The Truth Cookie (2020)

The Truth Cookie Lulu s dopey dad is in trouble He is about to marry Varaminta le Bone ex super model and mother of the odious Torquil Lulu unlike her father knows that Varaminta is far from sugar sweet She is dete
  • Title: The Truth Cookie
  • Author: Fiona Dunbar
  • ISBN: 9781843625490
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Truth Cookie
    Lulu s dopey dad is in trouble He is about to marry Varaminta le Bone, ex super model and mother of the odious Torquil Lulu, unlike her father, knows that Varaminta is far from sugar sweet She is determined to save him, but how
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      Fiona Dunbar

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    1. Rebecca W The Truth CookieBy Fiona Dunbar219pp Great BritainOrchard Books 15.99.0 439 74022 3If you like fairytales, you should read The Truth Cookie by FionaDunbar I have read fairytales but The Truth Cookie is beyond the fireworks on July 4th The Truth Cookie is about a girl Lulu, whose mother died and so she has to live with her father s evil girlfriend, Varaminta Le Bone, and her evil little son, Torquil This book brings me back to when I was a little kid because it reminds me of the movie n [...]

    2. A Cinderella type story in which Lulu has to find a way to stop her Dad from marrying a woman who out to ruin Lulu s life The woman also has a son who acts like an evil stepsister Lulu finds a solution in a mysterious cookbook.Review The book is two and a half stars The story worked pretty well although the Dad was perhaps, a little too clueless about what was happening The story I also found to be a little too dragged out It isn t till about half way through the book that Lulu s finds the solu [...]

    3. Genre FantasyLulu baker is a girl who has been having problems with her evil soon to be stepmother and soon to be stepbrother Nothing a little baking cant fix This book has a nice twist instead of a super hero saving the day baking ends up being what helps Lulu out of her situation In the book there is hidden symbolism like the pastry names and the names of the character in the story The author put a lot of time into making there be little things like that These details made a big diffrence in t [...]

    4. FebruaryThe Truth CookieFiona Dunbar For quite a long time, a young girl named Lulu Baker was all alone with her mom, dad and of course herself, a happy little family Everything was bright and happy for Lulu, until a horrible accident occurred Lulu s mother was killed in a motorcycling accident, Lulu still keeps a photo of her mother One day Lulu s dad finds a young women, who just happens to be a supermodel named Varaminta Le bone and brings along her treacherous son Torquil When Lulu s father [...]

    5. Book about a girl who is trying to get her dad to see that his girlfriend and her son aren t as nice as they seem She stumbles upon a cookbook that has strange recipes, like Truth Cookie, and other interesting recipes.I was expecting a book that was a little pre teen style and it just wasn t that The main character was dealing with a lot with the loss of her mom and her dad s new girlfriend and the housekeeper who is the only motherly figure in her life and I recommend waiting to read it until [...]

    6. Imagine if there was a magical cookery book with recipes to make people fall in love, make people laugh, stop people getting angry and also make people tell the truth.Well that s what Lulu finds or rather finds her She needs to bake a truth cookie to reveal her horrid step mum to be real intentions Can she do it before it s too late Great for 7

    7. July book reportThe Truth CookieFiona Dunbar Have you ever wonderd what it would be like to only tell the truth Well the book The Truth Cookie , is about a girl named Lulu who does just that Her best fruend is named Frenchy Frenchy will do anything to make sure Lulu is fine Then there is her dads girlfriend Lets just say she is a gold digger She has married many men She also has a son Her son is a follower He follows wherever she is and is just as mean and bad as her The main ideas in this book [...]

    8. The Truth Cookie is an amazing and touching book The main character Lucy, goes through many changes throughout her teenage years Things at school start to change Along with many things at home with her father Lucy s father is dating a women named Valerie Lucy loves to cook, but Valerie tries to ruin it for her Valerie secretly tries to make Lucy s life miserable, when her father isn t around But she has to someone convince her father to stop dating her before something big happens, like if he we [...]

    9. The Truth Cookie BY Fiona Dunbar was Okay I liked the book because it was interesting how Lulu was trying to get rid of Varaminta, also I thought that this book is like a version of cinderella The reason I didn t like this book is because it was kind of slow In the beginning I was getting bored because it didn t understand why it was called The Truth Cookie because there were no hints or clues The strengths of this book is that it has a good story line I really liked how Dunbar incorporated magi [...]

    10. This book is interesting and has a great plot Fiona Dunbar did an excellent job of writing about the apple star, it was well thought out and has a good meaning behind it I love how she used the name lulu, and Cassandra was a great character She was smart, and clever When I finished the book I wished it would have gone on longer I hated how Torquil acted and i wish i could ve slapped him I don t like models that much and Varminta made showed my point she was evil, and awful Overall this book was [...]

    11. I thought this book was a funny book that showed humor in the things the characters actions Lulu is a 12 year old is living with her dad and their maid When her father s girlfriend moves in with her son, Lulu has an issue When her father is not home, her soon to be stepmother becomes even and so does her son but her when her dad comes home she acts sweet When Lulu s feelings get hurt from Varaminta s cruel words she decides she has to stop her father from marrying her She goes into a book store [...]

    12. Shades of a prince less Cinderellafantasy style.Lulu s mother dies when she was a child dad recently meets and becomes engaged to the wicked, lying, soon to be stepmom who s a model with obnoxious son and poodle Lulu happens upon a cookbook that contains recipes to create a variety of situations is cookies that make the eater tell the truth Enter the fairy godmother in the form of an african american woman who can get all the weird ingredients the recipe calls fore also has some kind of link to [...]

    13. This was a really good Book I don t have much to say about it but I do remember that I was kinda bored at first and then dissappointed when Torquil told the truth, and not Verminta I do reccomend this book though.OH, and I think that the girl s dad is going to marry the maid or whatever she s called The Truth Cookie

    14. When a scheming gold digger and her slimy son have the wool drawn tight over Lulu s dad s eyes, what can she do With help from some magical characters, spells, truth cookies, the spirit of her deceased mum, and her best friend everything may turn out okay This is a very cute book, although there isn t much depth to the bad guys who are Dahl like in their horrid nature Overall, this is a fun read that anyone with a sense of imagination and justice can enjoy Warning This book does include magic an [...]

    15. Loved this book so much I remember the first time I read it was in middle school and I got it in the morning, read it under my desk whenever I got a second, and even took it to the school dance and finished it in the corner It became my favorite book and is still one that sits in a treasured spot on my shelves.

    16. It was really good Reasons why I liked it 1 The main character was exciting, and the ames of the antagonists of the story were funny Torquil Former Model, Varaminta Le Bone Waxia Legge Suntan Wow2 As all good authors do, made me hate the antagonists3 Funny exploits dotted the plot

    17. This is not your average book It is about a girl who s mother died when she was about 6 yrs old Her dad won the Sweet Nothings article Varminta meets her dad and they are planning on getting married But there are some secrets that Lulu needs to make her dad see To find out how she does that, READ THE BOOK.

    18. I would actually rate this like three and a half stars it was a pretty good book They kind of had the stereotypical evil stepmother, and her nasty son, but whatever Lulu was a likable character, and I enjoyed the magic stuff Plus the bookshop thing was cool I thought the whole apple star cookbook was interesting, and the recipes were cute.

    19. All Lulu wants is to be happy How can she when her mother is dead and her father is dating one of the worst people in the world Lulu s father s fianc has an attitude and a trouble making son Lulu tries to prove to her dad that Varminta is witch but he won t listen This book is full of suprises.

    20. I read this book when I was in fifth grade and still remember it I normally read books that just so happen to be in a sires and read only the first or the second book But this one I read all three of them I found them to be outstandingly entertaining I couldn t seem to put any of them down and I m a slow reader so I now find it strange that I have actually completed a trilogy.

    21. I loved this book just because I wanted this magical land of crazy ingredient and recipes to be real Very inventive of the author Great fun read, which of course teaches a lesson at the end as all must.

    22. loved this magical,sweet book if you like a light, fairy tale, cute book you will like this It is very well written and each character has their own individual characteristic Very original and creative 8 10

    23. This was literally the BEST BOOK EVER For those who haven t read it, it definitely is a MUST READ Things originally seem as if Lulu s doomed, but in the end, a little baking puts things right It s sooooo awesome

    24. I read this when I was a kid and I loved it a lot I don t exactly recall why Maybe because of its humor or because I felt I related to it well Either way it remains a book embedded into my memory of my childhood So for sentimental reasons, I rely on this book being a classic.

    25. this book was intriguing from the start with its humor and likeable main character lulu The only thing that let it down was not the happily ever after ending but the solutio to lulus problem that seems to start getting very far fetched.

    26. A library book shared by my 7 year old niece This was a cute book with a lot of issues that could affect many kids today Addressed how to handle the bully as well as widowed father remarrying with a daughter But amongst this was some humor and mystery Good book for young readers.

    27. this was one of the book that started me down the path of reading when i was younger, I thought it was well written and entertaining

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