Mooshka: A Quilt Story (2020)

Mooshka A Quilt Story Karla loves Mooshka a quilt composed of scraps of fabric from many members of Karlas family But Mooshka is than a quilt it can talk comforting Karla at bedtime Each square or schnitz tells her stor
  • Title: Mooshka: A Quilt Story
  • Author: Julie Paschkis
  • ISBN: 9781561456208
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mooshka: A Quilt Story
    Karla loves Mooshka, a quilt composed of scraps of fabric from many members of Karlas family But Mooshka is than a quilt it can talk, comforting Karla at bedtime Each square or schnitz, tells her stories of her ancestors and their lives When new baby sister Hannah arrives, Karlas routine is upset and Mooshka falls silent Only when Karla shares Mooshka with her sisKarla loves Mooshka, a quilt composed of scraps of fabric from many members of Karlas family But Mooshka is than a quilt it can talk, comforting Karla at bedtime Each square or schnitz, tells her stories of her ancestors and their lives When new baby sister Hannah arrives, Karlas routine is upset and Mooshka falls silent Only when Karla shares Mooshka with her sister does the quilt begin to speak again and tell Hannah stories of Karlas early life.
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    1. I have admired and read children books for a long time There are loads of good books out there with fascinating color and story Since it for children, the story itself is so simple yet the children can absorb its moral story This book is about Karla whose quilt could talk and tell you bedtime stories This special quilt whose name Mooshka is made by Karla s grandmother Each color of the quilt has its own stories These stories kept Karla calm and sleepy at night Through Mooshka s stories, Karla kn [...]

    2. What a lovely tribute to storytelling and the bonds that exist within families Karla loves the quilt her grandmother has made for her so much that she names it Mooshka Each quilt piece called a schnitz has a different story and different voice, and Karla takes comfort from those familiar stories of love and adventure and important events in her families lives Although she isn t too happy when a new baby arrives, Karla decides to use her beloved quilt and its stories to calm her sister I liked ho [...]

    3. When reading this book, I made a text to text connection A text to text connection is when you relate one book to something else you have read in another book, journal, article, magazine, etc As long as you have read that piece of information, you can make a text to text connection My text to text connection happened on page 6 On page 6, the grandmother uses the word schnitz The use of another language mixed in with English words or phrases reminds me of another book I have read that also did th [...]

    4. This is a sentimental story, one that really emphasizes the importance of passing down family stories and history to a younger generation The narrative isn t too long and the illustrations are bold and bright Our girls loved the different patterns and colors of the schnitz and the shape of the little girl draped in the quilt reminded me of a matryoshka doll Overall, it s a nice tale and is certainly good for bedtime reading We enjoyed reading this book together.

    5. Mooshka celebrates quilting as both an art and as way to capture stories The blanket is compose of pieces that each tell a story The illustrations reflect a quilt like design It could be a great catalyst with a similar prop for telling stories that could be written stories It could have many potential uses in a classroom and would be a nice addition to a classroom collection.

    6. Karla loves her quilt, Mooshka, which talks to her of parts of itself Bad description, but worth the read.

    7. Karla s beloved quilt, named Mooshka, is unlike any other quilt, and not only because the material and design are unique Mooshka has the ability to talk and tells Karla stories on the nights Karla cannot sleep All Karla needs to do is place a hand on a patch, or schnitz, and the quilt becomes a storyteller Karla s grandmother handpicked each schnitz and told Karla the story behind each as she lovingly pieced Mooshka together These are the stories that Mooshka recites to Karla late at night.One d [...]

    8. Rating 3 StarsAt bedtime, Mooshka always said, Sweet dreams First thing in the morning, Mooshka might say, Pancakes This is a story of a talking quilt, made by the main character s grandmother to tell the stories of the generations Quite a cute idea, I might add However, I m sad to say that the storyline simply does not live up to the uniqueness of that idea.I received Mooshka A Quilt Story from NetGalley for review The story s illustrations are made from pieces of quilt fabric and are bright, t [...]

    9. I cannot say enough about this book It is the first picture book I have ever read that made me cry tears of joy The book was magical and touching in so many ways I think the reason this book affected me so much was that my Mother quilts, and I constantly see reminders of family member s clothing curtains blanket as well as some of my own from childhood in my Mom s quilts The book is absolutely beautiful, with fantastic endpapers, and vibrant, colorful drawings on every page In addition, the stor [...]

    10. I remembered Julie Paschkis s beautiful illustrations in PABLO NERUDA POET OF THE PEOPLE In MOOSHKA, A QUILT STORY, Julie writes and illustrates to create a nice look at capturing memories by rendering them into a family heirloom.Karla s unusual quilt, which she calls her Mooska, tells her stories as found in its colors and patterns as a result of her grandmother telling these stories while creating the quilt.When a baby sister moves into Karla s room, the Mooshka stops sharing its stories until [...]

    11. Karla has a quilt she calls Mooshka She is very attached to Mooshka Mooshka is like a friend to her It tells her stories and comforts her The stories consist of the memories from each patch of fabric telling a story of its own.I don t want to reveal to much about Mooshka for fear of spoiling the story But I will say things begin to change once Karla get s a new baby sister For some reason Mooshka will not talk to Karla since her baby sister arrived This is a darling story about family history, [...]

    12. Title Mooshka A Quilt StoryAuthor and Illustrator Julie PaschkisArtistic Media Colored Pencil Brief Summary This story is about a little girl who owns a quilt that tells her old stories about her family When her little sister is born and moves into her room she no longer hears stories Until one night she puts her blanket in her sister s crib and starts telling her sister the stories about their family Artistic CritiqueIllustration Framing Paschkis put frames around each of her illustrations The [...]

    13. Karla s special blankie is the quilt her grandmother made her out of fabric scraps from the family s life Karla calls the quilt Mooshka and claims it talks to her When she touches the squares, she remembers the stories her grandmother told her about each piece, which is helpful when she is feeling scared or sad When the new baby moves into Karla s room and Karla is angry, Mooshka stops speaking to her The baby has a tantrum too, so Karla finally shares Mooshka with her new sister and tells her t [...]

    14. Karla loved her quilt that her grandmother had made for her from scraps Karla had named the quilt Mooshka Mooshka kept her warm at night and smelled just right But the most special thing that Mooska could do was talk Mooshka would wish Karla sweet dreams and in the morning invite her to pancakes If Karla couldn t sleep at night, Mooshka would tell her the story of any patch on the quilt There were playful stories from tablecloth scraps, romantic stories from a bandana, exciting stories from a re [...]

    15. Mooshka, A Quilt Story By Julie PaschkisISBN 9781561456208 I was first attracted to this book because of the word Quilt The cover is very pretty and I know it can be done by quilting various fabrics together to tell a story.Karla calls her favorite quilt, Mooshka.It protected her from scary things Also the quilt would talk to her sweet dreams, it said, every night.This quilt, made by her grandmother stitched it, told her of what the squares meant with a story Precious stories she could rest her [...]

    16. Karla s grandmother made a wonderful quilt with scraps of fabrics entwined with the family s history And the incredible, fun part is that the quilt, named Mooshka, actually tells Karla the stories Each fabric has a different voice and tells wonderful stories about how Karla s grandparents met or how her mother broke her toe When Karla s little sister, Hannah, moves into her bedroom, Mooshka stops telling stories Finally, Karla wraps her sister and herself in the quilt and shares the stories she [...]

    17. Karla has a quilt names Mooshka her grandma made her The quilt is magical talks to her The quilt tells her the stories that come from each scrap of fabric of what it was before being made into the quilt One piece was a table cloth that loved being made into a tent Another piece was a cape her mother wore as a little girl And another was Halloween costume for the dog Karla loves her quilt but can t figure out why it stops talking to her when her baby sister arrives Until she learns that now it is [...]

    18. Love the story and the illustrations.The story is about telling stories, with a little sibling rivalry thrown in The girl reminds me of the Russian nesting dolls I love the patterns of the quilts and how varied they are The colors are so bright and appealing The illustrations were created in gouache and india ink, so they have a bold, flat quality that is perfect for the quiltWould be great for a storytime about stories, imagination, family love the sharing of family history through the quilt An [...]

    19. Mooshka, A Quilt Story by Julie Paschkis is about Karla and her quilt The quilt has been made from scraps of clothing over the years.Each patch carries a special memory, giving the Mooshka the quilt the ability to relate the family stories to Karla But Mooshka goes silent when Karla s baby sister is born.The story, though, isn t really about magical Mooshka It s about Karla coming to terms with being an older sister and having to share her space and things with a baby.Mooshka, A Quilt Story brin [...]

    20. As a quilter it was assumed that automatically this would be a great match for our shelves and although it is a cute story about a girl and her quilt with vivid imagination flowing through every page I don t love it I m a pastel type quilt I suppose and this was just too bright for me Overall it s a neat concept though Thanks to Peachtree Publishers for loaning an electronic copy through Netgalley posted creativemadnessmama blog 2

    21. Karla is a young girl that has been given a quilt made with scraps of fabric from family members When the little girl touches a quilt square, it Mooshka tells her a family story about the person that was wearing that fabric and what happened to them while wearing it When Karla s baby sister arrives, Mooshka stops being the storyteller Karla repeats stories and shares them with her sister Hannah When Karla gives the quilt to her sister, Mooshka becomes the storyteller again.

    22. What beautiful art and a lovely story from Julie Paschkis I think this would be a good read aloud story the story of a little girl s favorite quilt, and the stories that each patch tells her Also a story of how the quilt and stories become a comfort to her new baby sister I would love to have art by Julie the illustrations in this book are fantastic, and colorful, and very folk art.

    23. Lovely and original new sibling story I love that not everything is explained in the end why doesn t Mooshka speak any Does the quilt really speak, or is Karla remembering her grandmother s stories The patterned borders were a little visually overwhelming at first, but the times I read this, the I appreciate them Also the family stories within the story are so wonderfully specific and individual.

    24. Karla s quilt, Mooshka, was made from old scraps of fabric by her grandmother Each scrap of fabric has a story, and Mooshka shares these stories with Karla.But one night, Karla s baby sister, Hannah, moves into Karla s room And Mooshka falls silent.Through brightly colored, richly textured illustrations, author illustrator Julie Paschkis unfolds the tale of what Karla and Mooshka did to keep the stories alive This is a heartfelt homage to the sisterly bond and the powers of sharing.

    25. One of our librarians gave us this when helping us get books featuring Q While Natalie wasn t that into it, I loved it I think it was still just a bit too complex for her I liked the focus on the colors But what was really awesome was the way the quilt told her stories connected with each fabric I really liked the mystical element A very sweet ending passing the quilt on to the baby, too.

    26. I really liked this book for it s narrative tale of the pieces of a special family quilt and it s beautiful illustrations It most certainly reminded me of Patricia Polacco s The Keeping Quilt, but I think this would be suited well for even younger readers as the story is not as dense and has a nice sibling element to it as well.

    27. This book wraps you up in warmth, like a quilt A young girl learns her traditions as a Jewish girl by hearing stories of quilt history by the quilt itself, a blankie named Mooshka But is it the quilt telling the tales of how it was passed down fromone generation to the nextor can she do the telling herself to someone in her own family Very profound and toasty with love Be happy

    28. This is a beautifully illustrated book about a little girl and her quilt The family stories that are told, she soon passes down to her sister, which comforts the baby like it does the little girl, Karla Family dynamics and history are a great theme for this book, and could lead to a unit of the student s own family histories.

    29. This story is about a little girl named Karla and her quilt When the little girl goes to bed at night, the quilt tells her stories of her ancestors It tells her stories because the quilt is composed of scraps of fabric from various members of her family past and present I love this story because it tells the importance of family and family history.

    30. There are so few story time appropriate books about quilts, but this is one It reminds me of A Quilt Story by Tony Johnston, but with the added element of introducing a new baby into a family I love that the quilt represents the family s stories, and that the older sister is able to pass them along to her younger sister to keep the tradition alive.

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