Lovesick (2020)

Lovesick A teenage boy is found on Portland Maine s Eastern Promenade Trail holding the dead body of his best friend and the murder weapon Forensic psychologist Lisa Boyers is called in to interview the distur
  • Title: Lovesick
  • Author: Spencer Seidel
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  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lovesick
    A teenage boy is found on Portland Maine s Eastern Promenade Trail holding the dead body of his best friend and the murder weapon Forensic psychologist Lisa Boyers is called in to interview the disturbed young man, and her jailhouse interviews reveal about her troubled, violent past than she bargained for.
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    1. Last year I read Spencer Seidel s Dead of Wynter, and I remember thinking that Seidel had promise I wasn t as impressed by the book as I d expected to be, but he s clearly a good writer I was looking forward to his future books So, when I was approached about reviewing Lovesick, I was excited.I am so glad I said yes My instincts about Seidel were correct He is a fantastic writer who grabbed my attention from the very beginning and left me wanting just a little bit at the end I m hoping he write [...]

    2. Lovesick is my first Seidel read and I hope not my last It s a book about a teenage boy found by cops holding his best friends body, in his hand is the murder weapon Pretty open and shut case, well forensic psychologist Lisa Boyers is brought in to pick the kids brain things get interesting This book I blazed through You know some books that are good but you still plod through them, not this one I d start reading and the next thing I know is that 100 pages were gone I wish I could have read it i [...]

    3. Paul was just a normal teenager But what sets a normal person to kill his best friend and lying in his pool of blood This is exactly where Paul is found when the cops find him.Dr Lisa Boyer is contacted by Paul s attorney Who happens to be an old friend of Lisa s Paul s attorney wants Lisa to interview Paul and learn the truth about why Paul did what he did Dr Boyer agrees but gets than she bargains for.I agree with the other readers that this book was seperated into two storiesPaul s and Dr Bo [...]

    4. I found this book rivetting I am a Spencer Seidel fan after reading Dead of Wynter I loved this book This was my first Kindle fire read

    5. LOVESICK by Spencer Seidel Published by Publishing Works, IncBN 13 978 1 935557 20 3ISBN 978 1 935557 51 7At the request of Meryl L Moss Media, an ARC TPB was sent, at no cost to me, for my honest opinion Synopsis borrowed from Late one night out on the Eastern Promenade Trail in Portland, Maine, the police discover an incoherent teenager sitting in a pool of blood, holding the body of his best friend and the murder weapon The girl they both love has been missing for weeks.The kid s jealousy cle [...]

    6. Description The Portland police discover a gruesome scene on the Eastern Promenade Trail seventeen year old Paul Ducharme is found cradling the body of his lifeless best friend, Lee Janis, while sitting in a pool of blood To make matters worse, both men are already suspects in the disappearance of Wendy Trower, a classmate who has been missing for a couple of weeks But Paul cannot remember what happened in either situation, so his attorney, Rudy Swaner calls on a friend he can trust forensic psy [...]

    7. About After having read Spencer Seidel s Dead of Wynter last year, I jumped at the opportunity to read this latest thrilling novel, Lovesick Dr Lisa Boyers has been called upon an old friend, Attorney Rudy Swaner, to interview seventeen year old Paul Ducharme Paul is being held for murder charges He was found in the woods sitting in a pool of his best friend Lee Janise s blood, cradling his body Added to that, a girl named Wendy Trower has been missing for weeks These three teens were all close [...]

    8. I received this book as a gift from the author via The Books Machine in exchange for an honest review.This book has been on my TBR list for a while so I was very excited to get the opportunity to review it It did NOT disappoint I was drawn in from the first page and it kept me guessing Many times, I thought I had it all figured out and many times I was wrong Late one evening, police come across a distraught and disoriented young man The man is covered in blood and has a knife in his hand Cradled [...]

    9. I liked Dead of Wynter but was not as crazy about it as some reviewers, but I was intrigued by Lovesick s blurb so I had to read it Oh my, I am so glad I did Mr Seidel really stepped it up to me This is a thriller to the max So much is going on that I did not even realize until I was told and that made it awesome I won t go into specifics in my review because I don t want to spoil things, but suffice it to say that Mr Seidel is now on my must read list.Lovesick is what I consider a psychological [...]

    10. Review Lovesick Spencer Seidel June 2012Every now and again a favourite genre of mine to read has always been murder mysteries , serial killer novels, pyschological thrillers, legal thrillers The fast paced the better , Lovesick by Spencer Seidel was one of those books that reminded me of a hint of Jack Kerley s Carson Ryder books and Chelsea Cain s Gretchen and Archie novels Lovesick tells two stories and normally I don t like this as I have experienced some authors who have written in this wa [...]

    11. Spencer Seidel s Lovesick Just the kind of thriller I love A troubled girl, missing Her boyfriend dead, his throat slit The only suspect The boyfriend s best friend, Paul Ducharme, who just happened to love the girl, too But now, Paul says he can t remember what happened to Lee that night on the Promenade Trail And Wendy is still missing Enter Dr Lisa Boyers, a forensic psychologist brought in to help Paul recover his memories Except as Paul recounts and , Lisa s own past comes back to haunt he [...]

    12. LOVESICK by Spencer Seidel is two stories One is the story of Lisa, a psychologist and former abused wife The other is the story of Paul, a 17 year old who is accused of murdering his best friend, Lee, a crime Paul doesn t remember because of a head injury he sustained at the time.Lisa is working with Paul s attorney to try to help Paul remember the crime The attorney is a former policeman who worked with and was a friend of Lisa s former husband Lisa feels that the best way for Paul to remember [...]

    13. Many of my readers know that I m a fan of suspense thrillers but over the years I ve become quite selective and I don t often venture into new author ground I m a little conflicted about Lovesick whilst I enjoyed the plot the execution didn t really grab me, the storyline itself kept me turning the pages but the writing felt unpolished The plot was engrossing in a morbidly fascinating way When forensic psychologist Lisa Boyers is called in to assess Paul Ducharme, accused of the murder of his be [...]

    14. Lovesick starts off by introducing the reader to Paul, a teenage boy who is found crouched over his best friend Lee s body, covered in blood and holding a weapon Seems like an open and shut case, right It s not Paul claims to have amnesia and not remember what he saw at the crime scene, but never stops proclaiming his innocence Psychologist Lisa Boyers is brought on board to interview Paul about that night, and she begins unraveling secrets about the victim, Lee, and his girlfriend, Wendy, who i [...]

    15. I read this book in one sitting I had to know who had done it The story is told by Paul and he is relating his history with Wendy and Lee to Dr Lisa Boyers She has been hired by an attorney to help evaluate Paul and see if she can get him to remember the events leading up to the night he is found with Lee s body Because he is the one telling the story, it is told in chunks as they only have a couple of hours a day to meet.There is plenty going on in between those times though Lisa s past, which [...]

    16. Dr Lisa Boyers is a forensic psychologist who has helped on many cases for the police But when she gets a call from an old friend, she s not sure if she should take the case There are too many similarities to her own past and she doesn t want her involvement publicized Paul was found next to his best friend s body with no recollection of what happened that night and the girl they both love is missing It s up to Lisa to walk Paul through the events from the beginning of his relationship with the [...]

    17. A book that is than a suspenseful who dun it This book begins with one friend dead, one friend missing, and one friend in jail with the police assuming that he had orchestrated the entire scene But did he With this main story there is one underneath that involves the forensic psychologist who is asked to interview the suspect and get to the bottom of the story These two plotlines were intertwined so well, that the reader was able to effortlessly flow from one story to the other.You fall in love [...]

    18. From the cover of Lovesick, I wouldn t have given it a second glance but the blurb was worth looking into I have enjoy reading Lovesick It has two stories One is about a murder in a love triangle and the other is about the character Dr Lisa Boyers past From the beginning of the story, the reader will wonder if this is a love triangle murder Did Paul killed his best friend Lee over Wendy or Did Wendy killed Lee and framed Paul for the murder The ending is shocking As I approached the middle of th [...]

    19. A friend of mine who has exquisite literary tastes highly recommend Spencer Seidel s debut novel, Dead of Wynter, which I loved so when I received the opportunity to review Lovesick I immediately knew I had to read this book I should start out by saying that Lovesick is like two stories in one book and while I had hoped that both would be equally intriguing that was not to be I found myself highly interested in Paul s story while I had to force myself to focus on Lisa s story Lovesick was a qui [...]

    20. Lovesick by Spencer Seidel available in ebook now, and paperback in June 2012 is a crime thriller with a psychological twist Dr Lisa Boyers is a forensic psychologist and she agrees to assess Paul Ducharme, whose now infamous murder of his best friend Lee on the Eastern Promenade Trail in Portland is gaining national attention Boyers is brought closer to her past than she s comfortable with when a former friend, Rudy Swaner, asks for her help on his case Boyers and Swaner tap dance around their [...]

    21. A thoroughly gripping tale that begins with teenager Paul Ducharme being found kneeling over the dead body of his friend, Lee Janis Initially, Paul cannot remember how he got there, and no one seems to know where Wendy Trower, Lee s girlfriend and Paul s friend and love interest, has disappeared to.The truth of what really happened between Paul and Lee and Wendy is told primarily through a series of interviews between Paul and Dr Lisa Boyers, a forensic psychologist with her own troubled past.Re [...]

    22. Lovesick is a very intense mystery thriller Seidel starts the book out by describing the scene of a very bloody murder Then Seidel plays back through the events leading up to the murder It all starts out in a small town in Maine and the lives the seeming normal townsfolk are exposed in this story Seidel is very graphic in his descriptions of the things that go on behind closed doors such as perversion and domestic violence This book does contain strong violence and adult themes as you follow alo [...]

    23. Author done a great job with keeping the story going as it was quite lengthy The doctor forensic psychologist personal connection with the victim was quite intriguing The most enjoyable character had to be Lee although he never really was developed Actually, none of the characters really developed in the traditional sense of development as it seemed to be along the lines of self discovery.

    24. I ve read some of Spencer Seidel s work before, and he delivers brilliantly again in this novel He cleverly pieces together a complex story of past and current relationship abuse and domestic violence using multiple story threads The author has clearly done a lot of research, and the characters and situations are frightening real as a result.

    25. This is almost two stories in one, but they entwined perfectly A killer who doesn t remember or does he, a he loves her and she loves him love triangle, a doctor with buried past secrets amd troubles of her own This is a story of three young friends growing up together and the terrible secrets that they hide.

    26. Well done soph effort by Seidel Twisted and twisty maybe too much so but all in all a quick, page turner oh well I read it on Kindle but whatever that kept me guessing I guessed correctly a bit to often, but who cares and most of all KEPT ME READING That s all I ask for in a novel.

    27. GoodGoodthe people who teach in schools are usually good people but there are evil abuse people every wheree physically abuse is horrible.

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