The Art of Ruining a Rake (2020)

The Art of Ruining a Rake HE WANTS HERPracticed rake Roman Alexander never meant to seduce his best friend s sister He certainly never intends to do it again The handsome scoundrel has never felt compelled to be a better man B
  • Title: The Art of Ruining a Rake
  • Author: Emma Locke
  • ISBN: 9781939713056
  • Page: 216
  • Format: ebook
  • The Art of Ruining a Rake
    HE WANTS HERPracticed rake Roman Alexander never meant to seduce his best friend s sister He certainly never intends to do it again The handsome scoundrel has never felt compelled to be a better man But the damage has been done, for his buttoned up spinster refuses to marry a bounder like him and maddeningly, she doesn t seem to like him Nevertheless, he can tHE WANTS HERPracticed rake Roman Alexander never meant to seduce his best friend s sister He certainly never intends to do it again The handsome scoundrel has never felt compelled to be a better man But the damage has been done, for his buttoned up spinster refuses to marry a bounder like him and maddeningly, she doesn t seem to like him Nevertheless, he can t seem to forget her, or her passionate response to his kisses How much danger could there be in one try SHE WANTS REVENGEPractical headmistress Lucy Lancester naively believes her charming rogue has moved on to his next conquest, leaving her free to cherish their one night together for the rest of her bluestocking days Until the afternoon he arrives at her school intent on proving their one night together wasn t enough and this time, the scandal can t be contained Well, two can play at that How hard can it be to ruin a rake
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    1. Not a good story Fantastic narration by Marian Hussey audible review Well, this was a real struggle to get through The hero, Roman was the male courtesan in this story and trying to change his ways and redeem himself She seduced him for revenge against all the women, ruining herself I didn t care for it at all.This book was very long I keep thinking the books in this series will get better Nope, they don t Seem to be getting worse I have to give up on this author Sorry The story line and plot wa [...]

    2. The last time I read about Roman Alexander was in his brother s book in 2013, and, if it s any indication of how great Emma Locke is, I haven t forgotten about Roman all these years It s been an agonising wait, and, I was beyond thrilled when Locke finally announced the release of Roman s book And, of course, being the fan that I am, I spent the whole night reading it and up to 1 in the morning thinking about it, before reading select chapters again until 2 in the morning Did I mention I needed [...]

    3. Where to start I ran hot and cold with this story The opening chapter had me laughing out loud The situation was absolutely stunning and not funny at all for this time period But I couldn t help laughing Roman certainly is a rake and he starts out as a horribly selfish person These kinds of stories are always hard to pull off because I inevitably wonder what it is about this hero that the heroine is so attracted to other than the obvious his looks Gasp Women aren t allowed to pursue men for only [...]

    4. What a joy to discover a new author and fall head over heels in love with a book A year ago, Roman Alexander ruined Lucy Lancester, he offered to marry her but she refused because she told him she would rather remain independent And he was not the kind of man she would marry anyway Roman is broke, he is a true rake, but the thing is, he never meant to ruin Lucy she tricked him He doesn t know that Lucy has always loved him, but he is so wrong in every way Except that Roman is the most charming, [...]

    5. This one isn t working for me The heroine, who is so proud of her school, gets caught having sex with hero on her desk and she isn t completely devastated Then she gets caught kissing him the next day Lady goodness.I needed to be worked up a little to the chemistry between the h h I don t get their attraction and why the heroine would be so reckless.

    6. Roman Alexander is a known rake with mistress after mistress But what most of the ton and that certainly includes Lucy Lancester, his friends little sister,doesn t know is that Roman has a secret Roman s father just about destroyed the family with his gambling which caused his own death in debtor s prison, but also caused each of his sons to face that problem differently Roman is the oldest and holds the title of Marquis, but it is his brother Tony that kept the business matters of the estate go [...]

    7. Review written July 10, 2016Star Rating Heat Rating An Advanced Reader Copy ARC of this book was received free via Netgalley for an honest review.This has to be one of the saddest books I ve read recently Nothing about either family is happy not a thing Lucy s family is plagued by scandal, madness, and loving in all the wrong places for their station Roman s family is plagued by scandal, penury, gambling, death, and other things.How then to make it all come out right I d have to say that while t [...]

    8. 5 Passionate Stars Copy graciously provided by Net Galley And I am SO pleased I was granted it Whyyyyyy have I not read Emma Locke before Gosh I guess better late than never eh I spotted this lovely cover as I quickly scanned Net Galley for something to read.I read and love Historical Romances for the exact reason why I LOVED The Art of Ruining A Rake, it was full of angst and passion Lord, some of the pages scorchedddd my fingers I absolutely LOVED yes I am using SHOUTY CAPS frequently for this [...]

    9. ADORABLE Emma Locke has found a new fan Roman and Lucy were magnetic I had to finish this story as soon as I started it It was so cute how she tried to turn the tables and ended up falling into her own trap It was wonderful how strong Lucy was in her beliefs Normally the heroine gives in way too quickly But she was spunky and determined to do things her way Roman discovers that whenever the heart is involved anything goes and is willing to give his all to prove that he is all in I received a cop [...]

    10. Typical man of course he blames his woman on certain things, whose fault is it we aren t married he asked her, his body rigid with tension We could be doing this He tugged her hand hard enough to bring her stumbling into his chest Her palm splayed across his waistcoat, holding him back as his handsome face filled with disconcerting seriousness Every night Without consequences Roman will not deny his woman anything, mayhap, but I m not a saint If you kiss me, I will always kiss you back I enjoyed [...]

    11. Ok, I admit it I judged this book by its cover, so I severley underestimated it Having never heard of the author or read the previous books in the series I thought it would a light romance it was anything but There is a depth to this story that I loved The idea of love and the actualities of love are delved into and both main characters have real growth Color me impressed For fans of Courtney Milan and Sherry Thomas.

    12. This took me 12 days to struggle through when it usually only takes me a few days to read a book I didn t like the heroine of the book, I didn t like her in first book or her separate prologue I wanted to but just didn t like her I soldiered on and struggled to finish The writing is great just didn t enjoy this story premise Onto the next one hopefully it will be my cup of tea.

    13. So the two main characters had some good chemistry, but this book was way too drawn out It took me 3 separate sittings weeks apart to finish this book.

    14. I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.I couldn t put it down I was pulled in straight away with the backstory with her parents and that she refused to marry him It s very clear from the way they can t keep their hand off of each other that there is something pulling them together, but so many things are keeping them apart at the same time They both had to grow and learn about themselves and let go of the past I loved how the writing of a book went along with everythi [...]

    15. This book is a continuation of a story that began in The Trouble With Being Wicked and was detailed in A Game of Persuasion Lucy, Lord Trestin s spinster sister, has successfully accomplished her goal of seducing Roman Alexander for a single night and moved away to open a school for girls Seven months later, Roman shows up in her life again and their actions cause her reputation to be put on the line I enjoyed the story and the development of both Lucy s and Roman s characters Now I just want an [...]

    16. Lucy Lancaster has a dilemma and it s not one with an easy solution She is in love, even obsessed, with her older brother Lord Trestin s best friend Roman Alexander, the Marquis of Montborne She needs to find a way to get close to the charming rake while keeping her distance since the love of her life is simply not marriage material, but before she goes off into a life of spinsterhood, Lucy wants to experience just one night of passion.The prequel, The Game of Persuasion The Naughty Girls, Book [...]

    17. Loved itRoman and Lucy have a lot of problems to get thru He is poor and titled She is without her own funds and does not want to live off her brother I enjoyed every moment it took to read this story I hope you like it as much as I did.

    18. The Art of Ruining a Rake is the fourth book in The Naughty Girls series of historical romances by Emma Locke Practiced rake Roman Alexander never meant to seduce his best friend s sister, and he certainly never intends to do it again But the damage has been done Lucy Lancester, his buttoned up spinster refuses to marry a bounder like him and doesn t seem to like him Nevertheless, he can t seem to forget her, or her passionate response to his kisses When he arrives at her school intent on provin [...]

    19. After being in a terrible book slump, I m pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book The premise was cute and I liked the writing style There was just something very easy about it It didn t feel stuffy like other historical romance authors I ve read I haven t read the other books in the series, so I was really confused at first The author recapped enough that I was able to make sense of things, but it probably would have been better if I d read the previous books It did feel a bit like [...]

    20. I received a eARC copy of this book from the publisher and netgalley in exchange for an honest review I will be honest I haven t read any of the other books in this series and if I had I might have read this book The title is misleading Roman is not a rake in my opinion He is an altogether different sort of man ho And if I had any idea of this, I would have never requested this book Because I hadn t read the other books which to be fair the author does say this is a tightly connected series I fe [...]

    21. The series sees courtesans and man whores cicisbeos find their way to love and marital stability in a society that is not lenient with their past sins and is not always ready to allow them a chance to build a new life Marquess Roman Alexander in particular seems to be a bit dense when it comes to understand genuine love and has a long way to go to first realise the error of his ways, then to realise he may have a love worth changing his ways and fighting for and should not risk wasting his chanc [...]

    22. The Art of Ruining a Rake was an enjoyable book Lucy fell in love with her brothers best friend and had a one night stand with him Roman is besotted with Lucy and wants to marry her but she won t have him After being caught in a compromising position with Roman, Lucy sets out to London to become an authoress and an independent woman Meanwhile, Roman is bound and determined to change is rakish ways and prove to Lucy he is a man worthy of her love and to be her husband Lucy is terrified that her l [...]

    23. I received a free eARC from the publisher and netgallery for an honest review.This book is the main event following the novella, A Game of Persuasion Previously independent Lucy seduced Roman She had always loved him, but for her love was not enough so she refused his marriage offer She was able to attain her dream of running a school for girls Unfortunately Roman follows they are caught when she just can not resist him and so starts this story.Roman can not understand why she does not accept hi [...]

    24. We see how Roman got used in the short novella Lucy used him and left She left for Bath and opened up her School Before that Roman asked for her hand She said NO A few months down the road he shows up at her school and right off the bat he tries to make her feel guilty about not marring him They get it on right on her desk Thing is people walk in Wow So she is asked to leave the school the school that she owns When Roman leaves the school he goes shopping Little do the ton know that he is a kept [...]

    25. I received a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review Roman Alexander, never meant to ruin his best friend s sister Twice But there they were, on the desk,in flagrante delicto, when the door opened Lucy Lancester was fired from the girls school she founded, and her name was linked with the Marquess in the rag sheets and she is turned out of polite society When Lucy declines his offer of marriage twice Roman must take a cold, hard look in the mirror and face that he does not like t [...]

    26. Going in I knew this was part of a series, but often books are and it doesn t make much of a difference if you ve read the other books before the next This book is not like that The author does eventually give a quick summary of what led to the current situation of Lucy and Roman, but I still felt mostly lost in the complex relationship aspects of the story I just knew there was something I was missing that was explained in earlier books I m sure I felt Lucy to be a silly, girlish character She [...]

    27. ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The 4th in The Naughty Girls series is a good stand alone but is enjoyable if you ve had the pleasure of reading the preceding books in the series giving a meatier backstory to both Roman and Lucy and the great supporting cast.Roman Alexander is rake with a parade of mistresses, a somewhat sordid past and present dictated by his immaturity at a pivotal time in his life when his father got sent to prison and is now facing a very hard brick w [...]

    28. Roman Alexander is a rake of the highest order He is used to using all of his assets to get exactly what he wants.d what he wants he definitely gets.untilIn walks Lucy Lancester she has had a crush on Roman for a very long time and when the opportunity presents itself she takes full advantage.What started as a night of passion turns into a scandal what s a rake to do when the first woman he ever thinks to offer marriage to answers with a big fat NO Read and find out Emma Locke did a great job wi [...]

    29. received a NetGalley ARC in exchange for an honest review This is the fourth book in what is an intertwined series but even though I had not read the other books I was still able to follow along I really enjoyed this book Lucy has been in love with Roman, Lord Montborne, her whole life but because of some demons in her past she is having a hard time with the idea of spending her life married to a rake So she sets out to get herself ruined by him so she can at least experience making love with hi [...]

    30. I have read several books from Emma I liked them and I liked this one too Emma has put out a very busy story with several story lines going on at the same time She has really made her people tough, jealous and addicted Roman is a Rake He grew up with Lucy chasing him Now he wants her as she isn t a child any She is ruined when he visits her at her school and her trustees walk in She loves him but doesn t trust him Spoilers Ash, her brother, set s her up independently It was hard to read them try [...]

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