The Many Lives of Lilith Lane (2020)

The Many Lives of Lilith Lane Seventeen year old Lilith Lane has a dreamy boyfriend a wicked tongue and a talent for solving the mysteries that pop up in her small home town of Mirabalis But when her little sister goes missing i
  • Title: The Many Lives of Lilith Lane
  • Author: E.V. Anderson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Many Lives of Lilith Lane
    Seventeen year old Lilith Lane has a dreamy boyfriend, a wicked tongue, and a talent for solving the mysteries that pop up in her small home town of Mirabalis But when her little sister goes missing in the middle of the night, both Lilith s detective skills and her recall of sopho year physics are put to the ultimate test To save her sister, Lilith must race againstSeventeen year old Lilith Lane has a dreamy boyfriend, a wicked tongue, and a talent for solving the mysteries that pop up in her small home town of Mirabalis But when her little sister goes missing in the middle of the night, both Lilith s detective skills and her recall of sopho year physics are put to the ultimate test To save her sister, Lilith must race against the clock with the help of Dr Hammer, a mad scientist who pushes Lilith off the edge literally of his reality bending skyscraper Lilith s world is turned upside down by her sister s disappearance, and a skyscraper that is also a portal to a parallel universe suddenly doesn t seem that surreal With Dr Hammer s help, Lilith must put her girl detective skills to the test and try to save her sister A dashing snail expert, a scheming beauty queen, and the heir to a great advertising fortune are just a few of the unforgettable characters who round out the cast in this rollicking tale of love, loyalty, and multiple Earths.
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    1. I should probably say that I chose this book because 1 it was a new author, 2 the cover, 3 the title, 4 free on kindle, and 5 because I signed up for WAY too many reading challenges for this month.I don t know why but this year and month I have just been obsessed with two things read books from new authors and demolish my god damn TBR I want to read from new authors because I need to broaden my horizon I feel like I just keep reading books from the same author which I m not complaining about the [...]

    2. The Many Lives of Lilith Lane is a set of serialized fiction that recently came out from and Plympton, billed as a literary studio for serial fiction Serialized fiction is not a new idea I believe that several of Charles Dickens novels were serialized That being said, serialized fiction is not a common idea for the present day I love this idea How cool would it be to get a piece of new fiction every week I am anxious to see how this idea pans out.I was intrigued by this book initially because of [...]

    3. i originally read this as a kindle serial waiting 2 weeks to get the next installment was a little torturous because i just couldn t wait to see what happened next, but it did teach me to have some patience, i was handsomely rewarded each week with another amazing kindle turning installment yes, some of the topics like extramarital affairs is a bit mature than the usual YA affair, but unless you ve been hiding under a rock, teens are a lot in the know than adults give them credit for and are a [...]

    4. I got this book as a firstreads giveaway I wasn t entirely convinced it would be very good, but since it was a free book I decided to read it I picked the book up one night intending to only read one chapter and to then go to bed, but after I read the first chapter I couldn t put it down I ended up reading half the book before finally forcing myself to go to bed so I would be able to function the next day I finished the book the next day because I couldn t concentrate on anything until it was fi [...]

    5. I really enjoyed the concept of this Universe jumping which in this case is actually a literal jump is a fantastic concept, and I really liked how Anderson did this here The only thing I actually regret in this is that they didn t jump MORE Jumping just between the two is a great idea, but then you leave the reader with the tease of many multiples of universes available, and the reader is going to want to see those universes That s the only reason I couldn t give it a five Otherwise, it was a f [...]

    6. Very entertaining and fast paced Heroine is a high school girl with a less than ideal home situation and a boyfriend who wants to have sex or break up As if that wasn t enough, suddenly her little sister disappears The rest of the book is her trying to solve the crime It s not boring stuff though There s a mad scientist, a portal to an alternate universe, and many other surprises I recommend that you give it a try

    7. Big fan of this book The only bad thing I can say is that I didn t want to put this book down my tablet that is Because of this I read it so fast that I was disappointed to find out at the end that it was a continued story So now I ll be waiting for the next book to come out Otherwise this story definitely kept my attention.

    8. This story is marvelous Lilith is a fresh of breath air for me A great, young, female character that is smart, funny, and daring I was excited to change the pages and find out what happens If some of the language wasn t a bit excessive, I d share it with my 11 year old I hope we get , and I can t wait to find out what s next.

    9. This book is a good book to read It was really interesting because it had to do with traveling to different dimensions.The people and events in the other dimensions were altered It was interesting to find out how the people changed in the other dimensions.

    10. If you ve ever been disappointed that one of your favourite TV series has been cancelled prematurely, in your humble opinion despite the fact that it has great writing, decent acting, a plot with lots of potential, and a loyal band of merry followers think Joss Whedon s Firefly or ABC s Eli Stone , then you ll really enjoy Plympton s ground breaking concept of serialized fiction In short, The Many Lives of Lilith Lane is the beginning of a potentially never ending series think NBC s Days of Our [...]

    11. Thanks again to E.V Anderson for sending me a copy of this book I really enjoyed it This book wasn t my favourite book but it was good The book is quite short so I managed to finish it in probably a few hours but it was a very fun read The plot was actually really interesting, I couldn t wait to see what would happen next, and the writing was good I found the novel quite descriptive it was easy to picture the world Lilith lived in I really loved Michael he seems so fascinating and would love to [...]

    12. I have to thank the publisher for sharing a copy of this serial fiction with me as I definitely enjoyed the experience I have been looking for something to do other than work during my lunch hour so this introduction to serials was enough to get me hooked on the idea Although the story presented some interesting concepts and had great suspense and cliffhangers, the story really doesn t offer a lot of depth But, this actually makes it the perfect distraction for a weekday lunch hour You walk away [...]

    13. I read this since it s a new concept of serial writing, similar to what radio shows use to be like from week to week The idea is interesting but it has the same problem that I find when reading novellas a lot of information at one time that can feel like info dump While this story starts out interesting and had me getting into it, BAM I get a bunch of info dump to help bring along the mystery that is meant to get me wanting the next episode For some, this will be a great concept, especially thos [...]

    14. This book was first released as a Kindle Serial title I love how the serialized mode makes the story advance at a fast pace and I love the cliffhangers at each end of an episode It makes for a page turner kind of reading experience Looking forward to other serialized titles As for the story, Lilith is a teenager who s younger sister has been kidnapped and killed Well, that would be in this universe She meets a mad scientist that helps her travel to a parallel universe where she may be able to sa [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this read I read the review where the reader felt some of the themes in this book were inappropriate for YA, and I understand the concern, but let s face it this isn t a sanitised world for most of today s kids, and each theme objected to is something teens I know have had to face and deal with Well, minus the sci fi element, but, you know I can vouch for the fact that, as a teenager, this wouldn t really have been my cup of tea, but I m not sure, first of all, that it s meant [...]

    16. Compulsively readable I was intrigued by the idea of a serialized story, but was actually grateful that all portions were available when I downloaded the story I can t imagine having to wait for each installment The narrator had a unique and genuine voice I look forward to reading from this author.

    17. Thanks so much for sending me the book I got to read the ending and I loved it The writing flows and it grabbed my attention from beginning to end I m excited to see what you come out with next.

    18. A fun and easy read liked the serial concept Writing and story weren t anything amazing but I didn t dislike it.

    19. Was given the opportunity to read this as an ebook on Wow is all I can say How long do we have to wait for the next of her many lives to come out I want to read and soon.

    20. This book had a good concept, which intrigued me from the beginning The execution, however, was not great The book abounds with cheesy quotes and problems with problems within the logic of the rules that govern the exception world that Anderson has set up.As a main character, Lilith was very confusing She is 17 years old, but vacillates between high intelligence and the vapid musings of a 12 year old For example, when talking about one of her fellow townspeople, she thinks, I almost kissed him, [...]

    21. I received this book from first reads.I m thinking of giving it 2 1 2 stars It was an ok book, but not my favorite It s something that I would probably only read once or twice It s good for a first time read because of the whole mystery and finding out who took her sister That kept me intrigue and made me glad that I had the whole book instead of waiting for the next episode I also liked the idea of the two alternate universes and jumping back and forth between them This was the first book that [...]

    22. Rather enjoyable for a short story I m thinking Stephen King crossed with a b movie detective film with a hint of sci fi For all of that it was a lot of fun Lilith isn t very likable but her one redeeming feature is the love she has for her sister that causes her to cross worlds to find her Her issues and self centredness were rather nice to read because that is what most teenagers are like the absolute assumption that nothing anyone else says can be better worse than what they may be currently [...]

    23. I got this book a while back from First reads even though I d gotten a little backed up on my reading lately I am beyond glad I finally got around to reading this This is the first book I ve actually sat read cover to cover in quite a while It was just that good If flowed amazingly, the storyline was enthralling it was just very well written as a whole I could see this being a TV show someday maybe a bit reminiscent of the old show Sliders Honestly it was refreshing after the many eh okay but le [...]

    24. I received this book from the first reads giveaway This was a good little quick read It had a little bit of everything wrapped up in one little story Sci fi, murder mystery with a little bit of romance Lilith Lane is on a mission to find out who killed her sister when she meets someone who can travel to alternate worlds She discovers that even though she solved the mystery in one world, she still has to solve it in the other world and it has a completely different outcome I liked this story for [...]

    25. I received a free e copy of this book from the author.The story is interesting, and the writing style decent though not exceptional The premise was intriguing, and it was interesting to see how events played out the same or differently in different worlds which versions of which characters made which choices I m interested to see where the story goes, but not hanging on the edge of my seat I didn t get very emotionally attached to Lilith or most of the other characters, which lessens my enjoymen [...]

    26. Episode 1 a LOT of telling vs showing, and backstory All happened really really quick I don t really have a hold for any of the characters or favourite them Sometimes a bit TOO much like Veronica Mars for my liking alcoholic mother, father sheriff feud, view spoiler friend sister missing murdered hide spoiler

    27. I liked this book The story was very different and kept me interested.I read this book in one sitting Couldn t put it down because I wanted to see what was going to happen next The end is a bit of a cliffhanger, but you know that there will be a sequel Just adds another book to your to read list LOLAll in all, I would recommend this book.

    28. I wasn t a huge fan of the protagonist she didn t seem very much like any teenage girls I know and sounded like 30 something man The overall story was interesting with plenty of plot twists and multiple worlds , but I never grew to like any of the main characters much And I was a little surprised by the over the top sordid story line at points it seemed unnecessary.

    29. This is one of the giveaways I received on I didn t hate this story, but I didn t love it either It was just missing something I can t put my finger on itbut there was something just not there for me.

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