Rock Her (2020)

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  • Title: Rock Her
  • Author: LizThomas
  • ISBN: 9781481125079
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rock Her
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      425 LizThomas
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      Published :2020-03-27T19:54:58+00:00

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    1. look at that coveren the word rock star wonder I am reading it NOW DNF I gave up at 34% because I can not get into this story, and I will not rate it because of that.I usually don t give up on books because I hate not to finish what I started.I love stories with rock stars, but rock star ex marine just no.I didn t feel any chemistry between main characters, some scenes were completely ridiculous and the writing was just bad Maybe one day I will finish it but for now I am putting it asideThis is [...]

    2. Okay, I made it through 21% of this book, but that s all I am DONE I am a huge fan of erotica and steamy sex scenes in books, but what I just read in this book was anything but hot or erotic There s nothing even remotely sexy about reading a sex scene where the female s genitalia is called her dripping f hole , or the man s as his stiff meat So, I can honestly say that the only thing I got out of the 21% of this book that I got through was a steaming hot shower to try to scrub away how dirty it [...]

    3. I m willing to give any author a chance I respect their imagination and the guts to put out a book I applaud them Buuuuuuuut this book was AMAZINGLY RIDONKULOUSThe cover is hot, beautiful even The story linet even that I went into this thinking it was a rock n roll bad boy book What I came out with was a mixture of bad boy, rock n roll, veteran, billionaire All that was way too much for me He was in combat mode than anything else Story line was way over the top None of it was believable None Th [...]

    4. D.N.FDIDTNISHI rarely DNF books or do I go on to badmouth a book but I just can t help but warn other about Rock Me I was actually going to DNF this book round the 30 plus percentage mark but kept pushing myself to give it a chance but around the 54% mark I just couldn t stomach any and gave up on this There were a few issues with this book that grated my nerves such as Poor Editing I am not a writer and not the most grammatically correct person but when I notice typos, editing and grammatical e [...]

    5. First, I applaud the author for her promotion of her book You got my attention, got me to buy the book, and got me to start reading the book The purchase of their work is than most writers will ever get.However, when I make a purchase of a book, or any product for that matter, I expect that the seller has honed their product to its fullest potential Unfortunately, this book was so wrought with grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors, I found it difficult to get past the first 15% of the b [...]

    6. Wow, what a mess It s as if Thomas crammed every concept she could think of in one book and sprinkled a bunch of sex scenes around it view spoiler A hot, sex crazed rock star An ex Marine traumatized by his service in Afghanistan A stereotypical reporter type biographer who claimed she doesn t date rock stars but turned out to be a major slut A jealous ex boyfriend who s abusive A pathetic assassin who fails at least three times A a conspiracy that I will not spoil, though what s the point Take [...]

    7. Can t wait for this book I love to read about Rockers Oh and look at that hot cover

    8. Ok, so I saw this cover on a friends FB page It looked really awesome and the blurb seemed right up my alley The author was looking for reviews and I was between books so I fired off a note and ba bam I had it on my Kindle Well, that s where the happy stops I am not a prude Not my any stretch of the imagination but seriously, fuck hole, love cream and the best meat she s ever eaten What the fuck The book just felt dirtyd not in a good way a KeSha doesn t shower and probably smells sort of way In [...]

    9. Luls Seriously I just can t even This book was fucking awful Liz Thomas obviously has some sort of issue with sentence structure, punctuation, and basic vocabulary, because she basically gave them all the finger when writing this book I can t stop laughing, but it s not because this book is good It s bad It s so so bad I kept hoping that maybe it was supposed to be a satirical work that s meant to poke fun at all the erotica out there, but nope This book is just so bad Oh, and whoever edited thi [...]

    10. Don t appreciate being spammed multiple times.Especially don t appreciate the fact that even though I ve blocked the spammer, I m still getting notifications and spam.Especially especially don t appreciate the fact that enables spammers by not having some manner of upper limit to invitations that can be sent out Seriously, 20k invites to a book release event What could that be but spam Not impressed, will not be reading the author Not that I would have in the first place, after reading other rev [...]

    11. I wanted to like this I really did But I could not overlook these problems.1 Poor editing There are so many typos and grammatical errors in the first 26% of this book, I could not go on for example, stature of liberty 2 Poor characterizations The female lead is a biographer that is prone to forgetting her notebook In the first 25% of the book, all we get of the rock star is him coming off stage The characters did not ring true.3 The ew quality of the sexual content he readied himself to aim his [...]

    12. EDIT 29 06 2013 Since this is a book plagiarised by the author Liz Thomas a.k.a Jordin Williams a.k.a James Bishop a.k.a Jordin Bishop a.k.a Emma Buch a.k.a Emily Curran, I am NOT reading it Stealing another author s hard work is IMMORAL, UNETHICAL and WRONG Original Thoughts I ll admit, I m only going to be reading this book just because of all the bad reviews it has gotten Seriously it can t be that badI m hoping.Plus, the cover is HOT And I m a sucker for covers like that.

    13. I think as I m discovering authors and styles within the romance erotica genres I m getting a sense of what works for me in terms of plot and characters, and what holds my interest And I hate giving 1 star to anything but I just gave a 2 star rating to another book that I did like If there was a half star, maybe I d rate this 1 1 2 but the truth is the main characters and overall storyline just didn t appeal to me The sex scenes didn t feel real Some of the phrasing used came across as over th [...]

    14. I haven t read this book and I m not going to read this book Why Because I do not appreciate strangers using the recommendation system to spam me.It is with great personal constraint that I do not place 1 star rating on this book, since I haven t read it But this marketing schtick is the lowest of the low.

    15. There is something about that saying curiousity killed the cat Having read the reviews for this book, and having had a quick chat with my friend I just had to find out for myself.If you think this book is bad based on the reviews you ve read Think again It is actually worse It s gag worthy, and not in a good way.I couldn t manage to get past the 25% mark on my Kindle, so the grammar aspect actually wasn t that horrid Some errors, as I got closer to 25% than at the beginning If that s how it dev [...]

    16. Review originally posted at Hesperia Loves BooksI absolutely LOVE a contemporary erotic romance book that features a rockstar as the lead So after being enticed by the cover and blurb for Rock Her, it was a definite add to the TBR shelf However, now that I ve read it, I am severely disappointed While the premise idea behind the story were good, the actual execution left much to be desired at least for me After reading about 30% of the book, it almost became a DNF I stuck it out simply because I [...]

    17. I truly thought this book would be about sex, drugs, jealous girlfriends, and rock and roll well I was right about the sex and rock and roll, but the book was so much then that Kip is different from other rockers he wasn t always a rocker, he was a marine before he was a rocker that sentence made sense right it sound good in my head Anyway I found that aspect interesting, I loved Kip he made me laugh and is a blunt person Kip took a drink from his glass She s no coin purse She s my biographer A [...]

    18. A bit disappointing You can over look alot of the grammar spelling mistakes but not the missing chemistry between the characters There was no spark and it was just plain.The story was different good but could have been better I like the ex marine aspect but that was it.I was really looking forward to this book and I bought it the day it came out, but it didnt live up to the hype which is upsetting

    19. This had the great makings of a new rocker romance for me, but it quickly went downhill for me.Besides the over use of weirdly pet named body parts, the storyline had me ready to settle in for the night with awesomeness But Well Um It just didn t happen.My biggest annoyance happened early in the book view spoiler She just screwed her ex husband, because she thought she may still love him Then after being punched in the head by the same douche bag ex, she goes back and screws Kip HUH WTH Okay, so [...]

    20. Huh Just Huh What s up with this book O I m not prude, I read erotica but I don t know It s too explicit or whatever LOL And I like Adam Levine But seriously, when Kip was introduced, I imagine him a big rocker guy lol I mean, Adam is NOT that muscled kind of man He s okay He s a bit thin but what I think of Kip, he s like uh, Ashton Kutcher s size Not that I m saying that I imagined Ashton Just the size And WHAT Annie was hit by her ex husband Oh hell no And then Kip just wanted to get it on An [...]

    21. More Author plagarized Tammara Webber and Jamie McGuire Jordin Williams Jordin WilliamsJordin BishopJames BishopEmily CurranLiz ThomasBeth KleinEmma BuchK.A AndrewsKatie babs post on it.Another great breakdownSame person as Jordin Williams plagiarized Tammara Webber and Jamie McGuire on her book Amazingly Brokendearauthor book reviews th

    22. Ummm I almost didn t finish it but I did hoping it was going to get better The problem was that the story was WAY OVER THE TOP which made it totally unbelievable Sorry I can t recommend this book I tried I really did but was bordering on ridiculous.

    23. If you are looking for a rocker book, this isn t it So, disappointed in this To me, the story was so far fetched and ridiculous I didn t understand Annie s behavior at all I didn t feel the connection at all between Kip and Annie I like a steamy scene, but the sex scenes were way too much for me I almost stopped reading it, but kept going and it got even ridiculous Am I the only one

    24. this book was so bad there was no character development, the story line was cheesy and don t even get me started on the terrible descriptions labels to body parts honey hole don t waste your time on this one.

    25. I persevered with this story as it came recommended It s the story of Kip a rocker that s an ex marine Along comes Annie who agrees to write his biography She doesn t do rockers, he s a guy who never has trouble impressing anyone let alone the ladies Initially I downloaded the free portion of this book and was intrigued to continue and purchased the full book From the continuation of where the free section ended, the book changed for me but I continued Where this didn t work for me was that i en [...]

    26. I did not finish this book.I love any books with a rock star in it I thought the cover of this book was gorgeous and couldnt wait to read it Unfortunately I started last night and could not get past 10% of it I could not get into the characters and felt disconnected from them Anything that could be considered sexy seemed so out there and not a turn on at all I realize that this is the author s first novel so feel that with time, she will develop her craft and writing style and will look forward [...]

    27. Looks can deceive.Covers can deceive too.I mean look at that cover.It draws your attention right Right.It promoises rockstars and a good time for you but the inside it s not so good.Having read Finding Cassilia I found nothing strange on they way Thomas wrote this one.Maybe some typos but who am I to care about that It s similar to Finding Cassilia but I liked it.

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