Zombie Rain (2020)

Zombie Rain Jake s world is torn apart when his son dies killed by a little girl who has infected him with a strange disease Soon Jake s entire hometown is overtaken by the disease A disease that turns them int
  • Title: Zombie Rain
  • Author: Zach Sweets
  • ISBN: 9781620041109
  • Page: 479
  • Format: ebook
  • Zombie Rain
    Jake s world is torn apart when his son dies, killed by a little girl who has infected him with a strange disease Soon, Jake s entire hometown is overtaken by the disease A disease that turns them into flesh craving monsters The combination of tragedy and horror is almost than Jake can take, but then he meets Rex, a man who has been struggling through the horror inJake s world is torn apart when his son dies, killed by a little girl who has infected him with a strange disease Soon, Jake s entire hometown is overtaken by the disease A disease that turns them into flesh craving monsters The combination of tragedy and horror is almost than Jake can take, but then he meets Rex, a man who has been struggling through the horror in search of survivors The two men travel together, searching for answers and other survivors, the growing bond between them the only bright light in their dark world But then that light is taken brutally away, and Jake is left struggling to find it again, fighting against insurmountable odds and growing despair 30,000 words
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    1. A zombie apocalypse YAY Jake, the only narrator, will show you his world his destroyed world One day everything is perfect in his life, with his son, in the other he lost everything but found Rex.Rex is a mysterious survival I hope I m not spoiling anything but I must tell you he was, and still is a mystery, even now I finish the book.I think I can explain better this book saying why my 3 tags Erotica, Horror and sci fiErotica because there are explicit sex, and in my view very well done It s no [...]

    2. I really wanted to like this because I love all things Zombie I think it started off well but the biggest thing this story had working against it was the length Everything seemed super rushed and it was like the author was trying to jam an apocalypse, a romance, and a survival story all in 60 or so pages I think 60 pages barely works for a simple boy meets boy story, but when you throw in the End of the World then it gets a little crowded up in here If the end of the world were to occur, I would [...]

    3. I m gonna have nightmares The beginning freaked me out a bitrt of like Pet Semetary did years ago.This was completely different for me Never read a combined m m and horror book beforei like it i think Unfortunately i got lost towards the end and still don t know why or how the infection started, and the change in the zombies confused me too I wish the colors and zombie king was a little clearer too.

    4. Jake and Rex find themselves alone in a world overrun with zombies Both have lost people they love and are feeling scared and vulnerable I enjoyed the way the relationship between Jake and Rex developed over time They were not an instant couple view spoiler which is not surprising, as the first time they meet Rex kills Jake s zombie son I loved the fact that it was Jake who developed superpowers and kicked the zombie king s ass, as initially he came over as the weaker of the two men hide spoiler [...]

    5. This started out pretty good Very standard zombie plot but I liked Jake and his heart break over his son was well written as was his confusion about what was happening Rex was little harder to warm up to and his behavior throughout the book wasn t too consistent so I didn t like him as much as Jake.Their relationship had lots of ups and downs, and many instant turnabouts back and forth so I had problems believing in it There was a long time line wise period of calm where they apparently were fri [...]

    6. This story would of worked better for me had it been a little longer and maybe concentrated on the Zombie story line with a bit detail The beginning started well and I was shocked at the first death Very brave of the author to start with such heartbreak I realise that being a short there was not time to cover all the details and this made it seem a little disjointed at times.I found myself a little confused towards the end, and kinda wished it hadn t taken the direction it did view spoiler Kind [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this story Jake s relationship with his son hooked me from page 1 The story was fast paced and original I m grateful the death of Jake s son wasn t instantly forgotten and his relationship with Rex wasn t insta love I found it believable and I totally agree with this quote But seriously, I don t believe people are straight per se I think you fall in love with the person, not the gender

    8. Zombies I love a good zombie story Zach Sweet s Zombie Rain is a quick little adventure through a rather horrific zombie invasion that leaves a single Dad losing the one thing most precious to him, his son Within the first few pages of this book, you know that this story is going to tug at your heartstrings and keep you up at night So, grab my hand, dear reader, and hold on tight as we discuss Zombie Rain.Jake, a single gay dad returns with this son Thomas from a weekend camping trip with no ink [...]

    9. First and foremost I should say that I get grossed out by zombies I read this because I like the writing of Zach Sweets Rusty s Surprise I will admit, there are parts that did just make me say blech but that s par for the course in a zombie story I mean, it s ZOMBIES The story begins with the introduction, and violent death, of Jake s young son, Thomas That was bad, because Jake is so utterly confused and lost What is going on He has no idea, and it happens in a few seconds The whole outside has [...]

    10. 1.5 rounded upI have about twenty reviews to write today so I m just going to paste my notes here Maybe I ll turn them into an actual review at some point.Bad parenting he gives in to the child manipulation to get out of helping I think we re supposed to think, Aww, he s such a sweet guy, but really, all I could think was, This is how kids learn they don t have to do what they don t want to do Jake deals with his son dying way too well I realize that a lot of this is for the plot, but once the s [...]

    11. 3.5 StarsHorror, scifi, zombies and two men falling in loveturns out that s a great combination I really enjoyed this book but there were times I thought there was too much going on and not enough time to explain why things were happening I wish the book had of been longer I would have liked time spent on explaining how and why the whole zombie thing started also who the zombie king is and where he came from, unless a sequel is in the works, then in that case smart move keeping us guessing.The [...]

    12. Really a pretty decent zombie novel Not the kind of thing I really enjoy reading, but strange idea of a post apocalyptic zombie world The relationship well didn t develop much until the end and seemed to involve little sex other than the overuse of the word cock Nothing very erotic, although it was explicit I think it would have been a better story if it just focused on the zombies and gave a little of the zombie battles and personalities and just mentioned that the main characters happened to [...]

    13. I wanted to like this book so much my teeth hurt with it Because seriously, zombies and gay guys Aw shucks, my birthday is in January So, in the 4 minutes between finding out this book existed and buying it I put it on a pretty tall pedestal and maybe my hopes were kind of outrageous I guess I was hoping for Cormac McCarthy s The Road but with zombies and gay sex, but what I got instead was Syfy channel cheesy than Pulitzer prize Maybe that was the point Perhaps it was written as a sort of tong [...]

    14. Zombies are not really my thing, my daughter s This was a really good story The characters were intriguing and real There is a lot of mystery with Rex, some of the action that happens, and the ending leaves a lot in the air I think my only gripe was the length I think it could have been a bit better if it wasn t so rushed All in all I did enjoy the story.

    15. I am stuck between 3 and 3.5 Oh well, finally decided on a 4.I like Zach s style of writing fast paced and intriguing but it s kind of Mission Impossible type of story buildup Forget raising your eye brows, just read for the fun of it OK will I get to peek into the future for Zombie Rain sequel

    16. First off and foremost, at the lack of losing any credibility, there are a couple of obvious editing issues that I came across However, in all honesty and somewhat surprisingly, they didn t ruin the read for me in the least bit The story caught me immediately, I was endeared with the characters all but right off the bat, and where I tend to do a bit of skimming in most of the stories that I read, I found myself drawn to each tiny tidbit I was offered along the way Zombie Rain was a surprising pa [...]

    17. This was the first Zombie story I ve ever read, so I really didn t have anything to compare it to The only thing that comes close to it for me is the television show The Walking Dead It was very fast paced and kept you guessing what was going to happen next The main characters had to keep moving and stay one step ahead of the Zombies The characters, Jake and Rex were very likable and I found myself cheering them on throughout the whole story hoping nothing bad happened to them They were just reg [...]

    18. Zombie Rain or Zombie Reign either would be correct in the case of this interesting story There was a lot of imagination and emotion packed into a compact story It s hard to imagine how wrecked a person would feel losing the people they loved, finding all but one other person turned to zombies, and believing the world was coming to an end all in the space of one day Yet, the author captured these thoughts and feelings very well The blood, gore and horror in the story didn t bother me, but there [...]

    19. I love zombie stories I m very forgiving about oodles of stuff in zombie stories.For instance, I wasn t feeling theses characters I never really was able to like either character and I absolutely cannot see any reason for them to be together except for the fact that there was no one else But I still would have given this three stars despite that But towards the end of the book things happen, that left me going WTF a zombie book view spoiler I could handle the rainbow colored rain But the glowing [...]

    20. This author shows tremendous improvement with this book over his first two that I read He is still too short worded but with this book he began to flesh out his story and add descriptions The editor in me wanted badly to fix this story that had such great potential I love a good zombie story but it was still great to see such growth in this author For the record, Zach Sweets is by no means a bad writer I ve read a few books where the author had technique down but the story writing itself was ba [...]

    21. You had me right up until the King arrived and blasted them with the light.Beforehand though the book was great, the attacks were believable as were the heros reactions to them I thought it weird towards the end when there was a bit of a role switch and perhaps they were a little too complacent in their situation Even with the beams of light and the rainbow rain all seemingly controlled by the King this was a fun quick read, and it was very quick read.

    22. OMG first mm book of this style of read and I must say I loved it the only problem is that its kinda shortes anyone else think there should be a sequel D I totally recommend reading this thing Jake is some kind of drama queen for a little while I will touch no guns wtf man , then suddenly he and Rex seem to switch rolls for no reason in particular, odd 0_ostill I liked it and I want a second book D

    23. This was very engaging in the the beginning I was hoping for answers to all the questions that come with a story like this I wasn t sure that I was going to even like Rex in the beginning but he did grow on me The end still left me with a ton of questions but the story itself was solid with a little twist of superhero action A very enjoyable quick read.

    24. 2.5 Stars It started out good, creepy and action y, but then started getting weird with no explanation We never do get an explanation I can kind of buy the relationship, but I didn t really connect with either character much.

    25. I really liked the character and the story.The only thing that kept me from giving 5 stars was that this story would have been much better with some pages.

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