The Dirtiest Race in History: Ben Johnson, Carl Lewis and the Olympic 100m Final (2020)

The Dirtiest Race in History Ben Johnson Carl Lewis and the Olympic m Final The Seoul Olympics hosted what has been described as both the dirtiest race of all time and the greatest track event in history The unforgettable men s meter race has become infamous for the
  • Title: The Dirtiest Race in History: Ben Johnson, Carl Lewis and the Olympic 100m Final
  • Author: RichardMoore
  • ISBN: 9781408135952
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Dirtiest Race in History: Ben Johnson, Carl Lewis and the Olympic 100m Final
    The 1988 Seoul Olympics hosted what has been described as both the dirtiest race of all time and the greatest track event in history The unforgettable men s 100 meter race has become infamous for the elation of breaking a seemingly impossible world record for human speed and for the doping scandal that followed This book is a groundbreaking investigative account intoThe 1988 Seoul Olympics hosted what has been described as both the dirtiest race of all time and the greatest track event in history The unforgettable men s 100 meter race has become infamous for the elation of breaking a seemingly impossible world record for human speed and for the doping scandal that followed This book is a groundbreaking investigative account into the story of Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis, and how one of the oldest of Olympic sports became a complex high stakes game of cheating, cover up, and fallen heroes.The book follows the remarkable buildup to the showdown of the two rival track superstars and chronicles Johnson s gold medal win, a title he retained only briefly before he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs and Lewis was awarded the gold In 1999, however, after being named Sportsman of the Century by the IOC, Lewis his credibility damaged by revelations that he, too, used performance enhancing drugs and tested positive prior to the Seoul Olympics.Containing stunning new revelations, this book features candid witness interviews, including with Johnson and Lewis, to reconstruct the race, the hype, the drugs, and the deception, and it examines how the fallout continues to impact sports today, as every new record is met with widespread skepticism.
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    1. Forget Usain BoltForget Carl LewisBen Johnson 1 sprinter of all time in my books.I was just a kid when watching the 1988 Olympics in Seoul Was a fan of Carl Lewis before that, but then Ben Johnson came along and completely blitzed everyone else and made it look easy At the time I thought he was a cheat after the news came out next dayEVER, in hindsight, now that it s obvious virtually all elite athletes are on some sort of drugs, and that everyone else in that 100M final including Carl Lewis has [...]

    2. Remember Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson I was watching Espn s 30 for 30 and came across this riveting documentary and needed to know This book provided an interesting and exciting snapshot of this rivalry as well as the story of doping in the international running arena This was a subject I didn t even know I was interested in, but the book captured my attention and never let go Riveting for any reader Moore also covers the dilemma of college and amateur sports vs Sponsors and what goes on behind t [...]

    3. This is THE book to read about the scandalous 1988 100m Olympic final in Seoul It s a riveting read that goes back and forth between Carl Lewis, Ben Johnson, their coaches, managers, hangers on, reporters, and fellow competitors.You get the back stories of the 2 main guys, their confrontations with each other on the track before 1988, and everything that led up to their final meeting in Seoul at the Olympics Plus, there is some post Olympics updates on the main players involved 6 of the 8 compet [...]

    4. I clearly remember, as a 7 year old living in two channel rural Ireland, hearing the phrase anabolic steroids for the first time in the aftermath of this momentous race That s how big this story was it shook the world of sport to its very foundations.As a previous reviewer has remarked, there are two stories in this book the simmering rivalry between the aloof Carl Lewis and mellow Ben Johnson and the drug culture that overwhelmed the world of athletics in the 80s I found the former by far the [...]

    5. So, so good It read almost like a thriller I m left with lots of feelings and wanting to know about doping in sports.

    6. This is the second of Richard Moore s inquiries into the murky world of doping in sprinting and probably it is even better than The Bolt Supremacy He s aided for the most part by the presence of a smoking gun in the form of Ben Johnson s positive drugs test following his astonishing 9.79 in the 1988 Olympic 100m final Johnson s positive drugs test was perhaps the biggest story in modern Olympic history Previously, the drugs cheats had been minor figures or Bulgarian weightlifters while, in gener [...]

    7. This was the race of my childhood I re call a group of us staying over in a friends house setting our alarms to watch the race We must have been around 11 Of course we tried to stay up all night but fell asleep 30 mins before the race and missed it We say it on the news over our breakfast and was still as amazing as we watched it live What a build up and what a race Who know the background to the cheating So if this is you memory of this race then perhaps you are best to keep the innocence and n [...]

    8. Moore s extensive research and interviewing skills, bring to life the deep rooted rivalry between two athletes at the absolute pinnacle of sprinting Lewis and Johnson s duel over 100m at the 1988 Seoul Olympics was the scintillating finale to four years of to and fro, in which world records were broken and the boundaries of morality were pushed to the limit, by athletes, coaches and selection committees alike.

    9. I remember where I was in 1988 when Ben Johnson won the 100m and the same for when the news on doping came out Moore s book not only reminds us of the era but gives us a lot of behind the scenes insight Very much worth a read.

    10. The Men s 100 metre final at the 1988 Seoul Olympics was one of the most hyped, most keenly anticipated sports events of all time, the central battle between the prime contenders Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson baring comparison with sporting rivalries like Ali Frazier and Borg McEnroe But, it was also one of the most notorious sports events of all time The Dirtiest Race in History by Richard Thomas tells how, Just 55 hours after Ben Johnson had won the final with a breath taking world record time of [...]

    11. The subject of steroids and sports has become rather tiring.How many surprises are out there Just this week, at the time of this writing, a book revealed that Alex Rodriguez received permission from major league baseball to take testosterone in 2007, which may have helped him turn in a banner year and sign a 252 million contract with the New York Yankees That s only the latest in a series of developments in baseball over the past several years.Then there have been similar stories involving athl [...]

    12. Title Author The Dirtiest Race In History Ben Johnson, Carl Lewis and the 1988 Olympic 100 M Final by Richard MooreGenre Track and Field, Summer Olympics, performance enhancing drugs, politics, Ben Johnson, Carl LewisPublished June 7, 2012Length 336 pagesRating 4 of 5 stars very good ReviewThe 100 meter final in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul has been called the greatest race in the history of track and field Ben Johnson of Canada and Carl Lewis of the United States headlined the event, which result [...]

    13. The Race The Rivalry The Result and The Recrimination on the 24th of September, 1998 at 1.20 P.M in Seoul, 7 athletes limbered their bodies, trying to slacken and relax their muscles and limbs However, Robson da Silva, Raymond Stewart, Lindford Christie, Desai Williams, Calvin Smith and Dennis Mitchell merely made up the numbers The attention of the whole world was riveted upon the remaining 2 finalists Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson.The 100 meters sprint finals at the Seoul Olympics in 1988 defined [...]

    14. Seoul, 1988 In the most anticipated event of that summer s Olympics, Ben Johnson beats Carl Lewis and six other sprinters to win the 100 metres gold medal, breaking the world record in the process Less than forty eight hours later Johnson s post race urine sample has tested positive, he s been stripped of his medal, and the story has become a worldwide media frenzy Lewis is awarded the gold medal and Johnson returns to Canada in disgrace As Richard Moore details in The Dirtiest Race in History t [...]

    15. The race that shocked the world was the also the defining event which bought the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport to the public consciousness This book provides the riveting backstory to the personalities, training and political chicanery at the highest levels and removes any shadow of doubt that sports and drugs are forever intertwined Best read in conjunction with a viewing of the excellent documentary 9.79 , this book races to the top of one of my favourite reads this year Highly e [...]

    16. First up, I will reveal that sport is not my thing During the Olympics I was up watching the swimming, yes However, anything else is of cursory interest So, when I received this rather large book on a single race run in less than ten seconds, twenty four years ago, I wasn t doing the happy dance How can you write a considerably large book about that But the book isn t just about the race It s about the doping and the rivalry that led up to the race And that is a fascinating subject The race wasn [...]

    17. Great, great piece of sports writing, this Richard Moore, despite very limited access to Carl Lewis, tells a hugely readable, well researched and sourced, story about Lewis, Ben Johnson, their bitter rivalry and the Seoul Olympics 100m final.He also gives an excellent overview of athletics fight against PEDs in the 1980s that s especially relevant and essential reading for sports fans today Scarily, very little has changed in some sports In both boxing and MMA, athletic commissions rely almost e [...]

    18. I guess I am starting to outgrow these books I did not find the narrative particularly interesting, nor was there much new information that I have not read before Carl Lewis was a flamboyant jerk, who probably cheated Ben Johnson was a some what tragic figure, who became the scapegoat of the mid 1980s drug culture in track I guess it s really difficult to write a definitive account when one of the main characters would not talk to the author, and another major character, Charlie Francis, is dead [...]

    19. By an absolute country mile one of the best sports books I ve ever read.How can you write hundreds of pages about a sub 10 second event from 26 years ago And how do you even dream of making that interesting The whole history of the Johnson v Lewis rivalry is fascinating, and the aftermath even so Whilst much emphasis was placed on the build up to the race in Seoul rather than the well documented events of the 100m itself, it manages to feel like a different angle on a well worn story.If you re [...]

    20. I am surprised that I ended reading this book I was attending an event related to the summer Olympics when someone talked about it and I was intrigued While reading the book, I probably asked myself, why is that I am reading this, I can watch the race in You Tube and we all know how the story ends, so what is the point Yet, I couldn t stop reading It is an easy to read book, that succesfully bring you the story from all different angles without taking sides It covers the politics of the IOC, the [...]

    21. Like most Canadians who were alive in 1988, I not only remember where I was when Ben Johnson won the 100 metre race in Seoul, but I remember where I was when the scandal broke I was so disappointed in him for taking drugs and cheating that it made my journal at the time I didn t know that since that day, 5 other participants in that race have been found to be cheating through drugs as well, but in light of the recent Lance Armstrong scandal, I guess I shouldn t be surprised This book was fascina [...]

    22. I remember this race As a young teenager I loved following athletics, and used to go to Crystal Palace each year to see the main UK event This is one of those huge sports stories that transcends sport.And this book is a great read It appears well researched, and he has spoken to all the main players though Carl Lewis was only tracked down at the end and didn t really contribute meaningfully The early rivalry I didn t realise that Ben Johnson got bronze in LA 84 all the way through to the WR in R [...]

    23. This book focusses on the rivalry between Canadian Ben Johnson and US American Carl Lewis which peaked in the 100 m race during the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988 And after which Ben Johnson was found guilty of doping.I was disappointed by the book It deals with a fascinating theme and has great elements of tension but it delivers facts Loads pf facts without really making it catchy There are side facts laid out that I found incredibly boring and some pages are just listing times and results.It [...]

    24. To know that performance enhancing drugs are used in the Olympics is not new, but reading this book and now knowing a bit about the athletes, Johnson and Lewis, gives the memory of the 1988 Olympics a new and even dirtier feel than when the events originally took place Though it is old news now, and titles were stripped, to read about the intense rivalry between these two men is really quite shocking Sportsmanship lost big time in this race, and now I ll forever wonder about the natural talent v [...]

    25. I was always aware of this race and knew the main players Johnson and Lewis but wasn t old enough at the time to understand the magnitude and aftermath of this race as an 8 year old in 1988.I was always fascinated by Johnson running the time he did albeit by cheating This provides an excellent insight into the athletics landscape of the 1980s, the years leading up to this race, the rivalry and the rise and prominence of performance enhancing drugs.Meticulously researched by Moore and provides al [...]

    26. While the writing is a little bit pedestrian and the attempts to build suspense a little clumsy, the story is inherently compelling Lewis and Johnson are fascinating characters in their own distinct fashion and this drives the narrative along He is slightly constrained in what he can say about some athletes at the time, but the implications arent exactly subtle Makes one wonder about the state of contemporary sport and record breakers.

    27. I will never forget where I was the moment that Ben won the gold and I will never forget the disbelief and shame I felt when he was stripped This was a great book interesting counter point to the Hitler s Olympics I just read The author is British which means he doesn t have the emotional attachment to the race like an American or Canadian author would which allowed him to be very impartial The involvement of so many of the people involved make this book well researched.

    28. A captivating piece of work from start to finish As a keen sprinter in my time and of an age to remember not only the race but the fall out this book provides a fascinating insight into the world of amateur athletics and the movers and shakers in that lofty sphere It pulls no punches and never attempts to dispel any myths Instead it lays bare the honest somewhat ugly truth that somewhere, someone is competing and the playing field is rarely level Loved it.

    29. Took me a while to finish this book I think its interesting to view the rivalry between Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis although I wished the book would be closer to the title and focus on all the other competitors as well If it was the dirtiest race in history, then the drug cheating of the other competitors should have been documented as well.

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