wrong Here the prince is bad and the princess gives up That was the ending She gave up No revenge NO spoilers because there was No conclusive ending she just left It was pathetic The plot went off with the fairies It was literally about new age old age healing remedies of the soul and the land with in depth farming techniques, where I had to check this romance novel cover to see if this was a farming manual via crystal healing I d picked up by [...]

    15. The most predictable, boring, frustrating story I have ever read, the female protagonist was weak, and had heaps of different ways open to her in her predicament She not only ran away from her problems but a male also had to come along and rescue her.

    16. I leapt into The Farmer s Wife after reading Jillaroo and I am so sorry that I did because it ruined everything that made Jillaroo wonderful I listened to the audio book while I was driving which was great because I think I would have thrown the book at a wall often than turning the pages.I was warned that Treasure changes the personality of Charlie, does a complete 180 on him but after finishing this book it was than a 180, it was a completely new person It was disgusting, really, having to l [...]

    17. The Farmer s Wife is the sequel to the hugely successful debut novel by the queen of Australian rural romance, Rachael Treasure The book is set ten years on from the events of Jillaroo Rebecca Saunders, Treasure s heroine, is still married to larrikin Charlie Lewis, but their marriage is now a deeply unhappy one Rebecca, once a fiercely strong and independent woman, is lacking in confidence, her self esteem is at rock bottom She is a harassed mother of two young children and is struggling to kee [...]

    18. This read started a bit slow so I ll start at the ending and work back It ends, In that moment she knew she LOVED THIS MAN Oh bull, it was her loins speaking Unfortunately I found this novel too cheesy with a sucky ending A crock of cow dung The story started slowly and I almost put it away but decided to keep reading I hate being beaten by a bad book and so read on.The plot was a mixture of romance, enlightenment training and farming techniques all meshed into a far too romantic plot Too romant [...]

    19. I enjoyed this book because of it s richness The outback living, the wide variety of characters, who were well developed and stayed true to themselves, the feelings and thoughts described It felt really authentic The farmer s wife deals with so many issues farming women have to deal with, the harshness and yet the beauty of the land The brutatlity of it, yet it s nurturing calmness.Rebecca s journey through several months of life changing experiences and how she deals with them The spiritual dev [...]

    20. This was a disappointing read for several reasons Having read several of Treasure s other novels, I have to say that this one is definitely sub par The trip to the annual Ute Muster, which the blurb hinted was a major part of the story, seemed like a chapter or two that was added as an afterthought Not only was the story depressing especially following on from a happy ending in the previous instalment but it spent much of the story on sprucing sustainable cropping and farm management If I wanted [...]

    21. I loved Jillaroo in, it was my all time fave book and I wanted to be just like Bec But then I read this book, and I hated both characters I hated Charlie for the way he turned out, but I also hated Bec for how weak she had become When I was searching treasure titles on good reads I actually forgot she wrote this book, which is weird because as I have previously said, she s my fave author I don t think this book is horrible, I just think that a lot of readers had a strong connection to the charac [...]

    22. This book really shattered the happily ever after fairy tale ending that The Jillaroo finished on, however it also highlighted how change can change people.I enjoyed this follow on chapter in Bec and Charlie s lives I didn t quite like how drastically Charlie s character had changed, although this is certainly how real life is played out time and time again.This was very much a deep, soul searching storyline with wisdom and solace found in unusual places people If you open your mind, you can ach [...]

    23. Jillaroo is one of my fave books and I ve a loyal reader of Rachael ever since high school when jillaroo came out Why couldn t Rachael leave Rebecca alone I get the whole strong independent woman thing but still, I hate it say it but this novel reads like a bitter angry woman going thru a marriage break up and refusing to let anyone have a happy ending I read it because I was the sequel to a loved book but I refuse to see it as that now instead I prefer to think of jillaroo as a stand alone book [...]

    24. This was the second book I have read by Rachael Treasure and I enjoyed it as much as the other one Set on an Australian farm, the reader is shown how hard life on a farm can be Rebecca has to deal with the farm, children and a cheating husband who is not open to changes that may make the farm productive.Even though this storyline may sound very ho hum , it is in fact a fast paced exciting story.It shows the inner strength of Rachael and one gets to be fond of her indeed Give it a go it s a good [...]

    25. On the surface didn t really grab me but sometimes it is what lies beneath that matters Positive, affirmative pick you up and keep going messages really shine throughout Sometimes gritty and a bit cringe worthy the main character just keeps persevering and learns how to turn her life around The reader is also given some key learnings about good agricultural practices that are proving a success and leads the main character to perhaps solving a problem or two Not my favourite Treasure novel but go [...]

    26. I didn t know when I picked up this book that it was a sequel to Jillaroo which I just read The story covers the breakdown of relationships n working the land Friendships n community are necessary n needed n some good characters come out in the story Being heard and asking for help are huge undertakings for many Certainly some deep issues covered which leaves you thinking letting go n allowing changes the fight to hang on

    27. This book was described as chick lit d to a degree it was Female lead roles However, I enjoyed listening to this story and could relate to much of it after spending fifty years on a farm It s not all about farming and at some points I was thinking we could skip that but was enjoyable I will look out for of Rachel Treeasure s books A three and a half star for the rural setting read.

    28. A bit of a letdown following Jillaroo Characters are painted as good or evil with very little interesting qualities Everything felt a little overdone, the spiritual aspect, the everyone loves Rebecca except her husband theme throughout her book, her father s will criteria, the healing the land theme There s no room for other opinions, I felt a little bashed by right and wrong in this book.

    29. This is a great holiday read by a fellow Australian author I enjoyed the setting and many of the themes, plus Rachael s ability to carry you along with the characters even though many of them were bordering on too cliche for me But I was keen to keep picking it up and finishing it and can see why it s such a popular fiction novel I look forward to reading of Rachael s books

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