Screen Play (2020)

Screen Play After struggling for years to make it as an actress Harper finally gets her big break but will she have to sacrifice the love of her life to take it At thirty Harper fears her chances for a thriving
  • Title: Screen Play
  • Author: Chris Coppernoll
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Screen Play
    After struggling for years to make it as an actress, Harper finally gets her big break but will she have to sacrifice the love of her life to take it At thirty, Harper fears her chances for a thriving acting career and finding true love are both fading fast When she s handed an unexpected role on Broadway understudy to New York s biggest diva everything changes She lonAfter struggling for years to make it as an actress, Harper finally gets her big break but will she have to sacrifice the love of her life to take it At thirty, Harper fears her chances for a thriving acting career and finding true love are both fading fast When she s handed an unexpected role on Broadway understudy to New York s biggest diva everything changes She longs for love in the City, but when it doesn t happen, she reluctantly signs up to an online matchmaking site Frustration mounts when the only men Harper is interested in are on the West coast, thousands of miles away Harper feels like an actress who doesn t act, and a woman in love with someone she s never met, but God s about to change all that.
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    1. Harper Gray is an actress who has been unemployed and broke for some time She jumps at the opportunity to move to New York to be the understudy of Helen Payne, a famous diva.The writing is beautiful and evocative I found myself drawn in to the power struggles, changes of fortune and sudden turns of events Oh boy, director Ben Hughes sure took a risk You ll see if you read the book Harper is one of the nicest heroines I ve come across, truly thoughtful and gracious When Helen says that Harper may [...]

    2. Every now and then a book comes your way that you aren t sure you will enjoy Then the surprise happens as you discover an author that is unknown to you who simply blows you away with their writing ability This is what I experienced as I started to read and could not put down this book.The story opens as the main character, Harper, a new Christian and believer, is preparing to leave behind a bad year and fly to New York She has been given the opportunity as the understudy for the lead role in a t [...]

    3. Finish Time 4 days I m going to keep this review short and sweet, just like this book It was again an easy read I m on a bit of a streak with those type of books and the word that keeps popping in my head is sweet It may be the jelly beans I m eating or all the sweets this time of year for Easter, but it was a good book to reflect the season the candy side of it at least Harper is a very likable main character Realistic Maybe, I m not a Hollywood actress, nor would I want to be, but I know that [...]

    4. Ok, I have to be honest with you all and say that I did not have the highest hopes for this book I was really expecting the story to come off as cheesy and unrealistically positive, as so many Christian fiction titles do And really, it was quite the opposite Bright, likable characters, a great faith basis without being over the top, and a nice romance.An engaging plot with the faith aspects sewn in subtly, but effectively A main character in Harper that readers can believe, both in her actions t [...]

    5. I ve decided that Chris Coppernoll is a risk taker I say that, because I feel his writing style is like that of a whispered song that slowly builds into a resounding crescendo At first, nothing in his writing stands out to me He does not drop you into the middle of a quick moving scene, or use hooks to keep you reading He just writes in a simplistic manner without highs or low, monotone if you will I found it easy to put down SCREEN PLAY and only picked it up when I had time to commit to it But [...]

    6. This was a refreshing read the style of writing, the story it was truly enjoyable I really appreciated that the author was able to portray characters who had real relationships with God without making it seem forced The characters were believable and the descriptions of a nature that allowed the reader to immerse themselves in the settings There were some issues of personal morality in the characters which I disagreed with, but in general, I came away from the book with the feeling of satisfacti [...]

    7. In her 30 s, Harper Grey s career and love life is in no light Due to her belief in God, everything suddenly turned around She got a job at broadway as a lead actor, then after, hollywood As for her love life, she tried this online dating site then boom she s inlove To me Screen Play started off good, the ending Surreal I ll give it 2.5 stars There could have been I was expecting sometg The author did a good job writing, I am just not so impressed with how the story wend latter on.

    8. Loved this story I love to read and I received this book for free from bookbub Screenplay is about a young actress Harper Gray Harper is facing a low point in her life Her boyfriend leaves her, she has been an out of work actress and her money has dried up Our character finds herself in New York playing a stand in for the star of the show When things take a turn and she finds herself leading in different directions See how Harper Gray handles the bumps in her road, and how her relationship with [...]

    9. Chris Coppernoll has reached authorial maturity with his third novel, Screen Play It s an inspirational tale with rich descriptions, memorable characters, and a thoroughly satisfying ending that reminds us that God delights in giving His children the desires of their hearts Novel Journey and I give Screen Play a high recommendation.

    10. My first overtly Christian book I ve read since attending a Christian HS, years ago Thought provoking VERY well written by a man, in a woman s voice I was quite surprised, and was even able to forget that the author was a man, writing a Christian romance LOL Good book.

    11. This was an awesome story Harper goes through a troublesome year, where nothing is working out the way she thought it would be when she completed school Her love and faith in Godbrings her to a new chapter in her life Her faith is tested A good read for all.

    12. Worth the read, April 10, 2013This review is from Screen Play A Novel Kindle Edition Great story, very entertaining always wanting to know what will happen next Reminds you to put your faith in God

    13. Loved This Book I read it in 24 hours So refreshing I m mad this book has been on my Kindle for over a year and I m just reading it.

    14. I started and finished the book within a few days It was a wonderful, light book that was a great read

    15. This book follows Harper as she stars in a Broadway play, films a movie with an acclaimed director, and then leads a rescue mission for a lost pilot in the South Pacific Harper also starts dating online There s a lot going on this book, none of it realistic The book also promotes a troubling prosperity theology That being said, there are entertaining parts of the book and some interesting characters.

    16. I Loved, Loved, Loved this book Chris Coppernoll has captured the magic of theatre, from idea to rehearsals and finally to the excitement and joy of a play ready for opening night on Broadway Chris captures the electrifying wonder and family atmosphere of life in the theatre Readers will experience this through Harper s eyes, on and off stage and everything in betweenke an internet dating site where her friend has found love Harper thinks you should meet people the old fashion way, face to face [...]

    17. I have been meaning to read a book by Chris for than a year I just never have a craving for contemporary fiction Whenever I have free time I am always reaching for the historicals After reading Screen Play by Chris, I am sorry that I waited so long before introducing myself to his storytelling voice The entire time I was looking forward to what was coming next Already, partially read I would recommend it After finishing it, I highly recommend it There is not just one story in there but several [...]

    18. Screen Play David C Cook 2010 , the third novel from author Chris Coppernoll is an inspiring story of friendship and faith set amidst the complexities of Hollywood and cleverly combined with an uplifting love story reminiscent of Sleepless in Seattle At thirty, Harper fears her chances for a thriving acting career and finding true love are both fading fast After a devastating year of unemployment and isolation in Chicago, Harper is offered an unexpected role in a Broadway play as understudy to N [...]

    19. Loved it I ve seen Chris Coppernoll s name and books around, and have them on my to read list I m sorry it s taken me so long to discover him I thoroughly enjoyed Screen Play.I m not normally a big fan of first person narrative, but I loved Harper s voice She s just someone with whom you can connect and relate I liked her Her faith and desire to serve God and follow His path for her is strong, but she s not perfect Her regret at her inability to apologize after confronting Tabby early in the boo [...]

    20. Harper Gray is going to New York Her friend Avril LaCorria is starring along side the famous, Helen Payne in a Broadway play Helen s understudy had left to purpose a movie career Avril suggested Harper would be perfect as Helen s understudy Harper has dreamed of being a star and can t believe this great opportunity All Avril can talk about is her man His name is Jon and he is an attorney Avril met Jon on an online dating site called Lovesetmatch Harper logs onto the site Harper is matched with s [...]

    21. Harper Gray is down on her luck and has been for a year An actress with no work for a year, she is at the bottom, and barely looking up, even considering ending her life Then she makes a friend who introduces her to the Lord, and guides her and teaches her how to serve the Lord However that doesn t change how desperately she needs a job, so when old friend Ben Hughes called and offered her an understudy position in a play on Broadway, she jumps at the chance Never dreaming this would catapult he [...]

    22. Chris Coppernoll s contemporary romance Screen Play was thoroughly entertaining And like any good romance, it made my heart pitter patter and soar on than one occasion Add a little suspense, and the captivating effect was perfect.I adored this story because I got lost in it s pages and lived in an entertaining alternate reality while I was reading The character development was impeccable and the faith element was perfectly done I said this before, but the romance literally took my breath away S [...]

    23. Screen Play by Chris Coppernoll is a refreshing romance full of faith and hope Harper Gray has had a rough year dumped by her boyfriend, a too long dry spell of no acting jobs, and feeling like she has no purpose, nothing left to live for The only reason she survived financially was because of residuals from a cold medicine commercial After giving her heart to the Lord, everything starts to change She s hired to be the understudy in a play on Broadway working along with her best friend Avril The [...]

    24. I thoroughly enjoyed this book Chris Coppernoll has magic with his plot, characters and writing Harper is a very likable and realistic character I loved getting to know her in this book I also liked her friend Avril and hope there is a book about her in the future The events of the book are magical They didn t feel too contrived or unrealistic I went through all of my emotions reading this one, happiness, sadness, anger and so much This book makes you feel and relate to the characters I loved t [...]

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