Dear Girls Above Me: Inspired by a True Story (2020)

Dear Girls Above Me Inspired by a True Story Based on the wildly popular Twitter feed Dear Girls Above Me a roman clef about how thinking like a couple of girls turned one single guy into a better man When Charlie McDowell began sharing his ope
  • Title: Dear Girls Above Me: Inspired by a True Story
  • Author: CharlieMcDowell
  • ISBN: 9780307986337
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dear Girls Above Me: Inspired by a True Story
    Based on the wildly popular Twitter feed Dear Girls Above Me, a roman clef about how thinking like a couple of girls turned one single guy into a better man When Charlie McDowell began sharing his open letters to his noisy upstairs neighbors two impossibly ditzy female roommates in their mid twenties on Twitter, his feed quickly went viral His followers multiplied andBased on the wildly popular Twitter feed Dear Girls Above Me, a roman clef about how thinking like a couple of girls turned one single guy into a better man When Charlie McDowell began sharing his open letters to his noisy upstairs neighbors two impossibly ditzy female roommates in their mid twenties on Twitter, his feed quickly went viral His followers multiplied and he got the attention of everyone from celebrities to production studios to major media outlets such as Time and Glamour Now Dear Girls breaks out of the 140 character limit as Charlie imagines what would happen if he put the wisdom of the girls to the test After being unceremoniously dumped by the girl he was certain was the one, Charlie realized his neighbors conversations were not only amusing, but also offered him access to a completely uncensored woman s perspective on the world From the importance of effectively Facebook stalking potential girlfriends and effortlessly pulling off pastel, to learning when in the early stages of dating is too presumptuous to bring a condom and how to turn food poisoning into a dieting advantage, the girls get Charlie into trouble, but they also get him out of it without ever having a clue of their impact on him.
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    1. Dear Girls Above Me is about Charlie McDowell s time living beneath a loud group of gossiping young women names have been changed to protect the innocent He claims to have learned much about love, life and himself through his eavesdropping.From the description, I thought this book was going to be cute Instead, I found it very creepy I most definitely did not expect to be the unwilling audience of a twenty four hour slumber party between the Winston Churchill and Benjamin Franklin of the 90210 ge [...]

    2. Look, I started out reading the Dear GAM tweets and laughing at them like the rest of Twitter But reading this book just made it so much clearer how CREEPY Charlie is in his eavesdropping These are two girls who have no idea they have an army of people on the internet making fun of them Can we please put ourselves in those shoes for just one moment It s bullying and it s humiliating Add to it the fact that these are women being mocked by a man in a society where women are already seen as lesser [...]

    3. Dear Girls Above Me Inspired by a True Story is a memoir of sorts written by actor director writer producer cinematographer Charlie McDowell This book was inspired by the popularity of Charlie s Twitter feed titled Dear Girls Above Me where he shares his open letters to his loud upstairs neighbors Sometimes I feel bad for the girls because they aren t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed In fact, they re like a couple of dull butter knives that were left in the grass outside of the shed Of co [...]

    4. Charlie sits in his room and listens in on the lives of the two rich, obnoxious, twenty something females in the apartment above his, aided by his building s poor ventilation system He creates a Twitter account called, Dear Girls Above Me where he responds to the girls most pressing life questions How much did that gluten stuff in food cost before they made it free He decides it would be a good idea to write a book based on this Twitter account, and his time spent eavesdropping It was a bad idea [...]

    5. This book is, by far, the funniest book I have read in a long time I literally was laughing out loud so hard, I had tears in my eyes, during the entire book I haven t laughed so hard because of a book, since Stupid and Contagious by Caprice Crane McDowell certainly has a gift of comedic timing, as well as a great story telling ability that captures the reader and refuses to let go until the book comes to a glorious end There is not one bad thing I have to say about this bookd I am a picky reader [...]

    6. This is a far less witty Sh t My Dad Says to the tune of My sorority girl neighbors are a little, okay, very stupid It was funny, until it was just plain redundant It was by no means a coherent story The plot is non existent The ending was cobbled together with baling twine and bubble gum And Charlie is a bit of a weirdo My gross nosy neighbor just comes out to the porch EVERY time I pull up to ask me how my day was, and I find him to be a creepy psycho with boundary issues Charlie eavesdrops on [...]

    7. This book kept me laughing all the way through I m sure that most parts of it were embellished, so while it may have seemed mean spirited at times, I didn t waste time worrying about how anyone would feel knowing this book had been written In truth, every single one of us says stupid things on occasion I just thought of his neighbors as amalgams of every person he s ever heard say something unintelligent this could even include himself While the book may be titled Dear Girls Above Me , I found m [...]

    8. This book was only okay for me I feel like a lot of the quotes he was using of the girls above him were fake, and if you re going to make them up make it funnier I enjoyed the actual story parts of the book rather than the sections of tweets to the girls I just wasn t buying some of the stuff he was saying.

    9. Full disclosure Did not get past chapter 4.Who could get past chapter 4 I ll admit that, age wise, I fit int he category of Millennial, so no one can be offended when I say that the first few pages contain nothing than the the typical millennial ish entitled, whiny, lazy, full o shit crap that older generations hate us for Complaints about having to talk to a neighbor, complaints about forgetting to pay his rent, complaints about having to go to meetings, complaints about not being able to slee [...]

    10. Dear Girls Above Me is by far one of the funniest books I ve ever read Inspired by true events, Charlie McDowell, a depressed almost 30 something writer, is dismayed when he discovers he can hear every word his new upstairs neighbors say One night he can t take it any and, in true 21st century passive aggressiveness, starts tweeting the comedic gold that comes out of their mouths Gems like Dear Girls Above Me, Oh, I get it It s called string cheese cause it comesoff all stringy Next week, we llt [...]

    11. 3.5 5 stars is my actual subjective rating since we can t use half stars I started following Dear Girls Above Me Charlie McDowell on Twitter after I heard about it from a friend, and have had a good laugh ever since He lives in the apartment below two promiscuous and fairly vapid women, everything they say within clear earshot due to what he calls a black hole situation where he can hear them but not vice versa The book, although only partly based on his real life, is written in such a funny, sa [...]

    12. It started out funny ish, I guess I liked the quirky, sarcastic humor But after the first few chapters every time I picked the book back up I felt drastically less sympathetic for Charlie He whines and whines and it eventually became so annoying that I stopped reading altogether after we spent pages and pages about his condom preference The other thing I began to realize as I continued to read is that this is only, as the title says, a story inspired by reality I got the sense that Charlie thoug [...]

    13. This is one of those books that I picked up accidentally I actually never heard of the wildly famous twitter account so all my knowledge comes solely from this book At first, I thought it was humorous The girls say some funny ridiculous things The writing itself is also pretty funny I like how he describes situations, despite how unrealistic it seems Then I thought about it How horrible would it be to wake up and discover your neighbor has been eavesdropping to you Literally planning his life a [...]

    14. I received this from a friend.This is a tale of Charlie who vents about his loud airhead upstairs neighbors via Twitter warning there is some language and sexual contentThis book was pretty good I read some pretty heavy stuff so this was just what my brain needed to reboot There was plenty of LOL moments Lots of moments where I scream outloud I cannot believe they just said that I personally would have liked of the Girls Above Me stuff and less about his own life There are some parts of the boo [...]

    15. Desperate for a funny book This is it A story of eavesdropping two noisy girlsSome funny quotes Watching the Hunger Games Trailer i play very different hunger games yes, but anorexia doesn t make for good cinema.You don t watch a Gaga concert, you experience it huahaha how majestic is Gaga Just picturing a girl in the uncomfortable position of wandering how to say no to me is enough motivation for me to be single the rest of my life.Even prison inmates get hot water They may get gang raped while [...]

    16. Witty insights from the observer of moronsIf it weren t for the skill of the writer and his inner growth, I think I would have tired of this subject matter 2 shockingly ignorant spoiled young women by chapter 3 But I found this book hard to put down, and that was because the writer humbly and deftly tied his own life crisis with what these girls were doing, but mostly saying The free bean casserole incident moved me I walk away from this book willing to learn life lessons from the annoying aroun [...]

    17. The idea for this book is clever but the idea that he can hear everything that the girls upstairs say and yet they can t hear him is rather unbelievable Also, it is creepy that this young man wants to spend so much time at home listening to others rather than making a life for himself Although the girls might be valley girl types it is also unbelievable that they would never recognize someone that they have met five times already.That being said, there were some lines that were funny as the girl [...]

    18. To be completely honest, I had such high hopes for this And it sucked Well, it didn t suck suck But it s not something I enjoyed I chopped the last quarter of the book because I just couldn t handle it It was very slow to get the ball rolling It took me a long time to get into it and I struggled to even grasp a concept of the book Yes, it was humorous and had some very funny quotable parts However, there was nothing that kept me engaged with the book or the story It came across as an entire book [...]

    19. An entertaining, fluffy read about one man s foray into the not so secret world of the girls above him Based on the twitter feed that propelled Charlie McDowell into fame, Dear Girls Above Me is the autobiographical account of his discovery that he can hear everything that the two women living in the apartment above him are saying, and that their conversations are hilariously vapid.There s some salty language and subject matter, readers, consider yourself warned Unfortunately, the two women are [...]

    20. This book reduced me to laugh tears on multiple occasions It s funny and witty, and well written I love the neurotic narrator because he reminds me of myself if I was a better storyteller, and he makes all the best pop culture references from 90 s If you love to laugh, I highly recommend that you read this book.

    21. He is HA larious Love, love, love this book Great for summer reading.What is happening to the world we live in It is absolutely embarrassing that women these days act like they re uneducated Seriously But Charlie has a totally funny outlook on these girls above him.I give it a 4 star because i feel like Charlie over thinks everything He kinda sounds like a girl sometimes

    22. This book gave me a good laugh Enough thing to have if you want to while away the time My boyfriend does not usually agree with my reads, but I forced him to read at least one page of Dear Girls Above Me and he ended up finishing the book with a full wide grin on his face

    23. This is a quite mindless, but entertaining little book What started as a series of tweets gets made into a book as Charlie shares his overheard snippets of valley girl speak to us Dont ecpect too much, but it is good for a laugh

    24. Once again, I don t know why people flipped out over it It s not well written Parts are funny Overall I was underwhelmed and not at all drawn in by this one.

    25. Some aspects of this book are funny, but ultimately it fell flat The problem is that the main character is just as annoying and stupid as the girls upstairs in his own way You also have to add the creep factor for him not just in spying on his neighbors, but his bizarre interference in his roommate s life and the way he deals with his ex The quotes from the girls were much easier to take than the rambling bits about his own life his dad and Disneyland was probably the funniest part of those He d [...]

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