Brothers Emanuel: A Memoir of an American Family (2020)

Brothers Emanuel A Memoir of an American Family For years people have been asking Ezekiel Zeke Emanuel the brash outspoken and fiercely loyal eldest brother in the Emanuel clan the same question What did your mom put in the cereal Middle broth
  • Title: Brothers Emanuel: A Memoir of an American Family
  • Author: Ezekiel J. Emanuel
  • ISBN: 9780385393225
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Brothers Emanuel: A Memoir of an American Family
    For years, people have been asking Ezekiel Zeke Emanuel, the brash, outspoken, and fiercely loyal eldest brother in the Emanuel clan, the same question What did your mom put in the cereal Middle brother Rahm is the mayor of Chicago, erstwhile White House chief of staff, and one of the most colorful figures in American politics Youngest brother Ari is a Hollywood superFor years, people have been asking Ezekiel Zeke Emanuel, the brash, outspoken, and fiercely loyal eldest brother in the Emanuel clan, the same question What did your mom put in the cereal Middle brother Rahm is the mayor of Chicago, erstwhile White House chief of staff, and one of the most colorful figures in American politics Youngest brother Ari is a Hollywood super agent, the real life model for the character of Ari Gold on the hit series Entourage And Zeke himself, whom the other brothers consider to be the smartest of them all, is one of the world s leading bioethicists and oncologists, and a former special advisor for health policy in the Obama administration How did one family of modest means produce three such high achieving kids Here, for the first time, Zke provides the answer.Set amid the tumult of Chicago in the 1960s and 1970s, Brothers Emanuel recounts the intertwined histories of these three rambunctious, hypercompetitive Jewish American boys, each with his own unique and compelling life story But ultimately, this is the story of the entire Emanuel family the tough, colorful Old World grandparents a mischievous, loving father who immigrated to the United States with twenty five dollars and who enthralled his boys with tales of his adventures in Israel s war for independence and a proud, politically engaged mother who took the boys with her to rallies and protests including a civil rights march through the streets of Chicago led by Martin Luther King himself.Even as the Emanuels distinguished themselves as individuals, the bond of brotherhood that tied them together was never broken Brothers Emanuel is a wry, rollicking, and often poignant narrative of how one American family succeeded in raising three extraordinary children.
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    1. One of three famous brothers, the author attempts to explain this abundance of success in a single family with this memoir In all, it certainly wasn t anything mom put in the cereal but simply an early and constant emphasis on speaking one s mind, even to the extent of being pushy or aggressive, something Emanuel admits sometimes served as a double edged sword There are some interesting stories regarding his parents and their respective backgrounds, including emigrating from a burgeoning Israel [...]

    2. This was a curious memoir by one of the three brothers Emanuel, the famous being Rahm, the current mayor of Chicago Curious because the author s deep love for and devotion to his two younger brothers comes through loud and clear as does his loyalty to and affection for his parents These deeply held feelings are a curious paradox juxtaposed with his description of his parents marriage and their mother s withdrawls into icy anger.

    3. Lightweight memoir by a seemingly arrogant man from an obnoxious family Just my opinion Read by the author who acknowledges his annoying voice Not a pleasant listen Not a pleasant picture of the three Emanuel brothers.

    4. This is a story mainly about 3 brothers and their family in the 1950 s growing up in Chicago The story captured the era of the Viet Nam War, MLK Civil Rights, growing up as Jews in America, the exodus to suburbia, the role and expectation of mothers who mainly focused on being a housewife and even on the young state of Israel Written intelligently by one of the brothers in an open, honest and direct manner, this memoir is a delightful read that I recommend I loved it and was sad at the end for I [...]

    5. I received this book as a Giveaway If this hadn t been a giveaway book, i would probably have rated it only two stars, but decided to give it three because I could find no faults with the writing or story itself I just could not immerse myself in this memoir at all I found the author and his family history surprisingly uninteresting, considering as adults they have all become exceptional professionals I also put the book down for a time because after reading a passage around pages 35 40 about th [...]

    6. I have studied how children learn for decades and this type of book is normally of interest The only reason that I kept reading is because I received the book through the contest and wanted to give a fair review After the first 30 pages of repeatedly reading about how demanding and difficult his mom s world was with two and then three little boys then how many sacrifices she made to feed and clothe her children on limited a doctor s wages Ah yes, the liberal mantra that bad food is cheaper than [...]

    7. I could not put this book down, I found it fascinating Granted, I live near where the Emmanuel brothers grew up and I know many people who knew them I am familiar with their schools, the streets where they lived, their time and their place The book is honest and compelling.That said, I detest these people Arrogant, abrasive, aggressive, superior, some of the stories made my toes curl They are bullies and don t understand that other people are their equals, not their inferiors They don t understa [...]

    8. meh competent memoir, familiar sibling dynamic, but i don t really care most interesting parts were about the family history and visits to israel as a burgeoning state.

    9. I received this as a promotional copy through the Good Reads First Reads program This is a fascinating look inside a middle class family in the 2nd half of the 20th century, that just happened to produce 3 driven and ultimately powerful sons Zeke Emanuel successfully depicts his early life positively, while still being honest about the family s flaws For myself, I would have appreciated a little of a linear structure The book, roughly, takes you from Rahm s birth through to present day, however [...]

    10. Very revealing insight into the background of these three brothers and their family history and dynamics Certainly many will read it because of the middle Emanuel brother and they will be rewarded with an understanding that few have I recommend this as a necessary read for anyone with an opinion or interest in the current mayor of Chicago whether you hate him, love him, or cover him For instance, I recently saw a critique of Rahm that called him a child of privilege Sure he was if living in an U [...]

    11. As a Chicagoan, of course I mostly wanted to hear about Rahm Zeke does a great job of pacing the important contextual elements that make the focuses on him when they do arrive, meaningful than if he had just satisfied my impulses.Along the way, honestly the drive and passion for justice in this family is pretty amazing I appreciated that they were honest about how their commitment to justice was sometimes overblown due to hereditary stubbornness bordering on entitlement Can justice be entitled [...]

    12. This book tells the story of a great Jewish family which stared in the 1950 s in Chicago We read about the three boys growing up amid the antisemitism of a suburbs of Chicago The Father Benjamin was a a pediatrician Marsha, his mother was a house wife She was also a social activist She was involved in Core and other social issues and seeing people elected in public office This book brings to life all the problems families had in the fifty s in raising three sons We witness the workings of a grea [...]

    13. a really fascinating read about the childhood of three very successful brothers a doctor, current mayor of chicago and famous hollywood agent entourage s ari gold they were really lucky to have such a close and supportive family i loved how his mother took them to civil rights protests their mom really sacrificed a lot to raise them she got passed over to go to college because they could only afford to send one child, her brother, and then she spent the rest of her life raising them zeke alludes [...]

    14. Two and a half stars really Interesting family I picked this book up from a discount bin, when I found myself without a book at an airport Definitely a Tiger Mom, with a strong political conscious ruled this unruly household The youngest brother, Ari, states I loved my Mother, but not sure I liked her In this wildly competitive and verbally aggressive household, its not surprising that each brother chose a different profession their own corner of the universe to excel in, and that it took some y [...]

    15. I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this book as much as I did If it wasn t for living near Chicago, I most likely would never have read this book Middle brother, Rahm is mayor of Chicago and like most politicians, he is not the most upstanding guy I think that is inherent to almost anyone who is in politics and otherwise, I like him I found the story of the three brothers Zeke, Rahm, and Avi very interesting and in some aspects surprising All 3 brothers grew up in a middle class Jewish fa [...]

    16. A well written memoir by the eldest of three high achieving brothers The anecdotes and narrative of growing up Emanuel do explain the forces fueling their accomplishments It is a mystery to me how any siblings could engage in the kind of raucous and adversarial exchanges the author describes, and still have the strong bonds that clearly exist among the three of them This unusual dynamic is at the heart of the story, but the author simply puts it out there with no than a superficial exploration [...]

    17. I bought the book after reading an excerpt of it in Vanity Fair which made it sound like an interesting account of a personal story as well as an overview of a certain decisive period in American history There is no longer a question in my mind why it was published in this magazine as this book is mostly about pure vanity The description of the Emanuel family life made me as a reader feel ill at ease, constant repetitions of the other brothers dyslexia and unwillingness to be as good as the olde [...]

    18. This is a great book that made me laugh over and over again Zeke Emanuel narrates his own work and is perfect for the role as his voice and antics during the telling of family stories are hilarious This book helped me better understand the history of Chicago and Israel from the 1940 1970 s and the daily discrimination experienced by races of all kinds Sparing neither his parents nor brothers, Zeke details the many personal and family experiences that created men who are driven, dedicated and har [...]

    19. Does an extraordinary childhood create extraordinary adults Zeke Emanuel certainly tries to make this case with his book chronicling his and his brothers upbringing by Jewis parents in 60s and 70s Chicago The story is interesting, if than a bit self congratulatory, but the exclusion of their adopted, handicapped sister from the book really bothered me It s as if, because she didn t fit the mold he was putting forth, Zeke just excised her from the family He also does not mention his own divorce [...]

    20. When parents raise 3 kids each rise to the peak of their field, you want to understand how this is done Zeke Emanuel unfolded the enlightening answers which is opposite of much of how children are raised today.Then the mind spins to wonder if onc can accomplish this not be so in your face all of the time Stillness apparently was not the norm The U.S has changed so much in my lifetime that I forget No Jews Allowed was not that long ago Religion supposedly preaching love certainly has not fostered [...]

    21. Interesting look at an interesting family from its eldest son I was expecting on them as adults, but maybe there will be a sequel Maybe in that one someone like an editor will curb his long winded tangents Really enjoyed all of his history of Judaism as it pertained to his family and the importance of it to his family even though no one in it actually believes in God Also maybe like a book or 10 on that HUGE issue Still no mention of the elusive, adopted Emanuel sister She s in one photo and in [...]

    22. Rom Emanuel, mayor of Chicago, is the most famous Emanual brother Ari EmanueI is a Hollywood agent This memoir is written by Ezekiel Emanuel, a physician and medical ethicist, and documents the lives of the three brothers growing up The most striking feature of this memoir is the incredible closeness of the three brothers and the amazing parents who raised them to think for themselves, be politically active, and stand up for what they believe An inspiring read Ezekiel is an excellent reader of t [...]

    23. This book was great It was a good mix of Emanuel life, their parents, their culture and life in Chicago Zeke talks alot about his 2 brothers and the dynamics involved This book in no way focuses on Rahm, but does discuss each brother equally It s a great read if you want to know about the Emanuel s as a whole, how they found their path in life and what they are all like There were some points in the book where I laughed out loud due to some of the child hood antics of Rahm, Ari and Zeke Raising [...]

    24. NOt a traditional political memoir mostly because the author isn t a politician in the strict sense of the word although Ezekiel Emmanuel worked on the affordable care act and in government Some points are kind of boring Prior to reading I was kinda hoping for some overarching parenting style or system that the parent s went through You didn t really find that The book focuses heavily on their lives growing up I wish time had been spent on steps Ari and Rahm took that them where they are today. [...]

    25. I enjoyed reading the Emanuel Brothers by Dr Zeke Emanuel While a little repetitive at times, the author does a good job of illustrating his extremely unique upbringing He had the opportunity to do extensive traveling, be a political activist with his mother, and even be in a British reality TV show All of these things, plus many , would lead to a pretty interesting life and a worthwhile story to tell I won this book in a Giveaway

    26. I enjoyed the beginning of the book establishing the family values and how the boys grew up with a liberal mother in an urban environment but it quickly became repetitive and then very unexciting When I read other review and discovered there was an unmentioned adopted sister, I was confused and disappointed In the end it seemed Zek was trying to make his formula of banded brothers work in a way that was not true to his actual reality.

    27. Interesting memoir about three very successful brothers Easy read Reminded me of my childhood when kids were pushed out the door in the morning and returned just in time for dinner, with little supervision Left to their own devices, as it were Much different then kids grow up today Which is better I have followed Rahm for several years, but it was interesting to learn about Zeke and Ari.

    28. I just finished this book I was shocked to learn that the Emanuels had a much younger adopted sister who was never mentioned in the book She appears, but is unnamed and unmentioned, in a family bar mitzvah photograph included in the book I understand Zeke Emanuel may have wanted to protect her privacy, but his total silence even about her utter existence, in what appears to be a candid memoir, is astonishing Did this bother anyone else

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