The Ancient Near East: A Very Short Introduction (2020)

The Ancient Near East A Very Short Introduction This book explores the lands of the ancient Near East from around BCE to BCE The earth shaking changes that marked this era include such fundamental inventions as the wheel and the plow and i
  • Title: The Ancient Near East: A Very Short Introduction
  • Author: Amanda H. Podany
  • ISBN: 9780195377996
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Ancient Near East: A Very Short Introduction
    This book explores the lands of the ancient Near East from around 3200 BCE to 539 BCE The earth shaking changes that marked this era include such fundamental inventions as the wheel and the plow and intellectual feats such as the inventions of astronomy, law, and diplomacy.
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      457 Amanda H. Podany
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    1. At first I was really pleased with the title of this book The term Near East has unfortunately fallen in disuse, and has been replaced with Middle East, which is traditionally a very different geographical area However, the way term Near East is used in this book is not quite the way it s been colloquially used either The book basically covers the ancient Mesopotamia and its related cultures, and not, as I had expected, ancient Egypt, Persia and Israel Apparently the way that archeologists and h [...]

    2. Great book for someone who wants a very, very basic introduction to the highly complex history of the Near East from the earliest times until the Persian conquest This short book did a good job of staying focused on the cuneiform lands.

    3. The Sumerians were the oldest civilization sorry China, you re not even close Chapter 8, the Late Bronze Age, details a time of international peace There was a section on the Armana letters, from which we know how intimate and friendly the great powers were with each other They discovered that Akkadian was the language of diplomacy Egyptian officials were trained in diplomacy Hugh Nibley said the Armana letters have significance for the Book of Mormon.There is almost nothing on Israel Pretty muc [...]

    4. Despite its title this book is really about ancient Mesopotamia, rather than the ancient Near East as a whole, and covers the period before the conquest by the Persians There is much emphasis on what can be gleaned from the extensive surviving cuneiform records, with frequent quotations, and this makes for some fascinating reading The emphasis is on the main empires, so there is not much about many of the cities, and on the rulers there is very little on what life was like for ordinary people, a [...]

    5. As the title indicates, this book is a very short introduction on the subject of the Ancient Near East Understandably, it is impossible for the author to go into extensive details because there is not enough space to cover everything after all, the history of this region extends for than 4000 years I had to read this book for a class that I took and I found it to be quite an enjoyable read The language of the book does not seem very scholarly however, this little volume is quite informative I t [...]

    6. This would be a great supplement to a survey course on the ANE or Western Civ Really nice integration of primary source interpretation with the broader historical context.

    7. This book manages to reconcile several very competing demands, to be efficient, to be interesting, and to be accurate I m not sure how the author was able to write it this well, but it does everything that it sets out to do with five stars There is no space in here for citation or great detail for everything we know about every place at every time You have to go into the book expecting to get a small selection of the things we know, which is a small selection of the things there are to know abou [...]

    8. A Very Short Introduction is probably only doing its job if it leaves you wanting , which this did The Ancient Near East is defined here as the cuneiform lands, from Sumeria to Anatolia Egypt pops in for some late Bronze age diplomacy, but is otherwise firmly off stage If you want a very concise history with, thankfully, emphasis on society than on who ruled what when of this region from the Dawn Of History i.e the start of writing up to the Persian conquest and the ensuing decline of cuneiform [...]

    9. This book does its precise job of giving an overview of the history of ancient Mesopotamia a perfect framework for further reading Most admirable to fit so much information into such a small space, and in a way that engages with you very pleasantly.I would recommend this one very much to anyone curious about this period of history and for me, the British Museum will now have that tiny extra bit of context

    10. A fascinating and informative look at the ancient near east Gives you a great overview of the important events, figures and issues of this critical period and region in Western Civilization I was able to both read and listen to this via Kindle I absolutely love the Very Short Introduction books I have a number of them and plan on reading and acquiring .

    11. This was a fairly helpful overview of the different states and empires of Mesopotamia, Syria, and Turkey I would have liked to learn about the religious and economic cultural developments, but Podany s work helped me get a better grasp of the relationship between the different political entities in the region.

    12. concise and clear covers the basics of nearly 3000 years without getting bogged down in or overwhelmed with detail The first two chapters are particularly good at establishing the fundamentals of what Podany calls the cunieform lands.

    13. Podany s Ancient Near East is an excellent, readable short introduction, covering both the sweep of empires and everyday life.

    14. A well laid out, informative, and interesting overview of the ancient Near East An enjoyable read, and very convenient for the ever curious layperson like myself.

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